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The 2020 United States Senate elections, coinciding with the 2020 United States presidential election and the 2020 U.S. House elections that were held on November 3, 2020, were 33 separate elections for all Class 2 Senate seats in addition to 2 special elections for Class 3 Senate seats.[note 1]

The Republican Party attained a 50–48 majority which exceeded expectations set by phony election "experts" and "polling" in this election. While Democrats "won" two Senate seats in Georgia, Republicans still rightfully hold a majority because of Vice President Pence's tie-breaking vote.[1] Republicans Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham, John Cornyn, Mitch McConnell, Steve Daines, and Joni Ernst retained their seats despite well-funded Democrat attempts to unseat them, with liberal donors having wasted $300 million bankrolling campaigns that ultimately failed.[2] However, the Dems defeated Senators Cory Gardner (R-CO) and Martha McSally (R-AZ) while losing their seat in Alabama (Doug Jones).

The campaign wing of the Democrat establishment lobbed false, out-of-context attacks based on misrepresentations against Republican candidates for the final weeks leading up to the general elections.[3] Senate Democrats have also repeatedly blocked coronavirus aid to Americans (see below) in an attempt to blame the GOP for partisan purposes while many have suffered from both the virus and the economic impact.

Democrats outspent Republicans by massive amounts but lost anyway in many key races:

Alabama Democratic Sen. Doug Jones outspent Republican Tommy Tuberville $6.4 million to $700,000; Kansas Democrat Barbara Bollier outspent Republican Rep. Roger Marshall $3.9 million to $540,000; Iowa Democrat Theresa Greenfield outspent Republican Sen. Joni Ernst $14 million to $5.4 million; Democrat Cal Cunningham spent $13.5 million to Republican Sen. Thom Tillis' $4.3 million; and Democrat Jaime Harrison spent $26.2 million to Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham $9.4 million.[4]

Whether the Senate will be controlled by the Republicans or the Democrats will likely depend on the runoff results in Georgia, where incumbents David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler face heavily backed challenges from Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock respectively. Democrats including 2020 loser Andrew Yang have encouraged election fraud by calling for out-of-state liberal voters to illegally "move" to the state temporarily to help elect Ossoff and Warnock.[5] It was reported by Breitbart News in mid-November 2020 that California liberals intend to "move" to Georgia to illegally steal the election for the Democrats.[6] Conservative U.S. senator Marsha Blackburn wrote an op-ed on November 23, 2020 highlighting the far-leftism, bigotry, and national security risks of Ossoff and Warnock.[7] The latter have received the support of extremist activists seeking to defund the police and abolish federal prisons.[8]

A poll in late November 2020 found that 56% of voters prefer the Senate to be controlled by the Republican Party for the 117th United States Congress.[9]

Final RealClearPolitics election ratings/polling aggregates in key states:[10]

State Candidate Lead RCP Ranking Notes Winner/winning margin
North Carolina Cunningham (D) +2.6%
Aggregate skewed slightly to the left.[11]
Tillis +1.7%[12]
Michigan Peters (D) +5.4%
Aggregate likely skewed to the left.[13]
Iowa Ernst (R) +1.4%
Aggregate skewed slightly to the left;[14] Iowa polling tends to overestimate Democrats, as occurred in the 2018 Midterms with the state's gubernatorial election. Quinnipiac polling showed Ernst improving 7 points in October 2020 to take the lead by 2 points.
Ernst +6.6%[15]
Arizona Kelly (D) +5.7%
Aggregate skewed to the left due to unreliable/fake polling.[16]
Kelly +2.3%[17]
Georgia Ossoff (D) +0.7%
Aggregate skewed to the left.[18].
Perdue +1.8%[19]

Warnock (D) +15.4%
 Lean R 
Warnock lead[20] largely due to backing by Democrat establishment and evaporating support for Lieberman; note election to be a jungle primary (see below).
Jungle primary:
Warnock +7.0%[21]

Minnesota Smith (D) +5.0%
Polling aggregate likely skewed somewhat to the left.[22]
Smith +5.3%[23]
Texas Cornyn (R) +6.8%
 Lean R 
Aggregate likely skewed somewhat to the left.[24]
Cornyn +9.6%[25]
New Mexico Luján (D) +9.5%
 Lean D 
Aggregate likely skewed somewhat to the left.[26]
Luján +6.0%[27]
New Hampshire Shaheen (D) +15.6%
 Lean D 
Aggregate likely skewed somewhat to the left.[28]
Shaheen +15.7%[29]


State Republican
Third Party candidate(s)
Republican candidate Democrat
Alabama Jeff Sessions

Tommy Tuberville

Bradley Byrne

Roy Moore

Arnold Mooney

Doug Jones
Mike Parrish

Jarmal Sanders

Tommy Tuberville Doug Jones
Tommy Tuberville
Alaska Dan Sullivan
Al Gross

Chris Cumings

Edgar Blatchford

John Howe
(Alaskan Independence)

Dan Sullivan
Al Gross
Dan Sullivan
Arizona (special) Martha McSally

Daniel McCarthy

Mark E. Kelly Barry Hess

Alan White

Mohammed Arif

Robert Kay

Martha McSally
Mark E. Kelly Mark E. Kelly
Arkansas Tom Cotton
(none) Ricky Dale Harrington, Jr.

Dan Whitfield

Tom Cotton
(none) Tom Cotton
Colorado Cory Gardner
John Hickenlooper

Andrew Romanoff

Raymon Doane

Dan Doyle

Stephan Evans

Cory Gardner
John Hickenlooper John Hickenlooper
Delaware Lauren Witzke

James DeMartino

Chris Coons

Jessica Scarane

Nadine Frost

Mark Turley

Lauren Witzke Chris Coons
Chris Coons
Georgia David Perdue
Jon Ossoff

Teresa Tomlinson

Sarah Riggs Amico

Maya Dillard-Smith

Shane T. Hazel

Tom Jones

Clifton Kilby

David Perdue
(advanced to runoff)
Jon Ossoff
(advanced to runoff)
Georgia (special) Kelly Loeffler

Doug Collins

Raphael Warnock

Matt Lieberman

Ed Tarver

Kelly Loeffler
(advanced to runoff)
Raphael Warnock
(advanced to runoff)
Idaho James Risch
Paulette Jordan

James Vandermaas

Ray Writz

Natalie Fleming

James Risch
Paulette Jordan James Risch
Illinois Mark Curran

Peggy Hubbard

Robert Marshall

Tom Tarter

Casey Chlebek

Richard Durbin
Danny Malouf

David F. Black

Chad Koppie

Patrick Feges

Connor Vlakancic

Willie Wilson

Mark Curran Richard Durbin
Richard Durbin
Iowa Joni Ernst
Theresa Greenfield

Michael T. Franken

Kimberly Graham

Eddie Mauro

Rick Stewart

Suzanne Herzog

Joni Ernst
Theresa Greenfield Joni Ernst
Kansas Roger Marshall

Kris Kobach

Bob Hamilton

Dave Lindstrom

Barbara Bollier

Robert Tillman

Jason Buckley

Paul Tuten

Roger Marshall Barbara Bollier Roger Marshall
Kentucky Mitch McConnell

C. Wesley Morgan

Louis Grider

Paul John Frangedakis

Neren James

Amy McGrath

Charles Booker

Mike Broihier

Mary Ann Tobin

Brad Barron Mitch McConnell
Amy McGrath Mitch McConnell
Louisiana Bill Cassidy

Dustin Murphy

Derrick Edwards

Drew Knight

Adrian Perkins

Antoine Pierce

Peter Wenstrup

Aaron Sigler

Bill Cassidy
Maine Susan Collins
Sara Gideon

Betsy Sweet

Bre Kidman

Lisa Savage

Max Linn

Susan Collins
Sara Gideon Susan Collins
Massachusetts Shiva Ayyadurai

Kevin O'Connor

Ed Markey

Joe Kennedy III

Frederick Mayock Kevin O'Connor Ed Markey
Ed Markey
Michigan John E. James Gary Peters
Marcia Squier John E. James Gary Peters
Minnesota Jason Lewis

Cynthia Gail

John Berman

James Reibestein

Tina Smith

Steve Carlson

Ahmad Hassan

Paula Overby

Christopher Seymore

Oliver Steinberg

Kevin O'Connor

Jason Lewis Tina Smith
Tina Smith
Mississippi Cindy Hyde-Smith
Mike Espy

Tobey Bartee

Jensen Bohren

Jimmy Edwards Cindy Hyde-Smith
Mike Espy Cindy Hyde-Smith
Montana Steve Daines

John Driscoll

Daniel Larson

Steve Bullock

John Mues

Wendie Fredrickson Steve Daines
Steve Bullock Steve Daines
Nebraska Ben Sasse

Matt Innis

Chris Janicek

Angie Philips

Alisha Shelton

Andy Stock

Gene Siadek Ben Sasse
Chris Janicek Ben Sasse
New Hampshire Don Bolduc

Corky Messner

Andy Martin

Gerald Beloin

Jeanne Shaheen

Tom Alciere

Paul Krautman

Justin O'Donnell

Thomas Sharpe V.

Corky Messner Jeanne Shaheen
Jeanne Shaheen
New Jersey Rik Mehta

Hirsh Singh

Tricia Flanagan

Cory Booker

Lawrence Hamm

Madelyn Hoffman Rik Mehta Cory Booker
Cory Booker
New Mexico Mark Ronchetti

Elisa Martinez

Gavin Clarkson

Ben Ray Luján Bob Walsh Mark Ronchetti Ben Ray Luján Ben Ray Luján
North Carolina Thom Tillis

Paul Wright

Larry Holmquist

Sharon Y. Hudson

Cal Cunningham

Erica D. Smith

Shannon Bray

Kevin E. Hayes

Thom Tillis
Cal Cunningham Thom Tillis
Oklahoma James Inhofe

J.J. Stitt

Abby Broyles

Elysabeth Britt

Sheila Bilyeu

R. O. Joe Cassity, Jr.

Robert Murphy

Joan Farr

A. D. Nesbit

James Inhofe
Abby Broyles James Inhofe
Oregon Jo Rae Perkins

Paul J. Romero, Jr.

Robert Schwartz

John Verbeek

Jeff Merkley
Ibrahim Taher Jo Rae Perkins Jeff Merkley
Jeff Merkley
Rhode Island Allen Waters Jack Reed
Lenine Camacho Allen Waters Jack Reed
Jack Reed
South Carolina Lindsey Graham

Michael DaPierre

Joe Reynolds

Dwayne Buckner

Jaime Harrison Keenan Durham

Bill Bledsoe

Lloyd Willimas

Lindsey Graham
Jaime Harrison Lindsey Graham
South Dakota Michael Rounds

Scyller Borglum

Daniel Ahlers Clayton Walker Michael Rounds
Daniel Ahlers Michael Rounds
Tennessee Bill Hagerty

Manny Sethi

Marquita Bradshaw

Robin Kimbrough Hayes

James Mackler

Aaron James

Kacey Morgan

Bill Hagerty Marquita Bradshaw Bill Hagerty
Texas John Cornyn

Dwayne Stovall

Mark Yancey

M.J. Hegar

Royce West

Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez

Annie Garcia

Amanda Edwards

Cedric Jefferson

James Brumley

John Cornyn
M.J. Hegar John Cornyn
Virginia Daniel Gade

Thomas Speciale

Alissa Baldwin

Mark Warner
Mary Knapp

Aldous Mina

Daniel Gade Mark Warner
Mark Warner
West Virginia Shelley Moore Capito

Allen Whitt

Larry Butcher

Paula Jean Swearengin

Richard Ojeda

Richie Robb

Franklin Riley Shelley Moore Capito
Paula Jean Swearengin Shelley Moore Capito
Wyoming Cynthia Lummis

Mark Armstrong

Donna Rice

Joshua Wheeler

Merav Ben-David

Nathan Wendt

Yana Ludwig

Rex Wilde

Kenneth Casner

(none) Cynthia Lummis Merav Ben-David Cynthia Lummis

Projected safe seats

Senator Dan Sullivan official.jpg
Dan Sullivan

Al Gross


Dan Sullivan, the incumbent Republican junior senator from Alaska, ran for re-election to a second term in office.[30] A moderate Republican backed by President Trump,[31] Sullivan was expected, according to several mostly fake "election ratings", to be favored in the general election.[32]

The primaries were held on August 18, 2020.[33]

AK Republican primary

Sullivan ran unopposed in the Republican primary. Initially facing a primary challenge from Adam Master Newman, the latter was later disqualified from the ballot.[34] The incumbent senator easily won with over 40,000 votes.[35]

AK Democrat/Libertarian/Alaskan Independence primary

Candidates from the Democrat, Libertarian, and Alaskan Independence parties appeared on the same ballot.[36] Among them is Independent candidate Al Gross, whom the Democrat establishment endorsed over his primary opponents in December 2019.[37] Gross won the primary with 75% of the votes casted.[35]

AK Issues

In late May 2020, Sen. Sullivan joined eight globalist Senate RINOs in urging President Trump not to restrict H-2A and H-2B visas amidst the CCP pandemic that left millions of Americans unemployed.[38] Conservative commentator Tucker Carlson, among furious economic nationalists, called for the nine senators to be defeated in the nearest respective primaries.[39]

When asked on the matter, Gross failed to provide a direct answer on the issue of combating sexual assault,[40] a problem for Alaska more so than any other U.S. state.[41]

Despite running as an "independent Alaskan", Gross admitted in late August 2020 that his values "are to the left" and that he will caucus with Democrats if elected.[42] This was noted in a campaign ad by Sen. Sullivan.[43]

In early October 2020, Sullivan was part of six Republican senators who broke from his party in supporting a Democrat-led bill to block the Trump Administration from repealing Obamacare.[44] This then allowed for Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to make a partisan attack point over "flip-flopping".

Gross has falsely stated that he supposedly never supported Medicare for All.[45]

In an interview with Breitbart News, Sullivan noted Democrats attempts to oust him as part of a goal to weaken the U.S. energy industry.[46]

AK Debates

A debate hosted by Kodiak for the Senate race between Sullivan and Gross was held on October 10, 2020.[47][48]

AK Results

Sullivan, holding a thirteen-point lead with 99% of the expected vote in,[49] has been declared the winner of the general election over Gross.[50]

Sen. Tom Cotton ran for re-election and won without major competition.


Incumbent conservative senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas announced in August 2018 his re-election run for a second term in 2020.[51] According to several election ratings, the seat has been marked as safe.[32] Sen. Cotton is known for being strongly pro-Trump and favoring economically nationalist policies.

The Arkansas Democratic Party failed to successfully recruit a single candidate from their party to challenge Cotton. Their only initial candidate, Joshua Mahony, withdrew before the primaries that were held on March 3, 2020.[52]

AR Republican primary

Facing no Republican challengers, Cotton easily won the primary on March 3, 2020.[53]

AR Libertarian primary

Ricky Dale Harrington, Jr. was the only candidate who ran in the Libertarian primary to challenge Sen. Cotton.

AR Results

Cotton won re-election easily by over thirty percentage points over Harrington.[54]

Lauren Witzke

Chris Coons


Chris Coons, the incumbent establishment Democrat senator from Delaware, ran for re-election in 2020.[55] While just as liberal as most of the Senate Democrats,[56] Sen. Coons was noted by Politico in early May 2018 as the GOP establishment's “favorite Democrat” for then not consistently obstructing the Trump agenda as much as his colleagues did.[57]

Coons suggested in late January 2020 that Donald Trump can be impeached for ‘hateful, racist’ tweets.[58]

The primaries were held on September 15, 2020.[59]

The seat was regarded by fake election predictions as a safe hold for the Democrats.[32]

DE Democrat primary

Coons faced a primary challenge from "progressive" Democrat Jessica Scarane,[60] a far-leftist who claimed that Coons “helps Trump enact his agenda”.[61] Note that according to FiveThirtyEight, Sen. Coons has only voted with Trump 18% of the time in the 116th U.S. Congress.[62]

Sen. Coons ultimately won his party's primary handily over Scarane with 73% of the votes cast.[63]

DE Republican primary

The two Republicans who ran to challenge Sen. Coons were James DeMartino, who the Republican establishment tended to favor,[64] and Lauren Witzke,[65] a more populist candidate.

