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You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.

—Sen. Chuck Schumer[1]

You smear somebody with falsehoods and all the rest, and then you merchandise it. And then you [the press] write it, and they'll say, 'See it's reported in the press that this, this, this and this'. So they have that validation that the press reported the smear. It's called the wrap-up smear. Now I'm gonna merchandise the press' report on the smear that we made. It's a tactic... and it's self-evident.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi[2]

Deep State coup 2.0 refers to the sham "impeachment" of Donald Trump by Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff. and Jerrold Nadler to obscure revelations in the Spygate and FISA Abuse scandals. The Democrat Party, Clinton campaign, and Obama administration illegally colluded with foreign actors to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, and the FISA Court ruled the basis of the Mueller investigation was invalid.

After the failure of the Mueller investigation to depose President Donald Trump, in September 2019 Democrats manufactured evidence to begin an "impeachment inquiry". Under new House Rules adopted by Democrats in December 2018, due process rights were ignored and Republicans excluded from questioning witnesses while Articles of Impeachment were being drafted. The timing of the impeachment inquiry was to blunt information coming out regarding the fraudulent counterintelligence investigation opened up on the 2016 Trump campaign, and the Russia collusion hoax perpetrated by the Obama intelligence community in collusion with the Democratic National Committee, the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign, foreign governments and intelligence agencies to meddle in American media, public opinion, sway elections and attack American democracy.

Candidate Donald Trump had questioned why the United States was shouldering the burden of European Union defense costs while Europeans enjoyed free healthcare and Americans did not, and why China was taking over $500 billion in American wealth out of the country annually by trade deficits while American communities were being destroyed.[3] The military industrial complex and corporate globalists considered Trump a threat to their security.

The alleged "whistleblower" filed a questionable hearsay complaint in an area outside the statutory purview of the intelligence community inspector general. The same day, August 12, 2019, the Congressional Research Service (CRS), a supposedly "non-partisan" research service that provides legal analysis to committees and Members of both houses, issued an updated version of its report, The Impeachment Process in the House of Representatives.[4] "Coincidentally," six weeks later the CRS again issued a faulty report, using no statutory citations, informing Members that hearsay evidence was acceptable under the Whistleblower Act just two days before the alleged "whistleblower" complaint was received by House Intelligence Committee.

The Democrats so-called "impeachment inquiry" denied fundamental constitutional due process rights.

While the impeachment trial neared a vote, Democrats and fake news media were more obsessed with removing President Trump from office than with preparing for the CCP global pandemic which was known to be transmissible between humans. When President Trump took action to form the coronavirus Task Force and shut down travel from the epicenter of the deadly viral outbreak, Leftists called President Trump "xenophobic".


Russiagate conspiracy theorists Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff.
See also: Ukrainian collusion timeline

After the 2018 midterm elections, and in preparation for the House “impeachment” strategy, chairmen Schiff and Nadler hired Lawfare Group members to become committee staff. Schiff hired former SDNY U.S. Attorney Daniel Goldman, and Nadler hired Obama Administration lawyer Norm Eisen and criminal defense attorney Barry Berke. In a complicated series of controversial rule changes, Berke handled the public questioning of Corey Lewandowski.

The Lawfare network evidently constructed the ‘whistle-blower’ and handed it to allied CIA operative Eric Ciaramella to file as a formal IC complaint. This process is almost identical to the Fusion-GPS/Lawfare network handing the Steele Dossier to the FBI to use as the evidence for the 2016/2017 Trump-Russia hoax.


November 1999

  • 10 November. U.S.- Ukraine Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters.[5][6]


As Trump rode the escalator to announce his candidacy, polls showed Hillary Clinton's collusion with Russia over the Uranium One deal was her biggest vulnerability. Deputy Attn. Gen. Sally Yates was taking steps to ban the Inspector General from oversight of the DOJ-National Security Division and hide FISA abuse.

December 2015

Vice President Joe Biden oversaw the disbursement of $1 billion allocated by the U.S. to the new government of Ukraine. In 2014, Biden's son Hunter Biden, was appointed to the board of directors of Burisma Holdings, the largest oil and gas company in Ukraine. Hunter Biden was hired by Mykola Zlochevsky, who served as Ukraine's ecology minister in the previous administration. Hunter Biden was paid $166,000 per month. The money was split with the nephew of Whitey Bulger.

Zlochevsky came under investigation by the new administration for alleged embezzlement of $5 billion while ecology minister. The prosecutor traced payments made to Hunter Biden. Vice President Biden threatened the new Ukrainian administration to withhold $1 billion in U.S. allocated funds unless the prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden was fired.[7]

Biden bragged about having caused the firing of the Ukraine prosecutor to a CFR conference.

Biden at the Council on Foreign Relations: "‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money'...Well, [SOB], he got fired."[8]

U.S. banking records show Hunter Biden's firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC, received regular transfers — usually more than $166,000 a month — from Burisma from spring 2014 through fall 2015, during a period when Joe Biden was the main U.S. official dealing with Ukraine. Biden threatened Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko that the Obama administration would pull $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, sending Ukraine toward insolvency, if it didn't immediately fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin who was investigating his son, Hunter. Biden recounted,

"'You’re not getting the billion'. I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money'...Well, [SOB], he got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time."[9][10]

Yuriy Lutsenko, who replaced Shokin as the prosecutor looking into Burisma, said the evidence in the Burisma case he'd like to present to William Barr, particularly the vice president's intervention.

Between April 2014 and October 2015, more than $3 million was paid out by Burisma to an account linked to Biden's and Devon Archer's Rosemont Seneca firm, according to the financial records placed in a federal court file in Manhattan in another case against Archer. The bank records show that, on most months when Burisma money flowed, two wire transfers of $83,333.33 each were sent to the Rosemont Seneca–connected account on the same day. The same Rosemont Seneca–linked account typically then paid Hunter Biden one or more payments ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 each. Ukrainian prosecutors reviewed internal company documents and wanted to interview Hunter Biden and Archer about why they had received such payments, but couldn't because of Joe Biden's intervention.

On September 4, 2019, former Prosecutor General Victor Shokin made a sworn affidavit outlining Joe Biden's shakedown.[11]


January 2016

Eric Ciaramella (middle right) collusion with Ukrainian officials in a meeting at the White House, flanked by Biden security adviser Michael Carpenter and Ciaramella's NSC colleague Liz Zentos.[12]
Ciaramella/Telizhenko meeting at the White House to discuss killing the Hunter Biden investigation and reviving allegations against Paul Manafort.
The January 2016 gathering, confirmed by multiple participants and contemporaneous memos, brought some of Ukraine’s top corruption prosecutors and investigators face to face with members of former President Obama’s National Security Council (NSC), FBI, State Department and Department of Justice (DOJ)....Ukrainian participants said it didn’t take long — during the meetings and afterward — to realize the Americans’ objectives included two politically hot investigations: one that touched Vice President Joe Biden’s family and one that involved a lobbying [Manafort's] firm linked closely to then-candidate Trump.[15]
  • January. FBI initiates politically motivated money laundering and tax evasion investigation of Paul Manafort predicated on his activities as a political consultant to members of the Ukrainian government and Ukrainian politicians.[16]

May 2016

From: Chalupa, Ali

Sent: Tuesday, May 03, 2016 11:56 PM
To: Miranda, Luis
Subject: Re: You saw this, right?

A lot more coming down the pipe. I spoke to a delegation of 68 investigative journalists from Ukraine last Wednesday at the Library of Congress - the Open World Society's forum - they put me on the program to speak specifically about Paul Manafort and I invited Michael Isikoff whom I've been working with for the past few weeks and connected him to the Ukrainians. More offline tomorrow since there is a big Trump component you and Lauren need to be aware of that will hit in next few weeks and something I'm working on you should be aware of.

Since I started digging into Manafort these messages have been a daily occurrence on my yahoo account despite changing my password often:


Sent from my iPhone

On May 3, 2016, at 10:50 PM, Miranda, Luis <<>> wrote:

<>[SigDems]<><>Luis Miranda, Communications Director
Democratic National Committee

202-863-8148 -<> - @MiraLuisDC<>[17]
Attorney for Deep State informant Eric Ciaramella, Mark Zaid, tweets "coup has started."


See also: Russiagate timeline 2017 Soft coup

January 2017

February 2017

The “all hands” meeting, held about two weeks into the new administration, was attended by hundreds of NSC employees.

“They were popping off about how they were going to remove Trump from office. No joke,” said one ex-colleague, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive matters.

A military staffer detailed to the NSC, who was seated directly in front of Ciaramella and Misko during the meeting, confirmed hearing them talk about toppling Trump during their private conversation, which the source said lasted about one minute. The crowd was preparing to get up to leave the room at the time.

“After Flynn briefed [the staff] about what ‘America First’ foreign policy means, Ciaramella turned to Misko and commented, ‘We need to take him out,’ ” the staffer recalled. “And Misko replied, ‘Yeah, we need to do everything we can to take out the president.’ “

Added the military detailee, who spoke on condition of anonymity: “By ‘taking him out,’ they meant removing him from office by any means necessary. They were triggered by Trump’s and Flynn’s vision for the world. This was the first ‘all hands’ [staff meeting] where they got to see Trump’s national security team, and they were huffing and puffing throughout the briefing any time Flynn said something they didn’t like about ‘America First.’ ”

He said he also overheard Ciaramella telling Misko, referring to Trump, "We can’t let him enact this foreign policy."

July 2017

August 2017

April 2017

FISA court Judge Rosemary Collyer ruled the Obama administration's improper access of FISA data granted to contractors "seems to have been the result of deliberate decision making."[20]
Burisma Leadership Meeting With Ambassador Yovanovitch in October 2018.


Kiddie porn lawyer and Ciaramella attorney Mark Zaid brags he has obtained national security clearances for "guys with child porn issues."

January 2018

Vice President Joe Biden oversaw the disbursement of $1 billion allocated by the U.S. to the new government of Ukraine. In 2014, Biden's son Hunter Biden, was appointed to the board of directors of Burisma Holdings, the largest oil and gas company in Ukraine. Hunter Biden was hired by Mykola Zlochevsky, who served as Ukraine's ecology minister in the previous administration. Hunter Biden was paid $166,000 per month. The money was split with the nephew of Whitey Bulger.

Zlochevsky came under investigation by the new administration for alleged embezzlement of $5 billion while ecology minister. The prosecutor traced payments made to Hunter Biden. Vice President Biden threatened the new Ukrainian administration to withhold $1 billion in U.S. allocated funds unless the prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden was fired.[24]

Biden bragged about having caused the firing of the Ukraine prosecutor to a CFR conference.

