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2024: A Choice Not An Echo

2024: A Choice Not An Echo is an essay analyzing the United States presidential election 2024 from the perspective of whether voters will have a genuine choice, or merely an echo of a globalist or other Establishment agenda. This essay picks up where the book A Choice Not An Echo (1964, anniversary ed. 2014) left off.

The globalist struggle occurs within both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. The struggle for control of both parties is included below.


NATO War in Ukraine

The siphoning off by globalists of hundreds of billions of dollars in the name of the NATO war in Ukraine is a top issue for the United States presidential election, 2024.

Disagreement among globalists

However, globalists oppose the attempt by the incoming Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to negotiate peace concerning the NATO war in Ukraine, and Brazil is victimized by retaliation by Germany in blocking delivery of Brazilian products to the Philippines because Lula led "Colombia, Argentina, and Chile to refuse NATO pleas to send arms to Ukraine."[1]

Gay Pride Parades

The promotion of massive gay pride parades around the world is a priority for globalism, which is rejected by Russia and many other countries. Brazil has been one of the top targets for gay parades:

  • "Sao Paulo, Brazil 2006. People attendance estimation: 2.5 million"
  • "Sao Paulo, Brazil 2016. People attendance estimation: 2.3 million"[2]


There is a perennial struggle between the globalist and the grassroots for political control. This battle has been ongoing for at least a century, dating back to before the establishment of the United Nations.

Today, the flashpoints today in this conflict are immigration, wars, energy, and promoting the homosexual agenda worldwide. Manipulation of the election process through ballot harvesting, drop-box stuffing, and intimidated early voting are a means to the end goal of having a few insiders control governments.

On one side of this conflict is Big Money: secretive billionaires who profit from world trade and cheap immigrant labor. On the other side of this conflict are everyday people, struggling to keep up with inflation, astronomical costs of private education, and unsatisfactory public schools. Couples who want to have children but young men who are unable to find good jobs.

An entrenched “Deep State” of federal bureaucrats and judges in and around Washington, D.C., all of whom have lavish pensions at the expense of the American taxpayer, are resentful of the rest of the county on which they depend. The presidential election every four years brings the possibility of a conservative populist entering D.C. and cleaning house, and many there want more power than they have.

Many globalist institutions and conferences exist. Each year there is a confab of financial globalists, World Economic Forum, in a small, heavily protected Swiss ski resort named Davos. A globalist military conference known as Munich Security Conference convened for its 59th time on February 17 to 19, 2023, as attended by top officials from the Biden Administration. Globalist institutions include the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Bank, and the North American Treaty Alliance (NATO). The European Union itself, from which Great Britain exited in 2018 in a close popular vote known as Brexit, is a globalist entity based in Brussels, Belgium.

American patriots such as Phyllis Schlafly, Pat Buchanan, and Donald Trump have long fought against globalist incursions on American sovereignty, liberty, and good jobs for American workers. Open borders are sacred to globalists, and Biden essentially opened the border between the United States and Mexico such that millions of illegal aliens have poured across since January 2021. With them are poverty, diseases, propensity to commit crimes, and lack of fidelity to American ideals. But globalists see in illegal aliens cheap labor for their multinational corporations, and future voters who can be controlled.

The United States may not be able to survive another four years of an open southern border, if Biden or another globalist were to be reelected in 2024. The population of Central America is more than half of that of the entire U.S., and the population in South America far exceeds the U.S. total.

Eventually those illegal aliens would presumably be used for ballot harvesting, whereby Democrat political operatives fill in their ballots for them by the millions and then dump those filled-in ballots into drop boxes which are commonly used in many battleground states today, such as Nevada.

The United States may not survive the systematic ballot harvesting and drop-box ballot dumping that Dems exploit to prevail in the pivotal swing states. Republicans need fair elections in order to be able to recapture the White House.

The globalists may have a plan to replace the mentally decrepit Joe Biden as the Democrat nominee next year. Instead, they want Pete Buttigieg, whom the globalists have been grooming since before 2020, and who was indoctrinated through their Rhodes Scholar program as Bill Clinton was.

Fortunately, the U.S. Constitution gives us the tools to prevent this hostile takeover of our country. The greatest authority is vested by that miraculous document in the House of Representatives, which Republicans control and where conservatives are most vocal.

By February 2023 the GOP House has launched a select committee to investigate the weaponization of government by Democrats. It should issue subpoenas immediately on every low-level county prosecutor who threatens to interfere with our national presidential election by wrongly indicting the leading Republican candidate.

Wherever the enemies of our country devise a new tactic for interfering with our liberty and prosperity, the Constitution has a way to overcome it. Republicans in the House should utilize their full array of power over the purse to cut off the funding of Leftist projects and even decline to approve an increase in the debt ceiling, if necessary.

The secret billionaires who profit from foreign trade, hedge funds, and open borders are plowing millions of dollars into achieving their mischief in state legislatures and even at the county prosecutor level. George Soros, the top political donor in the 2022 midterm elections, had previously elected many new local prosecutors who have let criminals back on our streets.

Disarming and emasculating our local police have long been a goal of the radical Left. With every new video of a death of a suspect while being taken into custody, there is a new round of negative publicity against the brave men in blue who protect us.