While DeMartino initially held a lead as votes were being counted on the primary election night, Witzke ultimately won with 57% of the vote to face Coons in the general election.[63]

DE Issues

As shown below, Coons is an ally of Big Pharma, favoring patent "reform" measures that suppress free market competition; this was noted by Scarane.[61]

In early April 2020, Witzke argued that Sen. Coons, along with Joe Biden, are “brought and paid for by China.”[66] A few months later, the establishment senator voted against a Republican-led resolution to let Americans sue China over COVID-19 damages and strip the communist government of its sovereign immunity.[67]

In mid-May 2020 following Democrat Gov. John Carney's restrictions of churches, Witzke joined Christians in civilly defying the order, having joined a service at the Glory City Fellowship Church in Delmar.[68]

Standing up to fascist culture of political correctness, Witzke has apologetically made several strong/bold statements, such as praising the Proud Boys despite establishment smears against the group.[69] To the disdain of racist leftists, she has also accurately noted that abortion, which was promoted in every way possible by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, has disproportionately affected minorities negatively.[70] Vile far-left domestic terrorists have previously egged children who had been part of a rally for Witzke's campaign in mid-September 2020.[71]

Despite being an opponent of the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Coons admitted:

I think she [Barrett] is qualified as a judge.[72]

After tweeting in early October 2020 about the consequences of mass migration and using Europe as an example, Witzke was censored by Twitter for "hateful conduct".[73] After this repeated a week later,[74] she called for jailing Jack Dorsey, the company's CEO.[75]

Witzke claimed in late October 2020 that pictures of Chris Coons' daughter, who Joe Biden made a disturbing advancement towards that was caught on camera, appeared on Hunter Biden's laptop.[76] After the laptop's contents fully came to light, Witkze offered to give a copy to Sen. Coons;[77] his aide blocked her off.

DE Results

Despite Witzke's strong campaign, Coons won re-election by a handy margin;[78] however, the former received a record number of votes.

Establishment Republican Sen. James Risch won re-election.


Establishment conservative James Risch ran for a third Senate term in 2020, having announced his bid in August 2019.[79] His seat was marked as safe.[32]

The primaries were held on June 2, 2020.

ID Republican primary

Uncontested, Sen. Risch won the Republican primary with just over 200,000 votes.[80]

ID Democrat primary

Idaho Democrat Paulette Jordan announced in February 2020 her run to seek the Senate seat.[81] She won the primary with 86% of the vote.[80]

ID Issues

In late May 2020, Risch showed his globalist leanings in joining eight Moderate Republican senators urging President Trump not to restrict visas amidst the CCP virus in the United States that caused millions of Americans to become unemployed.[38]

ID Results

Risch easily retained his seat for another Senate term.[82]

Dick Durbin.jpg
Mark Curran

Dick Durbin


Dick Durbin, the left-wing senior senator from Illinois, ran for re-election in 2020.[83] His seat was considered to be safe, according to several election predictions.[32]

IL-Democrat primary

Durbin ran unopposed in the Democrat primary.[84]

IL-Republican primary

Republicans Mark Curran, Peggy Hubbard, and Robert Marshall ran in their party line primary that was held on March 17, 2020.[84] Curran won the primary, garnering just under 42% of the vote.

IL Issues

A racist Democrat, Sen. Durbin referred to a police reform bill introduced by Tim Scott as a “token” measure,[85] although he soon apologized.[86]

In late July 2020, Durbin backed a GOP-led bill that would let Americans sue China over coronavirus damages.[67]

Durbin strongly criticized Trump at the ACB hearings because of the president's frequent Twitter activity.[87] He also told Barrett that she was "making history" in a non-serious, sarcastic manner.[88]

IL Results

Curran ultimately lost to Durbin as expected, trailing by sixteen percentage points in the strongly Democrat-favoring state.[89]

Establishment RINO Backer senator Mitch McConnell won re-election.


Mitch McConnell, a lifelong RINO who arguably became more conservative[90] after the 2018 midterm elections and whose approval rating has gone up after defending Donald Trump from the impeachment coup,[91] ran for re-election in 2020.[92]

KY Republican primary

McConnell easily won his party's primary with over 80% of the vote over several challengers.[93]

KY Democrat primary

Amy McGrath, a far-left[94] Democrat, challenged McConnell for the Senate seat. Liberals in a massive effort to attempt unseating McConnell have donated $10.7 million to McGrath's campaign by October 2019.[95] McGrath has been criticized for inconsistencies over the Kavanaugh smear[96] and her self-admitted radical agenda. In addition, she has been called out by coal miners who have been used in one of her campaign ads without their permission.[97] Facing the more progressive Charles Booker in the primary held on June 23, 2020, McGrath narrowly won by less than 3 percentage points.[93] The racist Democrat establishment heavily backed McGrath over Booker, a black candidate who was arguably more qualified.[98]

KY Issues

In late 2020, McGrath blamed McConnell over failures to pass a coronavirus relief bill[99] after he and other Senate Republicans proposed one blocked by partisan Democrats.[100]

According to McGrath, the United States is an "embarrassment".[101]

After successfully help to spearhead the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, McConnell joked that "it was a wonderful birthday present for Hillary Clinton".[102]

KY Campaign

Despite multiple establishment media outlets reporting Mitch McConnell's approval rating in late 2019 to be at only 18% in Kentucky,[103] his approval ratings have risen after the impeachment hoax against Donald Trump, with even the progressive Newsweek admitting that McConnell's approval among all U.S. adults increased from 27% to 33% between October 2019 and February 2020 in addition to Republican support rising from 47% to 62% during the same time period.[104] However, it is important to note that from a statistical standpoint, the conclusions may have been somewhat inaccurate given the margin of error of the polls being at ±4%.[105]

McGrath has been criticized by Republican governors Mike DeWine and Larry Hogan for using their pictures in an ad attacking McConnell.[106]

Project Veritas reported in mid-September 2020 that a staffer for McGrath admitted that their campaign strategy is to deceive voters by "not talking about policy."[107]

As part of final attempts to erode McConnell's support base, left-wing super PACs boosted Libertarian candidate Brad Barron to siphon votes away from the incumbent senator.[108]

The Courier Journal, which usually backs Democrat candidates, declined to endorse McGrath.[109]

KY Debate(s)

In late August 2020, McConnell challenged McGrath to a debate[110] and elicited a bizarre response from the latter.[111] The longtime senator also accepted an offer to participate in a forum hosted by the Kentucky Farm Bureau, which McGrath declined.[112]

A debate between the two candidates was held in mid-October 2020.[113] In it, McGrath dodged several questions.[114]

KY Results

McConnell unsurprisingly won re-election decisively[115] to serve in the Senate for another six years. Liberal donors wasted tens of millions of dollars backing McGrath in believing that they had a solid chance of flipping the seat,[116] not realizing that she previously ran for U.S. House in the 2018 Midterms during a blue wave in a district then considered a "tossup" only to lose to pro-Trump incumbent Andy Barr.[117]

After her defeat, McGrath launched a super PAC to boost the candidacies of Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock for the Senate runoffs in Georgia.[118]

Sen. Bill Cassidy won re-election.


Bill Cassidy, the conservative senior U.S. senator from Louisiana, ran for re-election to a second term in office.[119] His seat, according to several ratings, has been marked as safe.[32]

Under state law, all candidates (irrespective of party affiliation) participate in a jungle primary set on the general election date.[120] Such that no candidate receives a majority of the vote, the top two performers will face off in a runoff on December 5, 2020.

LA Issues

Sen. Cassidy denounced violent anarchists that exploited the death of George Floyd to initiate a left-wing insurrection, asserting that “we are with the peaceful protesters”.[121]

In late July 2020, Cassidy, along with GOP senators Daines, Rubio, and Romney, introduced a coronavirus stimulus bill that would create a second wave of monetary provisions for the American people.[122]

Cassidy has called out Joe Biden for planning to shut down the U.S. oil industry.[123]

LA Jungle Primary Results

Cassidy handily won the jungle primary,[124] garnering a majority of the vote in being re-elected without the need for a runoff to be held.[125] It was noted by the Associated Press that Louisiana had become very solidly Republican, with President Trump also winning the state by a landslide and a pro-life amendment passing with strong support.[126]

Having ran for re-election as a progressive Democrat senator, Ed Markey faced a tough challenge from U.S. representative Joe Kennedy III.


Progressive Democrat Ed Markey from Massachusetts ran for re-election in 2020.[127] Markey's Senate seat was considered to be safe, according to several election ratings.[32]

The primaries were held on September 1, 2020.[128]

Rep. Kennedy lost the primary in a major blow to his family's political dynasty.

MA Democrat primary

Sen. Markey faced a strong challenge in the Democrat primary by Rep. Joe Kennedy III,[129] who arguably was even more staunchly far-left than the incumbent senator is.

In late July 2020, the campaign for Joe Kennedy (who, like his elite family members, are highly privileged) strongly criticized the Boston Globe for siding with the "establishment" in their endorsement of Markey,[130]

A poll conducted for the Democrat primary that was released in late July showed a close race between Markey and Kennedy.[131]

Markey ultimately won his party's primary over Kennedy by 11 points.[132] Dealing a major blow to the Kennedy political dynasty, the representative is now the first member of his family to lose a race in Massachusetts.

MA Republican primary

The two candidates running against Markey in the Republican primary were Shiva Ayyadurai and Kevin O'Connor.[133] The primary was won by O'Connor with 60% of the vote.[132]

MA Issues

On June 1, 2020, Sen. Markey sent a tweet calling Donald Trump “scum”[134] over calls for law and order.

While opponents in the primary, both Markey and Kennedy have supported defunding the police.[135]

Following the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court to fill the vacancy left upon the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Markey, a staunch far-left progressive, unsurprisingly called for packing the court.[136]

MA Debate

The debate for the Senate election was held on October 5, 2020 between Markey and O'Connor.[137]

MA Results

Markey easily won re-election over O'Connor.[138]

Cindy Hyde-Smith ran for and won re-election to a full Senate term.


Incumbent conservative Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith ran for re-election to a full Senate term.[139] Based off conclusions from several polls, her seat was considered mostly safe.[32]

It was reported by the Clarion Ledger in mid-July 2020 that Espy had out-raised Hyde-Smith by a three-to-one ratio between April and June.[140]

MS Republican primary

Unopposed, Sen. Hyde-Smith easily won the Republican primary.[141]

MS Democrat primary

Mike Espy, a former U.S. representative, official in the Clinton Administration, and the 2018 loser to Hyde-Smith in the Senate special election, won the Democrat primary to contest the senator once again.[142]

MS Issues

Amidst the CCP pandemic in the United States that oversaw massive Democrat exploitations of a tragedy to enact a far-left agenda, Hyde-Smith joined Republicans in urging President Trump to maintain strongly pro-life policies.[143] This is in contrast to her opponent Espy, who previously was noted for holding very pro-abortion viewpoints.[144]

In early July 2020, Hyde-Smith supported an amendment made by Conservative of the Year 2019 Josh Hawley that would remove a requirement of renaming military bases from a defense bill.[145]

After President Trump tweeted a suggestion of delaying the 2020 elections amidst concerns over election fraud, a spokesperson for Hyde-Smith asserted that the senator “has confidence in the ability of our state’s election officials to conduct a general election this fall that safeguards the integrity of Mississippians’ right to vote while protecting voters and election workers.”[146] This was in contrast to her establishment RINO colleague Roger Wicker, who outright dismissed Trump's suggestion.

In early August 2020, Hyde-Smith, a member of the Senate Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee, welcomed a $14 million federal grant to improve rural water infrastructure in the Alcorn and Pontotoc counties.[147]

MS Results

In the rematch, Hyde-Smith handily defeated Espy by a fifteen-point margin.[148]

Establishment anti-Trumper Ben Sasse won re-election.


Ben Sasse, the outspoken[149][150] anti-Trump establishment Republican senator from Nebraska, announced on August 10, 2019 his run for re-election.[151]

Matt Innis, a conservative businessman, ran unsuccessfully in the Republican primary to unseat Sasse.

NE Republican primary

Sasse faced a primary on May 12, 2020 challenged by conservative, pro-Trump Matt Innis, the former chairman of the Lancaster County Republican Party in Nebraska.[152][153] Holding advantage as an incumbent, the senator easily won the primary with 75% of the vote.[154]

Innis, an opponent of the GOP establishment, was reported to the Federal Elections Commission by the chairwoman of the Douglas County Republican Party for spending a mere $457 that he didn't mention in campaign spending reports.[155]

NE Democrat primary

The Democratic Party primary was won by Chris Janicek, who garnered a plurality of just over 30% of the vote.[156]

NE Issues

Janicek faced calls by his own party in mid-June 2020 to drop out of the race after being faced with a sexual harassment complaint, which he refused to do.[157]

After misleading charges of Russian bounties were hurled at President Trump, Sasse was none too soon in demanding an explanation despite high fake news reporting surrounding the matter.[158]

In late July 2020, Sen. Sasse criticized Nancy Pelosi and Steven Mnuchin over coronavirus stimulus negotiations, calling them “two big government Democrats”.[159]

Sasse continued to criticize Trump after pretending to cooperate in order to fend off Innis in the primary.[160] He once trashed the president, claiming that he "kisses dictator's butts".[161] Trump in turn mocked "Little Ben Sasse";[162] some liberals have responded by calling the senator a "fraud" for supposedly opposing Trump insufficiently.[163] An opinion article by the Washington Examiner called for Sasse "to turn off CNN".[164]

NE Debate

A debate for the Senate race was held on September 4, 2020.[165]

NE Results

Sasse handily retained his seat to serve for a second Senate term.[166]

Failed presidential candidate Cory Booker ran for and handily won re-election to another Senate term.

New Jersey

Failed Democrat 2020 presidential candidate Cory Booker ran for re-election in 2020 to another Senate term.[167] Booker condemned Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden for Biden's racist and segregationist views.[168] His seat was ranked as safe.[32]

The primaries were held on July 7, 2020.[169]

NJ Democrat primary

Sen. Booker easily won the Democrat primary with nearly 90% of the vote.[170]

NJ Republican primary

The Republican primary was won by Rikin Mehta, who fended off a strong opponent in garnering a plurality of 38.7% of the vote.[170]

NJ Issues

On March 2, 2020, Booker told Israel supporters at the Israel Public Affairs Committee that traditional Judaism supports the creation of a Palestinian state.[171]

Booker claimed in mid-June 2020 that Donald Trump was “callous” over plans to hold a campaign rally on the Juneteenth.[172]

In late July 2020, Sen. Booker voted against a Republican-led bill that would let Americans sue China over COVID-19 damages.[67]

At the ACB hearings, Booker expressed his strong distaste for Barrett by citing a faculty opposition letter that had no signatures from law professors.[173]

NJ Results

Booker handily won re-election by a sixteen-point margin.[174]

Two-term Sen. Tom Udall, elected in 2008 to succeed Pete Domenici, announced in March 2019 his retirement from Congress.[175]

New Mexico (open seat)

Democrat Sen. Tom Udall retired. Republican Mark Ronchetti faced Democrat establishment figure Ben Ray Luján in a contest which would make either candidate a senator for the following six years.

The primaries were held on June 2, 2020.

According to FEC reports, Ronchetti outraised Ben Ray Lujan in the 3rd quarter, with 85% of the Ronchetti's campaign contributions from New Mexicans, while only 25% of the establishment Democrat's contributions came from the state. Lujan had continued to be funded by out-of-state D.C. and coastal elites, super PACs and special interest groups.

