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Chris Pappas
Chris Pappas, official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg
U.S. Representative from New Hampshire's 1st Congressional District
From: January 5, 2019 – present
Predecessor Carol Shea-Porter
Successor Incumbent (no successor)
Former Member of the New Hampshire Executive Council from the 4th District
From: January 3, 2013 – January 3, 2019
Predecessor Raymond Wieczorek
Successor Ted Gatsas
Party Democrat
Religion Orthodox

Christopher Charles “Chris” Pappas (born June 4, 1980 (age 44)) is a businessman currently serving as the U.S. representative for New Hampshire's 1st congressional district. A sleazy and corrupt Democrat, Pappas reportedly lied about his relationship with a corporate lobbyist,[1] having refused to disclose the information.[2]

Pappas is openly gay.[3]

U.S. House of Representatives

2018 election

After Carol Shea-Porter announced in 2017 that she would not seek re-election in the 2018 Midterms,[4] Pappas announced his run for the House seat.[5] He won the general election over Republican opponent Eddie Edwards by nearly nine points.[6]


Rep. Pappas supported[7][8] and voted in favor of the impeachment coup against Donald Trump.[9]

Pappas has been criticized[10] for supporting anti-police measures,[11] which trial lawyers donated to his campaign for.[12]

His 2020 Republican opponent has noted him to be a partisan puppet for Nancy Pelosi;[13] according to ProPublica, Pappas has voted with Pelosi 99% of the time in the 116th Congress.[14]

2020 election

See: United States House of Representatives elections, 2020

Pappas is facing a tough re-election fight, being challenged by Republican Matt Mowers in the general election. At a debate between the two candidates, Mowers pointed out the representative's relationship with a lobbyist,[15] to which Pappas falsely claimed[1] wasn't true. Groups advocating for the homosexual agenda later claimed that Mower's charges were "homophobic dog whistles"[16] despite Pappas being openly gay having nothing to do with the matter.

A poll in late October 2020 found Pappas trailing Mowers by two points.[17] While Cook Political Report considers the race to be "Likely Democrat",[18] the race may become very close, since the congressional district was won by Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. presidential election by two points.[19]


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