U.S. banking records show Hunter Biden's firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC, received regular transfers — usually more than $166,000 a month — from Burisma from spring 2014 through fall 2015, during a period when Joe Biden was the main U.S. official dealing with Ukraine. Biden threatened Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko that the Obama administration would pull $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, sending Ukraine toward insolvency, if it didn't immediately fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin who was investigating his son, Hunter. Biden recounted,

"'You’re not getting the billion'. I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money'...Well, [SOB], he got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time."[9][25]

Yuriy Lutsenko, who replaced Shokin as the prosecutor looking into Burisma, said the evidence in the Burisma case he'd like to present to William Barr, particularly the vice president's intervention.

Between April 2014 and October 2015, more than $3 million was paid out by Burisma to an account linked to Biden's and Devon Archer's Rosemont Seneca firm, according to the financial records placed in a federal court file in Manhattan in another case against Archer. The bank records show that, on most months when Burisma money flowed, two wire transfers of $83,333.33 each were sent to the Rosemont Seneca–connected account on the same day. The same Rosemont Seneca–linked account typically then paid Hunter Biden one or more payments ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 each. Ukrainian prosecutors reviewed internal company documents and wanted to interview Hunter Biden and Archer about why they had received such payments, but couldn't because of Joe Biden's intervention.

On September 4, 2019, former Prosecutor General Victor Shokin made a sworn affidavit outlining Joe Biden's shakedown.[26]

February 2018

October 2018

December 2018

“led to interference in the electoral processes of the United States in 2016 and harmed the interests of Ukraine as a state.” [30]


February 2019

  • A nation inured to corruption is rattled by the theft of millions from the military.

March 2019

  • the U.S. embassy in Kiev had earlier pressured the Ukraine prosecutors in 2016 to drop or avoid pursuing several cases, including one involving the Soros-backed AntiCorruption Action Centre (AntAc) and two cases involving Ukraine officials who criticized Donald Trump and his campaign manager Paul Manafort.
  • Kiev embassy official George Kent wrote a letter proving Yovanovitch's meddling in Ukrainian internal affairs did indeed happen.[34] State Department officials authenticated the letter. George Kent acknowledged in this Congressional testimony he signed that letter.

April 2019

Vindman alters press release about the substance of Trump-Zelensky phone call.
  • Hunter Biden steps down from the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.
  • Ukrainian General Prosecutors office requests assistance of another agency to examine Burisma Holding's bank records of money paid to Hunter Biden.[37]
"underscored the unwavering support of the United States for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity – within its internationally recognized borders – and expressed his commitment to work together with President-elect Zelensky and the Ukrainian people to implement reforms that strengthen democracy, increase prosperity, and root out corruption."
The actual transcript of the phone call documents Trump congratulating Zelensky on his election victory and pledging to send a "very, very high level representative" to attend Zelensky's inauguration. However, it does not include Trump explicitly promising to work with Zelensky to "strengthen democracy, increase prosperity, and root out corruption" in Ukraine.[39]
  • In January 2016 the Obama White House summoned Ukrainian authorities to Washington. The meeting brought some of Ukraine’s top corruption prosecutors and investigators face to face with [Eric Ciaramella][41] and members of former President Obama’s National Security Council (NSC), FBI, State Department and Department of Justice (DOJ). Ukrainian participants said it didn’t take long to realize the Americans’ objectives included two politically hot investigations: one involving Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and one involving Paul Manafort's lobbying firm, linked closely to then-candidate Trump.
  • U.S. officials “kept talking about how important it was that all of our anti-corruption efforts be united,” said Andrii Telizhenko, then a political officer in the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington tasked with organizing the meeting.
  • Telizhenko said U.S. officials said that they had an interest in reviving a closed 2014 investigation into payments to U.S. figures from Ukraine’s Russia-backed Party of Regions. That 2014 investigation was focused on Manafort. The FBI closed the case without charging Manafort.
  • DOJ officials asking investigators from Ukraine’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) if they could help find new evidence about the Party of Regions’ payments and its dealings with Americans. “It was definitely the case that led to the charges against Manafort and the leak to U.S. media during the 2016 election,” Telizhenko said.
  • Nazar Kholodnytskyy, Ukraine’s chief anti-corruption prosecutor, said he soon saw evidence in Ukraine of political meddling in the U.S. election. Kholodnytskyy said the key evidence against Manafort — a ledger showing payments from the Party of Regions — was known to Ukrainian authorities since 2014 but was suddenly released in May 2016 by the NABU, after Manafort was named Trump’s campaign chairman: “Somebody kept this black ledger secret for two years and then showed it to the public and the U.S. media. It was extremely suspicious.” Kholodnytskyy said he explicitly instructed NABU investigators who were working with American authorities not to share the ledger with the media. “I ordered the detectives to give nothing to the mass media considering this case. Instead, they had broken my order and published themselves these one or two pages of this black ledger regarding Paul Manafort. For me it was the first call that something was going wrong and that there is some external influence in this case. And there is some other interests in this case not in the interest of the investigation and a fair trial.”
  • Kostiantyn Kulyk, deputy head of the Ukraine prosecutor general’s international affairs office, said that, shortly after Ukrainian authorities returned from the Washington meeting, there was a clear message about helping the Americans with the Party of the Regions case. “Yes, there was a lot of talking about needing help and then the ledger just appeared in public.” Kulyk said Ukrainian authorities had evidence that other Western figures, such as former Obama White House counsel Gregory Craig, also received money from Yanukovych’s party. But the Americans weren’t interested: “They just discussed Manafort. This was all and only what they wanted. Nobody else.”
  • Manafort joined Trump’s campaign on March 29, 2016, and then was promoted to campaign chairman on May 19, 2016. NABU leaked the existence of the ledgers on May 29, 2016. Later that summer, it told U.S. media the ledgers showed payments to Manafort, a revelation that forced him to resign from the Trump campaign in August 2016.
  • A Ukrainian court in December concluded NABU’s release of the ledger was an illegal attempt to influence the U.S. election. And a member of Ukraine’s parliament has released a recording of a NABU official saying the agency released the ledger to help Hillary Clinton.
  • The other case raised at the January 2016 meeting involved Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company under investigation in Ukraine for improper foreign transfers of money. At the time, Burisma allegedly was paying then-Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter as both a board member and a consultant. More than $3 million flowed from Ukraine to Rosemont Seneca, Hunter Biden and Devon Archer's firm in 2014-15, bank records show.
  • U.S. officials told the Ukrainians they would prefer that Kiev drop the Burisma probe and allow the FBI to take it over. The Ukrainians did not agree. But then Joe Biden pressured Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to fire Victor Shokin, Ukraine’s chief prosecutor in March 2016. The Burisma case was transferred to NABU, then shut down.
  • The Ukrainian Embassy in Washington confirmed that the Obama administration requested the meetings in January 2016, but embassy representatives attended only some of the sessions. "Unfortunately, the Embassy of Ukraine in Washington, D.C., was not invited to join the DOJ and other law enforcement-sector meetings."
  • Telizhenko’s claim that the DOJ reopened its Manafort probe as the 2016 election ramped up is supported by the DOJ’s own documents, including communications involving Associate Attorney General Bruce Ohr, his wife, Nellie Ohr, and ex-British spy Christopher Steele. Nellie Ohr and Steele worked in 2016 for Fusion GPS, that was hired by Clinton’s campaign and DNC to find dirt on Trump. Steele wrote the famous dossier for Fusion that the FBI used to gain a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. Nellie Ohr admitted to Congress that she routed Russia dirt on Trump from Fusion to the DOJ through her husband Bruce during the election.
  • DOJ emails show Nellie Ohr on May 30, 2016, directly alerted her husband Bruce and two DOJ prosecutors to the discovery of the “Black Ledger” files that led to Manafort’s prosecution. “Reported Trove of documents on Ukrainian Party of Regions’ Black Cashbox,” Nellie Ohr wrote to her husband and federal prosecutors Lisa Holtyn and Joseph Wheatley, attaching a news article on the announcement of NABU’s release of the documents.
  • Bruce Ohr and Steele worked on their own effort to get dirt on Manafort from a Russian oligarch, Oleg Deripaska, who had a soured business relationship with Manafort. Deripaska was “almost ready to talk” to U.S. government officials regarding the money that “Manafort stole,” Bruce Ohr wrote in notes from his conversations with Steele.
  • The efforts eventually led to a September 2016 meeting in which Andrew McCabe asked Deripaska if he could help prove Manafort was helping Trump collude with Russia. Deripaska laughed off the notion as preposterous.
  • Politico reported that the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington assisted Clinton’s campaign through Alexandra Chalupa, a DNC contractor. The Ukrainian Embassy acknowledges it got requests for assistance from Chalupa to find dirt on Manafort.
  • Trump suggested the Democratic primary is being rigged to favor Joe Biden, blaming the media for the former vice president’s front-runner status.

May 2019

July 2019

Coup plotter Mark Zaid tweets, "We will get rid of him."
  • Alexander Vindman of the White House NSC. who overheard the call, phones Eric Ciaramella at the CIA.
  • Misko and Ciaramella meet secretly afterward. Schiff lies about contacts between Ciaramella and his staff.
  • Sources say David Laufman referred Ciaramella to attorneys Andrrew Bakaj and Mark Zaid.
  • Laufman sat in on Clinton’s July 5, 2016 unrecorded FBI interview. He signed off on the wiretapping of the Trump campaign, which the Department of Justice inspector general determined was conducted under false pretenses involving doctored emails, suppression of exculpatory evidence, and other malfeasance. Laufman also represented former FBI lawyer Monica McLean, a longtime friend of Christine Blasey Ford during the Kavanaugh smear operation.

August 2019

The ICIG changed the whistleblower form to allow hearsay evidence two days before a complaint was filed.[45]

ICIG Michael Atkinson revised the Whistleblower Complaint Form to allow second hand hearsay evidence. The whistleblower complaint appears to be prepared in collusion with House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff's staff[46] and the Lawfare Group.[47] Atkinson previous was the chief counsel for John Carlin and Mary McCord (DOJ) who authored and presented the fraudulent Carter Page FISA warrant to the United States FISA court and made other false representations and abused police powers and surveillance authorities for domestic poliycal spying.

The CIA whistleblower was in collusion with House Intel Committee chairman Adam Schiff before the complaint was filed. The Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory plot to meddle in U.S. elections was hatched in the ClA in 2016 under John Brennan to aid Hillary Clinton and smear Donald Trump.

