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Frank R. White, Jr. was the National Vice-Chair of President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign and served as a Co-Chair for President Obama’s 2013 Inauguration Committee. White is the Founder and CEO of DuSable Capital Management, overseeing all investments, investor relations, and operations at DuSable.[1] Prior to founding DuSable, White founded and served as Chairman and CEO of Advanced Concepts, Inc., a technology company and supplier of engineering and information technology support services to the Federal Government, primarily within the U.S. Intelligence Community.

1MDB scandal

After the 2012 election, Obama's chief fundraiser was involved in the 1MDB scam, channeling money from the 1Malaysian Development Berhad to Democratic candidates through Yarus Private Equities Fund.

After the 2012 election, Obama's chief fundraiser continued raising money for Democratic candidates. Frank White and Pras Michel formed a joint venture with 1Malaysian Development Berhad (1MDB), wholly owned by the Malaysian government. The venture supposedly was to invest in green technology and solar panels, but corrupt officials of 1MDB were more interested in buying influence with the Obama administration and the Democratic party,[2] and White and Pras likewise were not interested in providing a renewable source of electricity or solving the problems of poverty for Malaysia's 30 million people.

Malaysians have a median household income of $4500, so the theft of $4.5 Billion by globalists pushing green technology and Democrats looking for foreign money to finance their campaigns cause they can't sell their ideas at home, had a devastating impact on the Malaysian people, economy, and political culture.

White and Pras got two anonymous investors to lend a half of a Trillion dollars for a a little over a two year period. They formed a joint partnership agreement with 1MDB to build a green technology solar plant. White and Pras owned 49%, 1MDB controlled 51%. White was suppose to have provided financial advice. His advice turned out to be for 1MBD to buy out his 49% for $69 million six months after the agreement was signed, without White's entities investing any of the half Trillion he borrowed.[3] Portions of the $69 million were then donated to Democrat Senate, Congressional, and Gubernatorial candidates. The $69 million Democrats stole from the people of Malaysia during the Obama presidency is only a fraction of the corrupt deals 1MDB did all over the planet. Much of the $4.5 Billion embezzled was laundered through U.S. banks, and has become the largest investigation ever under the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Act.[4]

Dark money scam

White launched DuSable Capital Management on July 16, 2013. According to its initial SEC filing the firm claimed it will focus on global investments with specific interest in Malaysia, Russia, Indonesia, Burma, Brazil, Mexico and India, [5] Shortly after its launch, DuSable raised a $505,000,000 fund called the Yurus Private Equity I, LP.

In its 26 month existence it only had one client - 1Malaysian Development Berhad (1MDB) - which lost $3.5 Billion in the interim. 1MDB paid DuSable $69 million to severe a partnership agreement that DuSable made no investment in. Some of the proceeds were donated to Democrat congressional and gubernatorial campaigns.[6]

DuSable timeline[7]

09/05/13 – DuSable is incorporated Delaware

17/06/13 – Pantoll Energy (major recipient of payments from DuSable) incorporated Delaware

26/09/13 – DuSable registers as a foreign agent citing Government of Malaysia/1MDB JV

29/09/13 – Mark Begich senate campaign receives $5,200 from DuSable

29/09/13 – Michelle Nunn senate campaign receives $5,200 from DuSable

01/10/13 – Yurus fund incorporated in Delaware by Pras Michael and Frank White

17/10/13 – Yurus announces US$505 million fund commitment by two anonymous investors

28/10/13 – DuSable receives US$506,079 payment from 1MDB

06/01/14 – $25,000 received by Terry McAuliffe Governor Campaign in Virginia

24/01/14 – Keven Strouse receives $500 for Senator campaign

01/03/14 – Don Beyer receives $500 for Senator campaign

01/03/14 – Ro Khanna receives $500 for Senator campaign

21/03/14 – Dick Durbin, Democrat whip, receives $5,200 for Senator Campaign

18/03/14 – 1MDB awarded solar project from Malaysian Government

11/04/14 – ‘Master JVA’ formed between Yurus and 1MDB

12/04/14 – ‘subsidiary’ power project launched for solar plant in Kedah

30/04/14 – DuSable registers continuing foreign agent role for Gov of Malaysia

24/09/14 – Sarawak Report cites connection between DuSable’s Frank White and Obama

02/10/14 – Joint Venture is terminated with a payment of US$69m to Yurus for 49% share

02/10/14 – DuSable registered having ‘terminated’ role as a foreign agent for Gov Malaysia

30/04/15 – DuSable enters new status with DOJ – further ventures had “not born fruit”

30/06/15 – Yurus dissolved

22/07/15 – DuSable files winding up of Yurus, profits and fees pending sale of fund assets

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