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The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation or CBC (Société Radio-Canada in French), is the official state-owned taxpayer-funded far-left authoritarian mouthpiece in Canada.

The CBC operates on a similar basis to its distantly related British cousin, the British Broadcasting Corporation, although unlike the BBC's television service (which is non-commercial and is supported by a television tax, which it calls a "television licence fee"), CBC Television is supported by commercial advertising as a supplement to its government funding.


Critics of the CBC employ typical Canadian humor to mock the CBC's liberal bias.[1]

The CBC provides Canadian material on its radio and TV networks and online music channels, focusing on Canadian culture and arts. These programs are included in all television packages. In Northern Canada, the CBC also operates a radio and TV service called CBC North, which provides content in English, Inuktitut (the language of Canada's Inuit population) and other aboriginal languages. Aside from the cultural content, the CBC also provides sporting coverage (most notably their long-running Saturday night broadcasts of Hockey Night in Canada, featuring the Canadian teams of the National Hockey League), which has garnered itself a surprisingly large audience outside of Canada. Prior to 1998, CBC Television also carried a selection of popular American TV shows concurrently with their originating networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and, to a lesser extent, FOX) to attract audiences and retain them for CBC's own shows.

Accusations of liberal bias, fake news, racism and journalistic unprofessionalism

The CBC is accused of having a predominantly liberal bias by conservative media outlets in the United States and Canada. It has long supported the positions of the Liberal Party of Canada, acting as a government lapdog when the Liberals are in power (much like the mainstream media does with the Democrat Party in the United States) and as a "watchdog" against the government when the Conservatives form the government in Ottawa. While the CBC is mandated to present an entirely non-partisan viewpoint, most scholars agree that the CBC instead opts for the position of consensus - hence its opposition to opponents of "global warming/climate change" and its predominantly hostile take on biblical creation and intelligent design, earning it harsh reviews from groups with interests in creationism.

CBC Kids News, its news program for children, has been criticized for its left-wing bias.[2][3]

