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Mark Warner
Senior U.S. Senator from Virginia
From: January 3, 2009 – present
Predecessor John Warner
Successor Incumbent (no successor)
69th Governor of Virginia
From: January 12, 2002 – January 14, 2006
Predecessor Jim Gilmore
Successor Tim Kaine
Party Democrat
Spouse(s) Lisa Collis
Religion Presbyterian

Mark Robert Warner (born December 15, 1954), a Democrat, is a Senator from Virginia and a former Governor. He serves as chairman and founder of Forward Together PAC. Warner is Vice-Chair of the Uniparty Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) since 2017, succeeding Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

In early July 2024, Sen. Warner led an effort among Democrats to replace Biden as the nominee for the 2024 Presidential Election.[1]

Political views

Warner is known to be a conservative or moderate Democrat. On crime he supports the death penalty and increasing penalties for illegal drugs. As governor he supported a line-item veto and the right to bear arms. Warner has stated that he supports "responsible" abortion.

Warner is an outspoken proponent of the single party police state.[2]

DNC hack narrative

No evidence has ever been presented to support the fake news narrative that Russians hacked the DNC; in fact, all evidence points to an inside job. Comey and Warner scuttled Julian Assange's efforts to present that evidence to Washington investigators.
See also: Murder of Seth Rich

Immunity negotiations for Assange

Sen. Warner engaged with Adam Waldman over Julian Assange's attempted immunity deal with the Justice Department to testify about the source of DNC emails published by Wikileaks. Assange was willing to consider concessions, like redactions or "risk mitigation."[3] This was viewed as a positive sign by the US intelligence community, if not as a means of neutralizing or stopping WikiLeaks, but at least controlling it.

Waldman wanted to see if the Senate Intelligence Committee wanted any contact with Assange. Assange was offering to prove that Russia was not WikiLeaks’ source of the DNC emails.

Comey scuttles negotiations

Warner then reached out to FBI Director Jimmy the Weasel Comey. Although the response to Assange's offer to help was positive among Department of Justice officials, Warner relayed Comey's response to Waldman: "stand down."

Waldman could not believe that Warner and Comey were sending a different message than the Department of Justice, so he went back to Deputy Asst. Attorney General David Laufman, who assured him the negotiations were still on. Laufman's response when he heard Waldman was told to "stand down" was, "That's B.S. You are not standing down and neither am I."

"The constructive, principled discussions with DOJ that occurred over nearly two months were complicated by the confusing 'stand down' message," Waldman said. The double dealing sowed distrust in Assange's camp. On April 7, 2017, Assange released Vault 7 with the specifics of some of the CIA malware used for cyber attacks. It had immediate impact: A furious U.S. government backed out of the negotiations, and CIA Director Mike Pompeo slammed WikiLeaks as a "hostile intelligence service."[4]

Vault 7 and "Russian fingerprints"

Vault 7 included disclosure of a tool called “Marble Framework,” which enabled the CIA to hack into computers, disguise who hacked in, and falsely attribute the hack to someone else by leaving so-called tell-tale signs — like Cyrillic, for example. The CIA documents also showed that the “Marble” tool had been employed in 2016.

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, which includes among our members two former Technical Directors of the National Security Agency, has repeatedly called attention to its conclusion that the DNC emails were leaked — not “hacked” by Russia or anyone else.[5]

Ex-CIA presidential briefer Ray McGovern noted the episode reveals

"a cynical decision to put U.S. intelligence agents and highly sophisticated cybertools at risk, rather than allow Assange to at least attempt to prove that Russia was not behind the DNC leak.

The greater risk to Warner and Comey apparently would have been if Assange provided evidence that Russia played no role in the 2016 leaks of DNC documents."[6]

False Russia collusion narrative

See also: Trump-Russian collusion hoax, FBI scandal, and Uranium One bribery scandal

All evidence points to Warner having authorized the illegal leak of the Carter Page FiSA warrant application. The warrant application, with the false allegation of Carter Page being an "agent of a foreign power," was leaked on March 17, 2017, less than two months after President Trump took office. It was leaked by SSCI director of security James Wolfe, on Warner's authorization, to reporter Ali Watkins of BuzzFeed. The Obama FBI and DOJ lied to the FISA court to obtain the warrant. The warrant granted authorization for electronic surveillance on Carter Page. Under the FISA Act, this granted FBI and DOJ investigators - James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok. Lisa Page, Sally Yates, Mary McCord (DOJ), James Baker (DOJ) and others, authority to spy on the entire Trump campaign, transition, and administration. The false allegations built momentum for the Trump-Russia smear.

