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Edward R. Gallagher is a former U.S. Navy SEAL who was falsely accused of committing war crimes, and completely exonerated despite Deep State attempts to imprison him for life. Trump helped Gallagher and they defeated the Deep State.

Allegations of war crimes

Gallagher has been accused of committing war crimes while fighting in the Middle East, with colleagues accusing him of stabbing an ISIS teenager to death and posing with the corpse.

Due process denied

Gallagher has been reportedly denied due process by authorities who detained him and was denied medical treatment and access to attorneys.[1]

Mobocratic single-out?

Many people had doubted the accusations, citing potential corruption.[2] According to Gallagher's brother Sean, the allegations were merely false smears that were perpetrated by subordinates who resented Gallagher's toughness in leadership. This has also been backed by Gallagher's wife Andrea, who asserted the "weaker mindsets" of the accusers.[3]

Liberal smears

Many liberals in addition to the media have unfairly smeared Gallagher as presumably guilty based merely on the fact that he was accused.[4][5] Gallagher's attorney Tim Parlatore announced in late December 2019 that he will sue the New York Times for their biased coverage of the accusations.[6]

Raid on Gallagher's house

After Gallagher was taken into custody, the NCIS surveilled his home for two weeks before armed officers invaded the house and dragged Gallagher's two sons out into the street at gunpoint.[7]

Corey Scott's admission

While SEAL Team medic Corey Scott had previously accused Gallagher of murdering the ISIS teenager,[8] he admitted on June 20, 2019 that he was the one who killed the ISIS fighter, not Gallagher.[9]

Intervention by Donald Trump

Gallagher was able to move to a less restrictive confinement and reunite with his family and President Donald Trump stepped in to intervene amidst the abuses by authorities.[10] He was later granted a promotion by Trump.[11]

Trial verdict

Gallagher was found innocent on six out of the seven charges although guilty for the seventh charge for posing with a dead body.[12]

Self-admitted posing with dead corpse

Gallagher admitted on February 28, 2020 that he did pose with the dead ISIS teenager out of "bad taste".[13] However, he maintained in consistency with past testimonies that he didn't kill the ISIS fighter, rather only participating in the crude humor of posing with the body and having been treated unfairly for it after being ratted out by colleagues.[14]


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