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Adam Waldman is the founder, chairman, and president of the Endeavor Group, a Washington D.C. consultancy based about two blocks from the White House. In May 2009, Waldman filed paperwork with the DOJ indicating he would be working with Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska to provide "legal advice on issues involving his U.S. visa as well as commercial transactions." Waldman disclosed his pay as $40,000 a month.[1] Waldman is also a registered lobbyist for Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

In early 2017 Waldman represented Julian Assange of Wikileaks pro bono in negotiations with Bruce Ohr and David Laufman of the Justice Department. Assange wanted immunity and safe passage to the US to testify about alleged Russian hacking of the DNC. The immunity deal was ultimately scuttled by James Comey and Sen. Mark Warner.[2]

Democrat Sen. Mark Warner tried witness tampering in the Trump-Russia probe; Waldman referred Warner to Dan Jones, FusionGPS's new boss.

In March 2017 Ranking Democrat Sen. Mark Warner of the Senate Intelligence Committee attempted to contact Christopher Steele through Waldman. Steele's infamous Trump-Russia dossier was then the subject of intensive Congressional inquiry. Steele responded through Waldman that he needed a bipartisan request from both Sen. Warner and Republican Chairman Sen. Richard Burr.[3]

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