  • SSCI was complicit in the Deep State coup 1.0 attempt.
  • Coats resignation and Ratcliffe's nomination was due to the IC's non-compliance with President Trump's declassification order of May 23, 2019 to Attorney General William Barr. The declassification order put the DNI beneath the Attorney General. Coats has not complied with the order to produce documents from John Brennan's CIA exposing CIA's role in 2016 election interference and the subsequent coup plot.
  • Rod Rosenstein wants Coat's flunky, DNI deputy Sue Gordon to hold the line in stonewalling the Presidential declassification Executive Order, preventing transparency and reform.[48]
CDC shuts down U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick.[49]
Schiff staffers in Ukraine on dirt digging mission the week of August 23 to August 31, 2019.
  • Maguire comes from his current position as Director of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). The NCTC was first organized by John Brennan, and is suspected that this part of the intelligence apparatus ties directly into the 2015/2016 FISA abuse. This is laid out in the 99-page opinion from FISC Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer who also noted that none of this FISA abuse was accidental in a footnote on page 87: “deliberate decisionmaking“: This specific footnote, if declassified, would be key. Note the phrase: “([redacted] access to FBI systems was the subject of an interagency memorandum of understanding entered into [redacted])”, this sentence has the potential to expose an internal decision; withheld from congress and the FISA court by the Obama administration; that outlines a process for access and distribution of surveillance data. Note: “no notice of this practice was given to the FISC until 2016“, that is important.[52]
  • This was a weaponized surveillance and domestic political spying operation. The trail was laid down in specific detail by Judge Collyer.[53]
  • Trump tells reporters "we’re dealing with the [ SSCI ] committee and Senator Burr."[54]
  • Twitchy:‘It’s like they’re trying to get out in FRONT of something’: Timing around McCabe and Strzok’s lawsuits against govt. very telling.[55] Posturing to claim Durham indictments are political payback.
  • The complaint cites an OCCRP (Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project) report. The OCCRP report was a “joint investigation” by OCCRP and BuzzFeed News. OCCRP is a Soros Open Society Foundations funded entity.[57] BuzzFeed News published the phony Steele dossier on January 10, 2017. The complaint fails to make any mention of BuzzFeed.
  • Coincidentally, the Congressional Research Services issues The Impeachment Process in the House of Representatives.[58]
Schiff staffers colluded with Ambassador William Taylor in Ukraine four days prior to the Politico leak.

September 2019

Zaid-Schiff-Ciaramella collusion in the coup plot "in plain sight."
Deep State informant Eric Ciaramella, an alleged second-hand hearsay "whistleblower."
  • Between May 2018 and August 2019, the intelligence community secretly eliminated a requirement that whistleblowers provide direct, first-hand knowledge of alleged wrongdoings. This raises questions about the intelligence community’s behavior regarding the August submission of a whistleblower complaint against President Donald Trump. The new complaint document no longer requires potential whistleblowers who wish to have their concerns expedited to Congress to have direct, first-hand knowledge of the alleged wrongdoing that they are reporting.
  • The brand new version of the whistleblower complaint form, which was not made public until after the transcript of Trump’s July 25 phone call with the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky and the complaint addressed to Congress were made public, eliminates the first-hand knowledge requirement and allows employees to file whistleblower complaints even if they have zero direct knowledge of underlying evidence and only “heard about [wrongdoing] from others.”
  • The internal properties of the newly revised “Disclosure of Urgent Concern” form, which the intelligence community inspector general (ICIG) requires to be submitted under the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act (ICWPA), show that the document was uploaded on September 24, 2019, at 4:25 p.m., just days before the anti-Trump complaint was declassified and released to the public. The markings on the document state that it was revised in August 2019, but no specific date of revision is disclosed.
  • Zaid creates GoFundMe page for Ciaramella.[66]
  • The Federalist: Deleted Firsthand Knowledge Requirement For Whistleblowers Implicates Another Federal Agency.[68]
  • the purportedly nonpartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS) may have been weaponized to mislead members of Congress and the American people — all in the name of advancing the impeachment process against President Trump.
  • The CRS report facilitated a false impression that ultimately provided a false impetus for the current impeachment inquiry.