Ex-staffer funds FusionGPS

In January 2017 Warner assumed the position of ranking Democrat of the Senate Intelligence Committee, succeeding Dianne Feinstein. As such, Warner holds a position on the Gang of Eight tasked with Congressional oversight of Executive Branch covert activities, including the Obama administration's surveillance of the Trump transition team and FISA abuse which extended well into President Trump's first year in office. A former staffer of Sen. Feinstein, Dan Jones, also left the committee at the same time as Feinstein, raised $50 million from Democratic donors, and hired FusionGPS to continue its opposition research on Donald Trump, begun by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, and used by the Obama administration to hoax the FISA court.

Warner wanted a covert meeting with Christopher Steele before testifying. An agent for a Russian oligarch tells Warner that FusionGPS's new boss is coming to him, and Warner can explain whatever he has to say to Steele to Dan Jones.

In March 2017 Warner began communicating with Adam Waldman as an intermediary for direct contact with Christopher Steele, author the Clinton-Steele dossier, which was used by the Obama Department of Justice to perpetrate fraud on the FISA court. Waldman is the registered agent for Russia oligarch Oleg Deripaska, a close personal confidant of Vladimir Putin. Deripaska was approached by Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok in late September 2016 and asked if he would help them by participating in the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.

Attempts to contact Christopher Steele

Steele was under subpeaona to the House, and Warner wanted to speak with Steele privately before testifying. Steele wanted a bipartisan letter of invitation from the Senate committee first. Waldman then responds that Dan Jones is coming to see Warner, and Warner can explain why, as a committee member tasked with conducting a national security investigation, Warner feels the necessity of tampering with a subpeaoned witness before appearing to get their stories straight.

Carter Page leak

Wolfe threatened to bring down his SSCI bosses if they didn't come to his defense.
See also: Deep State coup 1.0

FBI Washington Field Office Special Agent Brian Dugan was given a task in early 2017 to see if he could track down and identify people who were leaking information related to national security. Dugan used a Top-Secret Classified Information request by SSCI Vice-Chairman Mark Warner to begin a very specific leak investigation.

On March 17, 2017, Brian Dugan picked-up a copy of the Carter Page FISA application from the FISA Court. He personally delivered that “read and return” copy to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Security Director James Wolfe. Shortly after 4:02 pm that same day, Vice-Chairman Mark Warner reviewed the FISA in the senate “SCIF”.

It is not known if any other SSCI committee member viewed that FISA (there is a great deal of circumstantial evidence to indicate only Wolfe and Warner saw it); however, what is factually certain – is that on the same day as Wolfe and Warner reviewed the FISA, Security Director James Wolfe leaked it to journalist Ali Watkins.

Both the New York Times and Washington Post began reporting on the FISA application.

As soon as Ms. Watkins wrote an article for Buzzfeed, April 3, 2017, outlining Carter Page as “person one” in the application, Dugan knew the FISA had been leaked.

Dugan charged in the Wolfe indictment how the leak took place. The original FISA application is 83 pages with two mostly blank pages. Wolfe sent Ali Watkins 82 text messages (pictures), and later that evening had a lengthy phone call about it. Dugan put Wolfe under physical surveillance for several months as he gathered more information.

Dugan obtained enough evidence surrounding Watkins participation to gain a search warrant for her email, electronic communication and phone records. At the same time Dugan obtained the text messages between Chris Steele’s lawyer, Adam Waldman, and Vice-Chairman Mark Warner. The dates of both captures are very similar.

Mark Warner entering the SCIF to read the Carter Page FISA warrant on March 17, 2017; it was leaked to reporter Ali Watkins by the SSCI director of security, James Wolfe, hours later on instructions from his Senate bosses, adding fuel to the media frenzy that Trump was a Russian asset.

After more investigative paths were followed; and after more surveillance was conducted; eventually Wolfe was confronted. He lied three times over two dates until eventually Dugan put the direct evidence in front of him, and on December 15, 2017, Wolfe admitted to the leak. He was fired from the SSCI.

