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Trumpify the GOP is a political view or movement that the United States, and the Republican Party, would be better off if Donald Trump and his positions were more fully supported.

The 2022 Republican primaries, particularly the 2022 races to watch, are the battleground. The opposition to the "Trumpify GOP" movement is the Never-Trump movement controlled by dark-money oligarchs, such as Charles Koch-associated donors. Trump has endorsed challengers to governors in Georgia, Idaho, and elsewhere, in many state and federal legislative races.[1]

Key positions

The key issues at stake are:

  1. conservative populism, and Trump's enthusiastic support of "primarying" RINOs. No other Republican has led like this.
  2. "Clean Out the Rot" of the Deep State, as Trump stated about foreign policy in his speech in South Carolina on Mar. 12, 2022.
  3. "More Trump than Trump": Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL), Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), and Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO).
  4. standing up against the liberal media, as Trump does in nearly every speech while almost no other politicians do.
  5. election integrity, as Trump emphasizes while other Republicans run from the issue or promise fake approaches to election fraud.
  6. stopping globalism, such as the mindless expansion of liberal NATO to which European countries fail to pay their dues.
  7. "Pardon as Trump Does": generous use of the Pardon Power to correct liberals' political prosecutions, in contrast with George W. Bush's refusal to pardon even courageous border patrol agents
  8. ending illegal immigration by building a Border Wall
  9. "Rein in Leftist Judges"
  10. peace through strength without warmongering
  11. defeating unfairness of transgenderism, particularly in women's sports
  12. clear, blunt and bold style, like the Trumpian Gospel
  13. "Defeating Dark Money Deception"
  14. Second Amendment, compare with RINO votes for gun control in Ukraine aid bill
  15. freedom of speech against liberal censorship by Big Tech, and standing up for Joe Rogan.
  16. opposition to political correctness and never-ending apologies.
  17. A Choice Not an Echo, and Phyllis Schlafly's observation that Trump has "fight in him."
  18. defeating Con Con (Convention of States)
  19. "Trump’s Redemption Through His Children" - emphasis on having and supporting children as redemption
  20. opposition to COVID vaccine mandates against servicemen and others
  21. discrediting the liberal-controlled professional sports leagues, particularly the NFL
  22. bellwether GOP primaries 2022 for its future, and that of our Nation.

Dark-money Republicans

Dark-money Republicans are politicians who kowtow to an undisclosed agenda of megadonors who help reelect them, or fund their ambitions for higher office. The tell-tale signs of dark-money control are:

  • support for the Convention of States to rewrite the Constitution though an Article V Convention;
  • opposition to Donald Trump, who is an impediment to the globalist dark-money agenda;
  • weak in opposing the homosexual agenda, or even not opposing it at all;
  • in the case of elected officials, large campaign funding without much genuine conservative grassroots support;
  • a tendency to grandstand; and
  • in the case of non-elected persons, dependent on dark-money-controlled foundations for funding.

Example politicians

Here some of the politicians controlled by dark-money donors having a generally globalist, anti-Trump agenda. Most of these are funded or influenced by the Koch brothers' dark money network:

Example foundations

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