Reordering the Primaries

The reordering of the primaries by the Democrats, and the delayed decision about where to host their Democratic National Convention, is partly due to the struggle between the globalists and grassroots in the Democrat Party. As late as the end of February 2023 the convention host city was undecided between Chicago, New York City, and Atlanta.[3]

But the Democrat insiders already decided to reorder their primaries, such that they completely demoted the Iowa Caucuses and partially demoted New Hampshire, which for decades have been first and second in priority, and instead approved this order that seems to favor Biden over the globalist Pete Buttigieg.

Biden won the South Carolina primary by a landslide in 2020 (49% of the vote compared with second-place [[Bernie Sanders with 20%, and only 8% for Buttigieg), so the advancing of the South Carolina primary to the first position gives Biden a big boost towards renomination over Buttigieg.

  • South Carolina - Feb. 3
  • New Hampshire & Nevada - Feb. 6
  • Georgia - Feb. 13
  • Michigan - Feb. 27
  • any state beginning March 5.

"Iowa has gone first in the nominating process since 1972, while New Hampshire has held the first primary in the process since 1920."[4]

Globalist Players


NATO promotes the homosexual agenda and opposes the socially conservative laws enacted by Russia and its allies. NATO is a big supporter of gay parades in Eastern Europe.

Club for Growth

The Club for Growth is funded and controlled by globalists, and wants a globalist nominated by the GOP for president. It held its March 2023 convention in competition with CPAC where Donald Trump speaks each year. Anti-Trumpers are speaking at the globalist Club for Growth conference in Florida in March 2023.

Mitch McConnell

Sen. Mitch McConnell, for his second marriage, married into a wealthy Taiwanese family that profits immensely from globalism. McConnell himself depends on globalist support to be reelected as Republican leader in the Senate, and to try to win reelection in 2026 against an expected strong conservative challenger.

George Soros

This globalist founder of the Open Society Foundations advocacy network was by far the single biggest donor in American elections in 2023. He supports continue European support for Ukraine in the NATO war in Ukraine.

Like other liberals, Soros is an enemy of Russia and stated his hope for its defeat. He said that conservative members of the House may prevent future large transfers of funds from the United States to Ukraine for the war.

Koch network

The Koch network was started by the owners of the pro-globalist Koch Industries, a $100-billion multinational conglomerate that profits from energy production and cheap immigrant labor.

Ken Griffin


Establishment Takeover of Organizations

Beginning in 2016, the Establishment began a campaign of hostile takeovers to replace the productive founders of activist organizations, including:

Dark Money DeSantis

Dark money–affiliated donors have lined the campaign coffers of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, in an attempt to persuade him to run for the Republican nomination for president in 2024. While their campaign contributions are public information, the larger donations to PACs and other third-party organizations that spend on elections is not.

Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley announced her candidacy a few days before the release of the heavily redacted Fulton County, Georgia special purpose grand jury report against Trump and his top advisers. However, the release itself was a dud, mishitting by alleging that some lied before the bogus grand jury, and Trump never testified before them so that could not refer to Trump.

Haley's candidacy is designed to try to prevent Trump from winning by a landslide the primary in South Carolina, where Haley was once a popular governor.

Mike Pence

Mike Pence is the favorite of Christian globalists, but they are on the fringe of the liberal decisionmakers. Pence does not bring anything of political value to the table at this point.


The globalists' favorite is Pete Buttigieg, in order to advance the homosexual agenda worldwide, and promote NATO expansion to achieve that goal. He is a product of the globalists' grooming program, the non-athlete Rhodes Scholar like Bill Clinton.

Pete Buttigieg

See also Biden v. Buttigieg.

NATO and the globalists are controlled by a pro-homosexual agenda network now, and Pete Buttigieg was their first choice in 2020 but it was decided that he could not defeat Donald Trump, so the globalists went with Joe Biden then.

Buttigieg has stronger support in the Iowa caucuses (won in 2020 with 26% of the vote) than in South Carolina (only 8% in 2020 primary), so the reordering in 2024 helped Biden enormously relative to Buttigieg.

"Mayor Pete," as Buttigieg is called in recognition of his solitary elected position as a small town mayor, has a connection to the globalist icon John F. Kennedy as Bill Clinton did:

  • Bill Clinton was in a photo of him as a teenager meeting JFK at the White House.
  • Pete Buttigieg, as a teenager, was personally selected by JFK's daughter Caroline to win the JFK essay contest.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden is the puppet no one really wanted, and whom globalists could easily discard for Pete Buttigieg in 2024. In 2020, Buttigieg far outraised Biden but did poorly in the early primaries, causing globalists to turn to Biden instead.

Biden angered globalists when Biden, in a rare flash of candor, complained about how much money the U.S. was sending to Zelenskyy. Subsequently Biden got the message and made a surprise visit to Kyiv to meet the entrenched ruler there on February 20, 2023.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is a globalist who supports the NATO war in Ukraine. But Sanders is too hard for the globalists to control, and he's not really one of them as Pete Buttigieg is.

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris is an extraordinarily ineffective and unpopular vice-president, and has not attracted any support by globalists. From California, she would be a weaker candidate than its Gavin Newsom but both would have to shake the Leftist image of that state to have any chance to win nationwide.

Con Con

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