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All of the major wars involving the United States in the 20th century and the 21st century by far were provoked by the deep state. When the Bushes got the United States involved in the Iraq Wars and Afghanistan, this was the first time since William McKinley that a Republican Party administration got the United States involved in major armed conflicts. Republicans Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon won two terms by pledging withdrawal from no-win wars in Korea and Vietnam, with three out of four landslide victories except for 1968.

Wars involving the United States

World War I

The Lusitania was sunk with some US passengers, but Germany said that there were illegally smuggled weapons on it, and later proven right. As for the Zimmermann Telegram to Mexico, it said "IF" the US attacks us and you help, we will help you in turn." In February Revolution, Czar Nicholas II was succeeded by Georgy Lvov and later President Alexander Kerensky. Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution by Anthony C. Sutton documents records from the US state department how the United States backed the second or October Revolution - the hijacking of Russia's democratic February Revolution by the Bolsheviks. Woodrow Wilson bribed Kerensky to stay in World War I, and even gave Leon Trotsky a passport to go to Russia. The new Bolshevik regime concluded a treaty with Germany, conceding the Ukraine to Germany. During the Russian Civil War, the foreign allies, including the United States, fought the communist Reds by sending invasion forces during land grab attempts while giving the democratic Whites little assistance (a small faction of the Whites supported restoration of the monarchy). At the Treaty of Versailles, the democratic principle of self-determination was only applied to the losers of World War I in the West, but not in Soviet Republics.

World War II

Franklin Roosevelt used the Lend-Lease Act to fund the British before using oil sanctions on Japan to trigger Pearl Harbor, as Japan had zero chance of defeating the United States, and even China, which was in a warlord period, was too large for the python to swallow, and Japan would have lost either way. There is also speculation that Roosevelt intentionally allowed Pearl Harbor to happen, and that his ultimate goal was to start a conflict with Japan in order to justify intervening in Europe. A counterargument or defense to said speculation is that the Axis could not have been defeated unless the United States got involved. That is certainly a possibility in the case of Germany (but not Japan), but what cannot be ignored is that 85% of Nazi causalities (including most before D-Day) occurred in the hands of the Soviet Army, which no doubt was emboldened by the country having suffered approximately 27 million deaths (one-third were soldiers) during the course of the war, and 60% of causalities of the Imperial Japanese Army took place at the hands of China. This is the same Soviet Union that Woodrow Wilson helped to create. And regardless of which side of that argument is correct, at the end of the day the absolute truth is that Roosevelt wanted to get involved in the war from the beginning, perhaps if not likely in the name of interests that had nothing to do with American interests or even basic morality (remember, this is the same man who had previously refused German Jews entry into the United States when it was already clear that Hitler had genocidal intentions towards them, and even based parts of the New Deal on foreign counterparts established by fascist regimes). And of course, the lack of sincere moral outrage towards the genocidal policies of the Axis countries has continued well beyond the war and even to this day, as the CIA has consistently forged covert alliances with neo-Nazi groups and in some cases unrepentant former members of the original Nazis, and during Operation Paperclip, former Nazis were brought to work for NATO and United States government departments and agencies, but their records were scrubbed so they can look clean. To this day, the United States has put little to no pressure on Japan to acknowledge its wartime crimes to the extent that Germany has, as Germany has released their records on the crimes committed during the Holocaust, and UNESCO was going to release records on Japan's war crimes in 2015 until Tokyo threatened to withhold funding.

Korean War

On January 12, 1950, President Harry Truman's Deep State Secretary of State Dean Acheson gave his carefully written "defensive perimeter" speech at the National Press Club, which communists interpreted as allowing communist North Korea to invade South Korea. Acheson's speech notably excluded South Korea (the Republic of Korea) and Taiwan (the Republic of China) from the defensive perimeter that extended from Japan’s Ryukyu Islands to the Philippines. As explained by the World Tribune:

According to Soviet eyewitness accounts made available after the Soviet Union’s collapse in the early 1990s, Acheson’s speech was rushed to Stalin’s desk for a careful study. Stalin then immediately held secret deliberations with Mao, who had been in the USSR since late December 1949, about the seemingly changed military assessment concerning Korea. [North Korea dictator Kim Il-Sung] had been begging Stalin to approve his plan to attack South Korea, only to be repeatedly rejected by him on account of an assumed American military response. But only two weeks after Acheson’s speech, as the post-Soviet Union archival releases have indicated, on January 30, 1950, Stalin finally issued a general approval for Kim Il-Sung to launch the attack on the South.[1]