October 2019

President Trump announces a coup is in progress.[69]
  • Paul Sperry: The Democrat whistleblower who complained about Trump digging up dirt in Ukraine was himself helping dig up dirt in Ukraine against Trump (and Manafort) while working in the Obama White House during 2016 campaign.[77]
White Privilege: House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff {left} with longtime Schiff megadonor Ed Buck (right). Buck was finally arrested and charged after a third gay African American man overdosed on methamphetamine in his home. The first two died and Democrat prosecutors never filed any charges.[78]
  • The whistleblower is a registered Democrat & CIA analyst who was detailed before the 2016 election to the Obama White House,where he worked on the NSC's Ukraine desk & met w anti-Trump Ukrainian officials before being sent packing by the Trump NSC & becoming disgruntled.[79]
  • Schiff pressured Volker to change his story.[81] "Ambassador, you're making this much more complicated than it has to be."
  • Republicans denied participation in 9 hour testimony.
  • Republican leaders file protest with Pelosi over being locked out of the process, unable to question witnesses, and general unfairness.[82]
  • Doug Collins files Amicus brief in federal court on lack of due process in impeachment inquiry.[83]
  • Whistleblower did not disclosed to the ICIG his contacts with Schiff committee prior to filing - a felony.[85]
  • Schiff coached the whistleblower.
  • Sean Davis: Anti-Trump Whistleblower Concealed Contacts With House Democrats From Inspector General.[86]
  • Reuters: Trump orders 'substantial' cut in National Security Council staff: Bloomberg. [87]
A "letter conveying a subpoena" is not a subpoena.
  • Several years ago the architect of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber, admitted on camera the Democrats who were assembling healthcare legislation were “relying upon the stupidity of the American voter”
  • Using the House Oversight Committee as the example (because that’s the one most cited and all of the letters are formatted identically), look at the language:
  • the phrase “sent a letter conveying a subpoena“
  • That statement is not the same as ‘sent a subpoena’; the term “subpoena” literally means “under penalty“. A subpoena duces tecu, requires you to produce documents. In this example a congressional subpoena literally, and only, means: a request for the production of documents with a penalty for non-compliance.
  • Pelosi does not want to engage the judicial branch, nor does she want to give the target (President Trump) the opportunity to engage the judicial branch, ie. court. The judiciary would likely upend her House committee “official impeachment inquiry” scheme, just as D.C. District Court Chief Judge Beryl Howell recently did to Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler for “gaming the system“. Speaker Pelosi’s unilateral decree for an “official impeachment inquiry” without a House vote will not pass court review.
  • these are political subpoenas, demand letters as weapons; constructed for optimal political value, and framed to create obstruction articles of impeachment.
  • This is a carefully constructed subversion of the constitutional processes and procedures.
  • The failure to comply with a non-official subpoena (essentially a letter); for documents relating to a fake “official impeachment inquiry” (Pelosi decree); that the House specifically never intends to enforce in any court (because they would fail); results in the House committee finding of “obstruction.” An enhancement for their impeachment articles.
  • See: Lawfare: The Watergate ‘Road Map’ and the Coming Mueller Report, September 14, 2018.
  • In 2018 [The Conservative Treehouse] noted the significant House rule changes constructed by Nancy Pelosi for the 116th congress seemed specifically geared toward impeachment. That impeachment plan was made at the same time as the “Lawfare Obstruction Roadmap” was drawn up. With the framework of the current effort, those changed rules are now being used to subvert historic processes and construct the articles of impeachment. Without a vote to initiate an impeachment inquiry, the articles of impeachment can now be drawn up in committee without any participation by the minority;[89] and without any input from the executive branch.
  • Transcript of October 5, 2019 closed door ICIG shows collusion between ICIG and Chairman Schiff on whistleblower complaint;
  • Schiff should recuse and be put under oat as he himself is now a fact witness.
  • Impeachment inquiry run behind closed doors by House Intel Committee rather the committee of jurisdiction, the House Judiciary Committee.[91]
  • Pelosi is intentionally using non-jurisdictional committees because she is manipulating the process. It’s the same reason why the House Intelligence, House Foreign Affairs and House Oversight committees cannot legally send out “Impeachment-based Subpoenas“; they have no impeachment jurisdiction.
  • The “impeachment” subpoenas’ are not technically subpoenas because the basis for the requests, impeachment, is not within the jurisdiction of either committee. So the committees are sending out demand letters, calling them subpoenas (media complies with the narrative), and hoping the electorate do not catch on to the scheme.
  • Lindsey Graham Says Whistleblowers Will Have No Anonymity And Adam Schiff Will Be A Witness In Any Impeachment Trial.[92]
The claim is fraudulent; (A) the House of Representatives has not voted on an impeachment inquiry; (B) the Committee on Oversight and Reform is not the committee of jurisdiction in an impeachment inquiry.
  • Chairman Adam Schiff, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence; Chairman Elijah E. Cummings, Committee on White House Oversight; Chairman Eliot L. Engel, House Committee on Foreign Affairs, continue sending carefully worded letters under the guise of ‘subpoenas’.
  • in these latest versions they are modifying: (#1) now they actually include attachments that would be “subpoenas”; yet they shift language to ‘subpoena schedules’. Why? Because (#2) the letters and subpoenas omit any penalty for non-compliance. They cannot assign a penalty because the letters do not carry judicial authority.
  • a congressional committee must meet three requirements for their investigative subpoenas to be “legally sufficient” or have “judicial authority”; meaning a subpoena that carries a legal penalty for non-compliance.
  • First: “the committee’s investigation of the broad subject area must be authorized by its chamber;
  • Second: “the investigation must pursue “a valid legislative purpose” but does not need to involve legislation and does not need to specify the ultimate intent of Congress;
  • Third: the specific inquiries must be pertinent to the subject matter area that has been authorized for investigation.
  • These “subpoenas” from the committees do not meet the first hurdle. The “impeachment inquiry” was not authorized by its chamber. The chamber for each committee is the full house of representatives. [Again, there are constitutional processes within impeachment.]
  • KEY POINT – Remember, the Legislative committee intent is to pierce the constitutional firewall that creates a distinct separation of powers; and the Legislative branch is trying to force documents from the Executive branch, overriding executive privilege. This is a constitutional issue.
  • A demand letter only becomes a subpoena, technically meaning: ‘a request for the production of documents with a penalty for non-compliance’, when the committee has judicial authority. Absent judicial authority, all of these “subpoenas” are simply “letters”.
  • the letters are from Oversight, Intel and Foreign Affairs. Those three committees are outside the jurisdiction of the committee that holds power to write articles of impeachment, the House Judiciary Committee (Chairman Jerry Nadler). As lawyer Ristvan noted:
  • It is well established that the House has subpoena powers concerning legislative oversight. But that power is limited to matters concerning A1§8. Neither foreign policy (Ukraine call) nor impeachment have any nexus to A1§8. Such subpoenas do not abrogate executive privilege.
  • It is established (SCOTUS concerning Nixon impeachment investigation) that IF the House votes to have the Judiciary committee formally conduct an impeachment investigation, then that committee (only) has subpoena power, and that power CAN pierce thru executive privilege. No such vote has been taken.
Coup operatives Barry Berke (left) and Norm Eisen (right).
  • In essence, Schiff, Cummings and Engel are on a non-constitutional, non-authorized (by chamber) partisan fishing expedition – given the label “official impeachment inquiry” via a non-constitutional unilateral decree by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi (Speaker), Schiff (Intel), Cummings (Oversight), and Engel (Foreign Affairs) are attempting to use non-jurisdictional committees (no authority within the impeachment process) to gain evidence to relay to the committee that would have impeachment authority, the House Judiciary Committee. Presumably once their assembled information arrives at the Judiciary, Jerry Nadler’s Lawfare staff will write articles of impeachment. This is the process they are following; however, this partisan approach completely cuts-out the rights of the minority (republicans) and the impeachment due process rights of the executive. Pelosi appears to be waiting until all of the assembled evidence arrives at the Judiciary Committee before she will call for a full house vote to authorize the impeachment investigation. Again, manipulating the process.
  • In the interim, none of these demand letters carry any penalty for non-compliance because Pelosi’s crew doesn’t want to engage the court system. In these latest letters they have retracted the ¹prior threats (example below) to use non-compliance as “evidence of obstruction” because it’s likely any “obstruction articles” would be easily challenged in court on the basis the underlying subpoena lacked judicial authority.
  • Sean Davis: Intel Community IG Stonewalling Congress On Backdated Whistleblower Rule Changes.[94]
  • Michael Atkinson, the inspector general for U.S. intelligence agencies, acknowledged that his office secretly changed key whistleblower forms and rules in September, but refused to explain to lawmakers why those changes were backdated to August.
  • James Clapper: Obama Ordered Us to Start the Witch Hunt.[95]
  • Millenial Millie: Democrats Plan Mass Civil Unrest To Overthrow Trump.[96]
  • House Judiciary Committee & DOJ lawyers appear for a hearing in the Democrats’ lawsuit to get Robert Mueller’s grand jury materials as part of their impeachment inquiry.[98]
  • Perry Apelbaum, Norm Eisen & Barry Berke present.
  • the strategy also leaves open questions about the inquiry’s legitimacy.
  • Sean Davis: Sen. Tom Cotton Unloads On Intel Community Inspector General: ‘Evasive, ‘Insolent,’ And ‘Obstructive’.[100]
  • The Federalist: Anti-Trump Whistleblower Attorney Worked Directly For James Clapper.[101]
Another day, another phoney subpoena.
  • Epoch Times: Whistleblower Misled Inspector General About Engaging With House Democrats.[103]
  • The Federalist: Anti-Trump alleged "whistleblower" attorney threatened to use his clients’ intelligence capabilities to dox a random Twitter user who irritated him.[104]
  • WSJ: Game Over – Fake Whistleblower Lawyers Retreat From Testimonial Appearance.[105]
  • Lawyers for the CIA officer whose whistleblower complaint helped ignite an impeachment inquiry into President Trump have asked Congress whether their client could submit testimony in writing instead of appearing in person, according to people familiar with the matter.
  • The request reflects concerns about whether the whistleblower could testify to Democrats and Republicans without revealing his identity, and fears that doing so would lead to it being publicly leaked, jeopardizing his personal safety. The intelligence committees haven’t yet responded to the inquiry about potential written testimony, the people said.
  • Seb Gorka - Marie Yovanovitch Ran Anti Trump Pro Biden "War Room"
  • Disgraced Pro Biden/Obama Ambassador Yovanavitch directed elements within the State Dept to conduct a monitoring mission that targeted U.S. Citizens. @JudicialWatch pursuing documents via FOIA #WhistleblowerHoax.[108]
  • Matt Tiabbi: We're in a permanent coup.[109]
  • H.R. McMaster Brought a Mole into the White House.[111]
  • National Security Council Gutted As Establishment Loyalists Undermine Trump.[112]
  • the FBI* failed to keep adequate records, as required by law.
  • “Since April 2017 [while Trump was staffing the new administration], the government has reported a large number of FBI queries that were not reasonably likely to return foreign-intelligence intonation or evidence of crime. In a number of cases, a single improper decision or assessment resulted in the use of query terms corresponding to a large number of individuals, including U.S. persons.”
  • On December 1, 2017 [during the Mueller probe], an element of the FBI (name redacted) “also conducted over 6,800 queries using the Social Security Numbers of individuals.”
  • “The Court has not heard from the personnel who conducted those non-compliant queries and is not well positioned to assess what courses of action they would have taken if they had been obligated to state in writing why they thought the queries were justified.”
