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Obama riots
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Date 2009 - 2016
Location United States
Freedom Road Socialist Organization
Organizing for America
Black Lives Matter
Revolutionary Communist Party
Democratic Socialists of America
Party for Socialism and Liberation
Socialist Unity Party
Workers World Party
Communist Party USA
Committees of Correspondence for Democratic Socialism
Sunrise Movement
Momentum Community
Democratic Party
Left Inside/Outside Project
Expect Us[1]
Innocent citizens and local police departments
Barack Obama
Al Sharpton
Lisa Fithian
Rasheen Aldridge
Michael McPhearson
Patrisse Cullors
Alicia Garza
Carl Davidson
Pat Fry
Donna Brazile
~ 57,000[2] ~ 230,000,000
At least 94 police and corrections officers killed.[3]

The Obama Riots, sometimes referred to as the Obama War on Police, were a series of racially-motivated conflagrations that erupted nationwide particularly in the last half of President Barack Obama's second term. Initially elected as America's first "post-racial" president,[4] many African-Americans became increasingly disillusioned as Obama's presidency progressed.[5] Critics charged Obama personally inflamed the rioters and lawless elements responsible for the destruction of property, businesses and jobs in several American cities.[6][7] The Obama administration either deliberately to further Marxist revolution or indirectly through subterfuge and naïveté destroyed decades of improvement in race relations in the United States.[8][9]

Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen noted early on in the Wall Street Journal, "Rather than being a unifier, Mr. Obama has divided America on the basis of race, class and partisanship." Mary Frances Berry, former head of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, acknowledged that the Obama administration attempted to polarize America around the issue of race as a way of diverting attention from an anemic recovery and other issues.[10] Caddell and Schoen further stated, "President Obama's divisive approach to governance has weakened us as a people and paralyzed our political culture."[11]

There were at least 5 Obama riots, Oscar Grant Riots, Trayvon Martin Violence, Manuel Diaz Violence, Kimini Gray Riots, and the Baltimore riots.[12] Additionally, five Dallas policemen and three Baton Rouge policemen were murdered during Obama's open season on police.

Obama: "stupid police"

President Obama toasts Henry Louis Gates Jr. The president told the nation at a prime time news conference Gates was a close personal friend. Gates, a Maoist, is cited as the inspiration of the 1999 communist apologetic, Black Like Mao: Red China and Black Revolution.[13]
See also: Radical roots of Barack Hussein Obama

In the opening months of his presidency, Obama's close personal friend, Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., was arrested on misdemeanor disturbance charges.[14]

Asked about the incident at an evening prime time press conference televised to the nation, Obama attacked the police and proclaimed the arresting officer "acted stupidly."[15]

Shortly after Obama's display of disrespect for police in the legitimate performance of their duties, his poll numbers declined, particularly among groups who are the biggest victims of crime. The Pew Research Center noted "Some of the larger declines are among members of his own party."[16]

By the end of President Obama's first year a majority (54%) of voters believed the nation was on the wrong track. Included among that 54% are nearly all Republicans (91%), a majority of Independents (61%) and one-in-five Democrats (18%). By January 2010, only 13% of Americans said Obama had done better than they expected, including just 27% of Democrats.[17]

Oscar Grant riots

In 2009, shortly after President Obama’s election, police officer Johannes Mehserle shot black transit passenger Oscar Grant in Oakland, California. While Mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in 2010, rioters took advantage of the situation anyway, trashing police cars. DSA Mayor Ron Dellums observed from City Hall. Local businesses were vandalized. In the end, some 120 arrests were made. That violence was not the first surrounding Grant’s killing – right after Grant’s killing, rioters engaged in vandalism, as well as attacks on a police officer. Grant’s mother told the media, “I am begging the citizens not to use violent tactics, not to be angry. I know it’s a very frustrating time, but Oscar would not want to see all the violence that’s going on. He would not want to see the fires, he would not want to see this. You’re hurting people who have nothing to do with the situation.”

Obama scapegoats an innocent Hispanic

In March 2012 a white Hispanic shot and killed a 17-year-old youth, Trayvon Martin, who violently assaulted him. A jury found Trayvon Martin's killer acted in self-defense.[18] Wikipedia reports, "media coverage surrounding Martin's death was greater than that of the 2012 presidential race, which was underway at the time."

