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Christopher “Chris” Wallace
Chris Wallace.jpg

Born October 12, 1947
Chicago, Illinois
Political Party Democrat
Spouse Elizabeth Jane Farrell (div.)
Lorraine Smothers
Religion Jewish

Christopher “Chris” Wallace (born October 12, 1947 (age 76)) was a television journalist with a much vaunted career as a Fox News Channel political affairs correspondent and host of its signature weekly interview show Fox News Sunday. His father Mike Wallace was also a journalist who worked with Walter Cronkite on CBS News. In his later years Wallace was known for his mean-spiritedness and progressively liberal bias. Wallace became an unabashed gatekeeper of globalist elitism. The last Chris Wallace was ever heard from was with CNN.[1]

Wallace moderated the first presidential debate in 2020 and interrupted President Trump 76 times, even repeatedly interrupting Trump during his 2-minute time slots to absurdly tell Trump that he was speaking during his time slot. In a biased way Wallace pursued Trump, while allowing Biden to completely avoid answering questions like whether he supported court packing. Wallace defamed Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old lifeguard whom 3 white convicted felons attempted to murder in support of leftist causes during the Kenosha riots, a white supremacist.[2] Wallace quit Fox for CNN just days after Rittenhouse was acquitted in a politically motivated trial.[3]

Wallace previously worked for 15 years at ABC as senior correspondent for Primetime Thursday and as substitute host for Nightline. After working at ABC, Wallace served as host of the longest running television program ever, Meet the Press, and later as anchor of NBC ‘s Nightly News Sunday edition. In 2007 he served as moderator for the presidential primary debates shown on Fox, called, First in the South. Wallace had once been an outspoken critic of what he saw as a liberal bias in the mainstream media, stating at one point, "Fox News wouldn't exist if it weren't for this kind of stuff going on in the mainstream media….That's why people are fed up with that and want the antidote to it because they get it and they've gotten it for years - the so-called bias in the objective press.".[4] He is the son of the ambush-journalist Mike Wallace who was one of the hosts of 60 Minutes since its inception on CBS.

In November 2010, Chris Wallace signed a multi-year extension to his contract with Fox News.[5] Wallace considered Biden regime chief White House propagandist and Soviet communist apologist Jen Psaki as "one of the best White House Press Secretaries ever."[6] He is also a registered Democrat, though only supposedly so to enable himself to vote in the Washington D.C. primaries, as similar to Tucker Carlson.

In December 2021, Wallace left Fox News for CNN,[1] to anchor newscasts for the network's new streaming service CNN+.[7] Wallace was left high and dry after CNN+ flopped a few months later and his boss, Jeff Zucker was fired in a sex scandal and a series of pedophile sex scandals among CNN network producers.[8]

Chris Wallace as a reporter for WBBM-TV, Chicago in August 1975.

Clinton Interview

Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

One of Wallace’s most well recognized broadcast moments occurred in 2006, when he interviewed former president, Bill Clinton. He questioned Clinton about his administrations attempt at killing terrorist leader, Osama Bin Laden which was thwarted internally by Susan Rice.[9] During the interview, Clinton lashed out at Fox News and the media for attacking his administration, and said to Wallace, “So you did Fox’s bidding on this show. You did your nice little conservative hit job on me.”[10] (See also: Fox Derangement Syndrome)

Increasingly liberal/anti-Trump viewpoints

Wallace has become increasingly anti-Trump in recent years. Breitbart noted in late September a few days prior to the first 2020 presidential debate fifteen times that he had went to criticize President Trump.[11] In mid-December 2019, Wallace said: "I believe that President Trump is engaged in the most direct sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history."[12] Wallace has even attempted to cover for the cognitively dysfunctional and senile Joe Biden by falsely claiming that the latter supposedly opposes defunding the police.[13] He apparently believes that Kamala Harris is "not far to the left".[14] An article published by the Washington Examiner on July 17, 2020 used his bias in arguing against "fact-checking" at the 2020 presidential debates.[15]

In May 2019, Wallace made no direct reply when then-presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg attacked Fox News.[16]

Wallace has been criticized by conservative U.S. representative Debbie Lesko, who noted that he was "definitely biased".[17] He also faced criticism from Laura Ingraham after attacking Attorney General William Barr.[18] After lashing out against Townhall conservative commentator Katie Pavlich on-air over the Trump impeachment, Wallace was rebuked by his colleague Bret Baier.[19]

Liberal "news" outlets, such as The Daily Beast,[20] appeared to have favored Wallace. Others, such as the Arizona Republic, have insisted that "he's not the liberal hero you might think".[21]

Despite his blatantly biased viewpoints separated from reality, Wallace was chosen by the Commission on Presidential Debates to "moderate" the first debate between President Trump and Joseph Robinette Biden over the 2020 general election.[22] The topics he chose exhibited liberal bias, as he excluded abortion, foreign policy and immigration from the list,[23] issues Trump has made extraordinary accomplishments on. Furthermore, he admitted while making an introduction that he alone had decided the topics/questions.[24]

During the presidential debate, Wallace at several moments exhibited unsurprising bias towards Trump, including at one point beginning to debate him rather than act as a moderator, and even bizarrely asked the president at another moment to tell his supporters to not riot.[24] At one point, Trump told Wallace: "I guess I'm debating you." Wallace faced criticism from both leftists[25] and some conservatives[26] afterwards for being unable to halt Trump throughout the debate. Sen. Ted Cruz said that he thought Wallace "did an abysmal job."[27]

Wallace is a shill for Faucism, defending Anthony Fauci following an unearthed email scandal implicating the latter.[28]


Wallace has won many major journalism awards including three Emmy Awards, a Dupont-Columbia Silver Baton; which he won for his investigation of Ford Motor Company’s finance department; and a Peabody Award.[29]

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