  • Sean Davis: Democracy Dies In Darkness: Adam Schiff Just Banned A GOP Lawmaker From Attending Key Ukrainegate Deposition.[114]
  • Rep. Matt Gaetz ejected from closed door sham "impeachment" hearing.[115]
  • Gaetz is a member of the House Judiciary Committee, the committee of jurisdiction in any impeachment inquiry.
  • Judicial Watch Reveals Surveillance Targets Requested by U.S. Ambassador Yovanovitch and State Department – But Bigger Question is Missing.[116]
“This is not an obscure rule, everyone in public diplomacy or public affairs knows they can’t make lists and monitor U.S. citizens unless there is a major national security reason,” according to a senior State Department official. If the illicit operation occurred, it seems to indicate a clear political bias against the president and his supporters.
Yovanovitch, a career diplomat who has also led American embassies in Kyrgyzstan and Armenia, was appointed ambassador to Ukraine by Obama in 2016. She was recalled by the State Department in May [2019] and remains a State Department employee in Washington D.C.
  • Max Blumenthal: Atlantic Council Raked in Funding from Hunter Biden’s Corruption-Stained Ukrainian Employer While Courting His VP Father.[117]
  • Project Veritas exposes CNN's impeachment drive.[118]
  • PART 1: CNN Insider Blows Whistle on Network President Jeff Zucker’s Personal Vendetta Against POTUS.
  • Zucker has a personal vendetta against President Trump.
  • A judicial penalty can only be created if the House votes to authorize an impeachment inquiry. Absent a vote, the Legislative Branch has not established compulsion authority (aka judicial enforcement authority), as they attempt to work through their quasi-constitutional “impeachment inquiry” process.
  • Instead of subpoenas, Adam Schiff (House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence); Chairman Elijah E. Cummings (Committee on White House Oversight); and Chairman Eliot L. Engel (House Committee on Foreign Affairs) can only send out request letters. The compliance is discretionary based on the ideology of the recipient.
  • the media has been entirely compliant in not explaining the fraudulent basis for the construct.
  • Adam Schiff has to hide his hearings because the foundation of the impeachment fraud is to create a public impression. There is no structural impeachment process or guideline being followed. The committee leadership are using the closed door hearings to leak information to the media to create the needed narrative.
  • A legislative “letter” or demand request needs to carry judicial enforcement authority –A PENALTY– in order to be a “subpoena”. There is no penalty that can be associated with these demands because the Legislative Branch has not established compulsion authority (aka judicial enforcement authority).
  • Alleged ‘whistleblower’ has a right to protection, but no right to anonymity.[120]
Democracy Dies in Darkness.png
  • Dems Change Impeachment Rules AGAIN – Closed-Door Interviews Now Considered ‘Depositions’ to Limit One Attorney Asking Questions Per Round.[121]
  • 135 House Members call for censuring the conduct of HPSCI chairman Adam Schiff.[122]
  • Gohmert discusses Democrats abuse of process.[123]
  • Sean Davis: Senators Blast Intel Community IG For Continuing To Stonewall Congress On Whistleblower Rule Changes.[125]
  • Adam Schiff Pressured Witness To Change His Story And Accuse Trump Of Pressuring Ukraine.[126]
  • Tom Fitton: former Ukrainian ambassador Marie Yovanovitch was building an "enemies list" by "monitoring the president's lawyer and his son."[127]
  • Rep. Andy Biggs kicked out of Adam Schiff's secret star chamber.[128]
  • Dem Impeachment Witness Craps Out on Biden Crime Family – Says Joe Biden Was Warned in 2015 of Hunter’s Illicit Dealings But Scoffed.[131]
  • Impeachment Witness Says He Tried To Warn About Ukraine Influence — With Biden.[132]
  • Mollie Hemingway: Adam Schiff Flip-Flopped On Whistleblower Testimony After Reports Of Coordination.[133]
  • Event 201, an invitation only gathering of globalist-socialists elites in New York City called to simulate a global pandemic sponsored by Bill Gates.[134]
  • Schiff Team In Ukraine Met with His Star Witness Taylor – The Former Ukrainian PM Connected to Biden, Hillary and Mueller.[139]
  • Steve Bannon: Trump will be impeached in next 6 weeks and Hillary will run again.[140]
  • Kamala Harris gets stumped on question of what laws were broken: ‘Well, I, I, I don’t know…’.[141]
  • Kennedy: House Dems are telling Americans ‘you’re stupid, we’re smart,’ but they’re not buying it.[142]
  • Pelosi issues Fact Sheet claiming investigation of Democrat 2016 political corruption is grounds for impeachment.[144]
  • Ratcliffe destroyed Bill Taylor's testimony;[146] Taylor is rumored to be a Russian asset.
  • Schiff Lines-Up Depositions from Current and Former NSC Staff who Disagree with Trump Foreign Policy to Prove Merit of Impeachment.[149]
  • The arc of the current impeachment plan is to remove President Trump from office because he is not permitting the Bush, Clinton-Clinton, Bush-Bush, Obama-Obama foreign policy to continue. All career bureaucrats who have advised and constructed U.S. foreign policy for maximum influence & financial gain are now fuel for impeachment.
  • It would not be surprising for articles of impeachment to be framed around President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Treaty, Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and elimination of the Iran nuclear weapons agreement.
  • For Pelosi, Schiff, Democrats and the UniParty republicans to be any more transparent in their agenda they would need to change the impeachment verbiage to “official swamp industry advocacy committee”, and register as lobbyists for the world under FARA.
  • Senator Lindsey Graham Introduces Resolution Condemning Pelosi/Schiff “Star-Chamber” Impeachment Fiasco.[150]
  • 46 Republican Senators supporting the Graham-McConnell resolution: 1.Graham 2.McConnell 3.Grassley 4.Thune 5.Blunt 6.Shelby 7.Inhofe 8.Roberts 9.Crapo 10.Cornyn 11.Burr 12.Barrasso 13.Wicker 14.Risch 15.Boozman 16.Moran 17.Toomey 18.Rubio 19.Paul 20.Hoeven 21.Lee 22.Johnson 23.Scott (SC) 24.Fischer 25.Cruz 26.Capito 27.Cassidy 28.Lankford 29.Cotton 30.Daines 31.Perdue 32.Ernst 33.Tillis 34.Rounds 35.Sasse 36.Young 37.Kennedy 38.Hyde-Smith 39.Blackburn 40.Cramer 41.McSally 42.Braun 43.Hawley 44.Scott (FL) 45.Portman and 46.Sullivan.[151]
  • Trump Hoses Pelosi Over Impeachment Excrement While Her Home District Of San Francisco Is Literally Covered In Caca.[154]
Jerry Nadler and Speaker Pelosi.[155]
  • Dick Morris: The Deep State Is Framing Trump on Ukraine.[157]
  • Pelosi bringing "Not an Impeachment Resolution" to House floor for vote.[158]
  • Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and Lawfare are attempting to create “judicial enforcement authority” without having an actual and constitutional vote to authorize an official “impeachment investigation”.
  • The House resolution is to expand the authority within the rules to create the impression of a full House impeachment investigation, without actually having a House “impeachment investigation” vote, because that would open-up rights to the minority and rights to the executive.
  • the Legislative branch is trying to force documents from the Executive branch, overriding executive privilege. This is a constitutional issue.
  • "SCHIFF IS A CRIMINAL" President Trump Goes After Democrats on Impeachment Investigation.[159]
  • Russia's Ministry Of Defence Casts Doubt On US Version of ISIS Boss Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's Death.[160]
Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman swore under oath that he gave instructions countermanding the President's policies. The Joint Chiefs of Staff have not disciplined Vindman.
  • Records show Vindman had numerous contacts with registered foreign agents, while a member of the National Security Council.[162]
  • Additionally, it is highly likely Vindman leaked the content of presidential phone calls illegally while he was a member of the National Security Council; which explains why Adam Schiff would not permit Vindman to answer questions about who he talked to.
  • The New York Times is reporting that Vindman attempted to manipulate the CIA transcripts of President Trump’s call with Ukraine President Zelenskyy to meet Vindman’s ideological interpretations.
  • DC Circuit Court of Appeals has issued an emergency stay blocking the release of the Mueller grand jury materials to the House Judiciary Committee.
  • Washington Examiner: New poll poses serious questions about Democrats' impeachment drive.[163]
Democrat operative Alexandra Chalupa (left) Deep State informant Eric Ciarmella (right).[165] Chalupa was paid by the DNC to dig up dirt on Paul Manfort from a foreign government. Ciarmella is a NeverTrumper and Obama holdover who colluded with Adam Schiff to overturn an election, due process rights, American democracy, and the Constitution.
  • Federal documents reveal that the 33-year-old Ciaramella, a registered Democrat held over from the Obama White House, previously worked with former Vice President Joe Biden and former CIA Director John Brennan, a vocal critic of Trump who helped initiate the Russia “collusion” investigation of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.
  • Ciaramella (pronounced char-a-MEL-ah) left his National Security Council posting in the White House’s West Wing in mid-2017 amid concerns about negative leaks to the media. He has since returned to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.
  • “He was accused of working against Trump and leaking against Trump.”
  • Ciaramella huddled for “guidance” with the staff of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, including former colleagues also held over from the Obama era whom Schiff’s office had recently recruited from the NSC. (Schiff is the lead prosecutor in the impeachment inquiry.)
  • Ciaramella worked with a Democratic National Committee operative who dug up dirt on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, inviting her into the White House for meetings, former White House colleagues said. The operative, Alexandra Chalupa, a Ukrainian-American who supported Hillary Clinton, led an effort to link the Republican campaign to the Russian government. “He knows her. He had her in the White House."
  • MSNBC Cuts Off Jim Jordan Just As He Starts To Talk About The Whistleblower.[166]
  • Corrupt Obama Judge Denies Emergency Stay Blocking Release of Secret Grand Jury Material in Mueller’s Report to House Dems.[167]
  • Lee Smith Discusses Impeachment and Connection to Ongoing Swamp Defense Efforts.[168]
  • Adam Mill: Democrats Retreat From Subpoenas To Schedule Impeachment Vote.[169]
  • Democrats are now abandoning any effort to seek court enforcement of past subpoenas issued under Rep. Adam Schiff’s Ukraine charade
  • six weeks into the Ukraine impeachment farce, Democrats find themselves maneuvering into a “strategic repositioning” (translation: “retreat”). One of the “main talking points to rebut impeachment,” as the Washington Post characterized it, is that the “House Democrats’ inquiry isn’t legitimate because the members didn’t vote to start one.” A “talking point” is what corporate media calls an argument for which it has no ready response.
  • Tom Brokaw: Dems don’t have the goods, impeachment votes start falling off.[170]
  • the objective of the Lawfare group, via the impeachment managers, will center around modifications to Senate Impeachment Rules and the use of a Senatorial Trial Panel.
  • The senate rules on impeachment processes can be changed and modified. Additionally there is nothing in the constitution that requires an established number of senators to sit or convict during the trial [Constitution, Article 1, Sec 3]:
  • The Democrats will argue their 2020 candidates cannot spend all this time on a Senate trial…. the media will be sympathetic….. Because the constitution is ambiguous to the construct…. and intentionally differential to the size of the Senate…. the democrat approach will be to empanel a bipartisan jury of an unknown number of Senators to sit for the trial “under oath and affirmation.”
  • There is nothing in the constitution that would stop the Senate from assembling a jury of X republican senators and X democrat senators. It would then require “two-thirds” or sixteen for a conviction.
Republican Whip Steve Scalise protests Democrats' unconstitutional Soviet-style impeachment process. Democrats assigned an "inquiry" to a committee without jurisdiction that disallowed the right to counsel, confront one's accusers, cross-examination, submit evidence, and call witnessess. Democrats colluded with witnesses before testifying and witnesses perjured themselves.[172]
  • Ethics complaint filed against Adam Schiff.
  • Adam Schiff Coached Alexander Vindman Throughout Impeachment Testimony:.[173]
  • PBS New Hour: Adam Schiff is not an independent counsel.[174]
  • Washington Examiner: ‘Thank God for the deep state’: Former CIA chief says anti-Trump forces ‘responding to a higher call’.[175]
  • "these are people who are doing their duty or responding to a higher call;"[176] Lt. Col. Vindman testified, "I hold at my level sub-PCCs, Deputy Assistant Secretary level. PCCs are my boss."
  • New York Sun: Sordid Ruse Is All That’s Left Of Impeachment.[177]
  • Vindman Tied to Ukrainian Arms Dealers, Ukrainian Oil and Gas and the Atlantic Council.[178]
  • Scalise Accuses Pelosi & Schiff of “SOVIET-STYLE” Impeachment Proceedings.[179]