According to the victim, an altercation began when Trayvon Martin suddenly appeared from behind and said, "You got a f----- problem, homie? You got a problem now", knocked him down and pounded his head on a concrete sidewalk.[19] The victim received a nose fracture, two black eyes, lacerations to the back of his head, a back injury and facial bruising. When Trayvon Martin saw the gun, he reached for it saying, "You're going to die tonight m-----------!" President Obama later remarked, "Trayvon Martin could have been me."[20]

Liberal Law Professor Jonathan Turley noted, "I am equally troubled by Attorney General Eric Holder discussing the case in public speeches when his department is supposed to be conducting an unbiased review of the facts involving a man who has not been convicted of a crime....The impression, in my view, diminishes the appearance of due process and fair trial for the accused."[21]

After he was exonerated, the victim responded to the President's provocative comments: "I think that throughout the process the President should have done what he said he was going to do and not interject himself in a local law enforcement matter or a state matter and waited until the facts came out, instead of rushing to judgment, making racially charged comments, and pitting American against American. I believe that he should have taken the higher road given his position and, been an example, been a leader as the President should be and say, let's not rush to judgment."[22]

Ferguson riots

Obama wingman Eric Holder was the point man for the administration's racial agitation program. Holder wanted a "conversation" on race that descended into violence. Contradicting First Lady Michelle Robinson who said, "When they go low we go higher," Holder instructed his staff "when they go low, we kick 'em".
See also: Ferguson riots

In the early afternoon of August 9, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri, a city on the outskirts of St. Louis a young black man, Michael Brown was killed by a police officer. Wilson received a call on his radio that a local convenience store had been robbed. He saw two men walking in the middle of a nearby street who met the description of the store thieves. Wilson drove up to them. When he asked the two men to move to the sidewalk, one of the men, Michael Brown, refused. Wilson then attempted to get out of his car, but Brown blocked the door, punching the officer through the open window. Brown tried to grab Wilson’s gun and a struggle ensued. Wilson managed to fire his gun, wounding Brown in the hand.

After being shot in the hand, Brown ran away from the police car. Wilson got out of the vehicle and pursued him. Brown then suddenly turned and charged Officer Wilson. One witness described the encounter which closely fits the forensic evidence:

“[Brown] ran towards the officer, full charge. The officer fired several shots at him and… Mike Brown continuously came forward in the charging motion... And when he stopped, that's when the officer ceased fire... When he charged once more, the officer returned fire with, I would say… three to four shots. And that's when Mike Brown finally collapsed."

The Brown family’s own medical expert, respected pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, conceded this point. The wounds Brown suffered were consistent with Brown charging toward Wilson, not running away. Brown did not raise his hands above his head and shout, “Hands up. Don’t shoot” as the Black Lives Matter urban legend claims.

Federal investigators from the Obama Department of Justice found no credible evidence that Brown ever raised his hands in a “don’t shoot” gesture—or in any way heeded the officer’s commands for him to surrender. The federal report concluded that

“…witnesses who originally stated Brown had his hands up in surrender recanted their original accounts, admitting that they did not witness the shooting or parts of it…”

Investigators also concluded Brown never uttered the phrase. The Obama administration report further states:

“The media has widely reported that there is witness testimony that Brown said ‘don’t shoot’ as he held his hands above his head. In fact, our investigation did not reveal any eyewitness who stated that Brown said ‘don’t shoot.’”

According to witnesses deemed credible by investigators, a Grand Jury, and even eventually the United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot six times and killed by Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department after Brown assaulted the officer with a punch to the face from a standing position through the police vehicle window and attempted to wrest control of the Officer's firearm. Brown was the main suspect in a strong arm robbery that occurred moments earlier. Brown was unarmed, and his body lay in the street as Police conducted an investigation lasting several hours.

