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Cal Cunningham
James 'Cal' Cunningham (cropped).jpg
Former State Senator from North Carolina's 23rd District
From: January 24, 2001 – January 29, 2003
Predecessor Jim Phillips, Sr.
Successor Eleanor Kinaird
Party Democrat
Spouse(s) Elizabeth Cunningham
Religion Presbyterian
Military Service
Allegiance United States
Service/branch United States Army
Service Years 2002 – present
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Battles/wars Iraq War
War in Afghanistan
Awards Bronze Star Medal

James Calvin “Cal” Cunningham III (born August 6, 1973) is a lawyer, veteran, and liberal Democrat currently running for United States Senate in North Carolina in 2020 to unseat establishment RINO senator Thom Tillis. He was previously a state senator from North Carolina's 23rd district from 2001 to 2003.

Cunningham had reportedly once touted the "merits" of communism as a student leader.[1]

North Carolina Senate

As a state senator, Cunningham once voted to prevent wives of husbands who committed affairs from suing the mistresses.[2]

2020 candidacy for U.S. Senate

For more information, see: 2020 United States Senate election in North Carolina

Despite having initially been running for Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina,[3] Cunningham switched courses in mid-June 2019 and announced his run for U.S. Senate.[4] He later won the Democrat primary held on March 3, 2020,[5] and faced incumbent Sen. Tillis in the general election.

Cunningham has claimed that he hasn't accepted money from corporate PACs and special interests, although even the liberal-leaning PolitiFact has rated this "mostly false", as he has accepted money indirectly through corporate PACs in addition to labor PAC special interest groups.[6]

In an interview, Cunningham refused to voice opposition to dangerous sanctuary city policies despite having been arguably tougher on immigration in 2010 when unsuccessfully running for U.S. Senate then.[7]

Despite campaigning as a champion of the environment, Cunningham's family business has been marked as being among North Carolina's top polluters.[8]

Coordination controversy

A conservative watchdog group has filed a complaint against Cunningham in January 2020 on the basis that he has coordinated and colluded with a dark money group in violation of FEC regulations.[9]

U.S. Army investigation

Cunningham admitted in early October 2020 to sending sexual text messages to a woman other than his wife.[10] This was later confirmed,[11] and the Army Reserve announced their investigation into him.[12] Adultery is illegal in the U.S. Army.[13] After facing immense criticism, Cunningham partly responded by blaming Tillis.[14] Later text messages showed that Cunningham mocked his mistress' husband for having suicidal tendencies following the surfacing of the affair,[15] who in turn called for the former to drop out of the Senate race.[16] The disgraced Senate candidate dodged multiple questions asked about the affair at a press conference.[17] His mistress had apparently donated to his campaign.[18]

Cunningham faced claims of a second affair allegation on October 5, 2020 by a former staffer.[19]

General election results

Cunningham consistently trailed Tillis by a narrow margin as more votes were reported on Election Night, with the media refusing to call the race for days. However, Cunningham conceded the election on November 10, 2020,[20] making Tillis the winner.

The Washington Free Beacon noted Cunningham's defeat as having failed to continue the "proud tradition of successful Dem philanderers".[21]

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