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Alicia Garza is a trained Marxist community organizer and co-founder of the DNC fundraising arm, the Black Lives Matter organization.[1][2]

Garza served as the executive director of People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER) in the Bay Area. During her time in the position, she fought gentrification.[3]

People Organized to Win Employment Rights or POWER (Garza) evolved from the now defunct communist group STORM (Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement). Obama’s former “green jobs czar” and CNN contributor, the self-described “communist” and “rowdy black nationalist” Van Jones, served on STORM’s board. In January 2015, POWER merged with another Liberation Road group, Causa Justa,[4] and Garza left.[5] Garza wrote at about the same time,

"When I use Assata [Shakur]'s powerful demand in my organizing work, I always begin by sharing where it comes from, sharing about Assata’s significance to the Black Liberation Movement, what its political purpose and message is, and why it’s important in our context."[6]

Assata Shakur is the former "queen" of the Black Liberation Army (BLA) terrorist group, who was convicted of the first-degree murder of a New Jersey State Trooper in 1973. She was convicted of murder and seven other felonies. While serving a life sentence, she escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility for Women in 1979. She was granted political asylum in Cuba in 1984 where she has lived ever since, despite US government efforts to have her extradited. She is on the FBI Most Wanted Terrorists list, under her maiden name Joanne Deborah Chesimard. BLM founders openly admit to being "trained Marxists".[7] Garza is a black separatist and more recently was affiliated with the Marxist Freedom Road Socialist Organization that wants to carve out an independent nation-state in the Bay Area.[8]


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