  • The CBC complained when the conservative provincial government of Ontario did not record infection statistics for coronavirus based on race.[4] Knowing that it would be criticized for its inclusion of race in an issue that has nothing to do with race and demonstrating its lack of courage of its convictions, the CBC disabled comments on the YouTube video it posted which documented the story and sought to impose its own SJW views and opinions on race onto the issue, but the video nonetheless has received nearly three times as many dislikes as it has likes. City News later did the same, but, significantly, they did not turn off comments, allowing criticism of their views.[5]
  • On December 15, 2020, the CBC falsely claimed in its news reports that the Electoral College in the United States had declared that Joe Biden "won" the 2020 presidential election, even though Biden has not "won" anything and the CBC, like the rest of the liberal media, chose to deliberately ignore the massive amounts of Democrat election fraud, foreign interference and covering up of same that had taken place on his behalf and which are now under investigation while the election itself is under investigation.[6] The video of the story, posted by the corporation's CBC News YouTube channel, received nearly four times as many dislikes as it did likes and was heavily criticized in its comment section for its liberal bias and blatant lies.
  • In June 2021, the CBC was caught in scandal when reporter/TV host Wendy Mesley, who hypocritically called anyone she did not like and who she disagreed with "racist" on her weekly show The Weekly, was exposed as having engaged in racist behavior herself when Rebel News revealed that Mesley had used derogatory slurs against blacks during CBC staff meetings; when Mesley came under criticism for her comments and hypocrisy, the CBC responded in covering for her by hiding what she said in publicized reports,[7] censoring critical comments against her in the comment sections of the CBC's website and falsely accusing those posting the critical comments exposing Mesley's racism of "racism".[8]
  • In February 2022, the CBC ludicrously claimed, without proof, that the anti-CCP flu mandate Freedom Convoy in Ottawa was being manipulated by "Russian agents"[9] (basically another rehashing of the "Russian bot" canard against anything supported by conservatives which liberals do not like, while ignoring the history of the Left supporting Russia when it was under Communist rule as part of the USSR during the Cold War). In an act of journalistic unprofessionalism, the CBC later gleefully and criminally harassed financial donors to the Freedom Convoy who were victimized when they were illegally doxxed as part of the cybercriminal hacking attack against GiveSendGo, which had been hosting crowdfunding efforts to support the trucker convoy and its anti-CCP flu mandates protests;[10] in doing so, however, the CBC has implicitly admitted that they now openly side with criminals.
  • Later that month, the CBC made another ridiculous claim in its news reports that Ottawa residents were "suffering" from "post-traumatic stress disorder" due to what the CBC claimed, without evidence, was "phantom honking" since the Freedom Convoy protesters were forced out of the city by heavy-handed brutal enforcement by Ottawa Police Service jackboots under Trudeau's orders; it claimed that residents were complaining about the sounds of honking horns and other truck-related noises, night and day, even though the trucks are now absent.[11] The CBC was almost universally mocked and roasted for its claims on Twitter, with many considering its reports to be nothing more than liberal delusion.
  • The CBC was also forced to retract a story it aired on its radio newscast The World This Hour that falsely claimed that the Freedom Convoy was receiving "foreign funding" (including even claiming, without proof, that Russia was providing much of the funding) to support its protests, a claim later proven false.[12]
  • According to Reuters, the CBC, along with British counterpart the BBC, has withdrawn its "news" reporters from Russia while CNN has stopped broadcasting in that country following a new law passed in the Duma (Russia's equivalent of the US Congress) making it illegal, under threat of heavy fines or imprisonment, for news organizations to knowingly spread false information about the country's military (as all three companies, among other liberal media outlets, have done in recent years regarding most of their "news" reports).[13]
  • In March 2022, the CBC made another ludicrous claim, while pushing the "climate change" agenda, in an opinion article on its website when it complained that covering the Russia-Ukraine conflict was "distracting" the public from "climate change" issues.[14]
  • The CBC was found guilty of libel in the largest defamation case to be heard in Manitoba courts since 1998 and was ordered to pay $295,017 in court fees and $1,659,403 in damages when the Court of Queen's Bench of Manitoba ruled that the state broadcaster engaged in libel against Winnipeg investment advisor Kenneth Muzik in 2012 and smeared his reputation when it aired deceptively-edited clips of a secretly recorded audio conversation with Muzik as part of a series of news reports that alleged unethical professional behavior by Muzik, which was later disproved when the full two-hour audio recording of the interview was later made available; in the court's ruling, the CBC was found to have engaged in unprofessional, deceptive and misleading journalistic behavior in its attempt to damage Muzik's reputation.[15]
  • During a one-year period between March 2021 and March 2022, the CBC was forced to publicize nearly one correction per week during that period after it was shown to have lied on 33 different occasions regarding news stories it reported, including its false reports on the Freedom Convoy and its funding, its use of manipulated propaganda from the Russia-Ukraine conflict and its airing of a manufactured story on the CCP flu pandemic intended to make the pandemic look far worse than it really was (including its use of a mannequin in place of an actual ICU patient in a studio setting made up to look like a hospital ICU, for which the CBC was roasted on its Edmonton TV station CBXT's Twitter page[16]).
  • Another lie by the CBC was exposed when, after it claimed that Justin Trudeau received a "standing ovation" for his speech at a meeting of the European Parliament, it was revealed that it had conveniently left out the condemnations against Trudeau by several European politicians during the meeting[17] and that most of the Parliament had walked out on Trudeau in protest before he began his speech in front of a nearly-empty Parliament chamber, all to cover for Trudeau and his hypocritical support for Ukraine's neo-Nazi regime in the wake of his tyrannical crackdown against the Freedom Convoy.[18] In response to the walkout on Trudeau in the European Parliament and to save face for him, the CBC then falsely claimed, without proof, that those who criticized Trudeau at the meeting and walked out on him were "racists".[19]
  • The CBC, as well as Justin Trudeau,[20] recently whined about the CBC being labeled as government-funded media on its Twitter page by Elon Musk, even though that is exactly what it is;[21] the CBC ludicrously and falsely claimed in several response tweets (whose comment sections were restricted to prevent the tweets from being ratioed and having their lies exposed by CBC opponents) that it is "impartial" and "independent" in its journalism, even though (as pointed out by Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre[22] and by Rebel News[23]) it has acted as a propaganda mouthpiece for the Trudeau regime since it took power, which the CBC has flimsily denied. In response to being labeled by Musk, the CBC announced that it would be "pausing" its Twitter activities, to which Musk responded by trolling the CBC by adjusting the labeling he gave its Twitter page to read "70% Government-funded Media" (later readjusted to 69%).[24]

