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The James Wolfe indictment (United States v. James Wolfe), released June 8, 2018 contained details on how the Senate Select Committee on intelligence (SSCI) received a copy of the Carter Page FISA application on March 17, 2017.[1] Wolfe was not charged with leaking “classified information,” yet the indictment lays out specific details describing the “top secret” document that was leaked.


The specific items on page #6, lines 17 through 20 have no bearing on what Wolfe was actually charged with - lying to the FBI. A month later, on July 21 the redacted FISA Title-1 application used against U.S. person Carter Page was released.[2] On page #54, 63, 65, 66, and 83 of the FISA application – the FISC Clerk copy stamp appears, drawing attention to the date of distribution, March 17, 2017. No other date appears in the 412 page document, other than the date of release, March 17, 2017 and the date of the FISA court's original issuance, October 21, 2016. All other dates are redacted.

The SSCI authorized leak of the Carter Page FISA application - a fraudulent document used to deceive American public opinion and the Judicial Branch, was a seditious attempt to remove an elected president outside the prescribed constitutional impeachment and removal process.

In February 2018 text messages between Senate Intelligence Committee Vice-Chairman Mark Warner, and a lobbyist/lawyer named Adam Waldman were released.[3] The resulting sunlight showed Senator Warner seeking Waldman's assistance in setting up a private meeting/interview with Trump dossier author Christopher Steele.

On page #5 of the Warner text messages, we see the date March 17, 2017 again. The same date the Senate received the FISA application. This time we see that Warner was going into the Senate “skif” (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility or SCIF) shortly after 4:00pm, presumably to review the Carter Page FISA application.

From the three documents taken together, the James Wolfe indictment, the Warner/Waldman text messages, and the Carter Page FISA application, it becomes clear that two months after President Trump took office and two months before Robert Mueller's appointment, the Senate Intelligence Committee and the Washington media establishment knew the Russia collusion narrative was false and the Obama Justice Department and FBI acted improperly.

SSCI leaks Carter Page FISA application

Around March 14th, 2017, amid the Michael Flynn fiasco, multiple swirling contradictions, massive intelligence leaks to the media and Trump administration officials beginning inquiries about what the heck is going on, FBI Director James Comey had to brief congressional oversight. This is the first time the 2017 Gang-of-Eight is officially informed about the counterintelligence operation known as Crossfire Hurricane.

This necessary shift toward oversight briefing led to the Senate Intelligence Committee receiving a March 17th copy of the Carter Page FISA application. Go8 members Richard Burr and Mark Warner received the original October 21st, 2016, FISA application and the first renewal.

A few days later, March 20th, 2017, James Comey testified to congress and tried to explain why oversight was not informed of the operation since it began in July 2016. If Hillary Clinton had won the election no-one would ever have needed to be informed.[4].

It's unknown to what extent FBI Director Comey explained the level of FBI investigation into candidate and President-elect Trump; it's also unknown whether or not Comey gave the Go8 all of the details to include the origination of Crossfire Hurricane and the FISA Title-One surveillance warrant authority received by the investigative unit in October 2016; the distribution date of the FISC copy, March 17th, would indicate that he did.

However, immediately after this public testimony on March 20th, HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes, a Go8 member who would have been part of the briefing, recieved information about the Trump campaign officials and transition team officials under surveillance and being unmasked.[5]

Presumably if FBI Director James Comey was fulsome with his briefing Devin Nunes would not have been surprised; OR, it could be the surprise was not about the investigation itself per se’, but rather that Obama political officials would be part of the pipeline of information about an ongoing covert counterintelligence operation against a political campaign. The latter seems to be the most likely cause of alarm and concern.

After Nunes’ March 22nd, 2017, Press announcement, and the subsequent Democrat/media outrage therein, House Speaker Paul Ryan somewhat removed Devin Nunes from his committee responsibilities as they pertain to oversight on the Trump-centric investigative matters, and Nunes is placed under an ethics investigation.