The White House sent three representatives to Brown's funeral[23] as violence and looting already occurred.[24] President Obama called the death of the 6'4", 292 lb. Brown, who smashed Officer Wilson's face while in a sitting position, "heartbreaking".[25] Eric Holder was dispatched to meet with Brown's family and begin a separate DOJ investigation before local authorities completed their own. As in the Louis Gates and Trayvon Martin cases, Obama and Holder began a series of public statements impugning the integrity of public servants who were lawfully fulfilling their duties.[26] Obama spoke of "a gulf of mistrust between local residents and law enforcement"[27] and Brown's family flew to Geneva, Switzerland to testify before the United Nations Committee Against Torture, alleging police violence against African-Americans was widespread and commonplace in the United States.[28]

Anarchist and top Occupy Wall Street organizer Lisa Fithian, who orchestrated the 1999 Seattle World Trade Organization riots, trained Ferguson protesters. Fithian says “create crisis, because crisis is that edge where change is possible.”

Fithian echoes Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, the creators of the infamous Cloward-Piven Crisis Strategy, who spent decades attempting to provoke poor, inner-city blacks to riot, because as Cloward said, poor people advance only “when the rest of society is afraid of them.”

Rasheen Aldridge was a leader of the Ferguson protests. He has participated in numerous Communist Party USA events in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Another prominent Communist Party member active in BLM protests is Michael McPhearson, who leads the Don’t Shoot Coalition.

Carl Davidson and Pat Fry, co-chairs of the Committees of Correspondence of Democratic Socialism (CCDS), exploited the revolutionary atmosphere of the Ferguson riots to create an eight-point plan for “Left Unity” demanding “a common aspiration for socialism.”[29] The pro-China Freedom Road Socialist Organization (now Liberation Road) and its allies claim to have brought nearly 10,000 activists into St. Louis, Missouri, to swell the ranks of the rioters. Four police officers and two civilians were injured by gunfire from the protesters. Of those arrested, some had come from as far as New York, California and Washington.[30]

When the Grand Jury failed to indict the Officer, more violence erupted. Months later, Holder's Justice Department, again, was forced to publicly admit there was no cause to consider the death of the black teenager as a civil rights violation or hate crime. When Holder's announcement came, more rioting erupted, and two police officers were shot. President Obama reserved his reaction on the shooting of the two officers for a late night comedy show, Jimmy Kimmel Live![31] Rep. John Lewis of Georgia called for Obama "to declare martial law," warning him, "If you fail to act, the fires of frustration and discontent will continue to burn, not only in Ferguson, Missouri, but all across America."[32]

Dollar costs of the Ferguson Riots by mid-2015 were still not available, that is, damage to private property and government riot-control costs. The real cost is in the loss of future income which now will never materialize.[33]

"Hands up, don't shoot" myth

The "Hands up, don't shoot" myth originated with Brown’s companion, Dorian Johnson, immediately after the shooting. Witnesses described him saying, “The police shot my friend and his hands were up.” And the phrase spread quickly throughout the neighborhood, morphing into “Hands up. Don’t shoot.” It was picked up and amplified by the CNN and other fake news media outlets and became an anthem for Marxist activists and Black Lives Matter communist organization.

Jeffrey Alan Acord

Sen. Kamala Harris solicited money for the MFF to bail out Antifa terrorists who burnt down the Minneapolis Police Station.

In 2014 Jeffrey Alan Acord was arrested in Seattle during alleged protests in support of the Ferguson riots. Acord was carrying a loaded gun without a permit, an assault rifle, a shotgun, a box of ammunition, a box of large fireworks in his car, and a 7-inch knife in his backpack.[34][35]

In 2020, Jeffrey Alan Acord was arrested near Tacoma, Washington and suspected of setting a wildfire. Acord is a Black Lives Matter activist.[36]

Manuel Diaz riot

After 25-year-old suspected gang member Manuel Diaz ran from police and was shot to death in 2012, local residents began throwing objects at police officers. Soon, that situation escalated, with the Orange County Register reporting, “At least five people were reported hurt in the unrest, with crowds setting fires, smashing windows and throwing rocks and other projectiles at officers in riot gear who fired non-lethal rounds at demonstrators refusing to disperse.”

