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Dark money consists of the hundreds of millions of dollars that flows secretly, from undisclosed sources, into organizations in order to influence policy and elections. The vast majority of dark money is from liberal and Deep State-type sources. George Soros has long been one of the single largest individual sources of dark money, and he funded the election of Leftist prosecutors who have weaponized the criminal justice sytem.

The case of NAACP v. Alabama in the Bull Connor-era granted anonymous protection of donors from retaliation by the state. The U.S. Supreme Court decision in Citizens United increased the influence of dark money. Phyllis Schlafly opposed the influence of dark money in politics.

OpenSecrets.org is a superb resource for trying to trace dark money influence.[1] But billionaires work overtime to hide their political spending such that much of it remains hidden.

The network of mega-donors originally formed by the Koch brothers have been an anti-Trump, America Last source of dark money on the Republican side.

Arabella Advisors is also thought by some to be a source of dark money.

Ballot initiatives

By a 4-2 vote in July 2021 -- during the Biden Administration -- "the FEC ruled ballot initiatives are not 'elections' under existing federal law, and therefore the foreign donation prohibition doesn't apply" to issues placed on state and local ballots.[2] Only a handful of states have their own bans against foreign donations to ballot initiatives.

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