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The Associated Press tried to ignite World War III with a fake news story sourced to a "senior U.S. intelligence official."[1]

The Associated Press (AP) was founded in 1846 and is the largest source of independent news today. It describes itself as "the backbone of the world's information system serving thousands of daily newspaper, radio, television and online customers with coverage in all media and news in all formats."[2]

The AP operates as a not-for-profit cooperative to provide information for newspapers and other news outlets. It has one of the best digital photo networks in all of the media, featuring more than 10 million images. Thousands of newspapers, radio and television outlets rely on the AP, and AP Radio News has 850 audio affiliates. The AP serves 121 countries.

The Associated Press has been in the forefront of spreading misinformation, globalism, bigotry, warmongering, hatred and Russophobia to justify the NATO war in Ukraine. AP has proudly published videos of fighters in Ukrainian uniform wearing insignia of the Islamic State.[3]


The AP has been accused of biased reporting in favor of the "Palestinians".[4]

Nazi salute, at a Palestinian "pro Western." university. (Nov/2013)[5]

The image of Nazi salute by pro Hamas / Islamic Jihad PIJ "Palestinian" students was typically, intentionally plugged by the Associated Press. [6]

Bill O'Reilly accused the AP of disrespecting Tony Snow with its obituary. AP reporter Douglass Daniel included this statement in Snow's obituary, "Critics suggested that Snow was turning the traditionally informational daily briefing into a personality-driven media event short on facts and long on confrontation." [7][8]

Due to Democrat corruption and election rigging, the AP refused to declare an Iowa Caucus winner in the 2020 Presidential election.[9]

At the fascistic "Palestinian" (Hamas / PIJ etc.) atrocities Oct/2023: massacres, beheading of babies, gunning down youths, mass rape while laughing, abducting women and children, the elderly, the disabled, parading them towards cheers of thousands of other racist Arabs in Gaza (which led to Swords of Iron), the Antisemitic social media history of AP's correspondent in Gaza - racist Arab Issam Adwan -- has been revealed. He worked first for Al Jazeera.[10]

Against the Right

The AP has a Leftist bias on social issues, along with an anti-Trump bias. Examples include "Trump says without evidence that virus is fading", “Republicans paint dark picture of future if Trump loses”, "Twitter broadens its campaign against hate and abuse", and "AP Fact Check: Trump’s baseless claim of ‘deep state’ at FDA". Due to AP's importance in the news and media world, its left-wing political attitudes can be found in news publications that use AP as a source.

The AP has justified violence committed by Islamic extremists.[11]

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Against the Left

The AP received some 'nit-picky' comments about a fact-check on Biden which pointed out statistics that were wrong by large numbers. [12] [13]

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    Salute of the raised hand in the Islamic Jihad uniform ... The photos ... were taken at a ceremony held at the university last week .... The photo photographer asked not to reveal his identity, but emphasized that some of the saluters in the picture who are seen in the photos are students studying at the university.

    It was also reported that two similar incidents have taken place recently by Hamas ...

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also referred to documentation from the university at the cabinet meeting held yesterday, saying: "It is particularly disturbing that these days we are witnessing phenomena in the Palestinian Authority and swastikas. This is a direct result of the continued wild incitement against the State of Israel.

    To nrg Maariv it was learned that Netanyahu's remarks followed a review presented to him in recent days by the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, which regularly monitors the incitement index in the PA. The latest review clearly showed a trend of using Nazi symbols, including at Al Quds University in Jerusalem - an institution that considers itself enlightened and pro-Western.

    ... University students were photographed saluting as they stepped on the Israeli flag. In addition, what has already become a permanent issue, terrorists who murdered Jews as national heroes were presented, with the maps showing the whole of western Israel as Palestine.

    In another case that occurred about three weeks ago, the flag of the Nazi party was hung in the town of Beit Ummar in the southern Hebron hills. IDF forces who arrived at the scene and tried to lower the flag encountered violent opposition, to the satisfaction of the residents who even described the incident on the local Facebook page. Among other things, it was written, "Today, the Knights of the House say hang the Hitler flag on a high-voltage power cord ... Bless you for your efforts."

    A similar case of hoisting the cross flag in the town was reported about six months ago. In this case, too, the flag was hung on an electric cable and could be seen when traveling from the Gush Etzion-Hebron road. The Civil Administration said the flag was removed following the complaints, with the help of the governor of Beit Umar.
  6. Matti Friedman, What the Media Gets Wrong About Israel, The Atlantic, Nov 30, 2014.

    The news tells us less about Israel than about the people writing the news, a former AP reporter says. [1] A rally in support of Islamic Jihad at Al-Quds University in East Jerusalem, in November 2013 (Courtesy of Matti Friedman)

    I’ll begin with a simple illustration. The above photograph is of a student rally held last November at Al-Quds University, a mainstream Palestinian institution in East Jerusalem. The rally, in support of the armed fundamentalist group Islamic Jihad, featured actors playing dead Israeli soldiers and a row of masked men whose stiff-armed salute was returned by some of the hundreds of students in attendance. Similar rallies have been held periodically at the school...

