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Mark Levin

Born September 21, 1957
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Religion Jewish

Mark Reed Levin (born September 21, 1957) is a Constitutional lawyer, president of the prestigious Landmark Legal Foundation in Washington D.C., a top-rated nationally syndicated conservative talk radio host and a best selling non-fiction author. Also, the former Chief of Staff for Attorney General Edwin Meese during the Reagan Administration. Mark has been a frequent guest and substitute host on The Sean Hannity Show, and has also been an advisor to Rush Limbaugh, who frequently refers to him on the air with the nickname "F. Lee Levin." A reference to the famous defense attorney F. Lee Bailey. He is perhaps more well known for his nickname, 'The Great One,' coined by his friend Sean Hannity. He is a believer in spreading the conservative message and wants the citizens to take an active political role in society.

In January 2012, Mark Levin threatened a campaign to defeat Rand Paul for Kentucky Senator if Ron Paul decided to run on the third party Presidential ticket. Emphasizing that the move would be "detrimental to this nation" and siphon a million votes in 2012.[1]

Career and honors

Beginning in 1981, Mark R. Levin served as advisor to several members of President Ronald Reagan's Cabinet, eventually becoming Associate Director of Presidential Personnel and ultimately Chief of Staff to Attorney General Edwin Meese; Levin also served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education at the U.S. Department of Education, and Deputy Solicitor of the U.S. Department of the Interior. He has practiced law in the private sector, and is president of the Landmark Legal Foundation in Leesburg, Virginia. He holds a B.A. from Temple University, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude, as well as a J.D. from the Temple University Beasley School of Law.

In 2001, the American Conservative Union named Levin the recipient of the prestigious Ronald Reagan Award.

Radio Host

Levin's first radio job was a Sunday afternoon show on WABC networks in 2002. In 2003, The Mark Levin Show was broadcast from the competitive 6:00 p.m. (EST) time slot, Monday through Friday. The show is distributed to over 150 stations and satellite radio by Citadel Media on ABC Radio Networks. His ever-growing audience is top-rated on the AM frequency with over 5.5 million average listeners.


Levin's published the book Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is destroying America which discusses how activist judges are legislating from the bench. This book was released in 2005 and became a best-seller. In 2007, he published a non-political book "Rescuing Sprite: A Dog Lover's Story of Joy and Anguish," that dealt with the adoption of his dog from a humane society. His next book would be an instant success, "Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto." The book opened to 13 of 14 weeks as the No.1 best seller on the New York Times list. A review from says, "Levin lays out how conservatives can counter the liberal corrosion that has filtered into every timely issue affecting our daily lives, from the economy to health care, global warming, immigration, and more -- and illustrates how change, as seen through the conservative lens, is always prudent, and always an enhancement to individual freedom." His book is endorsed by fellow conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh. Levin said that his book is so successful without any help of the mainstream media outlets, which not even a single network has a reviewed. More than 1 million copies have been sold.

Television & Internet

Levin makes regular appearances with Hannity on Fox News. Levin is also a contributing editor for National Review Online. Also, Levin has social networking pages on Twitter and Facebook.

The Mark Levin lexicon

Levin holds disdain for the mainstream media and the politicians who pander to them. He often likes to refer to them in a derogatory and humorous way. It is Levin's style that distinguishes him from other radio personalities.

