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Former Polish Foreign and Defense Minister and Member of the EU Parliament thanked Joe Biden for his act of environmental terrorism.[1]

Environmentalism is a political movement that is anti-conservative in nature, and in some ways even harmful to the environment (such as being pro-marijuana, which is detrimental to the environment). The stated claim of environmentalism is to secure the long-term sustainability of the Earth. But many priorities of environmentalism are antithetical to the needs of mankind. See also: Conservation vs. environmentalism

Many environmentalists are atheistic, hostile to the Bible, free enterprise, and limited government. Some liberals who promote left-wing policies claim to be "conservative" in order to deceive conservatives into adopting socialist policies.[2] Former Czech Republic president Václav Klaus said in his book Blue Planet in Green Shackles that environmentalism could be considered a form of Communism,[3] while Peter Staudenmaier extensively noted in his book Fascist Ideology: The Green Wing of the Nazi Party and Its Historical Antecedents that environmentalism was a key tenet of Nazism, pointing out:

Hitler and Himmler were both strict vegetarians and animal lovers, attracted to nature mysticism and homeopathic cures, and staunchly opposed to vivisection and cruelty to animals. Himmler even established experimental organic farms to grow herbs for SS medicinal purposes. And Hitler, at times, could sound like a veritable Green utopian, discussing authoritatively and in detail various renewable energy sources (including environmentally appropriate hydropower and producing natural gas from sludge) as alternatives to coal, and declaring ‘water, winds and tides’ as the energy path of the future.[3]

Historically, a close connection exists between environmentalism and eugenics and population control.[4]

Environmentalist protesters have invariably turned out to be hypocrites who do not practice what they preach to the public about.[5][6] Many such protesters who take part in environmental/"climate change" protests have left behind tons of trash, some of it toxic and unrecyclable, at protest sites after they finish and go their separate ways, leaving others to clean up the mess left by the protesters.[5][7][8] Protesters who criticize the oil industry and the building of oil pipelines are frequently ignorant of the fact that many of the everyday items they use, including computers and cell phones and many clothing fabrics, were created with petroleum-based products.[9] Likewise, celebrities from Hollywood and the entertainment world (such as Leonardo DiCaprio[10] and Neil Young[11]) and other public figures (such as Al Gore[12] and David Suzuki[13][14]), who purport to be about "saving" the environment and demand that the public give up many necessities for the sake of the environment, display their own hypocrisy by traveling around in jet planes and yachts (both of which consume a great deal of fuel) and refusing to let go of their own energy-consuming luxuries.[5][15][16] Unsurprisingly, liberal media pundits have sided with the environmental hypocrites by scoffing at and dismissing criticism of them and by cynically criticizing (even going so far as to call them "climate change deniers"[17]) those who criticize the hypocrites while the pundits offer no solutions of their own and engage in simultaneous denial, defending, excusing and justification of said hypocrisy.[18]

In 2019, left-wing U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono called on supporters to "believe in climate change as though it’s a religion."[19][20]

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