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Mary McCord

Mary McCord was the Acting Assistant Attorney General – Acting Head of DOJ's National Security Division replacing John Carlin. Michael Atkinson, who manufactured the bogus hearsay whistleblower complaint form against President Trump to bring about an impeachment inquiry was her chief counsel at the DOJ-NSD before becoming Inspector General for the Intelligence Community. McCord is also a paid nonresident senior fellow with the nonprofit globalist think tank Atlantic Council,[1] funded partly by US and foreign governments.[2]

McCord accompanied Acting AG Sally Yates to see White House Counsel Bill McGahn to discuss the fraudulent evidence James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok manufactured against Michael Flynn in January 2017.

McCord announced her resignation on April 17, 2017 and left on May 11, 2017. McCord was complicit in the surveillance of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and illegal surveillance of the 2016 Trump campaign.

McCord is a guest contributor to the PBS News Hour. Sundance of the The Conservative Treehouse describes McCord as:

"the singular epicenter of every DC construct to remove Trump, including: the 2016 DOJ-NSD FISA submission, the 2017 White House coordination (Rice, Ruemmler, Monaco), the 2017 targeting of Flynn (w/ Yates), the 2018 Schiff/Nadler impeachment, the 2018 FISA Court review as an outcome of IG Michael Horowitz, the installation of ICIG Michael Atkinson, the changing of CIA rules for whistleblowing (impeachment predicate), and currently the 2023 Jack Smith investigation. Mary McCord is the binding guide. [Mary McCord’s husband was in charge of the counsel to Chief Justice John Roberts.]"[3]

McCord's husband, Sheldon Snook, is suspected of leaking the Dobbs decision, overturning Roe v. Wade, from Chief Justice John Roberts office in the Supreme Court. All conservative appointees to the Supreme Court had their home addresses doxxed and received death threats and harassment.[4]


Mary McCord is at the epicenter of all Deep State efforts to remove President Trump from power and attempting to prevent him from returning to office.[5]

  • McCord led and organized the impeachment effort, in the background, using the evidence she helped create.
  • McCord is working with Special Prosecutor Jack Smith to prosecute Trump.

FISA Court corruption

In November 2020, Judge James Boasberg of the FISA Court hired McCord as an Amicus Curiae.[6] Boasberg was aware at the time of her hiring that Mary McCord took over from former DOJ-NSD head John Carlin (October 2016); and it was McCord who guided the Carter Page FISA application through the court and across the finish-line (October 2016 and January 2017). That FISA application was built upon fraud and Mary McCord was at the center of it.

Mary McCord was also the DOJ-NSD official who went with Sally Yates to confront the White House Counsel, Don McGhan, about the Michael Flynn interview with the FBI. It was also Mary McCord who had Michael Atkinson as her chief-legal-counsel for the DOJ-NSD when the Carter Page FISA application was submitted in October 2016, and renewed in January 2017.

Michael Atkinson went from DOJ-NSD counsel to become the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG). In that new role Atkinson changed the rules to allow an anonymous CIA whistleblower (Eric Ciaramella on behalf of Alexander Vindman) to file the complaint that led to Impeachment 1.0. McCord was the lead lawyer in the Jerry Nadler led House Judiciary Committee impeachment effort.[7]

US Conference of Mayors

McCord advises the United States Mayor Conference on strategies to combat hate speech and domestic terrorism, which are theoretical—guiding the Conference to publish “10 Components,” a bottoms-up approach to oppression. These are strategies against the freedom of expression to shame and guilt slander individuals and possibly deny them of their Bill of Rights through local ordinances.

McCord’s July 2023 presentation to the Mayors’ Conference focuses on the hypothetical “hate ecosystem.”[8] She addresses the disruption of school board meetings regarding opposition to Critical Race Theory (CRT), spreading disinformation, opposition against racial justice protests, intimation of the LGBT community, extremists running for local office and taking positions as election judges and poll workers, extremists in police departments, and apprehension that a civil war may occur to create a white-ethno state. These are smears against citizens who exercise their Constitutional rights as haters and dissidents.

Predictably, there was no mention of BLM and Antifa or the millions of military-aged males crossing the open border.

Trump Lawfare Spokesperson

McCord appears frequently on the government media circuit, providing analysis and commentary advocating for Trump’s impeachment, civil cases, and the criminal case for mishandling classified documents. She publishes editorial opinion hit pieces in the New York Times and Washington Post.[9] She is also a political analyst for MSNBC.

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  7. "Mary McCord was the architect of all Trump targeting efforts. The FISA on Carter Page, the weaponization of the DOJ-NSD, the installation of Michael Atkinson as Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG), the companion to Sally Yates in the Flynn targeting, lead staff for the Schiff/Nadler impeachment effort, later appointment by FISA Presiding Judge Boasberg to be amicus to the FISC, in combination with Chief Justice John Roberts holding authority over the FISC, and the discovery that Sheldon Snook, McCord’s husband works in Robert’s office as “special assistant to Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.’s counselor. The counselor’s office advises the chief justice not only on the management and budget of the Supreme Court but also on his interactions with the executive and legislative branches, along with numerous other public roles in which Roberts serves.”