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Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans with President Obama.
Notorious anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Cindy Sheehan with Jodie Evans, Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, and Medea Benjamin.

Code Pink is a primary community organizing group for leftist causes. Among its efforts have been anti-war protests, disrupting Congressional hearings into Enron and the Financial Crisis of 2008, organizing the Occupy Wall Street movement, disrupting NRA press conferences after the Sandy Hook shooting,[1] and fundraising for President Barack Obama.

It was founded by Jodie Evans, Diane Wilson and Medea Benjamin in 2002.

Global Exchange

In 1988, Medea Benjamin founded Global Exchange. Benjamin is a pro-Castro activist who lived in Cuba and was a principal organizer of the 1999 Seattle riots in which some 50,000 protesters tried to shut down the World Trade Organization (WTO) meetings. Benjamin was a signatory in 2003 to Not in Our Name (NION) along with liberal activists and icons Bernardine Dohrn, Jim McDermott, Ramsey Clark, Noam Chomsky, and Cynthia McKinney. NION was started in 2002 by C. Clark Kissinger, a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), a Maoist group calling for the overthrow of the U.S. government and its replacement with a Communist dictatorship.

Diane Wilson is a radical Wiccan activist.

Jody Evans is a leftist activist and Democratic Party fundraiser who sits on the Board of Directors of the Rain Forest Action Network (RAN). Evans is a key fundraiser for Barack Obama. Despite this, the group has grown critical of the president and the government in general. In May 2013, Medea Benjamin interrupted Obama's speech by heckling.

Anti-War on Terror

Code Pink started out by trying to hand "pink slips" (symbolically "firing") to President Bush, Hillary Clinton, and other members of Congress that supported the war in Iraq. In November 2002, they devised Code Pink as a play on the Department of Homeland Security's Code Red terror alert system.[2] Code Pink has since evolved into a hate group: members are to be united in their hatred of President Bush, America and anybody that supports going after terrorists. Their rallies include women of all backgrounds and men that are abortion supporters, 9/11 conspiracy believers; their members chant "Fascist State" and include open-border supporters waving upside-down American flags. Code Pink will protest returning wounded troops at Walter Reed Medical Center. Code Pink will unlawfully block military recruiting centers. Code Pink looks the other way as its followers vandalize war memorials. In September 2008, Code Pink members stole media passes to gain entrance into the Republican convention.[3]

Oppose Hillary Clinton's demand for accounting of Saddam Hussein's WMD

Hillary Clinton, who as First Lady was intimately involved in National Security matters in the White House, addressed Code Pink in her Senate offices in March 2003.[4] Clinton told the group she had been studying the issue of Saddam Hussein's Weapons of Mass Destruction for ten years, and was deeply concerned. Clinton justified her vote to authorize the War in Iraq:

There is a very easy way for to prevent anyone from being put into harms way and that is for Saddam Hussein to disarm. And I have absolutely no belief that he will. I have to say that this is something that I have followed for a decade. If he were serious about disarming, he would have been much more forthcoming. There may be progress, we may be destroying his missiles, there is no accounting for the chemical and biological stocks. I just have to respectfully disagree what the proximate cause of any action that might be taken is.

Delivered $600,000 to Iraqi resistors

A book by New York Times best-selling author Lt Col. Robert "Buzz" Patterson (U.S. Air Force-Ret.) entitled War Crimes: The Left's Campaign to Destroy Our Military and Lose the War on Terror charged Code Pink materially supported terrorists when they delivered $600,000 in cash and supplies they claim was humanitarian aid. Democratic Congressman Henry Waxman of California facilitated the transaction by signing a letter to get the aid into Fallujah.[5] Code Pink distributed the supplies to “the other side” in the terrorist stronghold in December 2004. Fallujah was the site of a fierce battle which took the lives of 95 Americas and over 1,000 al Qaeda terrorists and combatants loyal to Shi’ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. Patterson also makes the charge Code Pink has established offices in Iraq for the purpose of encouraging American soldiers to desert.

Humanitarian volunteers desert the movement

Marla Ruzicka was a 28-year-old activist who had traveled to Iraq in 2003 under the aegis of Code Pink, along with a delegation whose members intended to act as human shields to protest the liberation of the Iraq people from Ba'athist tyranny. Out of genuine humanitarian concern for civilians, Ruzicka left Code Pink in December 2004. She began working with the Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict(CIVIC).[6] In April 2005, Ruzicka was killed when a suicide bomber attacked a convoy she was riding in.[7]


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