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Jake Sullivan (b. 1976) was Deputy Assistant to President Barack Obama and a Senior Policy Advisor to the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign. Sec. of Defense Chuck Hagel said Sullivan is one of Obama's
"35-year-old PhDs who love to talk, because that's the way you let everybody know how smart you are, is how much you talk."[1]

Arab Spring

Jake Sullivan[2] to Hillary Clinton: Al Qaeda is on our side.

During the Arab Spring uprisings, Sullivan emailed Clinton saying "Al Qaeda is on our side!"[3]

On September 3, 2011 Hillary Clinton directed her staff to document the case of Hillary's “brilliance” in providing leadership for the destabilization of Libya. Jake Sullivan wrote the Memorandum, "Secretary Clinton's leadership on Libya":
[Secretary Clinton] has been a critical voice on Libya in administration deliberations, at NATO, and in contact group meetings — as well as the public face of the U.S. effort in Libya. She was instrumental in securing the authorization, building the coalition, and tightening the noose around Qadhafi and his regime.[4]

A week earlier Sharia law was enshrined in the new draft Libyan Constitution,[5] and CBS News reported the indiscriminate killing of black people by US backed "Libyan rebels".[6]


After the 2016 Presidential election Sullivan took the lead along with Clinton Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri in briefing the press on the Trump-Russia collusion story.[7]

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