Christopher Wray

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Christopher A. Wray
Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
From: August 2, 2017 – present
Predecessor James Comey
Successor Incumbent (no successor)
Former Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division
From: September 11, 2003 – May 17, 2005
Predecessor Michael Chertoff
Successor Alice S. Fisher
Party Republican
Spouse(s) Helen Garrison Howell

Christopher Asher Wray (born December 17, 1966 (age 54)) is the 8th Director of the FBI appointed by President Donald Trump on August 2, 2017 to fill the position vacated by disgraced Obama appointee James Comey and Acting Director Andrew McCabe. McCabe later was fired and came under criminal investigation for lying under oath, and Comey was granted immunity from prosecution by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Wray has been criticized for being more interested in preserving the FBI's shattered reputation after the Obamagate domestic spying scandal than administering justice.


While the Bidens had a partnership the CEFC China Energy, which is owned by the People's Liberation Army of the People's Republic of China, CEFC sought to purchase a 14% stake in the Russian gas giant Rosneft. Christopher Wray represented Rosneft in the United States at that time. When Wray was nominated for FBI Director, CNN reported that Wray removed all references to his representation of Rosneft. Wray instructed his firm to delete all mentions of Rosneft from their website.[1]

Biden "laptop from hell"

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Wray sat on Hunter Biden's 'laptop from hell' after the FBI seized it in December 2019. The laptop contained exculpatory material of President Donald Trump, who at the time was suffering the Pelosi/Schiff impeachment sham. The laptop contained details about Wray's client, Rosneft, and its deal with the Bidens and the Chinese Communist Party. A Rosneft deal with the Bidens would violate the Magnitsky Act.[2]