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Mark McCloskey

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Mark McCloskey was a Republican candidate for the United States Senate from Missouri in the 2022 Midterm elections to replace the retiring Sen. Roy Blunt.[1]

In August 2020, Democrat congressional candidate Cori Bush led a mob outside the home of Mark and Patricia McCloskey with a bullhorn screaming, "You can't stop the revolution!"[2] The McCloskey's were indicted by Soros prosecutor Kim Gardner for exercising their 2nd Amendment rights on their own property when they were assaulted and threatened by the mob of white Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorists led by Cori Bush.[3] Gardner was removed from the case for having initiated a "criminal prosecution for political purposes" when it was discovered she used the case in fundraising solicitations for her reelection.[4] Gardner faces disbarment for the corrupt prosecution of Eric Greitens.

When McCloskey and his wife were pardoned by Missouri governor Mike Parson in August 2021, McCloskey was threatened by BLM terrorist Rep. Cori Bush.[5]