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William P. Barr is the Attorney General under President Donald Trump. He previously served in the same position under George H.W. Bush.

Establishment/liberal ties

Barr donated $55,000 to establishment candidate Jeb Bush in the 2016 presidential election,[1] but after Trump became the nominee, Barr donated only $2,700.[2] He was on the board of Time Warner, the parent company of CNN, between 2009 and 2018,[3] and he thus supported its merger with AT&T when conservatives and the Trump Administration opposed it.[4]

When President Trump nominated Barr to be his attorney general, some liberals praised Barr, calling him "mainstream conservative" and "less ideologically extreme" than the conservative Jeff Sessions.[5] Sen. Patrick Leahy, who was forced to resign from the Senate Intelligence Committee for leaking information related to the Mena/Contra operation in 1987, was an enthusiastic supporter. Bush DOJ official Stuart Gerson called Barr and Bob Mueller "folks of the establishment."[6] Barr is personal friends with Mueller, leading to questions of whether he would do anything to stop overreach by Mueller.[7]

Barr has a record of supporting certain gun control measures including gun confiscation laws.[8]

Conservative actions

When he was Attorney General in the Bush Administration, Barr took actions to crack down on illegal immigration.[9][10][11] However, it should be noted that the Administration was trying to fend off Pat Buchanan's primary challenge at the time, and his actions happened at a time when even liberal Democrats claimed to support tough border security. However, Barr opposed building border barriers across the entire border with Mexico.[12]

George H.W. Bush administration

Prior to his appointment as Attorney General, Barr served as Chief Counsel for the CIA airline Southern Air Transport during Iran Contra.[13] Robert Mueller served as Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division during Barr's tenure.

Trump Administration

The U.S. Senate confirmed Barr as Attorney General on February 14, 2019.[14][15]


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