Kimini Gray riots

When 16-year-old Kimani Gray was killed by police after allegedly pointing a handgun at them, riots broke out in Brooklyn in 2013. A crowd of 200 people, according to the New York Daily News, left a vigil site chanting, “NYPD, KKK, how many kids did you kill today.” Then things really went wrong: “things quickly got out of hand as some protesters tried to climb on police motorcycles. Men and women were pepper-sprayed and thrown to the ground and handcuffed.”[37] That incident followed a similar vigil gone wrong the night before, when according to the NYPD, “a large, disorderly group [began] throwing bottles at police.” The crowd in that incident trashed a Rite Aid and robbed the store. Storefronts were also smashed.[38]

Baltimore riot

The Ferguson Riots failed to muster African-American voters to the polls in the 2014 Midterm Elections to retake the U.S House of Representatives or keep the U.S. Senate from going Republican, as Democratic Party strategists (such as Donna Brazile) had hoped.[39][40][41] Yet in many ways the 2015 Baltimore Riots were a spinoff of the anger engendered in Ferguson. The New York Times reported President Obama met the day after the midterms with Ferguson protest leaders and expressed concern, in the words of Al Sharpton, that the movement and its objectives "stay on course".[42] Social-media analysts discovered links between the Baltimore and Ferguson violence; between 20 and 50 social media accounts active in Baltimore were also used in Ferguson at the peak of violence in late Summer 2014, suggesting the presence of professional organizers.[43]

War on Cops

Democrat riots in Compton, California, 2020.[44]
See also: Black Lives Matter organization

The number of the nation's police officers murdered in the line of duty doubled during President Obama's tenure.[45] Many were deliberately targeted.[46] [47]

"Pernicious liberal propaganda that the police are murderers in uniform makes policing more difficult and more dangerous by whipping up a hostile attitude towards the police ..."[48]

The Biden regime provided fresh impetus to the War on Cops with Kamala Harris leading the raising money for bail for violent looters and insurrectionists. The number of policemen and women killed in 2021 exceeded the number of police deaths for every year since 1995. Biden and the Democrats’ efforts to defund the police and label the police perpetrators led to widespread murders of police across the United States.[49]

Seventy-three officers were intentionally killed in the line of duty during Biden's first year after the seizure of power — a nearly 59 percent increase over 2020, when 46 cops were murdered.[50]

2020 Marxist insurrection

See also: 2020 Marxist insurrection

Violent crime - particularly shootings and homicides - spiked across major U.S. cities during the 2020 BLM/Antifa riots in what one law professor dubbed the "Minneapolis effect." Paul Cassell, a professor at S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah, explained the phenomenon in a research paper entitled "Explaining the Recent Homicide Spikes in U.S. Cities: The 'Minneapolis Effect' and the Decline in Proactive Policing."

"Recently, major cities across the country have suffered dramatic spikes in homicides. These spikes are remarkably large, suddenly appearing and widespread. At this rate, 2020 will easily be the deadliest year in America for gun-related homicides since at least 1999, while most other major crime categories are trending stable or slightly downward."

Cities like Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Detroit have seen spikes in homicides, aggravated assault and gun assaults this year, according to a July study by the nonpartisan National Commission on COVID-19 and Criminal Justice (NCCCJ).[51] Cassell said the end result is 710 additional homicides and 2,800 more shootings in the U.S. And the professor attributes “several hundred” of the deaths directly to the war on police.

“My estimates are that several hundred additional victims were murdered because of a reduction in policing. There are very significant trade-offs that need to be considered here that have truly life-threatening implications if they’re not handled carefully.”

With cities like New York City, moving to defund police by cutting their budgets, or otherwise redirecting funding to social services, this is having an impact as well.

“In the wake of the antipolice protests surrounding George Floyd’s death, less policing has occurred,” he wrote, saying “law enforcement capabilities have been diminished by reduced funding and other setbacks (such as increased retirements due to demoralization).”[53]

Former Vice President Joe Biden won the endorsement of the Maoist Revolutionary Communist Party.[54] which was instrumental in the planning and execution of the 2020 Marxist insurrection, responsible for the deaths of scores of innocent people and police and more than $2 billion in property damage.[55] The Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) used the death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis Police custody to call for “a movement for an actual revolution.” They issued "Communiqué #6" entitled, "Police murder after murder after murder… To YOU who are sick and tired of the madness, and ready to be part of a movement for an ACTUAL REVOLUTION":

“If you’re sick of watching video after video of these murders by police … you need to … join with a movement for an actual revolution, to prepare for a time when it will be possible to lead millions to bring this system down, and replace it with a new society based on the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America.”[56]

Project Veritas infiltrated Rose City Antifa. In an undercover video, Antifa instructors teach white people how to maim and disable people.[57]

A Project Veritas video also introduces Andy Zee, an organizer for Refuse Fascism, a project of the Revolutionary Communist Party, talking about a possible meet-up with Democrat donor Tom Steyer.

