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Jacinda Ardern
Jacinda Ardern, 2018.jpeg
Personal life
Date and place of birth 16 July 1980 in Hamilton, New Zealand
Parents Ross Ardern and Laurrell Bottomley
Claimed religion Agnosticism
Education University of Waikito
Spouse Clarke Gayford
Children 1
Dictatorial career
Country New Zealand
Military service None
Highest rank attained President of International Union of Socialist Youth
Political beliefs Communism
Socialism with Chinese characteristics
Xi Jinping Thought
Political party Labour
Date of dictatorship 26 October 2017-25 January 2023
Wars started None
Number of deaths attributed Thousands.

Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern (born July 26, 1980), also known as Aunty Cindy or simply Cindy,[1] or Jabcinda[2] is the far-left socialist globalist agnostic former Prime Minister and dictator[3][4][5][6][7][8][9] of New Zealand. She served as Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party from 2017 to 2023, and is the second elected and third overall female Prime Minister of New Zealand after Helen Clark and the second woman in history to give birth while in office.

In the first national election after her tenure as prime minister, on October 14, 2023, her liberal political party suffered a landslide defeat to conservative candidates.

Ardern won power in 2017 through a coalition and without a democratic majority.[10] She has waged war on free speech in New Zealand,[11] enforced strict vaccine mandates with the aim of creating two classes of citizens[12] and refused to condemn the human rights abuses by China.[13]

As late as 2022, Ardern insisted her regime was "your single source of truth."[14][3] Ardern's actions as Prime Minister resulted in widespread protests, such as a vehicle convoy in February 2022.[15] Ardern provided weapons for NATO's illegal war in Ukraine.

On January 19, 2023, Cindy announced that she would resign as leader of the Labour party and Prime Minister by February 7. Jacinda's reason for resigning is to "[spend] time with my family again",[16] but the real suspected reason is that because of Cindy's falling in the polls,[17] she wants a graceful exit out of politics, not to embarrassingly lose in a landslide defeat in October.

Ardern has already been replaced with Christopher "Chris" Hipkins as leader of the Labour party, and soon to be Prime Minister.[18]


Jacinda Ardern was born in Hamilton, a small city south of Auckland but spent her formative years in the small town of Morrinsville. Her father was a police officer and her mother worked in a school cafeteria. She started in politics small by being a representative on her school council. She then went to the University of Waikato and majored in Communications Studies with a minor in politics and PR. Ardern has said from an early age she became a Social Democrat and a Progressive and was heavily involved in the Young Labour party working in the office of Helen Clark and Clark's successor, Phil Goff.

The Labour and Green parties' proposed water and pollution taxes generated major criticism from farmers. On September 18, 2017, the farming lobby group Federated Farmers staged a protest against the taxes in Ardern's hometown of Morrinsville. New Zealand First leader Winston Peters attended the protest to campaign, but was jeered at by the farmers because they suspected he was also in favor of the taxes. During the protest, one farmer displayed a sign calling Ardern, quite rightly, a "pretty Communist". On July 15th, 2021, tractors protested across the country by taking to the streets to protest against Jacinda's absurd regulations on the farmers.

Political career

Rise to power (2017-2020)

In the 2017 New Zealand general election, Ardern's Labour Party came 2nd with 38% of the electorate vote, against election winners the National Party's 44%. However, on 19 October 2017, leader of New Zealand First Winston Peters agreed to form a coalition with Ardern, making her prime minister.

Ardern confused Japan with China on her official visit to the country on 19 September 2019.[19]

CCP pandemic and resignation (2020-2023)

See also: Covid lockdown

On March 19 2020 Ardern announced the creation of the COVID-19 alert level system which consisted of four alert levels ranging from level 1 with the least restrictions to level 4 with the most restrictions with New Zealand being placed into alert level 2.[20] Only a few days later on March 23, Ardern rapidly moved the country into alert level 4 for over a month in an attempt to "eliminate" the virus.[21] This attempt to "eliminate" the virus was initially successful because after reducing restrictions going down to alert level 3 on April 27, alert level 2 on May 11 and finally alert level 1 on June 8, the country (with a population of 5,000,000 as of 2019[22]) had only 1504 reported cases and 27 deaths.[23] However, after a year of "zero COVID" on August 18 2021 New Zealand rapidly moved from alert level 1 up to alert level 4 when one man in Auckland, New Zealand's capital city[24], got tested positive for COVID-19.[25] This person was infected with the Delta variant of COVID-19 which resulted in New Zealand abandoning its elimination strategy after failing to eradicate the virus from the community because of Delta's increased transmissibility.

This wave of COVID-19 peaked at around 250 cases[26] in mid-December to then gradually decrease due to the population building up natural immunity[27]. The decline of the Delta wave of COVID-19 did not result in COVID-19 being eradicated from the community as what public health "experts" of the country hoped for because of the new wave of the Omicron variant of COVID-19. The Omicron wave started in mid-February of 2022 and to this date has resulted in hundreds of thousands of people being infected with it.[28]

Despite the country's authoritarian measures to stop Covid, it still resulted in the deaths of 45,738 people as of January 18, 2023[29], far exceeding the deaths from the virus in the United States due to low natural immunity.[30]

In 29 April 2021, Ardern refused to condemn the Hong Kong crackdown, being the only Five Eyes country not to do so. As a result, Ardern was praised by Beijing.[13]

Public perception

Although Ardern was praised for her response to the Coronavirus pandemic in New Zealand, her obstinate decision to restrict personal freedoms in order to stop the spread of the virus was highly criticized, with one observer coining the phrase "NZ Hellhole"[31]. Jacinda Ardern was parodied in the British satirical puppet television show Spitting Image, in a sketch that depicted the "Super-Kiwi-Socialistic-Empire of Jacinda".[32]

Jacinda Ardern has enjoyed unusually high approval ratings and popularity during her time as Prime Minister.[33] This could be because, like many far-left world leaders, she has engineered the approval ratings herself. A dangerous cult of personality surrounds her in her country, similar to Stalin, Hitler and Mao.[34]

Christchurch mosque shootings

Main article: New Zealand mosque shooting

On March 15, 2019 (New Zealand time), two (2) mass shootings occurred at the Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Center in the city of Christchurch, the largest city of New Zealand's south island, killing 51 people and injuring 40.[35] The terrorist attack was carried out by Brenton Tarrant, an Australian-born terrorist who received funding from the Azov Battalion in the corrupt neo-Nazi-backed-failed-state of the Ukraine.[36]

Jacinda has been described as an Islam sympathizer, after she wore a hijab to show her solidarity with Muslims after the shootings. In doing so, she showed the world her true colors - she was no doubt sent by the Devil to tempt us into wearing strange, unnatural headdresses, sneaking in Islamo-Communism to the country of five million people. She then invoked gun control in New Zealand which involved Orwellian levels of surveillance. Further on March 20, Ardern proposed renaming the city of Christchurch to "Muhammadmosque" as a show of solidarity to the Muslim community.[37] This resulted in thousands of brave protesters led by Bishop Brian Tamaki marching at parliament to oppose the Islamic indoctrination on our children and the Muslim agenda pushed on our children.[38]

On May 15, 2019, Ardern and French President Emmanuel Macron co-chaired the Christchurch Call summit, which aimed to "bring together countries and tech companies in an attempt to bring to an end the ability to use social media to organise and promote terrorism and violent extremism, in the wake of the March 15 terrorist attacks in Christchurch New Zealand."[39].

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