November 2019

  • McCaul: Yes, Schiff And Staff Are Complicit.[181]
  • Vindman Reprimanded Him for Inappropriate and Partisan Behavior in Military.[182]
  • Impeachment Inquiry Focuses on Two White House Lawyers Who Helped Secure Trump’s Phone Call.[183]
  • Ciaramella Said Nothing as His Pal Joe Biden Allowed Millions to Flow to His Son Hunter.[184]
  • According to the Gateway Pundit, “Colonel Vindman may have violated the federal leaking statute 18 USC 798 when he leaked the president’s classified call to several other operatives.”
  • Anton Gerashchenko, Ukraine’s Deputy Interior Minister threatened president-elect Donald Trump that he would put him on his Myrotvorets “Peacemaker” site as a target.[187] This is Ukraine’s clearinghouse for hit-for-hire bounties. Because it was heavily publicized, Gerashchenko edited the post after the fact.
  • As the in-house expert, Vindman would have known this and yet he still conducted himself in the service of Ukraine. In Vindman’s world view it must be acceptable behavior for a foreign government official to threaten his own country’s Commander-in-Chief.
  • “In the Spring of 2019, I became aware of outside influencers promoting a false narrative of Ukraine inconsistent with the consensus views of the interagency. This narrative was harmful to U.S. government policy. While my interagency colleagues and I were becoming increasingly optimistic on Ukraine’s prospects, this alternative narrative undermined U.S. government efforts to expand cooperation with Ukraine.-Vindman
  • What false narrative was Vindman talking about? It was the fact there was no Russian aggression, assaults or invasions going on. Where did this “false narrative” originate?
  • November 6th, 2015 In an interview with Hromadske TV, Markian Lubkivsky, the adviser to the head of the SBU (the Ukrainian version of the CIA) stated there are NO RUSSIAN TROOPS ON UKRANIAN SOIL! This unexpected announcement came as he fumbled with reporters’ questions on the subject. According to his statement, he said the SBU counted about 5000 Russian nationals, but not Russian soldiers in Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples Republics.
  • During a briefing with General Muzenko he announced that “To date, we have only the involvement of some members of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and Russian citizens that are part of illegal armed groups involved in the fighting. We are not fighting with the regular Russian Army. We have enough forces and means in order to inflict a final defeat even with illegal armed formation present. “– Ukrainian Armed Forces Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Muzenko said.
  • Is Russia About to Invade Ukraine? UkraineAlert by Alexander J. Motyl published at the Atlantic Council December 13, 2018
  • These are primary sources that LTC (Lieutenant Colonel) Vindman and the Wall Street Journal’s Pulitzer Prize winner Scott Shane call conspiracy theorists. The Ukrainian government from Torchinov to Poroshenko to Zelenskiy has kept Russia as their primary trade partner this entire time. This is a bit unusual for a country that says another is committing aggression against it. Furthermore, where are the international court cases if this is happening?
  • If the White House Ukraine expert isn’t fact-checking, what is he basing his position on? Hate, just pure unadulterated hate.
  • The Diaspora’s hatred for Russia is hardwired into their culture in America. It was here the concept was fleshed out, not in Ukraine.
  • OUNb Bandera lead the Ukrainian-American Diaspora, the politics of hate is what drives them, nothing else.
  • According to LTC Jim Hickman who served on a combined US-Russian exercise with Vindman, “At that point, I verbally reprimanded him for his actions, & I’ll leave it at that, so as not to be unprofessional myself. The bottom-line is LTC Vindman was a partisan Democrat at least as far back as 2012. So much so, junior officers & soldiers felt uncomfortable around him. This is not your professional, field-grade officer, who has the character & integrity to do the right thing. Do not let the uniform fool you…he is a political activist in uniform. I pray our nation will drop this hate, vitriol & division, & unite as our founding fathers intended!”[188]
  • Ukraine can’t realize Vindman’s dream of a vibrant democracy because Ukraine has a nationalism built on Italian fascist philosopher Julius Evola.
  • For a background this shows what’s going on in Ukrainian politics in 2019.[189]
  • The Ukrainian Diaspora openly claims not just the violent legacy of Stepan Bandera but also the mantle and mandate to attack anything they see threatening their power in Ukraine and influence on the US government. LTC Vindman is part of this culture.
  • Why are Ukrainian-Americans at the forefront of every attempt to impeach Donald Trump as well as the deep-state coup going on? Today, Donald Trump is threatening to remove this rancid influence from American politics.
  • In 1936 the OUN publication, The Nationalist, stated its position pretty clearly about the United States to the native groups that revolved around the UCCA [Ukrainian Congress Committee of America] after the war as well as the position they deserved in society:
“Nationalism is the love of country and the willingness to sacrifice for her…A person brought up as a Ukrainian Nationalist will make a one hundred percent better AMERICAN CITIZEN than one who is not.
Was it Nazis or Fascism that guided Washington, Lincoln, or other statesmen to make the U.S. a world power? Or was it American Nationalism?”
“For example, archival documents show that the U.S. Secret Service, the FBI, the State Department, a special intelligence unit created by U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and other agencies investigated in 1940-1942 an involvement of OUN and specifically, OUN-B, members, leaders, and sympathizers in a Nazi-led plot to assassinate President Roosevelt.”[190]
  • As you can see, they haven’t changed methods or politics since the 1930s. If they don’t like a US president, they try to get rid of him or her in the most convenient way possible. Their issue with Roosevelt is he would never accept Nationalism. Today, they still call the Democrat president Roosevelt, a socialist.
  • But, how far across Ukrainian-American society does this go?
  • “I do care about social and economic issues affecting every American, but given the war in Ukraine, there is only one issue that we as Ukrainian Americans must focus on: Ukraine… The Central and East European Coalition is a coalition of U.S.-based organizations that represent their countries of heritage, a voting group of over 20 million people…A vote for Trump is a vote against Ukraine!…The upcoming presidential election will be the most important election in which Ukrainian Americans will participate. We can make a difference with deeds not words. Anybody but Trump!- Ukrainian Weekly[191]
  • This linked series documents how the Diaspora does it and the impact they have. This article shows why Donald Trump won the 2016 election. If the Democrats are successful removing the Electoral College, the actual vote will be determined by 15 cities. Your vote, win or lose, no longer counts if you don’t live in one of them. This is the reason all the Diasporas are strategically located for political impact.
  • The history and involvement of Alexandra and Andrea Chalupa in both the 2014 Ukraine coup and the election hacking, as well as Russian interference stories, is well known. These two Ukrainian Diaspora sisters are the originators of the impeachment movement of Donald Trump which started just after he declared victory in 2016. Inside the above links, we have another 20 million Diaspora people who think the same way politically and socially.
  • Although this goes beyond partisan lines in Congress, the Democratic Party is overflowing with Diaspora operatives today. Adam Parkhomenko is a great example of this. He describes himself as Democratic Strategist, Consultant, Political Adviser. Dad. Ukrainian-American. Whatever order, son Cameron’s my life.
  • Parkhomenko works with the DNC, Atlantic Council groups, and other groups trying to illegally overthrow the presidency.
  • Even after Vindman’s family emigrated to Little Odessa in the 1970s, the Ukrainian Diaspora were known as political animals, or to be kind, the activists-activist. They still are today. Not content with the American civic experience, they showed how much they are willing to tilt the table during election 2016.
  • Vindman reported no crimes that were committed by the sitting President he is trying to impeach. He only said he felt bad for Ukraine.
  • CTH: Marie Yovanovitch Transcript a Case Study in Narrative Construction.[192]
  • Alan Dershowitz: Weaponizing Impeachment against Political Opponents.[193]
  • Biden lied - Burisma pressed State Department to end corruption allegations one month before Joe Biden forced firing of prosecutor.[194][195][196][197]
  • A consulting firm hired by Burisma Group mentioned that former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s son served on the Ukrainian gas company’s board so the firm could leverage a meeting with the State Department, according to documents and a former U.S. official.
  • The documents—email exchanges between State Department staff members made public this week—show that the consulting firm, Washington-based Blue Star Strategies, used Hunter Biden’s name in a request for a State Department meeting and then mentioned him again during the meeting as part of an effort to improve Burisma’s image in Washington.
  • Biden was appointed to the Burisma board in 2014, when the company and its owner faced allegations of corruption, and he remained there until April 2019.
  • Elizabeth Vos: It’s the DNC, Stupid: Democratic Party, Not Russia, Has Delegitimized the Democratic Process.[199]
  • Chris Farrell: A Corrupt Resolution's Damning Consequences.[200]
  • Gingrich calls on Adam Schiff to put up or shut up under OATH.[201]
  • Dick Morris: Most Impeachment Polls Are Wrong.[202]
  • Jim Jordan may move to Intelligence Committee to expose whistleblower fraud and impeachment hoax.[203]
  • A defense tank contractor employs 80,000 workers.
  • Eric Ciaramella Attorney, January 2017: “Coup Has Started” – July 2017: “We Will Remove Him”.[205]
  • Trump Reads Aloud 2017 Tweets from Whistleblower’s Lawyer Declaring a ‘Coup’.[206]
  • Ciaramella's name not redacted from Bill Taylor transcript.[207]
  • Taylor wasn't on the July 25 phone call, never talked to Trump.[208]
  • Hunter Biden received 46 payments from Burisma, 38 for $83,333, the total being $3.1 million.[209]
  • 7 November. Diana West: Questions for Lt. Col. Vindman.[210]
  • questions begin with Vindman’s activities as a staffer on the president’s National Security Council. Alarming reports indicate Vindman served as a source for the Ukrainian government inside the White House. This news may be padded by his protectors and muted by our general ignorance of the intelligence wars waged against this country, typically masterminded by the Kremlin, but it’s nonetheless deeply concerning.
  • given the sophisticated penetration talents of the Russian intelligence services, it’s the height of foolhardiness to assume that Vindman’s Ukrainian connections end in Kyiv.
  • We need more information about Vindman, his relationship to the Ukrainian government, and whatever “advice” he may have offered it, whether “typically communicated” in English or any other language. That’s because, if The New York Times is accurate, Vindman’s loyalties are divided between two governments. At a minimum, this disqualifies Vindman from serving the American people in the sensitive field of national security ever again.
  • Eric Ciaramella was cited in key passage of Mueller report.[211]
  • Mueller Report, Page 71 footnote 486.
  • The Mueller report quotes a New York Times article published on May 19, 2017. That article cited an "American official" who leaked to reporters a "document summarizing the meeting."
  • Ciaramella's leak is quoted in The Times allegedly quoting Trump saying,
"I just fired the head of the FBI. He was crazy, a real nut job," the article quoted Trump as saying. "I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off … I’m not under investigation."
  • Jim Jordan: Republicans Will Subpoena Ciaramella for Public Hearing.[212]
  • Democrats Suddenly Drop Subpoena For Ex-Bolton Aide Who Asked Court To Decide If He Should Testify.[213]
  • Ciaramella defies Senate Intel subpoena.[214]
  • A YouTube channel allegedly belonging to whistleblower attorney Mark Zaid features ‘liked’ videos about “Disney girls.”[215][216]
  • The channel, which is named MarkSZaidEsq, contains uploads of clips featuring Zaid, including interviews on Russia Today, that stretch back over 10 years.
  • it also shows videos the channel owner ‘liked’, including one called ‘Top 10 prettiest disney channel stars’, which shows Disney stars transitioning from children to adults.
  • Other liked videos include ‘Top 10 Disney Girls’ and one called ‘Selena Gomez from child to women’.
  • Zaid has also “bragged about his connections to John Podesta."
  • Poll Finds Public Support for Impeachment Drops.[217]
  • Newsweek: Senators Say They’ll Tune Out Next Week’s Public Impeachment Hearings: “This Is A Bunch Of Crap”.[218]
  • McConnell controls timing for possible impeachment trial, could spell disaster for Dem candidates>[219]
  • CTH: Impeachment in The Courts – HJC vs DOJ Appellate Arguments Scheduled for November 12th.[220]
  • If the House Judiciary Committee (HJC) loses this case in the DC Appellate Court, it means there is no constitutional foundation recognized to the “impeachment inquiry.” Without the constitutional recognition of the judicial branch then:
  • (a) Pelosi/Lawfare have to restart the process with a genuine House vote; or
  • (b) the ongoing impeachment process will have no recognized constitutional standing; and
  • (c) the Senate could ignore any House impeachment vote, cast without recognized constitutional standing.
  • The HJC seeks judicial enforcement authority for their subpoenas so their targets cannot legally refuse to give testimony; and by extension the constitutional premise of the House process is affirmed. The premise for both fronts:
  • (1) document subpoena 6e grand jury material underlying the Mueller report, and
  • (2) testimony from White House Counsel Don McGahn, is predicated on penetrating a constitutional firewall that exists within the separation of powers.
  • Under existing SCOTUS precedent, the White House can be compelled to deliver Executive Branch documents and testimony so long as an official legislative branch impeachment process is underway.
  • If the DOJ can successfully argue the House has not followed the traditional and constitutional process that authorizes impeachment investigation; and allows the HJC to penetrate the separation of power firewall; it will be a major blow to the Lawfare scheme.
  • A ruling in favor of the DOJ would invalidate the narrative of the House.
  • A ruling in favor of the DOJ would also allow the Senate to dismiss any results from Schiff and Nadler’s investigation, because their process would not be predicated on constitutional provisions for impeachment.
  • CTH: Is Pending IG Report on FISA Abuse Being Held-Up To Facilitate NSA Bulk Data Re-authorization That Expires December 15th?[221]
  • re-authorization of the USA Freedom Act is needed prior to expiration on December 15th. Techno Fog points out the bulk NSA data collection and FISA(702) surveillance programs are part of this reauthorization.[222]
  • “Senators expressed their displeasure Wednesday with the Trump administration’s inability to answer questions about the National Security Agency’s collection of data records”[223]
  • Is the current Inspector General report on FISA abuse being delayed due to the need for congress to reauthorize the very same programs the IG is about to criticize?