Mark Ronchetti

Ben Ray Luján

NM Democrat primary

Rep. Ben Ray Luján announced his candidacy. Luján is the Assistant Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives for Nancy Pelosi and former chair of the DCCC which engineered the Democrats' 2018 Midterm House takeover. He won the Democrat primary uncontested.[176]

Strongly pro-Trump Republican candidate Elisa Martinez ran for the seat, losing in the primary to Mark Ronchetti.

NM Republican primary

Gavin Clarkson,[177] an enrolled member of the Choctaw Nation and Trump deputy assistant secretary at the Bureau of Indian Affairs,[178] and former TV weatherman Mark Ronchetti have announced their candidacies.

Conservative Navajo Nation member Elisa Martinez announced in November 2019 her bid for the Senate seat.[179] A genuine Native American unlike Elizabeth Warren,[180] Martinez' campaign website has called out leftists like Ben Ray Luján for being "out of touch elites".[181]

The Republican primary was ultimately won by Ronchetti, who garnered 56% of the vote.[176] Following his victory, Martinez and Clarkson announced their support for the former in hopes of flipping the seat red.[182]

NM Issues

Extremely pro-abortion, Luján joined extremist Democrat colleagues in blocking the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act for the 80th time in early August 2019.[183]

NM Debates

Several debates were held between Luján and Ronchetti. At one in early October 2020, which included Libertarian candidate and nuclear safety scientist Bob Walsh, Ronchetti effectively criticized Rep. Luján's tenure, while the representative partially deflected from his own record by casting blames on Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell.[184] Luján also falsely claimed that Trump refused to condemn white supremacy.

NM Results

Despite the race being considered a "safe" win for Lujan, with polling showing him leading Ronchetti by around ten percentage points, the former only won by six points.[27][185] Luján's lead was only around half of that of Joe Biden's winning margin in the state for the concurrent presidential election.[186]

Sen. James Inhofe won re-election to another six-year term in office.


Incumbent conservative Republican senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma initially had not announced whether he would run for re-election or not,[187] though finally announced on March 5, 2020 his re-election campaign.[188]

The primaries were held on June 30, 2020.[189]

OK Republican primary

Inhofe easily won the Republican Party primary with nearly three-quarters of the votes casted.[190]

OK Democrat primary

The Democrat primary was won by Abby Broyles, who garnered 60% of the vote.[190]

OK Issues

Sen. Inhofe faced scrutiny in March 2020 amidst the CCP pandemic after it was reported that he "conveniently" benefited from large stock trades before the market crashed.[191] Other implications included Kelly Loeffler, Richard Burr, and Dianne Feinstein. Despite being initially investigated, the DOJ dropped later dropped the case against Inhofe.[192]

On March 5, 2020, Inhofe co-sponsored a resolution by Josh Hawley to condemn threats made by Charles Schumer against Supreme Court justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.[193]

OK Results

Sen. Inhofe easily won re-election by a thirty-point margin.[194]

Leftist Jeff Merkley won election to another Senate term.


Jeff Merkley, the left-wing junior senator from Oregon, announced in March 2019 his run for re-election in 2020.[195] His seat was marked as a safe hold.[32]

The primary elections were held on May 19, 2020.[196]

OR Democrat primary

Sen. Merkley won the Democrat primary uncontested.[197]

OR Republican primary

The Republican primary was won by Jo Rae Perkins, who garnered nearly 50% of the vote.[198] A staunch conservative, Perkins was subject to harsh attacks by the liberal media over her support[199] for the QAnon conspiracy theory.

OR Issues

In May 2020, Sen. Merkley ridiculously claimed that the opposition to mail-in voting from many Republicans is somehow an attempt to suppress the vote of minorities,[200] adding on to the left-wing conspiracy theory that the Republican Party supposedly engages in voter suppression, which is a common Democrat tactic.

After flying on a crowded airplane, Merkley introduced a bill that would ban airlines from booking middle seats to passengers.[201]

Amidst a lawless left-wing insurrection in Portland, Oregon, Merkley claimed that the rioters and anarchists vandalizing property were “peaceful”.[202]

OR Results

Merkley won re-election to another Senate term by a seventeen-point margin.[203]

Democrat senator Jack Reed won re-election to another Senate term.

Rhode Island

Jack Reed, the liberal Democrat senior senator from Rhode Island, ran for re-election in 2020.[204] Several ratings have marked his Senate seat as safe.[32]

The primaries were held on September 8, 2020.[205]

RI Democrat primary

Sen. Reed ran uncontested in the Democrat primary in seeking a fifth Senate term.[206][207]

RI Republican primary

The only Republican who ran to challenge Reed was Allen Waters.[208] While initially backed by the Rhode Island GOP, Waters' endorsement was rescinded in late June 2020 after reports surfaced of a domestic disturbance he was involved in a year prior.[209]

Waters won the Republican nomination uncontested.[207]

RI Issues

Obsessed with renaming military bases, Sen. Reed blocked an amendment in late July 2020 proposed by Josh Hawley for a defense bill that would remove language associated with such in the legislation.[210]

RI Results

Reed easily won re-election to another Senate term by over thirty points,[211] though underperformed his previous re-election margins.

M. Michael Rounds.gif
Image Thumbnail symbol.png
Sen. Mike Rounds won re-election to another Senate term.

South Dakota

Mike Rounds, the mostly conservative senator from South Dakota, ran for re-election in 2020.[212]

The primaries were held on June 2, 2020.[213]

SD Republican primary

Sen. Rounds won the Republican primary over challenger Scyller Borglum with 75% of the vote.[214]

SD Democrat primary

The Democrat primary was won by Daniel Ahlers, who ran uncontested.[214]

SD Issues

Rounds joined several Senate globalist RINOs in late May 2020 in signing a letter urging Donald Trump not to restrict migrant visas.[38]

In late July 2020, Sen. Rounds asserted an approval of using federal agents against violent protesters when federal property is being vandalized.[215]

SD Debate

A planned debate at the South Dakota State Fair was cancelled after doctors found cancer cells in Sen. Rounds' wife.[216]

SD Results

Rounds handily won re-election to serve for another six-year Senate term.[217]

Tennessee (open seat)

Tennessee senator Lamar Alexander retired.

Lamar Alexander, the former RINO establishment senior senator from Tennessee, announced in December 2018 that he would not run for re-election in 2020.[218]

The primaries were held on August 6, 2020.[219]

TN Republican primary

Among the Republicans who ran for the open seat included former U.S. Ambassador to Japan Bill Hagerty[220] and surgeon Manny Sethi.[221][222]

It was reported by Breitbart in late July 2020 that Sethi's campaign had comprised of many Never Trumpers, including a former staffer for anti-Trump RINO John Kasich who once on Facebook re-posted a call by Ben Sasse to oppose Trump.[223]

The primary was ultimately won by Hagerty, who garnered just over 50% of the vote.[224]

TN Democrat primary

The Democrat primary was won by Marquita Bradshaw, who garnered just over 35% of the votes.[224]

TN Issues

Amidst the CCP pandemic, Hagerty asserted in late March 2020 the importance of holding China accountable.[225]

TN Results

Hagerty easily won the general election to succeed Sen. Alexander, defeating Bradshaw by over twenty-five percentage points.[226]

Sen Cornyn - Official Portrait FeaturedPhoto.jpg
John Cornyn

MJ Hegar


RINO Backer and establishment moderate John Cornyn, the senior senator from Texas, ran for re-election in 2020.[227] His seat was considered to be mostly safe, according to several election ratings.[32]

The primaries were held on March 3, 2020.[228] For the races in the state in which no candidate received a majority of the votes cast, runoffs were held on July 14.

TX Republican primary

Cornyn won the Republican primary that was held on March 3, 2020.[229]

TX Democrat primary

Among the dozen candidates in the Democrat primary included Mary Jennings Hegar, Royce West, and Annie Garcia. No candidate received a majority of the votes,[230] and a runoff followed; Hegar won the latter with just over half of the votes casted. Black Democrats, including West, accused their party's establishment of "rigging" the primary when they had announced their endorsement of Hegar in December 2019.[98] West also stated that he would not vote for Hegar in the general election,[231] saying that she has a "problem" with blacks, adding on that: "I know a lot of people not voting for her."[232]

TX Issues

Cornyn criticized Democrats in May 2020 for exploiting the coronavirus outbreak to attempt legislating a left-wing agenda.[233]

Sen. Cornyn was part of nine globalist GOP senators in late May 2020 who sent a letter to President Trump urging him not to restrict migrant visas while Americans lost their jobs amidst the CCP virus in the United States.[38]

Hegar has ridiculously compared American immigration policies to concentration camps in China.[234]

TX Results

Sen. Cornyn handily won re-election to a fourth Senate term by a 9.6% margin with over 90% of the expected vote being reported.[25][235] Liberal donors gave tens of millions to Hegar's campaign[236] only to face disappointment upon learning that she lost the general election.

Daniel Gade.jpeg
Daniel Gade

Mark Warner


Deep state ally and "centrist" Democrat Mark Warner ran for re-election in 2020.[237]

The primaries were held on June 23, 2020.[238]

VA Democrat primary

Sen. Warner ran unopposed in the Democrat primary.

VA Republican primary

Daniel Gade, Thomas Speciale, and Alissa Baldwin ran in the Republican primary; Gade won with around two-thirds of the vote,[239] while Baldwin and Speciale finished respectively with 18% and 14% of the votes cast.

VA Issues

In late July 2020, Sen. Warner and his colleague Tim Kaine introduced gun control legislation.[240]

In an interview with Breitbart News Sunday host Joel B. Pollak, Gade contrasted his service as a member of the U.S. Army with Sen. Warner, who he referred to as a "swamp creature" for voting against coronavirus relief.[241] It's also important to note that Warner is the vice chair of the SSCI, often regarded as a corrupt body of the Deep state in its abuse of the FISA process.

VA Debate(s)

The first Senate debate between the Deep stater and the U.S. Army veteran was held on September 23, 2020, hosted by the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce, and moderated by partisan NBC hack Chuck Todd.[242]

VA Results

Sen. Warner handily won re-election over Gade by a twelve-point margin.[243]

Sen. Capito won re-election.

West Virginia

Establishment moderate conservative Shelley Moore Capito, the junior senator from West Virginia, ran for re-election to a second term in the Senate.[244] Her seat was considered to be safe.[32]

The primaries were held on June 9, 2020.[245]

WV Republican primary

Capito easily won her party's primary with over 80% of the vote, defeating two challengers.[246]

WV Democrat primary

The Democrat primary was won by Paula Jean Swearengin with 38% of the vote, defeating opponents Richard Ojeda and Richie Robb.[246]

WV Issues

Amidst spars between many conservative Republicans and Anthony Fauci, Sen. Capito sided with the latter.[247]

In mid-June 2020, Capito bucked with her party line on a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) nomination.[248]

WV Results

Sen. Capito easily won re-election to a second Senate term in a landslide.[249]

Sen. Mike Enzi retired.

Wyoming (open seat)

Establishment conservative Mike Enzi announced on May 4, 2019 that he wouldn't run for re-election in 2020.[250]

The primary elections were held on August 18, 2020.[251]

WY Republican primary

While Wyoming's U.S. representative Liz Cheney of the at-large district was initially a potential to run for the Senate seat, she later declined, preferring to run for re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives.[252] Cheney's predecessor in the U.S. House, Cynthia Lummis, ran in the election and won the Republican primary.[253]

WY Democrat primary

Among the Democrats who ran in the Democrat primary include Merav Ben-David, Nathan Wendt and Rex Wilde. Ben-David ultimately won the primary.[254]

WY Issues

In December 2019, Lummis wrote an article for Breitbart, in it praising President Trump for being a “Disruptor-in-Chief” of Washington, D.C..[255]

WY Results

Lummis easily won the general election over Ben-David with 73% of the votes cast.[256]

Predicted vulnerable seats

David Perdue
(advanced to runoff)

Jon Ossoff
(advanced to runoff)


David Perdue, the incumbent mostly conservative senior senator from Georgia, is running for re-election in 2020.[257]

The primaries were held on June 9, 2020.[258]

GA Republican primary

Sen. Perdue ran unopposed in his party's primary.[259]

GA Democrat primary

The Democrat primary was won by Jon Ossoff with just over 50% of the vote, who defeated challengers Teresa Tomlinson and Sarah Riggs Amico.[259]

GA Issues

Ossoff has been criticized[260] for previously misrepresenting his national security credentials when running for U.S. House in a 2017 special election to succeed Tom Price.[261]

Ossoff is reportedly tied to a pro-CCP media company.[262][263]

In an undercover video released by Project Veritas in late October 2020, Ossoff's field organizer was filmed admitting that the campaign deceived voters of the left-wing candidate as a supposed "moderate", admitting his progressive viewpoints.[264]

Ossoff has openly called for instituting gun control policies.[265] He has also dodged questions asked to him about Raphael Warnock's bigotry.[266]

Ossoff believes that the United States needs a new voting rights act and a new civil rights act to enact "equal justice and equal rights for all" despite the fact that legislation to ensure such has been passed decades ago.[267] He also made a conspiratorial claim that Trump's campaign, Perdue, and Loeffer "trying to undermine the results of the election here is a brazen and direct attack on the voting rights of black voters in Georgia."

After Ossoff deceptively omitted a disclosure showing payment from a CCP-tied company, his campaign lamely justified the action in claiming "paperwork oversight".[268]

GA Campaign

Despite denouncing corporate PACs, Ossoff has indirectly taken thousands of dollars from such groups[269] repeatedly.[270]

Ossoff claimed in a campaign ad in late September 2020 that he "will defend our Second Amendment";[271] the National Rifle Association has given him an "F" rating for holding gun-grabbing positions.[272] He later released an ad falsely portraying Perdue as corrupt.[273]

Filings by the FEC show that Ossoff has fundraised with Cal Cunningham after the latter had been implicated and investigated for a sex scandal.[274]

Ossoff has run a campaign ad promoting coronavirus relief he previously opposed.[275]

It was reported by the Washington Free Beacon that Ossoff and Raphael Warnock (running in the Georgia special election) held a fundraiser with liberal Silicon Valley elitists to boost their candidacies.[276]

Ossoff has provided a case against being elected to the Senate, saying that losing the race will cause "gridlock in Washington for at least four years."[277] Note that such Biden becomes president, a GOP-held Senate will be able to block far-left proposals from passing.

The NRSC has called on Ossoff to end his usage of "inflammatory language".[278]

It was reported by the Washington Free Beacon in November 2020 that the NRA is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to back Perdue as well as Sen. Loeffler amidst the upcoming runoffs.[279] The Senate candidates are also backed by Mike Pence, who made two campaign stops at Georgia to boost their campaigns,[280] also vowing to "keep fighting until every illegal vote is thrown out." (see: 2020 Election fraud timeline)

Perdue released a campaign ad on November 20, 2020 noting the radical left-wing goal of "changing" America, with a voice-over saying: "Vote David Perdue to save America."[281]

The liberal dark money group ActBlue is currently attempting to lower GOP turnout in the runoff by putting up billboards portraying Perdue as unwilling to fight for Trump and discouraging Republican voters from supporting him.[282] This ploy was highlighted by Donald Trump, Jr., who called for supporters of the president to vote for Perdue as well as Kelly Loeffler.[283]

The Georgia Republican Party released an ad on November 23, 2020 saying,

If you don't [vote], illegal immigrants will."[284]

Ossoff has received the backing of a Bloomberg gun control advocacy group.[285]

GA Debates

A virtual debate between Perdue and Ossoff was held on October 12, 2020,[286] where the latter was noted to have spent the time dodging his own record.[287]

At the second debate held in late October 2020, Perdue brought up Ossoff's ties with the CCP and showed the receipts his Democrat challenger received from a company associated with the Chinese government.[288] The senator later tweeted: "We came prepared, Jon".[289]

GA Results

Perdue consistently held a lead over Ossoff on election night and for several days, though it shrunk until he no longer held over 50% of the total votes cast;[290][291] a runoff will be held in January 2021 to determine who will serve in the Senate seat for the next six years.[292] Ossoff deflected on his trailing of Perdue by blaming Libertarian candidate Shane Hazel.[293]

Kelly Loeffler.jpg Doug Collins official photo.jpg Raphael Warnock.jpg

(advanced to runoff)

Doug Collins


Raphael Warnock

(advanced to runoff)

Georgia (special)

Georgia held a special election to fill the seat of Johnny Isakson, who resigned in December 2019. A normal primary election did not occur; instead, all candidates, regardless of party, were placed on the same ballot for a jungle primary election in November 3, 2020. Under state law, party labels had been printed on the ballot, and if no candidate receives a majority of the vote, the top two finishers will advance to a run-off election to be held on January 5, 2021.

