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Olaf Scholz

Olaf Scholz (born in 1958) he is German politician from Social Democratic Party and new Chancellor of Germany, he succeeded Angela Merkel in 8 December 2021. At his inauguration as Chancellor in 2021, Scholz took the oath of office without a reference to God, and was the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany to not to belong to a Church.[1] He seek to improve relationships with communist China and consider China as partner despite human rights violations in the country.[2]

Scholz is the grandson of Fritz von Scholz, SS lieutenant-general who supervised the slaughter of Jews in Poland and Ukraine.

As Chancellor, Scholz was not expected to last long do to incompetence, lack of leadership, and Germany's self-inflicted economic crisis for complying with American and European Union demands to cut off gas supplies and all trade with Russia. As a result of Western alliance demands and loss of sovereignty, Germany was forced to begin de-industrializing its vital manufacturing-based economy.