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60 Minutes is a long-running program by CBS that presents itself as a documentary, but is actually an entertainment program of "good guys" (the reporters) versus the "bad guys" (the subject of the reports).[1][2]

It is usually not broadcast live, and this enables editing to make the "bad guys" look as bad as possible. Sometimes the segments become vehicles for an accused defendant to air his views.

It was also infamous for the beginning of what would become "Rathergate," after an episode on September 8, 2004, falsely claimed that they had memos of George W. Bush's military record.

Jack Kevorkian was convicted of murder based on his hastening the death of a patient, as filmed and aired on 60 Minutes.[3]

During Barack Hussein Obama's much vaunted "Arab Spring", the supposed "democratization" of the Arab Muslim world, reporter Lara Logan for 60 Minutes was gang raped at the center of public demonstrations in Tahrir Square while covering protests in Cairo.[4]

On one infamous episode of 60 Minutes aired on December 20, 1998, in an interview with reporter Steve Kroft, George Soros openly admitted to his collaboration with the Nazis during World War II to send Hungarian Jews to their deaths in concentration camps and profit off the theft and sale of their belongings, adding that he had absolutely no regrets about his actions.[5][6]

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