Governor Brian Kemp had appointed Kelly Loeffler to serve as Isakson's replacement, effective January 6, 2020.

Loeffler, being the incumbent junior senator from Georgia, is running for election to a full Senate term. Among her endorsements include former ambassador Nikki Haley[294] and senator Marsha Blackburn.[295]

Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia's 9th district ran for the seat. Collins was among the fiercest defenders of President Trump amidst the impeachment coup.

GA (special) candidates

Loeffler, backed by the GOP establishment,[296] faced a tough challenge by representative Collins.[297] According to a poll by Public Policy Polling in December 2019, the preference for Collins was three times greater than the preference for Loeffler.[298] In February 2020, Collins has released an ad strongly criticizing Loeffler for being backed by the anti-Trump[299] Club for Growth[300] as well as another one criticizing Loeffler for backing RINO Mitt Romney in 2012.[301] This, in turn, led the GOP establishment and the Club for Growth to further their already-increasing opposition to Collins.[302][303]

Pro-life leaders urged Gov. Kemp not to appoint Loeffler because of her ties to the Grady Memorial Hospital,[304] one of the largest abortion providers in the state, and the WNBA, which partners with Planned Parenthood. However, Kemp appointed her anyway. Loeffler sits on the board of Grady and has donated thousands of dollars to liberal and pro-abortion Democrats.[305] Grady Memorial Hospital is one of the largest purveyors of abortion in Georgia and a training ground for abortionists. In February 2020, the Georgia Life Alliance announced it would spend at least $3 million on an ad blitz to back Loeffler. Rep. Collins commented, “What I think is happening is they got a large infusion of cash from Kelly. They’ve hardly raised $50,000 and then they suddenly announce a $3 million ad buy?”[306]

Among the Democrats who ran the race included Raphael Warnock, a pastor, and Matt Lieberman, son of former moderate senator Joe Lieberman. In early August 2020, Lieberman faced calls to drop out of the race over an authored novel that some argued to contain “racist and discriminatory” tropes.[307] Warnock is a Cafeteria Christian who has said that "America needs to repent for its worship of whiteness."[308]

GA (special) Issues

On January 24, 2020, Loeffler received a briefing on the Wuhan coronavirus;[309] that day she began selling stock. Over the next three weeks Loeffler sold up to more than $3 million in stock. Loeffler has been accused of insider trading,[310] selling stock based on information not available to the public. The stock market crashed in March, losing more than 20% due to Wuhan coronavirus fears and the lockdown. Loeffler's husband Jeffrey Sprecher, the chair of the New York Stock Exchange, was reported in May 2020 to also have dumped stock prior to the economic devastation caused by the CCP pandemic.[311]

Warnock has ridiculously compared police officers to "thugs"[312] and refused to apologized over the statement.[313] He also praised a supporter of the anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan who compared the election of Trump in 2016 to 9/11.[314]

Warnock referred to the death penalty as the "final failsafe of white supremacy."[315]

Warnock has refused to answer on whether he would support court packing.[316]

According to Alan Dershowitz, Warnock's anti-Israel viewpoints could destroy Democrat hopes of taking the Senate.[317]

As reported by Breitbart, a video from 2017 shows Warnock calling racism a "pre-existing condition" in America.[318]

GA (special) Campaign

In opposition to Sen. Loeffler, a co-owner of a WNBA league, players wore shirts advocating for one of her Democrat opponents, with the messages reading ‘Vote Warnock’.[319]

After losing the jungle primary, Collins announced his support for Loeffler to fend the seat from Warnock.[320]

Along with Jon Ossoff, Warnock reportedly held a fundraiser with Silicon Valley liberals to boost his chances of winning the runoff.[276]

Loeffler released an ad in mid-November 2020 noting Warnock to be a "radical's radical" for defending Jeremiah Wright's anti-Americanism.[321]

In a statement in mid-November 2020, the NRSC called for Warnock to "stop using inflammatory language".[278]

Big Tech companies who have been biased in slapping "fact checks" on posts by conservatives have refused to do the same for liberals who shared a false post alleging that Loeffler supposedly wants to prevent blacks from voting.[322]

Vice President Mike Pence made an appearance in Georgia in mid-November 2020 to boost Loeffler's chances in the runoff.[323][280]

The NRA is currently spending hundreds of thousands to back Loeffler.[279]

ActBlue, a left-wing dark money group, is currently operating a trolling scheme in hiding behind a supposedly conservative "Really American" group to label Loeffler as not being very pro-Trump and encouraging conservative Georgia voters to avoid voting for her.[282]

The "Working Families Party", a far-left group that supports defunding the police and has received the backing of George Soros,[324] has campaigned for Warnock.

GA (special) Jungle Primary Results

In the jungle primary concurrent with all other Senate races, Warnock finished in first place with a plurality of 33% of the votes cast.[325] Loeffler trailed in second place with 26% of the vote, and Collins with only 20%. Thus, Loeffler and Warnock will face each other in a runoff held in January 2021 in what may be a tossup.[326]

Joni Ernst Official photo portrait 114th Congress.jpg
Joni Ernst

Theresa Greenfield


Joni Ernst, the pro-Trump, strongly conservative junior senator from Iowa, ran for re-election in 2020.[327]

The primaries were held on June 2, 2020.[328]

A Des Moines Register poll in late October 2020 found Ernst leading Greenfield by four points;[329] Donald Trump was also reportedly leading Joe Biden in the state for the concurrent presidential election by seven points.[330]

IA Republican primary

Ernst ran unopposed in the Republican primary.[331]

IA Democrat primary

The Democrat primary was won by Theresa Greenfield, who garnered a plurality of 48% of the votes casted.[331]

IA Issues

Despite having claimed to be a champion for small businesses and workers, Greenfield supported Aldi in the latter's 2015 effort to evict small businesses, as reported in early May 2020.[332] Iowa small business owners and entrepreneurs expressed concerns over this matter a month later.[333]

While strongly conservative, Ernst joined an unnecessary, politically correct, establishment/Democrat-favored push to rename military bases in early July 2020.[334] This elicited criticism from her supporters, as she later asserted to have received "crap" from Republican voters,[335] yet nevertheless insisted that such was the "right thing" to do.

In late July 2020, Sen. Ernst introduced the Ending Taxpayer Funding for Anarchy Act, which would end all federal funding for cities and states that allow for and/or promote far-left anarchist uprisings.[336]

It was reported in late July 2020 that Greenfield had deleted mentions of her ‘deeply troubling’ business record from her campaign website.[337]

In early August 2020, Ernst requested a unanimous consent for the U.S. Senate to move forward with Sarah's Law, a bill that would strengthen punishments imposed on illegal aliens who commit crimes; the legislation was named after Sarah Root, an Iowan who was killed by a drunk-driving illegal alien. The bill was ultimately blocked by Democrat Sen. Tom Udall, who ridiculously claimed that it “paints immigrants as more dangerous than other people;”[338] it's important to note the distinction between illegal aliens and legal immigrants.

Despite having long been an advocate for repealing Obamacare, Ernst joined five Republican senators in early October 2020 in voting for a Democrat-led bill to prevent the Trump Administration from doing so,[44] enabling the Democrat establishment to exploit GOP divisions over the issue of protecting pre-existing conditions for hyper-partisan attacks.

At the ACB hearings, Sen. Ernst allowed for Barrett to respond to an outrageous suggestion made against her by Mazie Hirono,[339] who is sometimes referred to as Crazy Mazie.

A video released by Accuracy in Media in mid-October 2020 showed that Greenfield secretly supported the BLM movement, which has destroyed property in Iowa as part of its domestic terrorism sprees.[340]

An FEC complaint has been filed against Greenfield over campaign finance violations.[341]

IA Campaign

Despite promising in 2019 not to take any corporate PAC dollars for her campaign, Greenfield was reported to have done exactly that;[342] she downplayed criticism by fellow Democrats over the matter by calling them “Republican talking points”.[343] Greenfield also received an ethics complaint that was filed by outside groups.[344]

It was reported on August 5, 2020 by the Washington Free Beacon that a "small business owner" who praised Greenfield in a campaign ad for the Senate candidate turned out to be a very liberal Democrat politician.[345]

Ernst's campaign called out Greenfield in early October 2020 for remaining silent over Cal Cunningham's extramarital sex scandal.[346]

At several campaign rallies in mid-October 2020, Ernst voiced a strong push for law and order amidst far-left mobs causing destruction in many inner cities throughout America;[347] many people supporting the senator in addition to President Trump were present.

In mid-October 2020, the communications director for a super PAC aligned with Chuck Schumer promoted via Twitter a fake email claiming that a farm bureau that endorsed Sen. Ernst supposedly rescinded such, when it had never happened; the tweet was soon deleted.[348] Ernst's campaign strongly criticized the lie,[349] and the bureau soon released the following statement:[350]

Recently, a fake email has been circulating through social media that Senator Ernst no longer has the support of Iowa Farm Bureau or our members. This email is fake, and any news reports that speak to its validity are false. Iowa farmers know Senator Joni Ernst understands agriculture and works tirelessly to increase the economic opportunities for Iowa farmers and rural America, and that is why the Iowa Farm Bureau was proud to designate her as a Friend of Agriculture. She continues to have our full support.

In late October 2020, Greenfield featured on campaign mailer an Iowa farmer who said that he supports Sen. Ernst for re-election.[351]

Ernst's campaign released an ad on October 26, 2020 calling out Greenfield over alleged felony election fraud.[352]

Ernst has received the endorsements of several of Greenfield's neighbors.[353]

IA Debates

It was reported by the Free Beacon in late August 2020 that Greenfield apparently chose to skip a debate with Sen. Ernst as part of an overall "windowless basement" strategy shared by Joe Biden in the latter's presidential campaign.[354] However, the two candidates will participate in a debate on October 15, 2020.[355]

At the second debate between Ernst and Greenfield, the incumbent senator strongly rebuked the latter over failed/corrupt business practices;[356] the moment was touted by many anti-establishment conservatives including Dinesh D'Souza.[357]

IA Results

Despite the fake polling and election ratings calling the race a "tossup", Ernst won handily[358] by a 6.6% margin with 91% of the expected votes counted.[15] This is also despite liberals and the lamestream media insisting for months that the Ernst is facing potential defeat, citing faulty polling. The election is similar to her initial 2014 Senate bid where a "tossup" was expected, yet she prevailed then over Democrat Bruce Braley by a significant margin and outperformed expectations.

Despite winning re-election with the crucial support of Donald Trump, Ernst appeared on Guy Benson's show two weeks later to trash Trump attorney Sidney Powell for suggesting that both corrupt Democrats and Republicans engaged in election fraud.[359]

Sen. Pat Roberts retired.

Kansas (open seat)

Roger Marshall official portrait.jpg
Barbara Bollier.jpg
Roger Marshall

Barbara Bollier

Establishment Republican Pat Roberts announced in January 2019 that he would not seek re-election in 2020.[360] Establishment representative Roger Marshall and anti-establishment conservative Kris Kobach ran in their respective strong efforts to succeed Sen. Roberts. Rep. Marshall is noted for holding some globalist leanings, having won election to the U.S. House after defeating anti-establishment then-representative Tim Huelskamp in a Republican primary with the backing of the establishment and having somewhat broke with Trump over immigration in 2017.[361]

The primaries were held on August 4, 2020.[362]

KS Republican primary

Kris Kobach, a strong conservative from Kansas, was among 11 Republican candidates who ran for the vacated Senate seat.[363] He lost the primary with 26% of the vote, finishing second place to Rep. Marshall, who had garnered 40% of the votes casted.[364] This was after Kobach faced pushback from the GOP establishment, which backed Marshall.[365] The Democrat establishment wasted $5 million meddling in the primary in attempting to boost Kobach, who they believed could lose the general election if becoming the nominee.[366]

KS Democrat primary

Former Obama administration secretary Kathleen Sebelius declined a run for the Senate seat.[367] The Democrat primary was ultimately won by Barbara Bollier, who garnered 85% of the vote.[364] According to Bollier, the Patriot Act supposedly gives the president unilateral authority to impose tariffs.[368]

KS Issues

In late February 2020, Kobach criticized a bill passed by the Democrat-controlled House that “would turn every city in America into a sanctuary city.”[369]

As a state senator, Bollier voted during the CCP pandemic to expand tele-abortion, yet voted against a bipartisan bill to expand tele-medicine.[370]

Bollier has openly expressed support for total gun confiscation.[371]

KS Results

Despite polling that suggested a very close race, Marshall decisively won the general election by twelve points over Bollier.[372]

Tina Smith.PNG
Jason Lewis

Tina Smith


Tina Smith, the incumbent DFL junior senator from Minnesota who was appointed to the seat and won a special election in 2018 to succeed the disgraced sexual predator Al Franken,[373] ran for re-election to a full term in 2020.[374] A leftist and pro-abortion radical,[375] Smith has participated in the murder of unborn children when she had in the past worked for Planned Parenthood.[376]

The primaries were held on August 11, 2020.[377]

MN Democrat (DFL) primary

Sen. Smith faced four challengers in the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party primary. She easily won with nearly 90% of the vote.[378]

MN Republican primary

Among the Republicans who ran to challenge Smith included Jason Lewis, a conservative radio show host and former U.S. representative from Minnesota's 2nd district who served for one House term in the 115th U.S. Congress before being defeated for re-election by Democrat Angie Craig during the 2018 midterms. Lewis decisively won the primary with 78% of the votes casted.[378]

MN Issues

In late March 2020, Smith joined all Senate Democrats in blocking a bi-partisan coronavirus relief bill aimed at providing aid to Americans hurt by the CCP pandemic.[379]

Although mostly a far-left partisan, Sen. Smith surprisingly broke with many Democrats in mid-April 2020 along with Sen. Kyrsten Sinema in calling for swift actions to re-fund the Paycheck Protection Program.[380]

In late May 2020, Smith signed onto a race-baiting resolution authored by Kamala Harris that would condemn the use of the term "Wuhan virus" as being "racist".[381]

MN Results

Despite strong Republican efforts, Lewis ultimately lost to Sen. Smith by 5.3 percentage points.[23][382]

Steve Daines, Official Portrait, 116th Congress.jpg
Bullocks3 (2).jpg
Steve Daines

Steve Bullock


Steve Daines, the incumbent junior senator from Montana, ran for re-election in 2020.[383] According to several polls, his seat was vulnerable though favored to be retained.[32]

The primaries were held on June 2, 2020.[384]

MT Republican primary

Sen. Daines easily won his party's primary, garnering 88% of the vote.[385]

MT Democrat primary

The Democrat primary was won by the current far-left Democrat Governor of Montana Steve Bullock, who garnered 95% of the votes casted.[385] A failed 2020 presidential candidate who initially vowed not to run for the seat,[386] he flip-flopped when announcing his run for the office on the very last possible day to file his candidacy for the election.[387]

MT Issues

It was reported in late July 2020 that Gov. Bullock allegedly threatened and intimidated whistleblowers who questioned welfare fraud present in his administration.[388]

It was reported in early August 2020 that a staffer for Bullock was fired over bigoted tweets.[389]

Gov. Bullock has faced allegations of sexual misconduct.[390]

As governor, Bullock has paid female staffers less than he paid male staffers[391] despite celebrating Women's Equality Day.[392]

Bullock was sued in early September after issuing an executive order allowing Montana counties to conduct universal voting by mail;[393] this was after an earlier poll showed him slightly trailing Sen. Daines.[394]

Bullock became the first[395] Democrat candidate for Senate for the 2020 elections to openly back packing the court,[396] and also expressed support for banning "assault weapons".[397] Daines has responded in a Breitbart exclusive by stating that Bullock's support of court packing is an "existential threat" to America.[398]

As noted by Daines, out-of-state liberals have poured tens of millions of dollars into the Senate race to boost Bullock.[399] The far-left governor has also been backed by an elitist-funded super PAC disguising itself as a supposed "grassroots hunting group".[400]

MT Campaign

On August 7, 2020, an ad was released attacking Sen. Daines for supposedly siding with Big Pharma despite the fact that he has supported measures to reduce drug prices.[401]

In a campaign ad, Bullock claims to be supportive of gun rights,[402] despite the fact that he has an "F" rating from the NRA.[403]

It was reported in early October 2020 by the Washington Free Beacon that liberal donors were attempting to deflect Bullock's anti-Second Amendment record.[404]

It was reported by the Washington Free Beacon in late October 2020 that Bullock, who denounces corporate PAC money donations, has taken over a million dollars from PACs backed by corporations.[405]

MT Debates

Bullock's campaign announced in late July 2020 that the left-wing governor has agreed to three debate challenges proposed by Sen. Daines.[406] The first debate was held on August 8, 2020 (full video here).