In hindsight, and knowing the Comey Go8 briefing likely outlined Trump as a potential target within the FBI counterintelligence operation, Speaker Ryan's action against Devin Nunes now makes more sense. In essence, from Ryan's perspective Nunes might be compromising the FBI's investigation by communicating with the White House about information from the FBI shared to the Gang-of-Eight. Even giving the impression that such communication might have occurred was enough for Ryan to act.

Then we move on to April 2017, when the FISA surveillance warrant was again reauthorized; and the FBI counterintelligence operation is continuing; this surveillance now includes almost the entire Trump administration.

By this time Sally Yates had been fired over her refusal to defend Trump's travel ban. Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente and James Comey signed the second extension; everyone is keeping notes about every encounter with the President, yet President Trump doesn't know he's the ‘Soft Coup‘ target.

May 9th, 2017, President Trump fired the insufferably political FBI Director James Comey. Andrew McCabe, the lead initiator of the FBI Crossfire Hurricane operation, became Acting FBI Director.

In McCabe's 2019 media tour he claimed he was going bananas because his target was firing his team, yet McCabe appeared in front of congress on May 11th, 2017 and said President Trump firing James Comey two days earlier did not amount to any interference:

Senator Rubio: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Mr. McCabe, can you–without going to the specifics of any individual investigation, I think the American people want to know, has the dismissal of Mr. Comey in any way impeded, interrupted, stopped, or negatively impacted any of the work, any investigation, or any ongoing projects at the Federal Bureau of Investigation?
Director McCabe. As you know, Senator, the work of the men and women of the FBI continues despite any changes in circumstance, any decisions. So there has been no effort to impede our investigation to date. Quite simply put, sir, you cannot stop the men and women of the FBI from doing the right thing, protecting the American people and upholding the Constitution.[6]

In 2019 both Andrew McCabe and DAG Rod Rosenstein admitted to conversations about the best way to proceed after Comey was fired. Eventually a decision was reached to initiate a Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, to take over the entire probe.

Mueller appointment

From the Coup cabal's perspective in May 2017, knowing what actions had been undertaken from December 2015 through all phases of the investigative purposing; Andrew McCabe, FBI Chief Legal Counsel James Baker (DOJ), Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and all team members wanted to pass any investigative torch to a very tight and ideologically aligned crew.

If McCabe, Baker et al. had to pass the baton, there would be an element of risk involved if the totality of all 2016 background information surfaced. They would need an insider with a perfect set of specific tools to continue the operation and also avoid risk. That person was Robert Mueller; and they leveraged maximum influence over DAG Rosenstein toward that end.

Mueller was contacted by Rosenstein, briefed on the task at hand, and generally given a background overview of what was needed. For Mueller this endeavor to investigate a sitting president would have all kinds of possibilities for going sideways and backfiring. In addition, Mueller would be watching the news and he knows this entire crew before the phone call is even answered.

The only person Mueller didn't know in this entire story is the target President Donald Trump. Rosenstein introduced Mueller to Trump on May 16th, 2017, and then a day later announced Mueller's appointment as special counsel.

The first priority Mueller would hold, after a briefing from McCabe, Comey, Baker and all the FBI team; and considering the claims and evidence used to obtain the legal warrants to conduct surveillance etc., would be to prioritize investigating whether POTUS was factually a Russian asset.

A few weeks later, June 2017, DAG Rosenstein and Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe signed the third -and final- FISA warrant reauthorization.

Shortly after Mueller began the urgent review of POTUS as a Russian asset, in late June and July 2017, Robert Mueller also was forced to confront a paper trail of unavoidable evidence pointing to the extreme political bias (Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe) within the previous FBI investigative unit. Mueller would have to be an idiot not to see the outline of what had taken place throughout 2016 all the way to his appointment.

As a result of the pre-Mueller moves by the FBI (McCabe) and DOJ (Yates), the FBI investigative unit already had Michael Flynn inside their investigative control system. Mueller now moved to throw a bag over George Papadopoulos.

In July 2017 Mueller's team executed the $10,000 sting operation using CIA asset Charles Tawil, and they arrested Papadopoulos under extremely suspicious and sketchy circumstances. Papadopoulos was shut down; any subsequent risk was under control. Again, the purposeful intent was to provide the originating Crossfire Hurricane/Spygate fraud with more necessary predicate authenticity.

