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Anita Dunn

Anita Dunn holds the title of Presidential Advisor in the Biden junta. She is the former Obama administration's White House Communications Office Director who was fired after revealing her openly genocidal Maoist views. She then served as an outside adviser to Obama's White House.[1] Previously she served as Senior Advisor and Chief Communications Officer to the 2008 presidential campaign of Barack Obama. She has cited, "two of my favorite political philosophers: Mao Zedong and Mother Theresa."[2] Dunn told NBC News that the coronavirus was "the best thing that happened."[3]

Dunn poses as a "women's rights advocate". Dunn was hired as a public relations consultant by convicted serial rapist and Democrat mega-donor Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein went on trial in 2019 facing accusations from more than 80 victims on rape and sexual assault charges. Dozens of other women earlier made public accusations but were fearful of coming forward during the trial.[4] Weinstein was a charter founder of the Clinton Legal Defense Fund to defend President Bill Clinton against charges from numerous women of him being a serial sexual predator.[5]

In 2020, Dunn was hired by former Vice President Joe Biden after the Burisma scandal was exposed.[6]

Early career

Dunn was the Communications Director for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) during the 1988 and 1990 election cycles.

Dunn worked in Senator Bill Bradley's office as Communications and Political Director and later as Chief of Staff. In 1993 Dunn joined as a partner the firm of Squier Knapp Dunn headed by Democratic consultant Bob Squier. In 1999, Dunn took a leave of absence from the firm to work as the Communications Director and chief strategist for Bradley's presidential campaign as Squier had commitments to handle the presidential campaign of Al Gore.[7]

In 2001–2002, Dunn was a senior Political Advisor to Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle and consultant to the Senate Democratic Caucus. Dunn has advised Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Obama White House

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2020 Presidential election

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Tara Reade had been trying to tell her story since it happened in 1993. It's a story about sexual assault, digital penetration which is rape, retaliation, and silencing.

Then in January 2020 Reade tried to come forward again. This time she contacted Times Up Now, the sexual harassment organization. Ryan Grim at The Intercept reported the organization said they couldn't help her because Joe Biden was a candidate for federal office and supporting a case against him could jeopardize their nonprofit status.[8] They also pointed out that the public relations firm that works on behalf of the Times Up Now Legal Defense Fund is SKD Knickerbocker, and SKDKnickerbocker managing director is former Obama White House Communication's director, the notorious Maoist and liberal apologist for mass murder, Anita Dunn.[9] Dunn is the top adviser to Joe Biden.[10]

In other words, Times Up Now, an alleged women's support group, and Anita Dunn will take political dirt on their enemies, and give a heads up to their allies. In the case of Tara Reade, Dunn used Reade to vault herself into Biden's inner orbit and a cushy job in the future Biden administration. It was no surprise when Biden appointed Dunn his chief advisor in January 2020 before the 2020 New Hampshire Democratic primary, since Dunn now had the goods on Biden. Given Biden's mental incapacity questions have surged as to who really is in charge. Anita Dunn, the woman who considers the greatest mass murderer the planet has ever known as her "favorite philosopher', appears to hold that trusted position.

Personal life

Dunn is married to former Obama White House General Counsel and Perkins Coie attorney Robert Bauer. Perkins Coie hired FusionGPS to produce the fraudulent evidence that James Comey and the Obama FBI presented to the FISA Court to spy on 2016 Trump campaign.[11]

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