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The Sunrise Movement bills itself as "a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process." Sunrise's initial officers Evan Weber, Matt Lichtash, and Michael Dorsey had all been affiliated with either Occupy Wall Street or the Sierra Club. Many of its members are alumni of the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign. The organization has been criticized for preaching climate change eschatology to elementary school and high school children.[1]

The Sunrise Movement, with established groups in several major cities, is the main cheerleader for the Green New Deal. Sunrise has heavily recruited activists from the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) affiliated groups, such as the Pennsylvania Student Power Network.

The Sunrise Movement is openly endorsed by the DSA and several FRSO-affiliated groups, including Bay Area-based Green For All, which was founded by Maoist and former Obama administration Green Czar Van Jones.

Founding activists Will Lawrence, Dyanna Jaye, and Sara Blazevic are all current trainers with Momentum Community, which is a training workshop funded by millionaires and billionaires to “incubate” supposed "grassroots" organizations such as Sunrise and the Movimiento Cosecha (Harvest Movement), a group dedicated to defending illegal immigrant claims to U.S. citizenship.

Environmental crisis

The City of San Francisco official "poop map" to warn tourist of areas to avoid due to reportings of human feces on the street covers Nancy Pelosi's 12th Congressional district.[2]
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The House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis was formed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi on a suggestion from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and two Marxist groups known as the Sunrise Movement[3] and the Justice Democrats.[4] Its scope and mandate makes clear its vision:
"The select committee shall have authority to develop a detailed national, industrial, economic mobilization plan for the transition of the United States economy to become greenhouse gas emissions neutral and to significantly draw down greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and oceans and to promote economic and environmental justice and equality."
The Green New Deal advances non-environmental projects, such as "social, economic, racial, regional and gender-based justice."[5] Ocasio-Cortez's claims it will eliminate poverty:
"The Plan for a Green New Deal (and the draft legislation) shall recognize that a national, industrial, economic mobilization of this scope and scale is a historic opportunity to virtually eliminate poverty in the United States and to make prosperity, wealth and economic security available to everyone participating in the transformation."
The new committee is responsible for creating a plan with draft legislation. The Green New Deal was introduced as H.Res.109 on February 7, 2019. Six weeks into Democrat control of the House it already claimed victory for destroying 25,000 jobs.[6] Rep. Carolyn Maloney of New York, who supports the Green New Deal, was livid when her fellow communists killed the prospect of Amazon bringing its main headquarters to New York and creating 25,000 jobs with wages averaging $150,000.[7] Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Ocasio-Cortez took credit for killing the Amazon deal. CNN reported the fight over Amazon is the fight for the future of the Democratic Party. Ocasio-Cortez tweeted:
"Anything is possible: today was the day a group of dedicated, everyday New Yorkers & their neighbors defeated Amazon's corporate greed, its worker exploitation, and the power of the richest man in the world."
Warren tweeted
"How long will we allow giant corporations to hold our democracy hostage?"
Amazon was promised up to $1.5 billion in tax abatements in exchange for the promise of creating 25,000 jobs. Ocasio-Cortez believes a tax abatement is a bucket of cash the government can spend on subways or teachers. Warren called the tax incentives "bribes."[8]

Democratic debates

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After the Democrat's First Debate in June 2019, the Sunrise activists succeeded in lobbying for two climate forums on CNN and MSNBC in September. Sunrise was quick to note on that it is not satisfied that these were “forums” as opposed to “debates.” Chris Hayes, an editor-at-large with The Nation — a publication that has given copious editorial space to Sunrise, including publishing three separate appeals for reader support for Sunrise just in 2019 — will host the MSNBC forum.

Somehow Washington governor Jay Inslee, who has staked his 2020 presidential campaign on climate change and whose plan Sunrise has endorsed, did not RSVP for the event. In an outburst during the Democratic debate on July 31, 2019 he berated former vice president Joe Biden, yelling, “We cannot work this out! The time is up. Our house is on fire. We have to stop using coal in 10 years!” Neither did Tom Steyer respond. Inslee and Steyer are attempted to separate themselves from the openly communist organization.

2020 Antifa riots

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Democrat communist millionaire Tom Steyer's NextGen America is also tied to the Sunrise Movement, and according to the New York Times, the two groups “strategize” together.[9] Fix Our Senate is a group of Democrat millionaires and billionaires including Steyer and George Soros to slander and mislead Americans with fake news about Republicans.[10]

Project Veritas infiltrated New York Antifa. In an undercover video, Antifa instructors teach white people how to maim and disable people. The video also introduces Andy Zee, an organizer for Refuse Fascism, a project of the Revolutionary Communist Party, talking about a possible meet-up with Democrat donor Tom Steyer.

“I don’t know if we took the meeting today. We were meeting with his main advisor on impeachment...Tom Steyer’s been retweeting some of our stuff."

Zee said the group was hoping to raise $2M to $5M to organize massive protests in major cities against President Trump. “You’re actually going to sustain millions of people, hundreds of thousands on the streets in certain cities,” Zee explained.[11]

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