“I don’t know if we took the meeting today. We were meeting with his main advisor on impeachment...Tom Steyer’s been retweeting some of our stuff."

Zee said the group was hoping to raise $2M to $5M to organize massive protests in major cities against President Donald Trump. Zee explained,

“You’re actually going to sustain millions of people, hundreds of thousands on the streets in certain cities,” [58]

FISA abuse and domestic spying

See also: Obama FISA abuse and Obamunism

In an interview with Roland Martin in 2015, Rep. Maxine Waters said:

Roland Martin: Come 2016 that’s it.

Maxine Waters: Well, you know, I don’t know. And I think some people are missing something here. The president has put in place an organization that contains a kind of database[59] that no one has seen before in life. That’s going to be very very powerful, and whoever…(crosstalk)

Roland Martin (interrupts): In terms of Organizing for America that he’s now shifted to a 501(c)4.

Maxine Waters: That’s right. That’s right. And that database will have information about everything on every individual in ways that its never been done before and whoever runs on the Democratic ticket will have to deal with that…it’s very powerful what he’s leaving in place.[60]

The New York Post reported in early 2017:[61]

When former President Barack Obama said he was “heartened” by anti-Trump protests, he was sending a message of approval to his troops. Troops? Yes, Obama has an army of agitators — numbering more than 30,000 — who will fight his Republican successor at every turn of his historic presidency. And Obama will command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House.

In what’s shaping up to be a highly unusual post-presidency, Obama isn’t just staying behind in Washington. He’s working behind the scenes to set up what will effectively be a shadow government to not only protect his threatened legacy, but to sabotage the incoming administration and its popular “America First” agenda. He’s doing it through a network of leftist nonprofits led by Organizing for Action. Normally you’d expect an organization set up to support a politician and his agenda to close up shop after that candidate leaves office, but not Obama’s OFA. Rather, it’s gearing up for battle, with a growing war chest and more than 250 offices across the country.

Since Donald Trump’s election, this little-known but well-funded protesting arm has beefed up staff and ramped up recruitment of young liberal activists, declaring on its website, “We’re not backing down.” Determined to salvage Obama’s legacy, it’s drawing battle lines on immigration, ObamaCare, race relations and climate change.

While Obama worried that Trump was now president, he left enough swamp rats in DC to keep his operation running. Still, he was forced to have a more hands-on approach to OFA than intended. The article continues:

Obama is intimately involved in OFA operations and even tweets from the group’s account. In fact, he gave marching orders to OFA foot soldiers following Trump’s upset victory.

“It is fine for everybody to feel stressed, sad, discouraged,” he said in a conference call from the White House. “But get over it.” He demanded they “move forward to protect what we’ve accomplished.” “Now is the time for some organizing,” he said. “So don’t mope.” Far from sulking, OFA activists helped organize anti-Trump marches across US cities, some of which turned into riots. After Trump issued a temporary ban on immigration from seven terror-prone Muslim nations, the demonstrators jammed airports, chanting: “No ban, no wall, sanctuary for all!” Run by old Obama aides and campaign workers, federal tax records show “nonpartisan” OFA marshals 32,525 volunteers nationwide. Registered as a 501(c)(4), it doesn’t have to disclose its donors, but they’ve been generous. OFA has raised more than $40 million in contributions and grants since evolving from Obama’s campaign organization Obama for America in 2013.

OFA, in IRS filings, says it trains young activists to develop “organizing skills.” Armed with Obama’s 2012 campaign database, OFA plans to get out the vote for Democratic candidates it’s grooming to win back Congress and erect a wall of resistance to Trump at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.[62]

Obama told aides that the nationwide riots following the death of George Floyd are “a tailor-made moment” to help his former vice president Joe Biden defeat Donald Trump.[63]

See also


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