By August 2nd, 2017, Robert Mueller ensnared Flynn (lobbying & lying), Manafort (lobbying & taxes), and Papadopoulos (presumably lying). Three of the originating four CH/Spygate targets as outlined to the FISA court. The only one they didn't capture, or perhaps some would say they didn't try to capture because defense discovery would be problematic, was Carter Page.

On August 2nd, 2017, with the aforementioned Trump-Trio in various stages of legal limbo, Robert Mueller requested an updated “scope memo” from Rod Rosenstein.[7]

The cover-up was underway: by outlining, in a specific mandate to Mueller, that the office of the president was currently the subject of an ongoing counterintelligence investigation, the special counsel would be authorized to block any congressional oversight requests for documents, material or evidence that would interfere in their investigation.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's scope memo created an impenetrable firewall through which information could not be shared until Robert Mueller's probe was complete.

The picture here is pretty clear:

So long as Team Obama could reasonably keep claiming the originating 2016 surveillance upon the Trump campaign was an outcome of a valid counterintelligence investigative probe, which is the underpinning of their need to perpetuate the Russian election conspiracy narrative, and so long as all Obama officials who were engaged within the process keep up the story that validated the fraudulent purpose, then it was likely all players would escape legal accountability for the unlawful weaponization of the intelligence apparatus to target political opposition.

In essence, “by the book” will have been successful. And the cover-up also had disastrous consequences for Congressional investigators in the 2018 Midterm elections.

Wolfe's defense

In July 2018 the Wall Street Journal reported that attorneys for Wolfe sent letters to all 15 senators on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, notifying them that their testimony may be sought as part of Wolfe's defense.[8]

Wolfe, who faced the lesser charge of lying to the FBI rather than the more serious charge of leaking classified national security information, apparently told the FBI he was acting on the instructions of his superiors when he leaked the Carter Page FISA application to reporter Ali Watkins in March 2017.

Sen. Warner likely instructed Wolfe to leak the content of the classified FISA application to Wolfe's media sources.


The first issue deals with funding the dossier. Democrats argue Hillary Clinton's fingerprints are in footnotes, and the FISA court was not hoaxed. Either way, it means the Senate Intel Committee and media outlets that gained access to the FISA application two months after President Trump was inaugurated knew it was Clinton's paid opposition research, and not the product of an FBI counterintelligence investigation.

The second and equally, if not more damning fact, was the lie the Obama Justice Department willfully told the FISA court about Carter Page. It was an outrageous betrayal of trust, and abuse of Carter Page's civil and constitutional rights.

Carter Page was a paid FBI informant before he volunteered for the Trump campaign. Russian intelligence had approached Page in 2013. Page reported the approach to the FBI and agreed to work with the FBI, wearing a wire, to apprehend Russian intelligence officers.

The initial 2013 approach was used in the FISA application to allege that Page was an "agent of a foreign power,"[9] the application left out the fact that Page had been vetted for his loyalties as a paid FBI informant, and the fact that he was thanked publicly for helping to secure a conviction of a Russian spy while his identity was kept secret.

Page was shamefully betrayed when his name was leaked, with an outrageous accusation that he was a Russian spy. Between 2013 and 2015 Page gathered the evidence that jailed a Russian spy, and against two others who fled the country to avoid arrest.

These facts were withheld from the FISA court, but were known to the Senate Intel Committee, and leaked to BuzzFeed, the Washington Post, the New York Times and other mainstream media. They all went forward with a fake news Russia collusion narrative to undermine the Trump presidency, and to hide wrongdoing in the Obama Justice Department and FBI[10] - to hide the fact that the Obama Justice Department and FBI actively worked to elect Hillary Clinton as President, and destroy to candidacy of Donald Trump.

Other reading

  • Putin 'niece' has a name, by Ali Watkins, November 9, 2017. Fake news published in Politico written by Wolfe's girlfriend, Ali Watkins. The article purports to give a name to a woman who was part of Brennan and Comey's entrapment operation against Trump volunteers. The name was leaked to Watkins by Wolfe.

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