    Such an event at an institution like Al-Quds University, headed at the time by a well-known moderate professor, and with ties to sister institutions in America, indicates something about the winds now blowing in Palestinian society and across the Arab world. The rally is interesting for the visual connection it makes between radical Islam here and elsewhere in the region; a picture like this could help explain why many perfectly rational Israelis fear withdrawing their military from East Jerusalem or the West Bank, even if they loathe the occupation and wish to live in peace with their Palestinian neighbors. The images from the demonstration were, as photo editors like to say, “strong.” The rally had, in other words, all the necessary elements of a powerful news story.

    The event took place a short drive from the homes and offices of the hundreds of international journalists who are based in Jerusalem. Journalists were aware of it: The sizable Jerusalem bureau of the Associated Press, for example, which can produce several stories on an average day, was in possession of photos of the event, including the one above, a day later. (The photographs were taken by someone I know who was on campus that day, and I sent them to the bureau myself.) Jerusalem editors decided that the images, and the rally, were not newsworthy, and the demonstration was only mentioned by the AP weeks later when the organization’s Boston bureau reported that Brandeis University had cut ties with Al-Quds over the incident. On the day that the AP decided to ignore the rally, November 6, 2013, the same bureau published a report about a pledge from the U.S. State Department to provide a minor funding increase for the Palestinian Authority; that was newsworthy. This is standard. To offer another illustration, the construction of 100 apartments in a Jewish settlement is always news; the smuggling of 100 rockets into Gaza by Hamas is, with rare exceptions, not news at all. The pipeline of information from Israel is not just rusty and leaking, but intentionally plugged.

    I mention these instances to demonstrate the kind of decisions made regularly in the bureaus of the foreign press covering Israel and the Palestinian territories, and to show the way in which the pipeline of information from this place is not just rusty and leaking, which is the usual state of affairs in the media, but intentionally plugged.

    -Israel and the Belgian Media: | ISGAP No. 2. July 2015. A Mirror of the Israel–Gaza Conflict (July–August 2014).

    Between Disinformation, Deformation, and Importing the Conflict.

    Joël Kotek.


    ... Due to a lack of correspondents and the absence of shocking images, they do not awaken the slightest wave of international emotion or sympathy. They should, and rightly so. But they do not enjoy the rare privilege of being born Palestinian, nor of being the target of these enemies of choice, the Israelis, the Jews.

    Matti Friedman, former reporter for the Associated Press, recently highlighted this disturbing reality in an article recently published in the United States:

    When I was a correspondent at the AP, the agency had more than 40 staffers covering Israel and the Palestinian territories. That was l significantly more news staff than the AP had in China, Russia, or India, or in all of the 50 countries of sub-Saharan Africa combined.

    All of this would not be too serious, just a bit puzzling, were it not for the unacknowledged but still very real anti-Zionism of the editorial boards.

    Matti Friedman pays witness to this on numerous accounts where his colleagues censored themselves, refusing to suggest certain of their photos for the publication, for example, images that showed Palestinians doing the Nazi salute. "It is practically impossible to publish negative information on the Palestinians. When an agency, which provides photos to the media in all four corners of the world, decides to censor an image, this has a huge impact on the coverage of the conflict." In his article, Friedman offers another example: Israeli actions are analyzed and criticized, and every flaw in Israeli society is aggressively reported. In one seven-week period, from November 8 to December 16, 2011, I decided to count the stories coming out of our bureau on the various moral failings of Israeli society—proposed legislation meant to suppress the media, the rising influence of Orthodox Jews, unauthorized settlement outposts, gender segregation, and so forth. I counted 27 separate articles, an average of a story every two days. In a very conservative estimate, this sevenweek tally was higher than the total number of significantly critical stories about Palestinian government and society, including the totalitarian Islamists of Hamas, that our bureau had published in the preceding three years...

    Believing that the media had betrayed its vocation, Friedman resigned from the Associated Press. Indeed, no other state receives the same media treatment as Israel does, not even Russia or Turkey, countries whose human and international rights records are questionable. Ankara has imposed a total blockade on Armenia for the last eighteen years, occupies one-third of a member state of the European Union (Cyprus), punishes in blood the Kurdish resistance, and exercises armed acts in Iraq and Syria, though only against the Alawites. The media remain indifferent to all of this, and it takes place with impunity. The Kurds have never benefited from the media compassion enjoyed by the Palestinians, and as a result they do not enjoy the sympathy of international public opinion. Why? Because the Kurds, like the Syrians, the Sahrawis, and the Chechens, are not victims of the Jews, which, according to the

    philosopher and psychoanalyst Daniel Sibony, makes all the difference.
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