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Al Gore, determined to add his personal contribution to naturally occurring Global Warming.

Liberal hysteria is the tendency of liberals to embrace junk science or crackpot theories that happen to coincide with their normally anti-United States, anti-George W. Bush bias. Examples of this hysteria can be found in the Global Warming debate and anything involving the United Nations disagreeing with United States policy.

This article, according to some liberals is written as a polemical attack, due to their inability to be anything but deceitful, offering another example of liberal hysteria.

Wildfire Derangement Syndrome

More nutty Liberal Hysteria: California infernos are Bush's fault!! Democrat Senators Harry Reid (D-NV) blames Global Warming and Barbara Boxer (D-CA) Blames the Iraq War. Say what you will about Democrats, if significant human misery and loss of property is involved, they will always seek to score cheap political points by blaming the Bush Administration. Rather than coming together as Americans, to help other Americans during times of crisis, the first reaction of Democrats is to vent their pathological hatred of George W. Bush. So far, no leading Democrat has accused President Bush of actually starting the California wildfires. But they are no doubt working on that very angle, 24/7 now that the blazes have been ruled arson.[1] Talk about your Liberal Hysteria!

Hot Hoax.jpg

Global Warming Derangement Syndrome

Media’s New Motto: All Societal Problems Caused by Global Warming [2]

MSM uses Liberal Hysteria to blame an increase of these items on Global Warming

MSM uses Liberal Hysteria to blame a decrease of these items on Global Warming

MSM uses Liberal Hysteria to blame these items on causing Global Warming

  • Children [20] [21]
  • Coal-mine fires in China and India [22]
  • Dams [23]
  • Norwegian Moose [24]
  • Women Attracted to Men in Sports Cars [25]
  • Wooly Mammoth Dung [26]

MSM uses Liberal Hysteria to recommend these items to stop Global Warming

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