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Elizabeth Holmes (born in 1984) she is former businesswoman and Theranos founder. She found guilty of fraud in 2022 at a jury trial that failed to prove any harm to any patients, but merely that some wealthy, mostly private equity investors seeking a big return instead lost a few bucks. For that she was sentenced to 11 years to a prison thousands of miles away, despite having two young children.

Holmes' real "crime" was to challenge the entrenched, FDA-controlled medical establishment with an innovative approach to testing at home. For that the Deep State retaliated with a vengeance, along with the liberal media that did a 180 in switching from treating her as a hero to falsely treating her as a terrible villain. Holmes is yet another example of how the U.S. has become a police state, similar to how Turkey is run by its military.

Perfect storm of federal police state injustice

Although standard to allow a defendant to remain free pending appeals, entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes was required to report for her 11-year (!!) sentence in May 2023, prior to the completion of her appeals. She has two young children.

This is another example of overreach by the federal police state, at all levels. Leading Republicans seem frightened that they will be next for this Deep State mistreatment. Turkey, known to be run by its military state, may be more free than the U.S. at this point.

In this Holmes case, it appears to have been a perfect storm of three factors:

1. Powerful private equity investors lost a few bucks. They are vicious, greedy people. Sen. Pat Toomey voted to impeach/remove Trump in Jan. 2021, and then took a job with private equity merely weeks after his term ended two years later. Trump is hated by private equity because he tried to close their "carried interest" tax loophole, which has long been widely criticized.

2. Holmes challenged the FDA-controlled medical establishment with an innovation. That's a no-no, and many who cross the FDA-controlled Establishment have been destroyed. By getting Holmes, the powers-that-be deter all other entrepreneurs.

3. The WSJ tried to make a name for itself by publishing a series of "exposes" which probably could be run about any startup company.


Holmes was initially promoted by the liberal media as the richest "self-made woman." In 2014, Holmes was crowned by Forbes as the youngest self-made female billionaire after she became a darling of the Left. The mainstream media elevated and celebrated Holmes because they were desperately rooting for a female tech entrepreneur. The media failed to properly vet her claims that, like other self-promotion from Silicon Valley, may have been a bit inflated.[1] Mainstream media also considering her as next Steve Jobs .[2] she was known as Democratic party fundraiser, she supported Hillary Clinton and Barack H Obama on their election campaign.[3]

Profiteering by the media

Portraying Holmes as a monstrous villain was the theme of a book, “Bad Blood,” an HBO so-called documentary, “The Inventor," and even a Hulu mini-series disparagingly entitled “The Dropout.”[4]

Possibility of a Pardon

Although Dems virtually never pardon or commute the sentences of unjustly punished Republicans, it seems likely that a reelected Donald Trump would commute the grossly excessive prison sentence of Holmes, as he did for the Dem politician Rod Blagojevich.