Name Epithet
New York Times New York Slimes, The New York Birdcage Liner
Washington Post Washington Compost
Associated Press Associated Depressed
Huffington Post Huffington Puffington Compost
ABC News ABC Snooze
CBS News CBS Snooze
Face the Nation Deface the Nation
Meet the Press Meet the Depressed
Center For American Progress Center For Anti-American Progress
Morning Joe (Joe Scarborough) Morning Schmoe
Countdown, with Keith Olbermann Countdown to No Ratings, with Keith Overbite
Hardball with Chris Matthews Screwball on Screwball, Chris "I'll have another drink" Matthews
Bill O'Reilly The Non-Factor, The 8pm-er
Bernie Sanders Communist Kook, Bernie the Red
Colin Powell Powell's Colon, Colon Polyp
Rachel Maddow Rachel Madcow
Glenn Beck The Backbencher with Tourettes
Tom Brokaw Tom Brokejaw
Tim Russert Mr. Potatohead
Cris Collinsworth Cris Collinsworthless
David Letterman David Letterdork, The Buck-Toothed Moron
MediaMatters The criminal operation known as Media Matters, Media Doesn't Matters
American Civil Liberties Union American Criminal Liberties Union
National Organization for Women National Organization for Women Who Look Like Men
National Organization for Really Ugly Women
Chuck Schumer Chucky Schmucky Schumer, Chump Schumer
Nancy Pelosi Stretch Pelosi, Eva Pelosi
Barbara Boxer The Dwarf Senator
Dick Durbin Little Dick Durbin
Howard Dean Dr. Demento Dean
Hillary Rodham Clinton Hillary Rotten Clinton, Her Thighness
Bill Clinton BJ Bill Jefferson Clinton
Ted Kennedy The Cape Cod Orca, FatTed
Joe Biden The Dumbest Man in the Senate, Plugs Biden
John Kerry John "D-Student" Kerry, F. Kerry, Mashed Potato Face
John McCain John McLame, John McPain
John Murtha Lardass
John Dingell John Dingleberry
Harry Reid Harry "The Body Odor" Reid
Lindsey Graham Goober, Lindsey Grahamnesty
Lincoln Chafee Lincoln Chafing
Dianne Feinstein Dianne Frankenfeinstein
Mary Landrieu Mary Landfill
Barney Frank Barney's Frank
Kathleen Sebelius Kathleen Supercilious
Jim Webb Jim Melonhead Webb
Arnold Schwarzenegger The Jerkinator, a moron in two languages
Rahm Emanuel Al Capone
Barack Hussein Obama Barack Milhous Nobama, Barack America, Benito
Al Franken The Spiteful Troll
Henry Waxman The Crypt Keeper
Olympia Snowe Olympia Snowe-job
Arlen Specter Arlen Spectacle
Ron Paul RuPaul
Jesse Jackson Jesse Jerkson
Al Sharpton Al "Not So" Sharpton
Jeremiah Wright The Wrong Reverend Wright
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Yabba-Dabba-Doo
Harry Belafonte Harry BelaCommie
Oprah Winfrey Oprah Windbag
Matt Damon Matt Demon
Ben Affleck Ben AFLAC
George Clooney George Looney
Michael Savage Weiner Nation
Don Imus I'm-a-Wuss in the Morning
Jon Stewart Jon Stewart AKA John Leibowitz AKA Jon Stewart
Steven Colbert Steven Cole-BERT
Moderate Republicans RePubicans, RePubics
EPA Soviet Protection Agency
Michael Bloomberg Michael Bloomturd, the man that opposes salt on your food and on your streets
Mike Huckabee Hucka-a-Phoney
Donald Trump Donald Chump
Steny Hoyer Stimpy Hoyer
Russ Feingold Foolsgold
Chris Wallace The Flake
Chuck Hagel Schmagel
Bill Maher Short, stupid, white-comedian guy
Charles Krauthammer Charles Krautheimer
Warren Buffett Warren Buffét (as in the culinary term)
Chris Christie Krispy Kreme Christie
David Axelrod David "The Red" Axelrod
Jay Carney Mr. No Eyebrows
Josh Earnest Josh Not Earnest
Department of Justice Department of Injustice
IRS IRSS, a play on the Nazi SS
9th Circuit Court of Appeals 9th Circuit Court of Schlemiels


  • Liberalism is mind-boggling and stupid.[2]
  • Speaking of Congressional liberals, "You are some of the biggest frauds on the face of the Earth. Liberalism is lying. Sorry, it's true."
  • From his August 4, 2009 radio program, "We now have the liberal playbook and we know what they are doing, and we are using it against them. Unlike the Democrats though, we aren't out to destroy our society, we are out to save it."
  • "The Congressional Switchboard number is easy to remember, 1-877-SOB-U-SOB, I kid you not." [3][4]
  • "Obama is a liar. Those who carry water for him like Pelosi, Reid, and the hacks on TV are liars too, because they knowingly repeat falsehoods." [5]
  • Get off my phone you big dope!

See also


  • Plunder and Deceit: Big Government's Exploitation of Young People and the Future by Mark Levin ISBN 1451606303
  • The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic by Mark Levin ISBN 1451606397
  • Ameritopia: The unmaking of America by Mark Levin ISBN 1439173249
  • Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto by Mark Levin ISBN 1416562850
  • Rescuing Sprite: A Dog Lover's Story of Joy and Anguish by Mark Levin ISBN 1416559132
  • Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is destroying America by Mark Levin ISBN 1596980095
  • Unfreedom of the Press by Mark Levin ISBN 9781476773094



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