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Karen Bass wearing the Kente cloth.[1]

Karen Bass (born October 3, 1953), a Democratic Socialist politician. She is mayor of Los Angeles, and former United States Representative in the 37th congressional district of California for the Democratic party, winning election in November 2010. She was selected by Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to serve on the Steering and Policy Committee which sets the policy direction of the Democratic Caucus. Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer appointed Bass to serve as an Assistant Whip. Bass is an agitator for racial strife and lawlessness.[2]

In the 112th Congress, she represented California's 33rd district before redistricting. From 2004–2010, Bass was a member of the California State Assembly and for almost two years of that time she was its speaker. Tony Coelho, pushed Bass hard to the Biden camp. “According to a highly placed source in Sacramento, Coelho, whose 10-year stint included many atop the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, has been in close contact with the Bass camp.[3]

Black Panther Party

"The only good pig is a dead pig."[4]

Karen Bass was a member of the Black Panther Party.[5] Bass was heavily involved with the Maoist Line of March. Line of March was a Bay Area Marxist-Leninist organization founded in 1980. It became the Frontline Political Organization and later Crossroads, founded in conjunction with the Freedom Road Socialist Organization,[6] now called Liberation Road.

It grew out of a movement of communist organizations in the 1970s called, The Trend. Other organizations included the Communist Party USA, Maoist New Communist Movement, the National Guardian newspaper, Guardian Clubs, CrossRoads, Organizing Committee for an Ideological Center, El Committee-MINP, and other groups.[7]

Orainbow .jpeg

Line of March published Frontline. In 1990 the organization briefly morphed into the Frontline Political Organization. Bass still works closely with former members.[8] In 1993 when international Communism was at its lowest ebb in decades following the Fall of the Berlin Wall and dissolution of the Soviet Union, Bass was a featured speaker at a Socialist forum.[9] Co-sponsors were Socialist Community School - Democratic Socialists of America - Committees of Correspondence - Concerned Faculty (UCLA) - CrossRoads Magazine - International Socialist Organization - Socialist Organizing Network - Solidarity - Union for Radical Political Economics.[10]

In a May 5, 2005 exchange on Yahoo group Atzlannet, Los Angeles Communist Party USA organizer Rosalio Munoz revealed his own early connection to Karen Bass, and of another communist Leroy Parra. He revealed that communists had indeed been part of Bass's movement, and that Bass had been a member of the Venceremos Brigade,[11] whose members traveled to Cuba along with convicted terrorist Susan Rosenberg.[12][13]

Many of Karen Bass' early influences were from West Los Angeles white and Jewish leftist circles;

"It (the white left) played a huge role for me. In Hamilton (High School) for instance, lots of the Jewish parents were activists. Some of them were in the Communist Party. So I grew up with a lot of red diaper babies. And there were some African American parents who were in the Communist Party. There were teachers who were in the Communist Party. So white radicals were very influential. And at the same time you have the Panthers and the whole Black movement."[14]

Venezuelan connection

Venezualans eating garbage. Venezuela, a once prosperous country with oil surpluses, adopted free healthcare as a "right" in 1999.

According to data the Venezuelan delegation to Washington filed with the Foreign Agents Registration of the US, Venezuelan officials had 82 contacts with personalities in the United States. The list includes meetings with lawmakers, NGOs, and representatives of US actor Danny Glover's office.

The website of the US Government's Foreign Agents Registration published a report by Olivia Goumbri, who identifies herself as the Venezuelan Embassy's Social Outreach Counselor. The document elaborates on the Venezuelan officials' contacts with US political, cultural, and academic leaders.

Pursuant to the US law, foreign government agents in the United States have to report such activities to the NSD.

The document includes a questionnaire in which Goumbri was asked whether her foreign principal (the Embassy of Venezuela) had engaged in any political activity in the US. Goumbri's response was Yes.

Several congressional representatives, a pro-Cuban organization, religious leaders, social organizations, and actor Danny Glover's office are among the 82 registered contacts between Venezuelan diplomats and US-based individuals or organizations. Such activities took place from November 2012 to April 30, 2013.

Barbara Lee, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Yvette Clarke, Gregory Meeks, Karen Bass and Jose Serrano - an admirer of late President Hugo Chávez - are some of the members of the House of Representatives who were contacted by the Venezuelan diplomatic mission through their parliamentary offices .[15]

Kente clothe controversy


Democratic party lawmakers, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Karen Bass faced overwhelming backlash after wearing Kente cloth during their nearly nine-minute moment of silence in a photo-op staged to show their alleged sympathy for black victims of police brutality. Some fiddled with iphones while allegedly mourning George Floyd. Many users across social media questioned their motives and blasted them for missing the mark.[16]

Author Obianuju Ekeocha posted a video telling Democrats to stop "virtue signalling" by wearing African cloth.

