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Mike Wallace

Legendary news broadcaster Mike Wallace

Myron Leon "Mike" Wallace (May 9, 1918 – April 7, 2012) was a news broadcaster and media personality, whose main claim to fame was being an ambush journalist on CBS and later hosting 60 Minutes. He is also the father of Fox News correspondent Chris Wallace.

Mike Wallace was also among those in journalism who gradually transformed it into the liberal-biased institution of today. Infamously, during a 1987 televised debate for the "Under Orders, Under Fire Part II" episode for the series Ethics in America, Mike Wallace chastised ABC reporter Peter Jennings for deciding to try and warn the Americans that they were walking into an ambush while implying that he felt it was just another story to cover, and when asked whether he felt he had a higher duty than the journalistic ethic of reporting facts by Charles Ogletree, he flatly stated with no hesitation “No. You don’t have a higher duty. No. No. You’re a reporter!”[1][2][3] In addition, on a May 28,[4] 2004 event where World War II-era journalists reminisce about the event in commemoration of the then-to-be-christened World War II memorial in Washington D.C.'s Mall, Mike Wallace, alongside USA Today founder Al Neuharth, proceeded to turn the event into an anti-George W. Bush bashfest, including strongly implying that Bush has no right to lead the military into a war due to being a civilian (despite not speaking out against Bill Clinton, who was a notorious draft-dodger, for engaging the military in Bosnia, or even Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who himself also lacked military experience, leading World War II), which resulted in over 50 congregants to storm out in disgust at the disrespect the two journalists were showing World War II veterans for using the event to promote hard-left talking points.[5][6]

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