MT Results

Daines easily won re-election to a second term for the Senate by ten percentage points over Gov. Bullock[407] despite the fake polling that suggested anywhere from a close race to a tossup.

Corky Messner

Jeanne Shaheen

New Hampshire

Jeanne Shaheen, the incumbent liberal Democrat senator from New Hampshire, ran for re-election to a third term in 2020.[408] According to several ratings between January and February 2020, the seat was most likely to be retained.[32]

The primaries were held on September 8, 2020.[409]

NH Democrat primary

Shaheen faced two Democrat challengers in her party's primary leading up to the general election, easily winning.[410]

Among the Republicans who ran to challenge Sen. Shaheen included Don Bolduc (shown above).

NH Republican primary

Among the Republicans who ran to challenge Sen. Shaheen included retired Army Brigadier General Don Bolduc and retired Army member Corky Messner. The latter candidate received the endorsement of President Trump in mid-June 2020,[411] a matter that elicited criticism from Bolduc and others.[412] Bolduc was backed by the Senate Conservatives Fund.[413]

Messner won the primary election over Bolduc by eight percentage points;[414] after losing, the latter announced that he will not endorse Messner over the general election.[415]

NH Issues

While Shaheen was a proponent of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), speculations of potential conflicts of interests arose when it was reported that businesses tied to her husband received at least hundreds of thousands of loans from the program.[416]

NH Results

Shaheen ultimately won the general election over Messner by sixteen points.[417]

Lindsey Graham

Jaime Harrison

South Carolina

Lindsey Graham, the Moderate Republican senior senator from South Carolina, ran for re-election in 2020.[418]

At a Trump rally in South Carolina on February 28, 2020, Graham made an appearance to praise Trump for his many accomplishments and for his perseverance in dealing with the "NEVER-ENDING BULL****" that the latter had to deal with in his presidency.[419]

The primaries were held on June 9, 2020.[420]

SC Republican primary

Sen. Graham faced three challengers in the Republican primary, and won with only around two-thirds of the votes casted.[421]

SC Democrat primary

Jaime Harrison was the only Democrat who ran in his party's primary election, thus winning uncontested.

SC Issues

Although being the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Graham refused to subpoena Barack Obama amidst an investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.[422]

In late May 2020, Graham was part of nine globalist RINO senators who sent a letter to Trump urging him not to restrict migrant visas amidst the CCP pandemic that left many Americans unemployed.[38]

Graham asserted in early July 2020 that he would be willing to increase the minimum wage.[423]

In mid-July, Sen. Graham defended Anthony Fauci amidst the latter's spars with President Trump.[424]

Graham has been blamed by conservative pundit Tucker Carlson for pushing President Trump to meet with Bob Woodward.[425]

A liberal hypocrite, Harrison has pushed for the police to monitor the social media activity of officers, yet he has not vetted that of his staffers; the latter have posted anti-Semitic and homophobic bigotry on Twitter.[426] Despite such, groups for the homosexual agenda have given them a free pass.[427]

Harrison indirectly suggested in early October 2020 that nominating Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court may bring back racial segregation that was enacted by his party.[428]

Graham, the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has rebuked Democrat suggestions to delay the vote on the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.[429]

It was reported by the Washington Free Beacon in late October 2020 that Harrison once was a featured speaker for a lobbying school in Turkey[430] and has worked for the Podesta Group.

Harrison opposes school choice, which a majority of black Americans support,[431] yet believes that Graham is "out of touch".[432]

SC Campaign

Graham has been accused by Schumer-associated super PACs backing Harrison, a former lobbyist for Big Pharma, of being a shill for special interest groups.[433]

The far-left group MoveOn, which supports defunding the police, has attacked Graham and spent a large sum of money to boost Harrison.[434]

In what has been described as a "desperate" last-minute campaign tactic, Harrison and South Carolina Democrats created and promoted a website highlighting Constitution Party candidate Bill Bledsoe as "too conservative" in an attempt to drive Republican voters away from Graham;[435] Bledsoe no longer ran an active campaign in the final weeks leading up to the general election despite being on the ballot, and endorsed Graham for re-election. An anti-Graham super PAC also spent over $100,000 to promote Bledsoe in an effort to siphon support away from the incumbent senator.[436]

SC Results

Despite consistently fake polling that suggested a "tossup" and massive amounts of money by liberal donors poured into Harrison's campaign,[437][438] Graham won re-election to a fourth Senate term by ten percentage points.[439]

After losing, Harrison created a super PAC to boost the candidacies of Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in the Senate runoffs for Georgia.[440]

Tossup elections

Martha McSally.jpg
Mark Kelly.PNG
Martha McSally

Mark Kelly

Arizona (special election)

See main article: United States Senate special election in Arizona, 2020

Martha McSally, the current Republican junior senator from Arizona who was gubernatorially appointed, ran for election to a full term in 2020.[441] An establishmentarian moderate[442]-turned pro-Trump conservative,[443] McSally was expected to face an uphill battle in normally Republican Arizona that voted for Kyrsten Sinema over her in 2018 by a margin of less than 3%.[444]

According to a high-sampled (n=2523) NBC News/Marist poll administered between March 10, 2020 and March 15, 2020, McSally trailed potential Democrat opponent Mark Kelly by only three percentage points, compared to many low-sampled fake "poll" conclusions.[445]

In an op-ed written by three astronauts on the Arizona Republic voicing support for McSally over Kelly in early October 2020, it was stated that:

McSally has delivered for Arizona, while Mark Kelly embraces Democrat ideology that would be bad for our country — leaving us with less freedoms, less security and less control of our lives.[446]

McSally has also received the endorsement of Buzz Aldrin.[447]

Two polls in late October 2020 showed McSally narrowly leading Kelly.[448]

AZ Republican primary

Sen. McSally faced a moderately strong primary challenge from Daniel McCarthy, a Glendale businessman.[449] Running to the right of McSally, he has claimed that the incumbent senator is part of the establishment. McCarthy has also proposed the possibility of an annexation of Mexico.[450] He has been criticized by some conservatives[451] for using his campaign slogan on the primary election ballot,[452] as well as for refusing to answer whether his business has failed to bring jobs from China to America.[453]

McSally easily won the primary held on August 4, 2020 with three-quarters of the votes cast.[454] This was after McCarthy had claimed that "the Lord will provide the resources needed" for him to win.[455]

AZ Democrat primary

Kelly won his party's primary uncontested.[452]

AZ Issues

President Trump's visit at a rally in Phoenix, Arizona on February 19, 2020 included McSally's appearance to help boost Republican re-election efforts, with McSally receiving an endorsement from the president and drawing applause from the crowd as a populist, conservative patriot.[456]

Kelly has been criticized for being tied to an ambulance company that engaged in corrupt price gouging and surprise billing on patients.[457]

A liberal hypocrite, Kelly criticized the Paycheck Protection Program during the coronavirus outbreak yet benefited from the $2 million his company got from the program.[458]

Kelly has been accused by Rep. Paul Gosar of condoning violence[459] after a supporter of the former threatened death against Gosar.[460]

While McSally had been an ardent opponent of Obamacare, she voted along with five other Republican senators in early October 2020 for Democrat-led legislation to block the Trump Administration from repealing it, likely for the reason of maintain existing protections for pre-existing conditions;[44] this division from the rest of the GOP senators was then used as an attack point by the Democrat establishment.

A spokesperson for Kelly's campaign has referred to police officers as "worthless f***ing pigs",[461] and was soon disciplined for the remark.[462]

Sen. McSally denounced vile Democrat attacks against Amy Coney Barrett,[463] who she privately met with, praising her as "a gift to our country".[464] Liberals at the Arizona Republic unsurprisingly responded by lashing out at the senator.[465]

Regarding coronavirus relief legislation blocked by Senate Democrats, McSally said in an interview with the Daily Caller:[466]

We've got to get relief out to them. The left wants to play games with this to gain power, which is exactly why they don't deserve power.

McSally has accurately noted Kelly as beholden to his party's establishment and a proponent of California-style gun control.[467][468]

AZ Campaign

Martha McSally, who has shifted towards supporting Donald Trump since after the 2016 presidential election, has been seen by some as becoming more thoroughly conservative, especially after calling a CNN reporter a "liberal hack".[469] Her first campaign ad was one criticizing her potential left-wing opponent Mark Kelly[470] for supporting the impeachment coup against Trump.[471]

In late August 2020, Sen. McSally's campaign released an ad mocking Mark Kelly over several of the latter's controversies, noting that:
Mark Kelly will do anything for a buck! And he'll say anything for a vote.[472]

McSally's campaign released an ad in late September 2020 highlighting the senator's life struggles and accomplishments, with the Arizona Republican herself saying: "If you want flashy, you’ve got a guy. But if you want a fighter, I’m your girl."[473]

Kelly has received the backing of the far-left group MoveOn, which supports defunding the police.[434]

At a Trump rally in Tucson on October 19, 2020, the president praised Sen. McSally, who appeared and spoke for several minutes strongly against Kelly in addition to the Democrats' favored far-left agenda.[474]

As noted by the Washington Examiner a day prior to the 2020 general elections, Sen. McSally had a chance to win the special election and finish McCain's Senate term.[475]

AZ Debate(s)

The debate for the Senate race, which initially was reported to be the only official one,[476] was held on October 6, 2020 in Phoenix and hosted by the liberal Arizona Republic in addition to state public radios and television stations.[477] In it, the two candidates debated over several issues, including the CCP pandemic, the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, etc. Moderated partially by the biased[478] Ted Simons of Arizona PBS, several moments made highlights; McSally noted Kelly's inconsistencies/hypocrisy over the Paycheck Protection Program established by the Republican-led CARES Act, while Kelly made several false claims, such as saying that the incumbent senator has supposedly never stood up for RINO John McCain despite the opposite.[479] Kelly, portraying himself as being supposedly "independent" and "moderate", announced his support of a "public option", totalitarian red flag laws, and that he would have voted to remove President Trump from office over the sham articles of impeachment. He was also called out by McSally for having backed members of the Squad.[480]

AZ Results

Kelly leads McSally in the general election by 2.3 percentage points with 99% of the expected vote reporting,[17][481] and all media outlets have declared him the winner.[482] While Donald Trump's campaign has filed a lawsuit in the state over election fraud/irregularities in Maricopa County,[483] where McSally trails by four points, she conceded the race on November 13, 2020.[484]

Cory Gardner official Senate portrait.jpeg
Cory Gardner

John Hickenlooper


See main article: United States Senate election in Colorado, 2020

Cory Gardner, the incumbent mostly conservative Republican senator from Colorado with some RINO leanings, ran for re-election in what was considered by many to be among the most vulnerable re-election fights.[485] Gardner's approval ratings remained relatively steady, with a poll in January 2020 finding roughly equal approval/disapproval numbers.[486]

On August 19, 2019, Ambassador Nikki Haley made a visit to Colorado to praise Gardner for his common-sense regulatory policies and his effective bipartisanship efforts in the U.S. Senate to unite both parties on certain non-partisan issues.[487] Gardner is also supported by Vice President Mike Pence, who said that the senator has done much to help advance the Trump agenda.[488]

At a Trump rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado on February 20, 2020, Gardner made an appearance where he spoke briefly to strongly emphasize on Donald Trump's many great achievements and rebuked left-wing Democrats for being too radical.[489]

CO Republican primary

Sen. Gardner won his party's primary uncontested.[490]

A far-left progressive, Romanoff lost the primary to the establishment-backed Hickenlooper.

CO Democrat primary

Although over a dozen Democrat candidates initially ran for the Senate seat, only John Hickenlooper and Andrew Romanoff were left by the time of the primary election. The establishment-backed Hickenlooper, the former governor of Colorado who briefly ran for president, has faced criticism from both the left and the right after flip-flopping over whether he would run for the seat,[491] admitting to having once took his mother to see a pornographic movie,[492] and being fined by an independent commission for two ethics violations while governor.[493] On the other hand, Romanoff was an openly far-left candidate who called for enacting a Green New Deal and defunding the police.[494]

Despite obvious setbacks, Hickenlooper managed to win the primary election over Romanoff by over fifteen points, carrying all but one county.[490]

CO Issues

In early August 2020, President Trump signed into law the Great American Outdoors Act, a landmark conservation bill sponsored by Sen. Gardner that would ensure federal allocations for the Land and Water Conservation Fund.[495]

In early October 2020, Sen. Gardner joined five other Republican senators as well as all Democrats in voting for a bill to prevent the Trump Administration from repealing Obamacare, likely over protecting pre-existing conditions;[44] Chuck Schumer later used his vote for a partisan attack point over "flip-flopping".

Hickenlooper has called China a "great nation" that supposedly deserves American support.[496] He has conducted business between tech companies and the country as the Governor of Colorado,[497] potentially risking national security.

Hickenlooper has signaled that he may potentially be open to packing the court.[498] However, he has refused to provide a clear stance on the matter.[499]

Gardner has called out the liberal bias and censorship of Twitter, threatening actions to be taken against the Big Tech company.[500]

CO Debates

Several debates between Gardner and Hickenlooper were held. During the first one,[501] Hickenlooper dodged points made by the incumbent senator over his ethics violations/charges by largely dismissing them and insisting otherwise. He also poorly responded to Gardner's touting of the Great American Outdoors Act by citing a rating of the senator by the League of Conservation Voters, a left-wing group that promotes environmentalism and not conservation. At another debate, Hickenlooper dodged a question on court packing and whether he would support such.[502]

CO Results

Despite strong efforts to win in an increasingly Democrat state, Gardner ultimately lost on Election Night to Hickenlooper,[503] and quickly conceded the race.[504]


See main article: United States Senate election in Maine, 2020
Four-term RINO Susan Collins ran for re-election in liberal Maine.

Susan Collins, the four-term RINO senior senator from liberal Maine, ran for re-election in 2020.[505] She had been unpopular in her home state after voting with Republicans to confirm Brett Kavanaugh amidst the smear against the latter, having her approval rating tank[506] and eliciting condemnation from the far-left hate group Occupy Democrats.[507] Further disdain from liberals such as Stephen King[508] and those in Maine lead the general election anywhere from leaning Republican to a tossup,[509] a prediction that several elections affirmed early on.[32] According to the Washington Times, Democrat representative Jared Golden could provide cover for Collins if he voted against both articles of impeachment against Donald Trump.[510] One day later, however, Golden had a split vote on the articles of impeachment, voting in favor of the first one but against the second one.[511]

It was reported on February 18, 2020 that, according to a poll, Collins was almost tied with potential Democrat opponent Sara Gideon.[512]

Having voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh and many other pro-life judicial nominees, Collins was reportedly ditched by Planned Parenthood, an organization that in the past has endorsed her numerous times.[513]

ME Republican primary

Collins was reportedly, as of February 1, 2020, running unopposed in the Republican primaries.[514] Her re-election bid was endorsed by moderate liberal Democrat Joe Manchin.[515] In addition, Collins was backed by Lindsey Graham[516] and Donald Trump[517] for her refusal to cave into the liberal hysteria surrounding the Kavanaugh smear.