Omar Bradley blamed Truman and Acheson in his memoir A General's Life, and historian Bill Shinn concurs.[2][3] During his address to the UN General Assembly, Truman said, “The men who laid down their lives for the United Nations in Korea will have a place in our memory, and in the memory of the world, forever. They died in order that the United Nations might live.” [4]

Vietnam War

After stealing the 1960 election, John F. Kennedy authorized the Bay of Pigs invasion, a failed attempt to overthrow Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Following this incident, he later told reporter James Reston, "We have trouble making our power look credible and Vietnam looks like the place to do it.” While it's debatable whether he had a change of heart on that matter between then and his assassination, what cannot be disputed is that his successor Lyndon Johnson, a total Deep State puppet, remained committed to war. Once the false-flag Gulf of Tonkin incident occurred, the mainstream media led by CBS reporter Walter Cronkite beat the drums for entering the war, only to switch sides later on when it was too late. They would later play these same games during Iraq War II.

Gulf War

On July 25, 1990, the Deep State U.S. ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, declared during discussions with Iraqi officials and amid a massive troop buildup by it on the Kuwait border that the U.S. is "inspired by the friendship and not by confrontation, does not have an opinion" on the conflict between Iraq and Kuwait. "We [the U.S.] have no opinion on the Arab–Arab conflicts," she reportedly declared to Saddam Hussein. She reportedly also told him that the U.S. did not intend "to start an economic war against Iraq." Saddam Hussein apparently construed these comments as a green light for him to invade Kuwait, which he did soon thereafter. George H.W. Bush subsequently pursued war on false pretenses, accusing Saddam of undermining the global order when his true motivations was protecting the petrodollar in preparation for his envisioned "New World Order."

With the above in mind, one cannot help but wonder whether Glaspie's baiting of Saddam was not accidental, but rather an intentional act done as a favor to Saudi Arabia, the benefactor of the petrodollar and by extension the "New World Order."

Bosnian War

During his first term as president, Bill Clinton deceived the public into believing that Serbia was committing genocide in Bosnia.[5][6][7]

Kosovo War

During his second term, Bill Clinton launched the Kosovo War after he falsely accused Serbia of genocide,[8][9] as the Clinton State Department claimed that 100,000 Kosovo Albanians were killed or missing, when the causalities was actually 11,000,[10] and later 3,000.[9] Previously, the Clinton State Department once admitted that the Kosovo Liberation Army is a terrorist organization.[11][12]

Afghan War

Bill Clinton and George W. Bush both deliberately ignored the many warnings from various foreign intelligence agencies about the threats posed by Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, and the former missed multiple opportunities to take bin Laden out before he could strike. Once 9/11 had occurred, Bush then falsely labeled the Taliban regime in Afghanistan as being the government which bore ultimate responsibility (the actual guilty party was Saudi Arabia, who Bush continued to prop up as an ally).

Iraq War

Like the first Iraq War, the second one was started on false pretenses in order to prevent Saddam Hussein (who was then trying to sell oil for Euros as opposed to dollars) from undermining the petrodollar.

Three years after the start of the war, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced Colonel Ralph Peters New Middle East Project, a continuation of the World War I Sykes-Picot Agreement, in which he admits to the title "Blood Borders".[13][14][15][16]

Libya War

As WikiLeaks showed in the Clinton emails, Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown to prevent the adoption of gold back currency. [17]

Syrian War

The Syrian War was the consequence of a failed attempt by the Barack Hussein Obama regime to overthrow Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad. Like Saddam and Gaddafi before him, Assad posed a threat to the petrodollar by supporting oil and gas pipelines that undermined Saudi dominance of the regional energy market.

US proxy wars

2022 Russian Intervention in the Ukraine

Along with the United States Department of State and George Soros, many NGOs funded the 2013-1014 Maidan coup in which neo-Nazis took over Ukraine. After engaging in human trafficking and genocidal extermination in Donbass for eight years, Russia entered the war in which it also destroyed a lot of bio warfare labs.


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