Sometime around mid-January 2018 Dugan wrapped up his investigation. However, because the Mueller team held investigative authority over everything Trump-Russia, which included the FISA application, Dugan’s entire investigative file had to transfer over to the Mueller team for review before going to the DC U.S. Attorney for a grand jury.

Dugan’s delivery of the investigative file to Main Justice (mid January ’18) was the first time the Mueller team knew of the totality of the investigation, and the issues with a trail of evidence going back to a serious SSCI compromise. The Mueller team took the Dugan file apart and began providing cover for their political allies. That’s why the Mark Warner text messages were released on February 9, 2018.

The Wolfe leak was toxic to the purpose of the Mueller team . There were also serious issues with an intelligence compromise, a national security compromise, an SSCI compromise, a gang-of-eight compromise, and a compromise between the legislative and executive branches of government. The Mueller team was in damage control mode.

Despite recommendations and normal procedures, “Top FBI leadership”, including FBI Director Chris Wray, made decisions not to do a national security damage assessment based on the identified intelligence compromises. The ramifications were rather stark. Everyone was in cover-up mode.

The transfer of the investigative file into Main Justice is how the Mueller team gained custody of the exact March 17, 2017, version of the FISA application which they released on July 21, 2018. Additionally, only nine days earlier, July 12, 2018, the Mueller team lied to the FISA court the Carter Page FISA application was adequately predicated.

Smoking gun: The SSCI (Legislative branch) colluded in Deep State coup 1.0 by leaking the Carter Page FISA application based on the bogus Steele dossier, whipping up anti-Russian hysteria.

When the Brian Dugan investigative file was returned, the evidence of the Wolfe leak was scrubbed. Wolfe was only charged with lying three times to investigators. Absent the indictment for the leak Wolfe’s lawyers knew they had leverage; they threatened to subpoena the SSCI senators (it is likely only Warner was a participant in the March 17th FISA review – so the real target of that threat was Senator Mark Warner).

After the threat DC U.S. Attorney’ Office, Jessie Liu, agreed to a plea deal with Wolfe. They dropped the three counts of lying to federal investigators down to one count while simultaneously the mainstream media ignored the story.

On December 14, 2018, WFO Special Agent Brian Dugan filed an attachment, Government Exhibit 13, to the final sentencing recommendation – and in that two page sworn statement, under penalty of perjury, SSA Brian Dugan attested to Wolfe leaking the FISA application for the final time.

The media ignored it. The cover-up was complete.

All of the direct evidence of this series of events is included in a series of public documents released over a period of about twelve months. Because the documents were released out of sequence and seemingly disconnected no-one caught on to the backstory.

This evidence was directly provided to special investigator William Aldenberg.[7]

Bald face deception

At the start of the 116th Congress. Warner told Jake Tapper of CNN that he received Gang of Eight briefings on the Trump-Russia collusion hoax in the Summer of 2016.[8] Warner did not become a member of the Gang of Eight til January 2017.

Obamagate coverup

Acting DNI Ric Grenell wrote Warner in response to his complaints over exposing the Obamagate scandal. The names included former CIA Director John Brennan, Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, former DNI chief James Clapper, former FBI Director James Comey and former Vide President Joe Biden were made public for abusing the NSA's FISA database containing personal electronic transmissions of American citizens. Grenell responded,

As you well know, the decision to declassify the names of individuals who sought to unmask the identity of General Flynn poses no risk of compromise of either sources or methods. Additionally, far from undermining the credibility of the Intelligence Community, the utmost transparency in this matter builds public trust and confidence in the Community and ensures the IC will not conceal potential abuse behind unnecessary security classification. I find it puzzling that your letter initially complains about the declassification of the identities of unmaskers, a declassification that posed no conceivable risk to sources or methods, only to then request the declassification of actual intelligence reports. Cherry picking certain documents for release, while attacking the release of others that don’t fit your political narrative, is part of the problem the American people have with Washington DC politicians. I would appreciate it if you would explain your philosophy on transparency as it appears to be based soley on political advantage.[9]

Virginia governor

In 2001, Warner campaigned for Governor of Virginia as a moderate Democrat and defeated Republican Mark Earley with 52% of the vote. Despite campaigning not to raise taxes, he raised the sales tax twice. He also increased cigarette taxes and vetoed a repeal of the death tax. Warner chaired the National Governors Association and the Southern Governors' Association. He was very popular as governor and helped Democrats gain seats in the state House and Senate, however, not enough to gain the majority.

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