Last modified on February 16, 2022, at 01:31

Liberal projection

Liberal projection is the liberal debating tactic where 'A' accuses their enemy 'B' of doing what 'A' is actually already doing. In politics, the classical example is accusing your opponent of a smear campaign while running one yourself.

Some examples of liberal projection include:

  • Accusing conservatives of "suppressing free speech", while censoring Conservative viewpoints.
  • Claiming "freedom of religion" to oppress Christianity and Judaism.
  • Saying their opponents are "moral degenerates" while tolerating homosexuality, promiscuity, abortion, drug abuse, profanity and vulgarity by their fellow liberals.
  • Acting as if conservative politicians and other public officials are "irredeemably corrupt", while ignoring graft and corruption among liberal ones.
  • Claiming conservatives are "closed minded" while ignoring scientific theories.
  • Accusing conservatives of being "averse to facts and logic" when liberals are guilty of being exactly that themselves when it comes to what they embrace (e.g. the pseudosciences of evolution and "global warming/climate change", both of which have histories of ignoring facts and logic while making up and promoting hoaxes and frauds [i.e. Piltdown Man, etc.] and presenting them as if they were "fact").
  • Accusing conservatives of "projecting" while hypocritically engaging in projecting themselves (as well as completely missing the point about liberal projection).
  • Accusing those opposed to racism (or even conservatives in general, regardless of skin color) of being "racist" (in effect, injecting race into subjects or topics having nothing to do with race or skin color) when it is actually liberals who have the long history of racism.
  • Accusing conservatives of being "hateful" when it is liberals who engage in hateful speech and behavior themselves.
  • Accusing conservative media outlets of "disinformation" and promoting "fake news" when it is the liberal media that has the long history of pushing fake news and disinformation to serve the narratives and interests of their political masters.