"In your tokenism, you didn't wait to find out that this thing that you're hanging around your neck is not just some African uniform -- it's actually the kente material. The kente belongs to the Ghanaian people, mainly the Ashanti tribe."[17]

Kente reflects the history of the Ashanti people, from the emergence of the various Ashanti kingdoms to the development of the slave trade up to and including contemporary life in Ghana.[18] Slavery was historically a tradition with the Ashanti, slaves typically taken as captives from enemies in warfare. The welfare of their slaves varied from being able to acquire wealth and intermarry with the master's family to being a human sacrifice in funeral ceremonies.[19][20]

By the early 1800s the Ashanti had become a major exporter of enslaved people. The slave trade was originally focused north with captives going to Mande and Hausa traders who exchanged them for goods from North Africa and indirectly from Europe. By 1800, the trade had shifted to the south as the Ashanti sought to meet the growing demand of the British, Dutch, and French for captives. In exchange, the Ashanti received luxury items and some manufactured goods including most importantly firearms. The consequence of this trade for the Ashanti and their neighbors was horrendous. From 1790 until 1896, the Ashanti were in a perpetual state of war involving expansion or defense of its domain. Most of these wars afforded the opportunity to acquire more slaves for trade.[21]

The modern-day Ashanti claim that slaves were seldom abused,[22] and defend the "humanity" of Ashanti slavery by noting that those slaves were allowed to marry, and that their children were born free.[23] USA Today fact checkers rated the claim as True that Democrats wore the garb of slave traders.[24]

Dump Pelosi movement

The Dump Pelosi movement was led by Reps. Seth Moulton, Tim Ryan, Ed Perlmutter, Kathleen Rice, Bill Foster, Filemon Vela, Kurt Schrader, Conor Lamb, Jim Cooper, Brian Higgins, Stephen Lynch, Linda Sánchez, Reps.-Elect Abigail Spanberger, Jason Crow, Mikie Sherrill, Andy Kim, Haley Stevens, Joe Cunningham, Max Rose, Jeff Van Drew, Anthony Brindisi and Ben McAdams. NeverNancy Democrats vowed to
"support new leadership because voters in hard-won districts, and across the country, want to see real change in Washington."

The organizers of the Dump Pelosi movement were two white men, Seth Moulton and Tim Ryan who, for appearance sake, proposed replacing a woman with woman. Reps. Karen Bass, Marcia Fudge and Cheri Bustos all were put forward.[25] Pelosi issued the obligatory charges of bigotry, misogyny, and sexism against elected Democrats.[26] The 16 NeverPelosi members represent 12 million citizens, of which more than 6 million are Democratic voters. Pelosi adopted a racist and condescending attitude toward a Fox News reporter who called her out for her lack of transparency and truthfulness in negotiations.[27]

Awan scandal

Bill Clinton with Democratic Congressional staffer Imran Awan. Karen Bass had the Awan brothers on her payroll in the Democrat IT scandal.
See also: Awan scandal

An Awan family member - three of which are commonly referred to as 'no show employees' - appeared at one time or another on an estimated 80 House Democrats’ payrolls. Imran worked for dozens of House Democrats as a 'shared employee' providing technical support.

On March 1, 2017, Daily Caller reported members of the Awan family were paid $5 million by Democratic congressmen over several years, many of whom serve on the Intelligence, Homeland Security and Foreign Affairs Committees.[28]

Wasserman Shultz would encourage newly elected members to hire Imran or put his relatives on the payroll with the understanding that Imran was the one who would actually do the work –something not be permitted under House rules.

Sitting House members who paid the Awan's are Karen Bass, Marcia Fudge, Tim Ryan, Jim Costa, Sander M. Levin, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Yvette Clarke, Gregory Meeks,[29] John Sarbanes, Jackie Speier, Diana DeGette, Frederica Wilson, Cedric L. Richmond, David Loebsack, Joyce Beatty, Emanuel Cleaver, Lois Frankel, Daniel Kildee, Tony Cardenas, Michelle Lujan Grisham, Robin Kelly, Katherine Clark, Mark Takano, Julia Brownley, Pete Aguilar, Andre Carson, Joaquin Castro, Ted Deutch, Ted Lieu, Hakeem Jeffries, Kyrsten Sinema and Tammy Duckworth. The Awans had full access to the emails and office computer files of members. Focus of the investigation by the U.S. Capitol Police is an off-site server on which congressional data was loaded.

There are more than 15,000 congressional staff on Capitol Hill; four of the 500 highest-paid House staffers are Awans. Median salary for legislative assistants is $43,000 annually; Imran Awan has collected $1.2 million in salary since 2010,[30] and his brother Abid and wife Hina Alvi were each paid more than $1 million. Imran first came to Capitol Hill in 2004 and Abid joined him in 2005. Imran's wife Hina Alvi was added to the payroll in 2007, while Abid's wife, Natalia Sova, appeared in 2011. In 2014 the youngest brother, Jamal, was added to the payroll in 2014 at the age of 20 with a salary of $160,000, roughly three times the average staff salary.

The brothers spent significant time in Pakistan.[31]

Politico reported Wasserman Schultz and Rep. Gregory Meeks declined to fire Imran, and that both members have a “friendly personal relationship with Awan and his wife, according to multiple sources.”[32]

On May 18, 2017, former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatened Capitol police chief for impounding evidence in the Awan investigation (See 2 February 2017).[33][34] The Awan brothers were IT specialists working for Wasserman Schultz with access to DNC data and for House Democrats on the Intelligence Committee.[35]

Early career

As a member of the Communist Party USA, Oneil Cannon became the education director in the Southern California District, and a member of the Party’s Southern California and National Central Committees. Cannon was committed to electing Black and Latino representatives at all levels of government. He helped to elect Maxine Waters, Diane Watson,and Karen Bass. Cannon's obituary in the official CPUSA People's World read, "Cannon campaigned for Barack Obama in 2008, and wept with joy along with millions of others when he was elected. He died peacefully, wearing one of his Obama T-shirts.""[36] Bass eulogized Cannon on the floor of the U.S. House:

Mr. Speaker, I would like to honor the life and memory of my friend and mentor, Oneil Marion Cannon, who passed away on January 20, days before his 100th birthday....Oneil was instrumental in supporting my own work as a community organizer early in my life, and without his help my life would have taken a very different path...I would like to salute Oneil Cannon for his longstanding commitment to serving and uplifting others, and for a century of fighting to make the world a better place.[37]


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