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McSally Derangement Syndrome is a term coined by Conservapedia to describe the mass derangement and hatred towards current Republican interim senator Martha McSally. A mental disorder that affects both those on the left in addition to some neocons and conservative-turned-anti-Trump RINOs such as Joe Walsh,[1] common traits include the vast downplaying of McSally's military service, the exploiting of logical fallacies to construct nonsensical arguments, and the overall dependence on feelings over facts. Similar to derangement towards Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and more recently Susan Collins, McSally Derangement Syndrome has drove many media outlets (including the liberal AZCentral, as shown below) to publish downright misleading articles attacking the senator, often being quick to downplay major issues in the process.

After Sen. McSally had published a memoir in late May 2020 titled Dare to Fly,[2] The New York Slimes soon blocked the book from appearing in its bestseller list,[3] despite the fact that it sold more copies than the lowest-ranking book on the NYT's top 15 non-fiction bestseller list.[4]

McSally's “liberal hack” comment


On January 16, 2020, as Sen. Martha McSally was walking by, CNN "reporter" Manu Raju asked:

Senator McSally, should the Senate consider new evidence as part of the impeachment trial?[5]

To this, McSally replied:

Manu, you're a liberal hack. I'm not talking to you.[5]

Then followed:

You're not going to comment?[5]

And concluding:

You're a liberal hack.[5]

Mass liberal meltdown

CNN snowflakes whined over McSally calling their reporter a “liberal hack”.

After the politically incorrect response towards Manu Raju, a documented shill for CNN propaganda,[6] liberal snowflakes across social media were in a massive meltdown, continuously whining[7][8][9][10] over the idea that a Republican senator would dare call a CNN reporter a “hack”. In addition, CNN released a ten-minute video showcasing their top reporters and anchors whining over the comment.[11] Less than two weeks later, an anti-Trump group released an ad attacking McSally as well.[12]

Conservative praise

Many conservatives were more supportive of McSally after the latter officially broke from political correctness, with commentator Rush Limbaugh noting it to be a pleasant surprise.[13] In addition, Mark Levin praised the senator on Twitter[14] despite having previously holding possible skepticism during the 2018 U.S. Senate election in Arizona.[15]

Conspiratorial assertions

After the strong rebuke and McSally had registered the domain name as a redirect to a campaign website page, the liberal site Vox asserted that the comment was “an elaborate fundraising ploy”.[16]

Attacks over pre-existing conditions

Trolls across the internet have attacked Martha McSally for her vote in favor of the American Health Care Act of 2017[17] to repeal Obamacare, claiming that this contradicts the senator's firm stance on protecting pre-existing conditions. However, despite not having sufficient protective measures for patients, the AHCA does prohibit healthcare providers from denying coverage to those with pre-existing conditions. Thus, it is fallacious to argue that McSally supposedly has little disregard for patients with preexisting conditions, as while having voted to largely repeal the socialist Obamacare and its measures, she concurrently voted to implement a healthcare system that, despite not being perfect, maintains some degree of protection for such.

Establishment/lamestream media

See also: United States Senate elections, 2020#Establishment_media/Democrat_collusion

The Arizona Republic

The Arizona Republic, also known as azcentral, has repeatedly published "opinion" articles attacking Martha McSally, which includes:

  • October 24, 2019—responding to McSally's condemning of the impeachment coup in name-calling her as “the 'Curly Joe' of Arizona’s Trump stooges”[18]
  • January 20, 2020—calling the senator “tone deaf” for selling "liberal hack" T-shirts[19]
  • May 18, 2020—continuing to double down on further blaming Donald Trump amidst the CCP pandemic and attacking McSally for correctly blaming China over the disaster[21]
  • May 29, 2020—after McSally's condemnation of the May 2020 Minneapolis riots, the Arizona Republic was none too quick to attack the senator and downplay the mob-led destruction by also attacking President Trump over calling for the use of military force to suppress the thugs who broke windows and burned down businesses[22]

National Review

After Martha McSally and Marsha Blackburn co-sponsored legislation to allow Americans to sue China over coronavirus damages via stripping of sovereign immunity, the conservative-turned-globalist National Review (see: O’Sullivan’s First Law) called the proposal “foolish” over potential retaliation.[23] This was then cited by a progressive Arizona blog to further the attack on McSally.[24]

Neocons/Never Trumpers

Many donors for John McCain currently oppose McSally.

Many Never Trump Republicans and neocons including those who strongly backed RINO John McCain even after the latter hurt the Republican Party in ending ObamaCare repeal attempts[25] now oppose Martha McSally, as some donors have contributed to McSally's Democrat opponent Mark Kelly in the 2020 U.S. Senate special election in Arizona.[26] In addition, the former conservative congressman Joe Walsh endorsed Kelly over McSally,[1] and anti-Trump RINO-turned-Democrat Bill Kristol defended Manu Raju in the rebuke, saying: “I guess I'm liberal”.[27]

An ad by an anti-Trump, phony "conservative" group was released on January 28, 2020 attacking McSally with highly misleading points.[12] The ad initially claimed that Arizona “rejected” her in the 2018 U.S. Senate election and that she lost “badly”, and while the final election results did show her Democrat opponent Kyrsten Sinema winning,[28] it had only been by a margin of 2.4%, and it's also important to note that McSally had held a clear 16,000-vote lead during the general election night before "other" ballots were counted.[29] The ad also claimed that such was because McSally was “too close to Donald Trump”, which had been strongly refuted by many conservatives during the time who then felt that she was too moderate. The ad continued to cite polling that "concludes" on the senator's approval ratings dropping, despite such data consistently having high margin of errors, low sample sizes, in addition to improperly weighed samples (see here). Among its later talking points were praises of John McCain and Barry Goldwater, including portraying the former as being “tough” and having done “what was right”; it's important to note that McCain, despite having been a war hero, fought to cover up evidence of POWs left in Vietnam after the war ended.[30]

Violence threats

As reported in August 2018, then-representative McSally's office received threatening voicemails from a Tuscon man, who was later sentenced to fifteen months in prison.[31]


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