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Charles Koch (born November 1, 1935) is the laughing stock of American politics, called "a total joke" by President Trump. Koch has been unable to have any real influence despite being the ninth richest person on the world.[1] He is an American businessman and one of the Koch brothers. He is co-owner, chairman of the board, and chief executive officer of Koch Industries. His late brother David Koch was Executive Vice President of the company.

Many politicians associated with Charles Koch have declined or completely failed politically afterwards. Koch then tries to find some of them a job with a think tank, but the problem is that there are not enough of think tank jobs for all the Koch-induced failures.

Charles Koch bankrolls one of the biggest promoters of transgenderism in the Midwest, Wichita State University, which even demoted a planned commencement address by Ivanka Trump in an appeasement of liberal faculty and students.[2] A Koch spokesman announced in response that Koch would continue funding the university.[2]

His business one of the biggest polluters and users of fossil fuels in the country, and after Joe Biden reportedly won the presidency, Charles Koch began criticizing Republicans whom Koch had backed. "I would see them on TV and they would be talking about policies that were antithetical against immigration, against immigration reform, against a more peaceful foreign policy. I was horrified."[3] But with the control of the U.S. Senate at stake and Koch Industries likely to lose value under new legislation if Dems gain control, Charles Koch support Republican incumbent David Perdue in Georgia's Senate runoff that was held on January 5, 2021 (Perdue lost).

“Koch congratulated President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their election victory, saying, 'I hope we all use this post-election period to find a better way forward.'”[4]

Charles Koch has been the more politically active and knowledgeable than his late brother David. For example, it was Charles, not David, who met secretly on June 23, 2017, with Mike Pence in Colorado. But Charles was older than David.

Charles is one of the funders of CATO Institute.[5]

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