  • DNI held back the the findings of FISA Judge James Boasberg that strongly criticized the FISA-702 process for a year. The Judge Boasberg report was written in September of 2018 but not released (redacted) until last month.
  • FISA Court judges Rosemary Collyer (declassified 2017) and James Boasberg (declassified 2019) both identified issues with the NSA database being exploited for unauthorized reasons.
  • With the Boasberg report there is a lot of information that shows a continuum of database activity that did not stop after Collyer’s warnings, and the NSA promises. It seems, the political exploitation continues; Boasberg notes the “about” query option that NSA Director Mike Rogers halted, technically didn’t stop. Instead operators used the “to and from” option almost identically as the “about” queries for downstream data review and extraction. The FISA Appellate Court appointed amici curiae to review Boasberg’s opinion and reconcile counter claims by the FBI. Boasberg was never satisfied despite the FISC-R amicus assurances.[224] His opinion reflects valid judicial cynicism within his reluctant re-authorization.
  • investigating the Steele dossier made the 2017 Mueller investigation an extension of a 2016 counterintelligence investigation and not a criminal investigation (later, those were spun off). By maintaining the counterintelligence process for Mueller, the FBI was able to continue exploiting the NSA database as a FISA(702) tool for their investigation. The foreign actors played a key role in this process. So long as the Mueller investigation was targeting foreign actors they could collect downstream evidence on the “702” (American persons) returns. In essence, the “small group” could stretch the NSA database rules to conduct electronic warrantless searches and massive electronic surveillance on targets direct (“to/from”) and indirect (downstream).
  • The violations that Boasberg is identifying (March 2017 through March 2018) must also include FISA database searches conducted by Mueller’s FBI team. It is all within the same system of electronic surveillance. The pattern, frequency and specifics of the Boasberg report are identical to the 2017 Rosemary Collyer report. Same violations. Same processes.
  • without going to federal courts to gain legal authority, warrants, taps etc…. using their database access Mueller’s team could continue to exploit the FISA(702) process. They could gather material for their criminal cases through the NSA database and then transfer those results to their spun off prosecutions. The Steele dossier formed the basis to continue making the Mueller investigation a counterintelligence operation, Title-I authority. Without the Dossier creating the foreign construct, Mueller’s team would have had to follow Title-III.
  • the Mueller team monitored all of their targets, extracted the evidence they needed, transferred it to prosecutors and proceeded to construct cases. They didn’t need too much actual investigation because:
  • (a) they knew the Russian-collusion/conspiracy was false; and
  • (2) they could just access the NSA database and pull all the material they needed.
  • Rosenstein authorized Mueller to investigate the Steele Dossier in the second scope memo (August 2017). To get the Dossier moved from “political opposition research” into valid “investigative evidence” the FBI needed to find a way to get it into the investigation…. Hence, Carter Page and the FISA warrant became the unwitting target and vehicle to carry it. That reconciles why Rosenstein signed-off on the 3rd renewal of the Carter Page FISA. Rosenstein authorized a counterintelligence operation (2nd scope) and simultaneously re-authorized the cover story, the Carter Page FISA renewal.
  • The ramifications here are actually bigger than the original FISA database abuse. It means the Mueller group had secret ongoing background surveillance on all of their targets; and they did not need court authority (Title-III warrants) to get evidence.
  • Marie Yovanovitch ran anti-Trump, pro-Biden "War Room" within the State Dept to conduct a monitoring mission that targeted U.S. Citizens.[225]
  • against the backdrop of Ambassador Yovanovitch in 2017 and 2018 “monitoring” American persons in/around her Ukraine interests; and considering all of these database search queries identified by Boasberg in 2017 and 2018 “incidentally” captured Americans; perhaps this explains how the Yovanovitch “monitoring” was taking place. NSA database is being continually data-mined by ongoing institutional operatives and contractors who are working against the Trump administration.
  • Rep. Andy Biggs: The Left Doesn’t Really Believe ‘No One Is Above the Law’.[226]
  • Alexander Vindman’s Testimony Appears To Confirm He Illegally Leaked To The Whistle-Blower.[228]
  • Impeachment witness cites NYT as ‘main source’ for his understanding of Trump’s Ukraine motive.[229]
  • Chrissy Clark: Transcript Shows Vindman, Schiff Repeatedly Obstructed Questions About Classified Leaks.[230]
  • The Federalist: Yovanovitch Emailed With Dem Staffer After Whistleblower Complaint, Contradicting Under-Oath Testimony.[231]
  • Fiona Hill obliterated the Steele dossier in congressional deposition.[232]
  • The Federalist: Whistleblower Outing Accusation From ‘View’ Co-Host Bounces Off Trump Jr., Lands On Schiff.[233]
  • Washington Examiner: 'Mental instablity': Psychiatrists who called Trump dangerous want to testify on impeachment.[235]
  • The psychiatrists who are making themselves available are James Merikangas, Jerrold Post, John Zinner, and Allen Dyer, all of whom teach at George Washington University. Sara Pascoe, a clinical neuropsychologist , is also part of the panel.
  • Post, who spent two decades at the CIA, has a book coming out called Dangerous Charisma: The Political Psychology of Donald Trump and His Followers
  • Lee and those prepared to testify say there is enough information from the president's public appearances, tweets, interviews, and the Mueller report to make the determination that "the president lacks mental capacity to fulfill the duties of his office."
  • Townhall: Three Essential Firearms for Civil Unrest.[236]
  • The word “coup” shifted to a new level of formalized meaning last week when members of the political resistance showed up to remove President Trump wearing military uniforms. Not only did U.S. military leadership remain silent to the optics and purpose, but in the testimony of Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman
  • Vindman admits to giving instructions to ignore the orders from the President of the United States. In the absence of push-back from the Joint Chiefs, the impression is tacit U.S. military support for the Vindman objective.
  • Vindman readily admits to understanding the officially established policy of the President of The United States (an agreement between President Trump and President Zelenskyy), and stunningly admits that two weeks later he was giving countermanding instructions to his Ukrainian counterpart to ignore President Trump’s policies. The coup against President Donald Trump went from soft, to hard.
  • Rep. John Ratcliffe questions Vindman from the perspective of an Article 92 violation, coupled with an Article 88 violation. President Trump, is Lt. Col Vindman’s superior. President Trump sets the foreign policy.
  • Two weeks after President Trump has established an agreement with Ukraine President Zelenskyy, and established the policy direction therein, Lt. Col. Vindman is now giving contrary instructions to the Ukrainian government.
  • GOP calls witnesses to testify in Schiff hearings.[238]
  • Eric Ciaramella, whose complaint over President Trump's call with Ukraine started the impeachment inquiry.
  • Hunter Biden, Joe Biden's son and former board member of Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings.
  • Devon Archer, a former board member of Burisma Holdings and business partner to Hunter Biden in Rosemont Seneca.
  • Alexandra Chalupa, DNC paid operative who colluded "with the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, D.C. to try and get political dirt on then-candidate Trump's campaign."
  • Nellie Ohr, contractor for Fusion GPS whose work "assisted in the production of the Steele Dossier."
  • David Hale, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, who "has direct knowledge of U.S. government policy with respect to foreign assistance and foreign assistance review."
  • Tim Morrison, the National Security Council's former Senior Director for European Affairs.
  • Kurt Volker, former ambassador to Ukraine.
  • Everyone who "relied upon by the anonymous whistleblower in drafting his or her secondhand complaint.
  • Jennifer Braceras: Our Crisis Today Lies In Attacks on the Constitution Itself.[239]
  • The real crisis consists of attacks on American constitutional values, which find fertile ground in our collective civic ignorance, and the politics of expedience that exploit it.
  • Schiff denies 6th Amendment due process rights in his impeachment inquiry.[241]
  • Alexander Vindman being rotated out of National Security Council.[242]
  • The Federalist: Schiff’s Committee Published Name Of Alleged Whistleblower Last Week.[243]
  • Tim Pool suspended from Facebook and Youtube for mentioning whistleblower's name.[244] It is Pool's first suspension ever on any platform.
  • Swalwell: "These witnesses have been fairly consistent. And for the most part, they’ve not been coordinating or talking to each other."[245]
  • Wall Street Journal: Obama’s DOJ Tried Vigorously to STOP FBI’s Clinton Foundation Investigation.[246]
  • Dershowitz Shreds Dems’ Stalinist Anti-Trump Madness: They’re ‘Now Making Up Crimes’.[247]
  • “CNN has banned me from their airwaves. CNN will not allow me on their network because they don’t want a liberal Democrat to be telling their viewers the truth about the Constitution.”
  • “They’re very scary. They’re very frightening to any civil libertarian. Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican; whether you come from New York or the middle of the country, you should be frightened by efforts to try to create crimes out of nothing.”
  • “particularly CNN and MSNBC — are saying that if the president or somebody else was to name the whistleblower in the Ukrainian situation, that person would be guilty of a crime. I said in the afternoon yesterday — searching the federal criminal statutes from beginning to end — I couldn’t find the crime. It reminds me of what Lavrentiy Beria — head of the KGB — said to Stalin, ‘Show me the man, and I’ll find you the crime.’ Which, he really meant, ‘I’ll make up the crime.' So the Democrats are now making up crimes. First, they made up collusion. ‘Ahh! Collusion! It’s a crime!’ I searched the statute books. There’s no crime of collusion, except when businessmen get together to collude against the anti-trust laws. But no crime of collusion with a foreign country. Then, after that, they said ‘obstruction of Congress.’ No, no, no, no, no. Obstruction of justice is a crime; obstruction of Congress is part of our system of checks and balances. If you get a subpoena from Congress, and you’re the president or in the executive department, and you think you have an executive privilege, you have an obligation not to respond. That’s not ‘obstruction of Congress.’ That’s checks and balances under our Constitution.
“that means we are all in danger. Because if we can make up a crime…Congressman Cohen of Tennessee said that me and others who appear on Fox essentially were co-conspirators; we’re in on it. He’s now threatening people who are commentators — a liberal Democrat like me, who’s a commentator, that we’re in on it, that we’re co-conspirators. It is such a dangerous development to civil liberties, the ACLU should be up in arms. But they’re silent.”
OUNb operative Ali Chalupa tweets on the Vindman brothers appearance.
  • his testimony mostly concerned his own interpretation of Trump's words. Vindman said he was "concerned" about Trump's statements to Zelensky, so concerned that he reported it to top National Security Council lawyer John Eisenberg. (Vindman had also reported concerns to Eisenberg two weeks before the Trump-Zelensky call, after a Ukraine-related meeting that included Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union.) Vindman said several times that he was not a lawyer and did not know if Trump's words amounted to a crime but that he felt they were "wrong." That was whenJohn Ratcliffe tried to get to the root of Vindman's concerns.
  • "I'm trying to find out if you were reporting it because you thought there was something wrong with respect to policy or there was something wrong with respect to the law," Ratcliffe said to Vindman. "And what I understand you to say is that you weren't certain that there was anything improper with respect to the law, but you had concerns about U.S. policy. Is that a fair characterization?"
  • "So I would recharacterize it as I thought it was wrong and I was sharing those views," Vindman answered. "And I was deeply concerned about the implications for bilateral relations, U.S. national security interests, in that if this was exposed, it would be seen as a partisan play by Ukraine. It loses the bipartisan support. And then for — "
  • "I understand that," Ratcliffe said, "but that sounds like a policy reason, not a legal reason."
  • Elsewhere in Vindman's testimony, he repeated that his greatest worry was that if the Trump-Zelensky conversation were made public, then Ukraine might lose the bipartisan support it currently has in Congress. That, to Ratcliffe and other Republicans, did not seem a sufficient reason to report the call to the NSC's top lawyer, nor did it seem the basis to begin a process leading to impeachment and a charge of presidential high crimes or misdemeanors.
  • Vindman withheld important information from investigators. The only news in Vindman's testimony was the fact that he had twice taken his concerns to Eisenberg. He also told his twin brother, Yevgeny Vindman. He also told another NSC official, John Erath, and he gave what he characterized as a partial readout of the call to George Kent.
