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(left) Ro Khanna condemns support for Nazism; (right) Ro Khanna votes for $14 billion in U.S. taxpayer aid for Nazis.[1]

Ro Khanna is a Nazi sympathizer and apologist.[2] He is the Democratic party representative from California's 17th Congressional District in the U.S. House elected in 2016. Khanna is a progressive racist[3] and fascist neocon warmonger.[4] California's 17th Congressional District is located in Silicon Valley. Khanna, the quintessential elite technocrat, was endorsed by the far-left Justice Democrats[5] Khanna is a former U.S. Department of Commerce Deputy Secretary.

Khanna serves on the House Committee on Armed Services and Committee on Budget.

Khanna is a co-sponsor of the totalitarian Green New Deal.

Support for Nazism

Despite having previously condemned U.S. support for Ukrainian Nazis,[6] Khanna became a vociferous outspoken advocate for Nazism during the Russia-Ukraine war. Khanna voted for U.S. taxpayer aid to the Ukrainian neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.[7]