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Alan Stuart “Al” Gross

Born April 13, 1962
Juneau, Alaska
Political party Independent (DIAN)
Spouse(s) Monica Gross
Children Four
Occupation Commercial fisherman, orthopedic surgeon
Religion Jewish[1]

Alan Stuart “Al” Gross (born April 13, 1962 (age 62) is a commercial fisherman and orthopedic surgeon who ran for U.S. Senate from Alaska in the 2020 elections to challenge Republican incumbent Dan Sullivan.

2020 U.S. Senate election in Alaska

See: 2020 United States Senate election in Alaska

Gross announced in early July 2019 his run for United States Senate as a registered independent.[2] Later that year, he received the backing of the campaign arm of the Democrat establishment.[3] This was after the Democrats had failed to successfully recruit a strong candidate from their party to challenge Sen. Sullivan and sued to merge other parties' primary into one election along with theirs'.[Citation Needed]

Gross won the Democrat/Libertarian/Alaskan Independence primary held on August 18, 2020[4] with 74% of the vote;[5] he faced Sullivan in the November general election.


Gross has repeated the discredited[6] MSM lie that President Trump supposedly told Americans to inject Lysol.[1]

In a Zoom meeting, Gross failed to give a direct answer when asked about combating sexual assault, a severe issue impacting Alaska the most out of all U.S. states;[7] his own campaign manager has been criticized by the Alaska Young Democrats over sexual harassment and other abusive behaviors.[8]

Despite attempting to portray an appearance of being "independent", Gross admitted to the DNC that his views are "to the left" and that he will caucus with Democrats if elected to the U.S. Senate.[9]

Gross claims that he never backed Medicare for All despite having previously supported the measure.[10]

General election results

Gross lost to Sullivan in the general election.[11]


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