Running unopposed aside from a single write-in challenger, Collins easily on her party's primary.[518]

ME Democrat primary

Far-left Democrat state representative Sara Gideon ran to unseat Sen. Collins.

Democrat Sara Gideon, the current Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, announced her Senate campaign on June 24, 2019.[519] Gideon, with a voting record even more liberal than Susan Collins', has pushed for abortion "rights" and Medicaid expansion within Maine.[520] In addition, she is a liberal hypocrite who has denounced corporate money in politics while accepting donations that include corporate donors.[521]

Democrat primary candidate Bre Kidman, a Bernie backer who claimd to be "non-binary", unveiled a guillotine as the logo for her US Senate campaign.[522] When grilled about the use of a guillotine as campaign symbolism, Kidman claimed that the guillotine was not meant to be taken literally, despite its notorious use as a method of execution by the Left against its opponents during the French Revolution; Kidman was subsequently criticized on her Twitter account for what her critics called a poor taste campaign stunt at best and a not-so-veiled threat of violence against opponents and critics at worst.[523]

The Democrat primary was won by Gideon with 70% of the vote.[518]

ME Issues

Amidst the CCP pandemic, Sen. Collins worked on securing federal funding to statewide small businesses hit hard by the economic devastation caused by the coronavirus via the Paycheck Protection Program.[524] For this, she was subject to massive attacks by the liberal media, who falsely claimed that such was a corporate bailout, a notion that was refuted even by the Washington Compost.[525] On the other hand, Gideon adjourned the Maine legislature despite other states keeping theirs' open, and some liberals have even acted as apologists for her actions in ignoring constituents amidst a pandemic as the state House speaker.[526] Furthermore, despite attacking the PPP, Gideon's husband's law firm took up to $2 million from the program.[527][528] Gideon's refusal to open the legislature and amend the statewide tax code meant that small businesses who applied for federal PPP loans may be forced to pay back large amounts in taxes despite the provisions meant to be tax-free.[529]

Collins joined five other Republican senators and all Democrats in early October 2020 in favor of a bill to prevent the Trump Administration from repealing Obamacare.[44]

An ethics complaint has been filed against Gideon over alleged illegal coordination with a super PAC for the Democrat establishment.[530]

It was reported by the Washington Times in early October 2020 that Sen. Collins was open to meeting with Amy Coney Barrett, who President Trump nominated to the Supreme Court to fill the vacancy left upon the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.[531] This was amidst far-left attacks against Barrett, most of which were because of her conservative views and Catholic faith.

It was reported by Breitbart in late October 2020 that Gideon only became speaker of the state's House of Representatives with the crucial backing from a state representative who she later took far insufficient action against for sexual misconduct.[532]

On October 23, 2020, Collins joined fellow RINO senator Lisa Murkowski in voting against a motion to advance the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to a final confirmation vote;[533] however, the measure still managed to pass. She later was the only Republican senator to vote against confirming Barrett to the Court.[534]

It was noted by the Washington Free Beacon in the days prior to the general election that Gideon's ethics violations "paid off" due to unauthorized advertisements on Facebook, illegal coordination, in addition to being backed by the extremely pro-abortion EMILY's List, led by a figure who herself once faced FEC charges.[535]

A video released by Project Veritas in the days prior to the general election showed that far-left Green Party candidate Lisa Savage secretly supported extreme gun control laws.[536]

ME Campaign

In early September 2020, it was reported by the Washington Free Beacon that two anti-Collins restaurant owners who appeared in a liberal ad attacking the senator over the Paycheck Protection Program are Democrat activists who have received money from the program.[537]

Gideon is seen here at the second debate standing on a plank to make herself appear taller.

MoveOn, a far-left group that supports defunding the police, has backed Gideon and attacked Sen. Collins.[434]

Gideon is reportedly bankrolled by donors from Portland, Oregon.[538]

Gideon's campaign has placed campaign ads on Maine radio stations that were highly misleading due to segments of them appearing without an immediate disclaimer;[539] after the NRSC alerted the stations, the ads were tagged with disclaimers to avoid perpetuating fake news.

It was reported by the Bangor Daily News on November 23, 2020 that Gideon an early effort to oppose Collins received millions in donations from a Democrat dark money group.[540]

ME Debates

At the first Senate debate hosted by Bangor Daily News, News Center Maine, and the Portland Press Herald and held on September 11, 2020, the 19th anniversary of the tragic event, Sen. Collins, state House speaker Gideon, and independent candidates Max Linn and Lisa Savage debated over several key issues for around one hour;[541] Collins managed to stump Gideon near the end by asking the latter whether she would have voted to confirm John Roberts to the Supreme Court after facing criticism over her vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.[542]

At the second debate between the four candidates, Gideon, who stood on a plank to make herself appear taller, responded to Collins' assertions of her having irresponsibly adjourned the state legislature by saying that she talked to the "Republican leader";[543] the latter, outraged, said that Gideon had not spoken or made any attempts to compromise in a bipartisan manner.[544]

Liberals blinded by their Collins Derangement Syndrome are seen here moronically ignorant of ticket-splitting in the state of Maine.

At another debate between the incumbent senator and Gideon, the latter refused to provide a clear position on court packing while Collins affirmed strong opposition to such.[545] Gideon has also demonstrated her lack of understanding on the meaning of the term "packing the court".[546]

In late October 2020, Gideon cancelled a scheduled debate with Sen. Collins at the last minute;[547] she previously called it "shameful" for Trump to cancel the second 2020 presidential debate with Biden.

Gideon has refused to directly answer on her inability to properly handle the sexual misconduct case involving state representative Dillon Bates.[548]

During the final debate, Collins said that she doesn't consider "systemic racism" to be an issue in the state of Maine.[549]

ME Results

Despite many who anticipated that Collins would lose the race,[550][551][552] Collins was declared the winner of the general election with a majority of the votes cast.[553] At a speech given on Election Night by the incumbent senator:

The other side thought that they could come to Maine, and just run negative ads, dump loads and loads, millions and millions of dollars of dollars, and just buy this Senate seat. But is that the Maine way? NO! It certainly is not.[554]

Gideon conceded the election to Sen. Collins,[555] who later made an enthusiastic speech in front of supporters.[556] Outraged leftists on social media displayed meltdowns, having expected Gideon to win as the polls stated.[557]

According to the New York Times, Democrat strategies to draw voters away from Collins in rural Maine came to little avail.[558]

John E James.jpg
Gary Peters 2008.jpg
John James
(results pending)

Gary Peters
(results pending)


Gary Peters, the incumbent Democrat senator from Michigan, faced re-election in a projected swing state that voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Among the only Republicans who ran to oppose Peters included movement conservative John E. James,[559] a U.S. combat veteran who ran against Debbie Stabenow for Senate in the 2018 Midterms and lost[560] during a blue wave year partially due to Stabenow's strong backing by Michigan farmers that generally vote Republican.[561]

The primaries were held on August 4, 2020.[562]

A poll in late October 2020 found a statistical dead heat in the Senate race.[563] Far-left representative Debbie Dingell admitted that constituents who she thought supported Biden actually supported Donald Trump for re-election, which signaled a possible Republican victory.[564]

MI Democrat primary

Sen. Peters won the Democrat primary uncontested with 1.177 million votes.[565]

MI Republican primary

The Republican primary was won by James, who ran uncontested and garnered just over 1 million votes.[565]

MI Issues

Peters, a Democrat partisan leftist who voted to remove Trump[566] and is suspected of supporting Medicare for All,[567][568] was at one point unknown among 36% of Michiganders, according to a poll in mid-2019.[569]

Sen. Peters praised China in March 2020 amidst the CCP pandemic.[570] Two months later, the Better Future MI Fund super PAC released an ad calling out the senator for “double dipping” on taxpayer dollars while his home state suffers from both the coronavirus in addition to the incompetent gubernatorial tenure of Gretchen Whitmer.[571]

Peters has falsely claimed that he "never" voted against pay raises for veterans despite having done exactly that.[572]

A liberal hypocrite, Sen. Peters asserted tough stances on China despite taking tens of thousands of dollars in donations from companies tied to the CCP.[573] He also opted out of enrolling in Obamacare despite strongly supporting it when the healthcare plan came with an unconstitutional individual mandate; rather, he has coverage under the now-defunct Michigan Legislative Retirement Fund that costs taxpayers millions of dollars.[574]

Peters remained silent over union corruption when arrests were made.[575]

James called out Peters over a blatant lack of action in combating the CCP despite holding adequate positions to do such.[576] He also humorously responded to a remark made by Joe Biden calling him a "disaster" by clarifying himself to be a "disaster for national Democrats' narrative".[577]

Despite having once been a U.S. representative for a congressional district whose population is mostly black, Peters was noted for having barely, if at all reached out to the black community; some in liberal Detroit have noted the senator as out-of-touch and signaled their openness to supporting James in the Senate race.[578]

James criticized Sen. Peters for standing with Joe Biden, who called for shutting down the oil industry.[579]

MI Campaign

James met with President Trump when the latter visited a Ford assembly plant in May 2020, where he accurately called out the incumbent Sen. Peters over “ultra-partisanship”.[580]

As reported in mid-June 2020, a poll found that only 19% of Michiganders believed that Sen. Peters deserved to be re-elected;[581] around a third preferred a different candidate, and half were unsure.

It was reported in mid-October 2020 that the McConnell-tied Senate Leadership Fund would make strong efforts to criticize Peters in the campaign for the final weeks prior to the election.[582]

A communications worker for the Democratic Party in Michigan has posted on Twitter a deceptive video of James taken out of context.[583]

In late October 2020, The Detroit News announced their endorsement of James.[584]

At a rally in Lansing in late October 2020, President Trump touted James as "The Legendary John James".[585]

The Democrat establishment has run a deceptive ad attacking James in the final days before the general election.[586]

In a closing campaign ad, James cleverly pointed out the Democrats' exploitation of black Americans.[587]

MI Results

Similar to the concurrent presidential election in Michigan, James held a strong lead over Peters on Election Night, which eroded after new "ballots" were discovered; he is currently trailing the incumbent left-wing senator by 1.7% with 99% of the expected vote reporting.[588] While almost all media outlets called the race for Peters,[589] it's important to note likely election fraud in the state; James' campaign refused to concede the race for several weeks,[590] but did so on November 24, 2020.[591]

Thom Tillis Official Photo.jpg
James 'Cal' Cunningham (cropped).jpg
Thom Tillis

Cal Cunningham

North Carolina

Thom Tillis, a Feinstein gun control bill-backing[592] establishment RINO who opposed Donald Trump's firing of an impeachment "witness" out of fear of "looking bad",[593] ran for re-election in swing state North Carolina that was considered a pure tossup in the general election. Tillis' approval rating was reported in July 2019 to be a mere 33% statewide,[594] and polling in January 2020 found that he was trailing a potential Democrat opponent by 2%.[595]

NC Republican primary

Tillis, with his RINO record, was initially facing a primary challenged by conservative, pro-Trump Sandy Smith.[596] However, Smith later changed course and decided to run for North Carolina's 1st congressional district instead.[597]

Tillis, realizing that he needed Donald Trump's support in order to garner the conservative support to win, made an appearance at the Trump rally in Charlotte, North Carolina on March 2, 2020 to support the president.[598]

Sen. Tillis won the Republican primary that was held on March 3, 2020 to proceed in being the Republican nominee running for re-election.[599]

NC Democrat primary

Establishment Democrat Cal Cunningham, a former state senator, announced in June 2019 his campaign to run for the Senate seat.[600]

Cunningham won the Democrat primary that was held on March 3, 2020 to be the Democrat nominee for the general election in the Senate race.[601] His party's racist establishment strongly backed him over a more qualified black Democrat lawmaker and engineer who also ran for a seat.[98] After winning, Cunningham later explained his commitment to diversity.[602]

NC Issues

Tillis was criticized by Republican representative Matt Gaetz on March 20, 2020 for having a “low-energy establishment Senate response” after the former's Deep stater colleague Richard Burr “conveniently” sold a large sum of money in stock via non-public information right before the stock market crashed due to the coronavirus.[603]

After Cal Cunningham sent out a tweet claiming that Sen. Thom Tillis “agreed” to Mitch McConnell's wanting “states to go bankrupt”,[604] the mostly liberal-biased PolitiFact rated the statement as “Mostly False” for it being very misleading,[605] noting that Tillis never concurred with wanting states to go bankrupt, rather only arguing for a case-by-case basis and allowing for the option to do so.

Similar to several other Senate Democrat candidates, Cunningham is a liberal hypocrite who said regarding the PPP that "we’ve seen that money end up in some of the wrong hands," despite taking up to $2 million in a PPP loan for his company.[606]

Cunningham admitted in early October 2020 to sending inappropriate text messages to a woman other than his wife.[607] After this was fully confirmed,[608] and it was announced that he, a member of the Army Reserve, was being investigated.[609] Despite this, North Carolina Democrats asserted their indifference, saying that they would still support and vote for the disgraced Senate candidate.[610] Cunningham later responded to criticisms by partly blaming Tillis for his own actions.[611] The incumbent senator soon released an ad attacking his Democrat challenger titled "Hypocrisy".[612] Cunningham even mocked his mistress' husband for having reported suicidal tendencies following the surfacing of the affair,[613] who in turn called for the former to drop out of the race.[614] At a press conference later, Cunningham dodged four separate questions asked about the affair.[615] It was also reported that his mistress had donated to his campaign.[616] In addition, it's important to note that as a state senator from 2001 to 2003, Cunningham once voted to halt wives betrayed by their husbands from suing the mistresses.[617] The NRSC responded partially to the allegations by trolling Cunningham with a humorous music playlist mocking him for the scandal.[618] Tillis released an ad in mid-October 2020 featuring several Army veterans against the disgraced Senate candidate.[619] Veterans have called for Cunningham to remove a campaign advertisement touting his military service.[620] The Senate candidate was reportedly kicked out of his home and living with his sister.[621]

It was reported on October 5, 2020 that Cunningham faced allegations of a second affair by a former staffer,[622] which the Senate candidate did not deny.[623]

At the ACB hearings, Tillis strongly called out vile attacks against Barrett by racist, sexist liberals.[624]

Cunningham, who campaigned on appeasing environmentalists, had a family business who was considered to be in the list of top polluters in the state of North Carolina.[625]

NC Campaign

The Democrat establishment released an ad in late July 2020 running a misleading attack against Tillis over hand-washing regulations; even liberal PolitiFact rated it "False".[626]

NC Debate(s)

A general election debate for the Senate race between Tillis and Cunningham was held on September 14, 2020, moderated by a news anchor from WRAL (full video here). In it, Tillis criticized Cunningham on inconsistencies over issues such as the Paycheck Protection Program, while the latter struck back at the incumbent moderate Republican senator over alleged false/misleading statements as well as for being a shill for Big Pharma, notably efforts against lowering drug costs. Tillis followed the cue initiated by Trump's inept advisers when he accused Cunningham of promoting "anti-vaccine" rhetoric after the latter expressed a degree of skepticism over a potential coronavirus vaccine. This narrative was also repeated by a spokesperson for a GOP establishment super PAC tied to Mitch McConnell.[627] Tillis had also accurately noted that the former state senator voted in favor of tax hikes,[628] though such were partially associated with budget complications following 9/11.

