Alexander Alekhine

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Alexander Alekhine (1892-1946) held the world chess title for 17 years, and is considered one of the greatest ever.[1] He was murdered by communist agents at the age of 53 while continuing to reign as the world champion.

He emigrated to France from the Soviet Union and was critical of Marxism (Bolshevism). He is thought to have been murdered by communist agents of the Soviet Union while he was Portugal, a view supported by an independent investigation by a Canadian grandmaster. The Encyclopædia Britannica omits any reference to his death under highly suspicious circumstances.

Alekhine broke the world record for playing blindfold chess multiple times: first in 1924, and then in 1925, and again in 1933.

He also several famous books about chess, including My Best Games of Chess 1908–1923 (1927) and My Best Games of Chess 1924–1937 (1939). He has a chess opening named after him.