Because of its left-wing bias and pushing of Liberal Party and SJW propaganda in the majority of its programming (see below) while being funded by taxpayer money and simultaneously competing for advertising money (via CBC Television and sister French network Ici Radio-Canada Télé) with privately owned English TV networks CTV, Global and Citytv, French-language private networks TVA and Noovo and independent stations, critics of the CBC who object to the use of taxpayer funds to support its liberal bias have, over the years, called for the privatization (or in some cases, the abolition) of the CBC.[25] The Canadian Taxpayers Federation, one of the opponents of taxpayer funding of the CBC, launched a petition in February 2022 that called for defunding the CBC and an end to Trudeau's unethical use of taxpayer funds to bribe other media outlets to report favorably about the Trudeau regime and to lie about and smear the regime's opponents like the CBC does.[26]

Low ratings

According to a 2020 release of its annual report (as reported by Rebel News[27]), CBC Television is the least-watched of Canada's main four broadcast TV networks (after privately owned networks CTV, the Global Television Network and Citytv, in that order), with a prime-time audience share of only 5.3%. The network's insistence on shoehorning left-wing propaganda into all of its programming content (including even its sports coverage), which has become worse in recent years under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has been blamed for its low audience share, as very few people are willing to watch or buy into such content. Since then, despite record taxpayer-funded cash infusions into the CBC by the ruling Trudeau Liberals, CBC Television's ratings have dropped even further to less than 3.9% of viewers across Canada.[28]

Legal cases

In 2019 during that year's Canadian federal election, the CBC filed a lawsuit, which then included network reporter Rosemary Barton (who claimed at the time to be "non-partisan") as a co-plaintiff, against the Conservative Party for its limited use of CBC news footage in campaign ads for the election; Barton was later dropped as a co-plaintiff in the suit after photos of Barton taking selfies with Justin Trudeau surfaced on social media, which led to calls for the defunding of the CBC for the exposure of its blatant pro-Liberal Party bias.[29] When then-Rebel News reporter Keean Bexte tried speaking with several CBC employees at the corporation's Toronto headquarters regarding the Barton lawsuit, most publicly denied knowledge of the suit or refused to comment and walked away (though it was later revealed that CBC President/CEO Catherine Tait had earlier sent an internal e-mail to employees about the suit); the only employee to speak to Bexte (who showed up only after Bexte sent a tweet to Tait about the suit, inviting her to speak to him) was Chuck Thompson, the CBC's English Services head of public affairs, who said that the CBC had issued a public statement regarding the suit but could not officially comment further until after the election. Bexte also noted that if Barton willingly agreed to be a part of the lawsuit against the Conservatives, it would completely compromise her news reporting with the CBC going forward, but if she had not agreed to join the suit, he said that Barton should then resign from the CBC and file suit against it due to damage to her reputation; as of 2021, Barton is still employed by the CBC.

On May 13, 2021, the CBC had Canadian Broadcasting Corporation v. Conservative Party of Canada,[30] a copyright infringement claim it filed against the Conservatives regarding the latter's use of CBC news footage of Trudeau in campaign ads the party produced for the 2019 election in which the ads criticized Trudeau, his record as Prime Minister and the scandals he and his Liberals were mired in at the time, rejected by the Federal Court on the grounds that the Conservatives' use of CBC footage in their ads constituted "fair dealing" (the Canadian legal term for fair use).[31] In response to the dismissal of the CBC's claim, Conservative Member of Parliament Pierre Poilievre commented on Twitter, criticizing the CBC for its biased election coverage, adding that the CBC should apologize for filing the suit and reveal how much the Corporation charged Canadian taxpayers for doing so, then also called for the CBC to be defunded.[32]


A predecessor network was founded in 1923 as CNR Radio, a chain of radio stations to play on Canadian National Railway trains as a promotional feature, and then succeeded in 1932 by the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission, which in turn was succeeded by the CBC on November 2, 1936, by an Act of Parliament to function as both the public broadcaster and as the regulator of broadcasting in Canada. Its television unit, CBC Television, began operations on September 6, 1952. The CBC was superseded as Canada's broadcasting regulator in 1958 by the independent Board of Broadcast Governors (the predecessor of today's Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission) following the passing of the Broadcasting Act of 1958 by the Progressive Conservative government of John Diefenbaker as a response to the demands of private broadcasters to establish second television stations, independent of the CBC, in major cities (a situation not possible prior to 1958 with the CBC acting as both the private broadcasters' regulator and their competition), which led to the subsequent creation of privately owned commercial network CTV in 1961.

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