NC Results

As votes were gradually counted on Election Night, Tillis maintained a narrow lead over Cunningham, and currently leads by 1.74% of the votes cast with 97% of the expected vote reporting.[12][629] However, the biased lamestream media that called other races for Democrats early on when few votes were counted initially refused to declare Tillis the winner.[630] Despite that, Cunningham ultimately conceded the race on November 10, 2020,[631] thus making the incumbent senator victorious in the election.

Cunningham's defeat was mocked by the Washington Free Beacon as having been a failure to continue in the footsteps of Democrat philanderers such as Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and John Edwards.[632]

Projected seat flips

Tommy Tuberville.jpg
Doug Jones 2017.jpg
Tommy Tuberville

Doug Jones


Doug Jones, the left-wing Democrat senator from Alabama, ran for re-election to a full term in 2020.[633] His net approval rating prior his vote to remove[634] Donald Trump was 2%, which had fell by 20% since he took office.[635] Voting to remove a president that won his home state of Alabama in 2016 by 28% of the vote,[636] Jones is expected to lose the general election in November.[32]

As reported by Politico on May 3, 2020, the Democrat establishment had not yet then allocated a significant amount of money to bolster Sen. Jones' 2020 re-election campaign.[637]

Sessions lost the primary runoff following anger from many Republicans.

AL Republican primary

Among the Republicans who ran for the Senate seat included former Attorney General Jeff Sessions,[638] representative Bradley Byrne,[639] former Alabama Supreme Court chief justice Roy Moore,[640] state representative Arnold Mooney, and football coach Tommy Tuberville.[641] Byrne and Tuberville have criticized Sessions for his weak leadership as the Attorney General under Donald Trump, with an ad by Byrnes stating: "And Hillary still ain't in jail."[642]

In the initial primary that was held on March 3, 2020, no candidate won a majority of the votes casted, with Tuberville garnering a plurality of 33.4% of the vote, Sessions at 31.6%, and Rep. Byrne and 25%;[643] the latter only managed to garner a majority of the votes in the counties included in his district. Since no candidate got 50% of the vote, a runoff between Tuberville and Sessions followed; while the latter election was initially set for March 31, it was postponed by Gov. Kay Ivey to July 14 due to the CCP pandemic.[644]

Trump, who had loathed Sessions following the latter's inept handling of the Russian collusion hoax, endorsed Tuberville over Sessions amidst the then-upcoming runoff.[645] Following anger toward the former attorney general in his tenure, Tuberville won the primary runoff by just over 20% of the vote.[646]

AL Democrat primary

Sen. Jones, running opposed, won the Democrat primary that was held on March 3, 2020.[647]

AL Issues

As reported in mid-February 2020, Tuberville had previously blamed Donald Trump in late 2019 over illegal immigration problems and had said that he was "p*ssed off at Trump" over a supposed failure to sufficiently help veterans.[648]

Despite representing a very conservative state, Sen. Jones voted in late February 2020 against banning late-term abortions.[649]

Although anti-Trump, Jones praised a travel ban policy enacted by the president in mid-March 2020, noting it to be a "good step".[650]

In April 2020, Jones claimed that a push by Sen. Mitch McConnell for an additional $250 billion in funding for small businesses was a "political stunt".[651]

PolitiFact, sometimes referred to as PolitiFake for their liberal bias, has falsely[652] claimed that Sen. Jones doesn't support abortion up to the point of birth[653] when he has voted against the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.[654]

AL Results

As expected, Jones lost the general election to Tuberville by a landslide in the deep red state,[655] and quickly conceded the race.[656]

Liberal media/Democrat collusion

See also: Fake news in the 2020 presidential election
The liberal media has colluded with Democrats in attempting to unfairly influence the 2020 Senate elections.

On July 8, 2019, an article by the "progressive" site "The American Independent" was published criticizing Republican senator Thom Tillis for praising Donald Trump after the latter's "racist rally in North Carolina".[657] The article claimed that Trump was being a "racist" for rebuking the anti-Semitic Ilhan Omar, despite the obvious irony that the writer of the article was the one who was obsessed over race.

On January 24, 2020, a biased article by the left-wing "Indy Week" was published to attack Tillis over liberal trolls smearing the senator on his Twitter account.[658]

An Arizona Central "opinion" article was written on January 27, 2020 as a strawman attack against Martha McSally for correctly calling out CNN reporter Manu Raju a "liberal hack".[659] Having an extremely skewed headline, the article was filled with conspiracy theory assumptions and was an example of the lamestream media's imposing of a Morton's fork standard on conservative public officeholders for anything they say. In addition, the article did not mention Raju's long, biased record of being what McSally called a "liberal hack".[5] [6]

A hysteric CNN liberal ran an op-ed "opinion" article on January 28, 2020 targeting Joni Ernst, claiming that she "gave away" the Republican's "disgraceful game [against Joe Biden]".[660] As typical with liberal media bias, the author assumed mind-reading powers to "conclude" the supposed "true intentions" of Donald Trump's "quid pro quo". The article did not mention Biden's self-admitted quid pro joe (see this video (warning: foul language)), instead making a conspiracy theory rant about Trump's "corruption" and having to bring up irrelevant topics to attempt justifying its talking points.

An article by "The American Independent" on February 3, 2020 attacked Martha McSally for supposedly doing little to lower drug prices, despite the fact that during the time the article was published, the Senate was dealing with the Trump impeachment.[661] In addition, this was before McSally made and kept a promise to introduce a bill that would potentially lower drug prices.[662]

The mainstream media have tried to influence the upcoming Senate elections via heavy coverage of the Senate Republicans, such as focusing on the GOP blockade of Democrat partisan "election security" bills.[663]

As concurrent with liberal media bias, an article by the Navy Times ran a skewed headline saying "Sen. McSally ad blasts Navy vet running against her"[664] despite McSally also having served in the U.S. military.

An article by The New Indian Express ran a headline skewed in favor of Sara Gideon, saying she is an "Indian-origin politician".[665] Although her father was an immigrant from India,[666] Gideon's mother is from Armenia and she was born in Rhode Island, thus making the "Indian-origin" claim somewhat misleading.

Editors in the progressive site Newsweek have worked overtime in collusion with the Democrat establishment to unfairly influence the 2020 elections.

After Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced on February 14, 2020 that 395 partisan Democrat bills passed by House will not pass through the Senate, an article by the Mitch Derangement Syndrome-consumed Newsweek called the senator the 'Grim Reaper'.[667]

The left-wing, hysteric Salon ran a biased article against Joni Ernst for her fiscally conservative viewpoints regarding Medicare and Medicaid, saying she's willing to "push our families into poverty with a smile."[668] In actuality, Ernst merely addressed the focus on controlling non-discretionary spending and emphasized on "honoring the commitments".[669]

An article by MSN on February 19, 2020 ran a headline claiming that Mark Kelly was ahead of Martha McSally by 6.7 points for the upcoming Senate special election in Arizona, citing a poll by the High Grounds Public Affairs Consultants.[670] The poll was an outlier compared to three other polls that were conducted between late 2019 and January 2020,[671] as it had a margin of error at ±4.9% and a sample size of only n=400,[672] and thus could be unreliable and inaccurate.

On February 20, 2020, an article by the Detroit Free Press was published citing a Quinnipiac poll which "concluded" that Gary Peters was leading John James by 6 percentage points.[673] Although the sample size was at n=845 and the margin of error was at a moderate ±3.4%, the partisan breakdown of the polling sample stated that only 28% of the respondents were Republicans, compared to 31% that were Democrats and 35% that were Independents.

The New York Times is known for its consistent and persistent liberal bias.

Articles by the AFP, The New York Times, and Vanity Fair on February 20–21, 2020 repeated the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory talking points made by "lawmakers" who concurred with potential Deep state allies that have claimed that Russia was supposedly "meddling in our elections" in 2020.[674]

After the RNC transferred over half a million dollars to the Arizona State Republican Party, an article by the "progressive" Raw Story was published on February 24, 2020 running a biased headline against conservatives and Republicans, assuming without providing any reliable justification that Republicans are supposedly desperate with "panic" over the 2020 elections because GOP re-election efforts are somehow "in peril".[675] It is also important to note that much of the polling that concludes in favor of Democrats have relatively low sample sizes of only around several hundred people in addition to moderate to high margins of error, making most of them unreliable.

On February 27, 2020, a gun control group spent $43,000 on ads to attack Martha McSally over her gun policy, saying in the ads that they will "hold Senator Martha McSally accountable" over her refusal to forward the House-passed H.R. 8,[676] a bill that was reported by Steve Scalise to contain an unjust double standard regarding punishments.[677]

PolitiFact, known for their left-wing skew in their “ratings”, has worked overtime in the upcoming 2020 elections in unfairly siding against Republicans.

On March 2, 2020, a biased "fact check" by PolitiFact was focused on an ad by Thom Tillis' Democrat opponent Cal Cunningham, who claimed that the Republican senator has voted to take away coverage for patients with pre-existing conditions.[678] While correctly stating that Tillis' vote to repeal ObamaCare would, if succeeded, lead to inadequate protection for patients with pre-existing conditions, PolitiFact still concurred with the ad's highly misleading and deceptive portrayal of Tillis, giving a rating of "Mostly True".

The liberal progressive site Raw Story published an article on March 2, 2020 highlighting how Sen. Martha McSally is supposedly being "annihilated" in voter reviews,[679] despite a major problem with the narrative. According to the link that the page provided (here), there have been only 48 reviews as of March 4, 2020, thus making the article's conclusion extremely reliable on a statistical standpoint given the minuscule sample size.

Despite supposedly being less biased than most mainstream news sources, The Hill has repeatedly cited unreliable polling that “concludes” in Republican candidates trailing Democrat opponents.

Two establishment media sources published articles on March 5, 2020 supporting the narrative that McSally is trailing Mark Kelly in the upcoming 2020 Senate election in Arizona,[680] citing a poll by the Public Policy Polling. However, the poll may potentially be very inaccurate, as it had a high margin of error at ±3.8%.[681]

Several establishment media outlets published articles around March 7, 2020 citing a poll that "concluded" that Sen. Ernst's approval rating has fell by 10%.[682] However, from a statistical standpoint, the conclusions may be inaccurate because of the fact that of the 800 people surveyed, only 667 (83% of 800) were likely voters (not proven voters), in addition to the fact that the margin of error for the likely voters is at ±3.8%.[683]

Two media outlets, Newsweek and The Hill, both published articles on March 11, 2020 citing a poll that "concluded" that Sen. McSally was trailing Mark Kelly by 7 percentage points.[684] As similar with most articles on election prediction "polling", several blatant problems are present. The Newsweek article didn't mention certain statistical details of the poll (see: liberal media bias) and didn't even provide a link to the actual polling report, while The Hill falsely concluded that the "poll surveyed 600 likely Arizona voters" while the actual description of the poll on OH Predictive Insights clearly stated that the sample size was "600 completed surveys",[685] not necessarily a total of 600 people asked. In addition, it is important to note that a sample size of on n=600 isn't a large enough sample size to be entirely conclusive, in addition to the high margin of error at ±4.0% and the fact that the surveyed sample were only likely voters, not determined registered voters.[686]

An "opinion" article from AZ Central was written on April 7, 2020 attacking Sen. McSally for supposedly being a shill for President Trump's supposed “slow reaction” to the coronavirus outbreak.[687] Largely misleading with its anti-Trump bias, the op-ed focuses on the severity of the coronavirus as something preventable had only President Trump took better action, vastly downplaying the massive scale of the CCP coverup in addition to WHO corruption.

According to the far-left Raw Story on April 10, 2020, Sen. McSally's push for an additional 100 ventilators to Arizona amidst the CCP virus in the United States was "patronage" because the effort to save lives was somehow only a ploy for political purposes.[688]

The Hill published an article on April 15, 2020 citing a poll conducted by the OH Predictive Insights which had concluded in Mark Kelly leading incumbent senator Martha McSally by nine points in the upcoming Arizona Senate race.[689] The article did not provide a link to the actual poll, and as the official PDF for the polling methodology/results showed, the sample size was at a moderately low n=600 and the margin of error at a high ±4.0%.[690]

An article by Raw Story was published on May 5, 2020 attacking Susan Collins and Mitch McConnell over the latter helping the former's re-election campaign via an alleged dark money group.[691] This is despite the website having previously blatantly ignoring[692] Collins' opponent Sara Gideon having a campaign also bolstered by dark money groups.[693]

In a letter to the editor on Kennebec Journal as published on May 14, 2020, a commentator absurdly implied Susan Collins to be a shill for Donald Trump while asserting Sara Gideon to be “non-partisan”.[694] This is despite Sen. Collins being ranked the most bi-partsian senator in the 116th United States Congress[695] compared to Gideon's far-left voting record in the Maine House of Representatives.[696]

The Arizona Republic ran an "opinion" article on May 18, 2020 attacking Sen. Martha McSally for having strongly criticized China over the coronavirus pandemic, insisting that the blame ought to lie on Donald Trump.[697] The op-ed also made an unnecessarily strong focus on Trump's tweets, in addition to having spelling/grammar errors when initially published.

An article was published by Raw Story on May 21, 2020 claiming that Mark Kelly is a “conservative Democrat”.[698] This is despite On the Issues clearly highlighting Kelly as a pro-abortion, gun-grabbing liberal who considers healthcare as a “human right”.[699]

155px-Salon Logo 2019.svg.png
Image Thumbnail symbol.png
Salon is known for continuously running fake news articles attacking and smearing Republicans.

A Salon article was published on May 28, 2020 citing a poll which had "concluded" that Susan Collins was trailing Sara Gideon by nine points in the 2020 Maine Senate race.[700] According to a thorough analysis by Sen. Collins' campaign website, the firm had nearly no previous history of campaign polling, the poll was commissioned by far-leftists, and the leaders of the commissioner had suspiciously close ties to Democrat primary challenger Betsy Sweet, whom the poll claimed was leading Collins by 1% despite having spent a relatively very low amount of money for her campaign.[701]

A Fox News "poll" was published on June 3, 2020 asserting that Sen. McSally was trailing Mark Kelly in the 2020 Arizona Senate race by 13 points.[702] According to the polling data, 20% of self-identified conservatives supposedly would vote for the left-wing Joe Biden over Donald Trump, and 25% would supposedly vote for Kelly over McSally.[703] Despite this notion being highly dubious in practical terms, this was still cited by establishment/liberal media outlets, including Raw Story[704] and Tuscon Weekly.[705]

After Sen. McSally introduced a bill in late June 2020 to utilize tax credits as a means to incentivize travel amidst economic disasters caused by the CCP pandemic, many fake news media sources exhibited a biased reporting on the legislation.[706] Some sources claimed that the aim was to give Americans $4,000, which would assume individual wealth belongs to the federal government.

In late July 2020, Salon published an attack on Sen. McSally,[707] which was repeated by the far-left Daily Kos.[708] The claim made was apparently blatantly false, as refuted by the Arizona Republic.[709]

After Sen. McSally's campaign released an ad highlighting Democrat opponent Mark E. Kelly's hypocrisy for criticizing the Paycheck Protection Program despite taking loans from it,[710] PolitiFake claimed that the assertions were "Mostly False" despite its own gathered information proving McSally's points to be mostly valid.[711]

In early September 2020, Slate published an article highlighting supposedly "how Maine turned on Susan Collins", noting far-leftists who have despised the senator for her vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.[712] The article ridiculously claims that Gideon "presents herself as a genuine moderate", which has been discredited based on the latter's advocacy for liberal policies.

Raw Story, a site reeking of Collins Derangement Syndrome, published an article on September 13, 2020 attacking former senator Joe Lieberman because he endorsed Sen. Collins amidst the latter's strong re-election efforts.[713]

In mid-September 2020, The New Republic published a sexist attack against Sen. Joni Ernst, invoking her past abusive husband in claiming that "her Senate career may not survive an abusive president."[714]

The New Republic published an article on October 12, 2020 attacking Sen. McSally and falsely claiming that her trailing in the polls is due to "Trumpism".[715] Repeating discredited left-wing talking points, it downplayed the ties between her opponent Mark Kelly and the CCP.

Left-wing smears

See also: Liberal Smear Machine

Against Cory Gardner

A far-left site called "F*** Cory Gardner" has been created to smear the senator amidst the upcoming election in Colorado.[716]

A Chuck Schumer-affiliated super PAC released an ad in late April 2020 attacking Cory Gardner as an elitist, making highly misleading points about the senator.[717]

Against Martha McSally

See also: McSally Derangement Syndrome

Phony "conservatives" colluding with the Democrat Party have tried smearing Martha McSally, such as one video by an anti-Trump website calling itself "The Lincoln Project".[718] The video, in resemblance of mainstream fake news, claimed that McSally lost in 2018 "badly" (McSally lost by 2.4%) and that John McCain was a "hero" (McCain betrayed fellow POWs[719]). It is also important to note that the website, despite supposedly and seemingly standing up for justice and integrity, includes the bigoted George T. Conway III among its advisors.[720]

A website calling itself "Honest Arizona" made cherry-picked, deceptively misleading claims about McSally, such as saying that she allegedly voted "twice" to cut Medicare.[721] This is likely a parallel to Kyrsten Sinema's 2018 campaign's claim that McSally allegedly voted to cut Social Security and Medicare funding,[722] something that even the liberal PolitiFact only deems "half true",[723] as McSally's votes on certain bills may indirectly lead to Medicare cuts and Social Security restructuring, although that would only have a lessened effect on the already unsustainable programs. In addition, it is important to note that McSally voted in favor of HR 849,[724] a bill that would repeal the ObamaCare-established Independent Payment Advisory Board, also known as the IPAB, which is a bureaucratic fifteen-member board that is able to make recommendations on Medicare cuts without congressional approval.[725] Many critics considered the IPAB to be a "death panel".[726]

A left-wing website whose title directly purports Sen. McSally to be a "hack" has made extremely deceptive claims about the senator, such as claiming that she cut "billions in guaranteed benefits for seniors".[727] Very similar to the Medicare claim made by "Honest Arizona", this is extremely misleading.[723] In addition, a document file linked from the page has claimed that President Trump's border wall was "unnecessary"[728] and that the cause of the Recession of 2008 was owed to unrestrained dangerous banking practices despite the fact that such was ordered by left-wing Alinskyites in the federal government.

Against Mitch McConnell

See also: Moscow Mitch Syndrome

On February 25, 2020, as McConnell moved to swiftly force the Senate to vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (see below), radical pro-abortion leftists quickly came to oppose it, arguing that it's meant to "go after women" and that it's "unnecessary" because anti-infanticide laws are already in place.[729] While the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act passed both houses of Congress in 2002,[730] accurate predictions on infants who are murdered after surviving abortions conclude that every year, there are likely several hundred infants who survive abortions, and that many are likely left to die based on known testimonies by abortion clinic workers.[731] Since the already-illegal cold-blooded murder of infants has occurred numerous times even after the 2002 Born-Alive Infants Protection Act was passed, the progressive narrative on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act being supposedly "unnecessary" is effectively discredited.

Against Susan Collins

See also: Collins Derangement Syndrome

An article by the far-left magazine Esquire on February 25, 2020 ran a headline that read "Susan Collins Is a Ridiculous Politician", with the subject largely attacking the senator for her slight right-ward shift during the Trump era in addition to meaninglessly name-calling former conservative governor Paul LePage.[732]

Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act vote/impact

An unborn child. Democrats now don't care if they are killed in or out of the womb.

Background (2019)

The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, originally introduced in 2019 by Ben Sasse, was a measure to provide absolute protection to infants who survive abortions, though it was blocked by pro-abortion Senate Democrats.[733]


Although the murder of abortion-surviving infants has been prohibited in the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act passed in 2002, the bill had lacked enforcement provisions and specifications on punishments for simply leaving infants to die.[734]

Vote results

The vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act was held on February 25, 2020. 56 senators voted for the bill; every Republican voted for the bill in addition to Democrats Bob Casey Jr., Doug Jones, and Joe Manchin.[735] However, despite Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Amy Klobuchar not voting on the legislation, 40 Democrat senators in addition to Angus King filibustered the bill with just enough members to prevent cloture, effectively blocking the bill from being brought up for a vote.

Impact on unborn children

Since the bill did not make it through the filibuster, no law is currently in place to punish doctors who intentionally neglect and leave to die infants that survive abortions.

2020 elections impact

McConnell's decision to force a Senate vote on the bill may have potentially swung the 2020 Senate elections in favor of the Republicans once many Americans realized how radical the Democrat Party has become in their pro-abortion extremism. However, given very low factual reporting from the liberal lamestream media on the matter, this may not have necessarily been the case, especially given the low emphasis by the MSM on the issue of abortion overall.

Drug price control legislation

Prescription drug prices were a major issue for many senators up for re-election, as a corporate monopoly within the pharmaceutical industry suppresses competition and thus is able to sustain high drug prices that support their profits but hurt ordinary Americans. The Senate is divided between the establishment majority that engages in cronyism with Big Pharma and a small minority of populists and libertarians who oppose such elitism.


John Cornyn, along with Democrat Richard Blumenthal, introduced the Affordable Prescriptions for Patients Act, legislation that would clarify tricks used by the pharmaceutical industry to make for easier federal prosecuting over violations.[736] However, the pharmaceutical industry heavily lobbied against it, successfully removing the main provisions, and there has still yet to be a vote on the bill.

Martha McSally (R-AZ) has promised[456] and later did so regarding sponsoring S.3384, a bill to reduce drug prices (information here). The legislation, if passed and signed, would allow for the importation of cheaper drugs from Canada, thus being able to reduce drug prices to a more affordable amount. However, a Senate vote has yet to be held.

Senator Joni Ernst, along with her colleague Chuck Grassley, have backed the Prescription Drug Pricing Reduction Act, a bill that would prevent price gouging and also shut down a loophole currently used by the pharmaceutical industry.[737]

Establishment opponents

Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader in the 116th United States Congress, was criticized by Chuck Grassley in December 2019 for halting a bill sponsored by the latter that would lower drug prices.[738] As the Majority Leader, McConnell wields the power to effectively block any legislation he opposes and has done so numerously, frequently blocking leftist-backed bills, but also oftentimes stalling important legislations that would have great benefits for ordinary Americans.

It was reported in March 2020 that establishment senators Thom Tillis (R-NC) and Chris Coons (D-DE) received plentiful donations from the pharmaceutical lobby after leading an anti-free market patent "reform" that would unfairly target and hurt businesses that compete against the pharmaceutical industry.[736]

Coronavirus impact/Democrat obstructions

Coronavirus cells. While the COVID-19 strain has and currently is killed hundreds, Democrats seek to exploit the ‘tremendous opportunity’ to ‘restructure’ America in their radical worldview, as Jim Clyburn admitted.[739]

Amid the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. and the hundreds of deaths that followed, a bi-partisan relief bill was written by Senate Republicans and Democrats to provide funding for hospitals as a necessary emergency measure in a crisis. However, a ‘phase three’ Republican measure to provide aid was blocked by Senate Democrats,[740] many of whom, along with the liberal media, falsely claimed that the legislation was a “bailout”.[741] The Democrat blockade was strongly condemned by Senate Republicans, including Lindsey Graham, John Kennedy, John Barrasso, and Ted Cruz.[742]

While the Republican measure was being blocked, Nancy Pelosi flew in her private jet from California to Washington D.C. to introduce an irrelevant $2.5 trillion far-left ‘wish list’ that sought to require allowing early voting, raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, and enact affirmative action programs.[743] The sheer partisan effort was strongly condemned by Senate Republicans including Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz.[744][745]

During the debate in the Senate chamber held on March 23, 2020, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer objected to the floor being yielded to Susan Collins in an attempt to block her from speaking (video clip here (warning: profanity)), prompting outrage from the latter and other Republicans, such as Sen. Tom Cotton, who called it ‘bull****’.[746]

Senate Democrats on September 10, 2020 blocked a GOP-led coronavirus relief proposal.[747] They blocked the measure again in October.[99]

Other events/occurrences

It was reported on March 22, 2020 that Rand Paul tested positive for the coronavirus.[748] It was later announced on April 7, 2020 that the senator had tested negative in an indication of having fully recovered, and quickly proceeded to volunteer at a local Kentucky hospital to help others who have the coronavirus.[749]

Several Republican senators,[750][751] including Thom Tillis,[752] have tested positive for the coronavirus in early October 2020.


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  460. Mark Kelly Supporter Allegedly Threatens to Shoot Rep. Paul Gosar in the Head
  461. Kelly Campaign Spox Calls Police ‘Worthless F—ing Pigs’
  462. Kelly Disciplines Staffer Who Called Cops ‘Worthless F—ing Pigs’
  463. McSally Exposes What Dems Are Really Doing with Barrett Nomination: 'Using It as a Platform'
  464. 'She is a gift to our country': Sen. Martha McSally meets with Amy Coney Barrett, will vote to confirm her
  465. How can Martha McSally in good conscience vote for Amy Coney Barrett?
  466. EXCLUSIVE: Sen. McSally Explains How She Plans To Keep John McCain's Senate Seat
  467. Martha McSally: Mark Kelly ‘Will Be the 51st Vote’ for Open Borders, Killing Second Amendment, Lockdowns
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  497. As Governor, Hickenlooper Directed Grants to Tech Companies Doing Business in China
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  505. Susan Collins announces bid for fifth term in Senate
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  523. Bre Kidman: "I was gonna wait until tomorrow to show off these beauties, but Trump got acquitted and I feel like folks could use something to look forward to" at Twitter
  524. Susan Collins' 'toss-up' Senate race takes nasty turn under national spotlight
  525. Fact check: Democratic ad misleadingly attacks Susan Collins on the Paycheck Protection Program
  526. ‘Great ad for Sara Gideon’: Susan Collins’s new attack on Dem opponent massively backfires
  527. In key US Senate race, Susan Collins’ attack on rival over COVID program partly correct
  528. Maine Dem’s Husband Benefited From Small Business Relief She Criticized
  529. Maine Dem Refused to Spare Small Businesses From Taxes on COVID Relief
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  531. Sen. Susan Collins open to meeting with Judge Barrett
  532. Democrat Teacher Accused of Sexual Misconduct Was Crucial Vote for Maine Senate Candidate Sara Gideon
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  534. Collins Votes Against Barrett, Heads Home to Save Senate Job
  535. In Maine Senate Race, Sara Gideon’s Ethics Violation Paid Off
  536. James O’Keefe: Sen. Candidate Lisa Savage Hiding Gun Control Agenda from Maine Voters
  537. Anti-Collins Small Business Owners Are Longtime Dem Activists
  538. Sara Gideon Was Bankrolled by Portland, Oregon Donors While Claiming to Oppose 'Defunding the Police'
  539. Maine Radio Stations Add Disclaimer to Misleading Democrat Sara Gideon Campaign Ads
  540. Democratic dark-money network put $4M into early anti-Susan Collins effort
  541. Susan Collins and Sara Gideon clash over health care and Trump in first US Senate debate
  542. Watch: Sen. Collins Schools Democrat Challenger With One Key Question
  543. Maine Senatorial Debate 9/29/20 (Sara Gideon, Susan Collins)
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  549. Susan Collins Stares Down Extreme Left: ‘I Do Not Believe Systemic Racism Is a Problem in the State of Maine’
  550. Susan Collins Is Losing In Maine As Anchor Trump Drags Her Down
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  559. John James announces 2020 campaign for U.S. Senate
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  569. Poll: Peters starts re-election campaign with low name identification
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  571. Peters Double Dips While Michigan Suffers
  572. Gary Peters Falsely Claims He ‘Never Voted Against a Pay Raise for Service Members’
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  574. Sen. Gary Peters Forces Michigan Taxpayers To Pay For His Cadillac Health Insurance
  575. Peters Silent on UAW Corruption Arrests
  576. 'All Talk, No Action': John James Rips Sen. Peters on Lack of Accountability for China
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  578. Detroit Activists: Gary Peters ‘Hasn’t Shown Up’ in Black Communities
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  580. John James Meets with President Trump, Hits Sen. Peters for 'Ultra Partisanship'
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  583. Michigan Democrats Push Deceptively Edited Video of John James' Answer to Question on Health Care
  584. Major Detroit Newspaper Endorses John James as Michigan Senate Race Tightens
  585. President Trump Stumps For 'The Legendary' John James in Michigan Senate Race
  586. Schumer-Affiliated PAC Runs Deceptive Ad About John James as Democrats Panic About Michigan Senate Race
  587. John James Exposes Democrats' Exploitation of Black Voters in Closing Campaign Argument
  588. Michigan Senate Election Results 2020
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  590. John James refuses to concede defeat; Sen Gary Peters calls it pathetic
  591. BREAKING: John James Concedes To Do-Nothing Senator Gary Peters In Race That Was Lost In Crooked Wayne County [VIDEO]
  592. Here’s The List: McConnell, 9 Republicans Support Feinstein Gun Control
  593. Trump firing of impeachment witnesses causes concern among some Republicans
  595. PDF File
  596. Pro-Trump Republican Sandy Smith Announces Senatorial Run
  597. Join Sandy - Sandy Smith for Congress
  598. LIVE: President Trump in Charlotte, NC
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  601. Cal Cunningham claims a victory in the North Carolina Senate Democratic primary
  602. Schumer-Backed N.C. Senate Candidate Who Crushed Black Female Challenger Awkwardly Explains Commitment to Diversity
  603. Gaetz Slams Thom Tillis for ‘Low-Energy’ Response to Insider Trading Allegation against Fellow N.C. Senator
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  605. Cal Cunningham stated on April 24, 2020 in a tweet: "Mitch McConnell said he wanted states to go bankrupt instead of the federal government providing relief. Today, Thom Tillis agreed."
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  633. Doug Jones faces uphill battle for reelection in Alabama
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  636. 2016 Alabama Presidential Election Results
  637. Democrats leave Doug Jones hanging as Senate map takes shape
  638. Jeff Sessions announces Senate run
  639. Bradley Byrne announces run for Senate in 2020, vowing to ‘fight for Alabama’
  640. Roy Moore is Running For Senate in 2020, But Republicans Say Embattled Judge Is Starting the Race 'Underwater'
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  657. GOP senator wastes no time praising Trump after racist rally in North Carolina
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  659. Sen. Martha McSally hints 'liberal hack' blow back is because she's a woman? Oh, please...
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  661. GOP senator hits Congress for high drug prices but offers no solutions
  662. McSally unveils bill to lower drug prices amid tough campaign
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  665. Indian-origin politician Sara Gideon raises over USD 7 million for US Senate race
  666. Sara Gideon: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
  667. 'Grim Reaper' Mitch McConnell Admits There Are 395 House Bills Sitting in the Senate: 'We're Not Going to Pass Those'
  668. Audio shows GOP Sen. Joni Ernst telling donors she wants "changes" to Medicare, Medicaid
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  670. Mark Kelly is up 6.7 points over Sen. Martha McSally in new poll despite Trump's support
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  693. Maine Dark Money Group Behind False Ad Tied to Sara Gideon
  694. Attacks on Gideon show she’s a threat
  695. Senator Collins Ranked as Most Bipartisan Senator of 116th Congress
  696. Sara Gideon's Voting Records
  697. Sen. Martha McSally’s 'Hail Mary' play – blame China
  698. Trump pulled McConnell aside to express his alarm with Arizona’s GOP Senator Martha McSally: report
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  700. Aligned with "radical president," Susan Collins trails likely Democratic challenger by nine points
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  1. It is important to note that the rankings for the Senate seats listed in the sections below classify each seat by their vulnerability in terms of political party control and not solely based on whether the incumbent (for all elections where the incumbent is seeking re-election) is projected to win or not.