  • That led to an obvious question: Did Vindman take his concerns to anyone else?
  • Vindman refused to answer, with his lawyer, Michael Volkov, sometimes belligerently joining in. Through it all, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff stood firm in favor of keeping his committee in the dark. Vindman openly conceded that he told other people about the call. The obvious suspicion was that Vindman told the person who became "the whistleblower", who reported the call to the Intelligence Community inspector general, and who, in a carefully crafted legal document, framed the issue in a way that Democrats have adopted in their drive to remove the president from office.
  • if your story is that you were so concerned by the Trump-Zelensky issue that you reported it to Eisenberg, and also to others, well, who all did you tell? That is when the GOP hit a brick wall from Vindman, his lawyer Volkov, and, most importantly, Schiff.
  • As chairman of the Intelligence Committee, charged with overseeing the intelligence community, Schiff might normally want to know about any intelligence community involvement in the matter under investigation. But in the Vindman deposition, Schiff strictly forbade any questions about it. "Can I just caution again," he said at one point, "not to go into names of people affiliated with the IC in any way." The purpose of it all was to protect the identity of the whistleblower, who Schiff incorrectly claimed has "a statutory right to anonymity."
  • "Look, the reason we're objecting is not — we don't want — my client does not want to be in the position of being used to identifying the whistleblower, okay?" said Volkov. "And based on the chair's ruling, as I understand it, [Vindman] is not required to answer any question that would tend to identify an intelligence officer."
  • "Okay," Republican counsel Steve Castor said to Vindman. "Did you express concerns to anybody, you know, that doesn't fall under this category of someone who might be the whistleblower, or is Eisenberg the only — "
  • "No," said Vindman. "In my coordination role, as I actually said in the statement, in my opening ... in performing my coordination role as director on the National Security Council, I provide readouts of relevant meetings and communications to [redacted] properly cleared counterparts with a relevant need to know."
  • "Some of the other people that you raised concerns to, did you ask any of those folks to do anything with the concerns?" asked Castor.
  • That only prompted more bureaucratese from the witness. "I don't think that's an accurate characterization, counsel," Vindman said. "I think what I did was I fulfilled my coordination role and spoke to other national security professionals about relevant substance in the call so that they could take appropriate action. And frankly, it's hard to — you know, without getting into, you know, sources and methods, it's hard to kind of talk about some of these things."
  • After several such exchanges, Volkov got tough with lawmakers, suggesting further inquiries might hurt Vindman's feelings.
  • "Look, he came here," Volkov said. "He came here. He tells you he's not the whistleblower, okay? He says he feels uncomfortable about it. Try to respect his feelings at this point." An unidentified voice spoke up. "We're uncomfortable impeaching the president," it said.
  • "Excuse me. Excuse me," Volkov responded. "If you want to debate it, we can debate it, but what I'm telling you right now is you have to protect the identity of the whistleblower. I get that there may be political overtones. You guys go do what you got to do, but do not put this man in the middle of it."
  • Castor spoke up. "So how does it out anyone by saying that he had one other conversation other than the one he had with George Kent?"
  • "Okay," said Volkov. "What I'm telling you right now is we're not going to answer that question. If the chair wants to hold him in contempt for protecting the whistleblower, God be with you. ... You don't need this. You don't need to go down this. And look, you guys can — if you want to ask, you can ask — you can ask questions about his conversation with Mr. Kent. That's it. We're not answering any others."
  • "The only conversation that we can speak to Col. Vindman about is his conversation with Ambassador Kent?" asked Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin.
  • "Correct," said Volkov, "and you've already asked him questions about it."
  • "And any other conversation that he had with absolutely anyone else is off limits?"
  • "No," said Volkov. "He's told you about his conversations with people in the National Security Council. What you're asking him to do is talk about conversations outside the National Security Council. And he's not going to do that. I know where you're going."
  • "No, actually, you don't," said Zeldin.
  • "Oh, yes, sir," said Volkov.
  • "No, you really don't," said Zeldin.
  • "You know what?" said Volkov. "I know what you're going to say. I already know what you're going to do, okay? And I don't want to hear the FOX News questions, okay?"
  • Zeldin said, "Listen, this transcript is going to be out at some point, okay?"
  • "I hope so," said Volkov.
  • Finally, Schiff stepped in to stop things. "The gentleman will suspend," he said. "Let's suspend. Counsel has made his position clear. I think his client has made his position clear. Let's move on."
  • Volkov was a lawyer, and members of Congress were members of Congress. The lawyer should not be treating the lawmakers as Volkov did. Volkov was able to tell Republicans to buzz off only because he had Schiff's full support. And Republicans never found out who else Vindman discussed the Trump-Zelensky call with. [Schiff's staff is suspected, and possibly Eric Ciaramella, which would contradict Vindman's sworn statement]
  • There were notable gaps in Vindman's knowledge. Vindman portrayed himself as the man to see on the National Security Council when it came to issues involving Ukraine. "I'm the director for Ukraine," he testified. "I'm responsible for Ukraine. I'm the most knowledgeable. I'm the authority for Ukraine for the National Security Council and the White House." Yet at times there were striking gaps in Vindman's knowledge of the subject matter. He seemed distinctly incurious about the corruption issues in Ukraine that touched on Joe and Hunter Biden. He knew little specifically about Burisma, the nation's second-largest privately owned energy company, and even less about Mykola Zlochevsky, the oligarch who runs the firm.
  • "What do you know about Zlochevsky, the oligarch that controls Burisma?" asked Castor.
  • "I frankly don't know a huge amount," Vindman said.
  • "Are you aware that he's a former Minister of Ecology"? Castor asked, referring to a position Zlochevsky allegedly used to steer valuable government licenses to Burisma.
  • "I'm not," said Vindman.
  • "Are you aware of any of the investigations the company has been involved with over the last several years?"
  • "I am aware that Burisma does have questionable business dealings," Vindman said. "That's part of the track record, yes."
  • "Okay. And what questionable business dealings are you aware of?" asked Castor. Vindman said he did not know beyond generalities. "The general answer is I think they have had questionable business dealings," Vindman said.
  • Castor then noted that in 2014 Burisma "undertook an initiative to bring in some additional folks for their board, are you aware of some of the folks they added to their board in 2014?"
  • "The only individual I'm aware of, again, after, you know, as it's been reported in the press is Mr. Hunter Biden," Vindman said.
  • "Okay," said Castor. "And did you check with any of your authoritative sources in government to learn a little bit more about these issues?"
  • "I did not," said Vindman. "I didn't think it was appropriate. He was a U.S. citizen, and I wasn't going to ask questions."
  • Castor asked, "And do you have any knowledge as to why Hunter Biden was asked to join the board?"
  • "I do not."
  • "Did you check with any of your authoritative sources whether he was a corporate governance expert or — "
  • "Like I said, I didn't," Vindman answered. "He's an American citizen. Certainly there are domestic political overtones. I did not think that was appropriate for me to start looking into this particular ... I drew my conclusions on Burisma and I moved on."
  • One important example concerned U.S. provision of so-called lethal aid to Ukraine, specifically anti-tank missiles known as Javelins. The Obama administration famously refused to provide Javelins or other lethal aid to Ukraine, while the Trump administration reversed that policy, sending a shipment of missiles in 2018. On the Trump-Zelensky call, the two leaders discussed another shipment in the future.
"Both those parts of the call, the request for investigation of Crowd Strike and those issues, and the request for investigation of the Bidens, both of those discussions followed the Ukraine president saying they were ready to buy more Javelins. Is that right?" asked Schiff.
  • "Yes," said Vindman.
  • "There was a prior shipment of Javelins to Ukraine, wasn't there?" said Schiff.
  • "So that was, I believe — I apologize if the timing is incorrect — under the previous administration, there was a — I'm aware of the transfer of a fairly significant number of Javelins, yes," Vindman said.
  • Vindman's timing was incorrect. Part of the entire Trump-Ukraine story is the fact that Trump sent the missiles while Obama did not. The top Ukraine expert on the National Security Council did not seem to know that.
  • One of Vindman's favorite words is "interagency," by which he means the National Security Council's role in coordinating policy among the State Department, Defense Department, the Intelligence Community, the Treasury Department, and the White House. His bible is something known as NSPM-4, or National Security Presidential Memorandum 4. He says things such as, "So I hold at my level sub-PCCs, Deputy Assistant Secretary level. PCCs are my boss, senior director with Assistant Secretaries. DCs are with the deputy of the National Security Council with his deputy counterparts within the interagency." He believes the interagency has set a clear U.S. policy toward Ukraine.
  • "You said in your opening statement, or you indicated at least, that there's a fairly consensus policy within the interagency towards Ukraine," Democratic counsel Daniel Goldman said to Vindman. "Could you just explain what that consensus policy is, in your own words?"
  • "What I can tell you is, over the course of certainly my tenure there, since July 2018, the interagency, as per normal procedures, assembles under the NSPM-4, the National Security Policy [sic] Memorandum 4, process to coordinate U.S. government policy," Vindman said. "We, over the course of this past year, probably assembled easily a dozen times, certainly at my level, which is called a subpolicy coordinating committee — and that's myself and my counterparts at the Deputy Assistant Secretary level — to discuss our views on Ukraine."
  • Vindman was deeply upset when Trump, relying on Rudy Giuliani and others, turned his attention to Ukraine. "In the spring of 2019, I became aware of outside influencers promoting a false narrative of Ukraine inconsistent with the consensus views of the interagency," Vindman said in his opening statement. The outside influencers, he suggested, were undermining the work of his "interagency colleagues."
  • In the words of the Washington Post, Vindman was "deeply troubled by what he interpreted as an attempt by the president to subvert U.S. foreign policy."
  • Dobbs and Fitton Discuss Vindman’s “Deep State” Coup Effort.[249]
  • Fitton: This is a fundamental threat to our republic.
  • Lindsey Graham: Impeachment is DOA if Ciaramella is not interviewed.[250]
  • Rand Paul On Meet The Press: The Law Literally Required That Trump Ask Ukraine To Investigate Biden.[251]
  • DiGenova Discusses the Latest on the Impeachment Witch Hunt.[252]
  • diGenova: Schiff is trying to show boat. He's trying to justify these positions. But remember again what this is about. This is not a real hearing. This is a smear. This is an attempt to politically assassinate a president. To dirty him up for the 2020 election. They know full well that the president is not going to be removed by the Senate. So why are they doing this? They are doing this to dirty up the president. Marie Yovanovich, the former US ambassador to Ukraine, who was a political hack appointed by Hillary Clinton, she is a lying foreign service officer. Let me underscore, lying. She committed perjury during her testimony by denying that she had communicated with certain people about her testimony. Marie Yovanovich spent her time in Kiev undermining Donald Trump. They had a complete system of telling Ukrainian officials not to listen to Donald Trump's policies. Specifically, Marie Yovanovich the US and batteambassador told Ukrainian officials 'Don't worry about Donald Trump. He's not going to be around very long. He's going to be impeached.' This, may I remind you, was the United States Ambassador to Ukraine, not the Russian ambassador.
  • Interviewer: Lindsey Graham said that if they do not call the whistleblower to testify publicly, impeachment we'll be dead on arrival in the Senate. So the Democrats know that but they're saying, 'Nope. No, no whistleblower. We don't need him to testify.' So again, does this just play into the showboating of Adam Shiff in a waste of time and money?
  • diGenova: Can you imagine, you're having this major inquiry into the alleged misconduct of the President of the United States, which is non-existent, and you're not going to call the person who started the whole thing? Who, by the way, lied through his teeth, knew nothing. Third hand. I mean, it is so outrageous. That is patently clear what is going on. By the way, apropos of your first question about Jackie Speier saying that Hunter Biden's names should not come up. The first question for Maria Yovanovich, the former US ambassador to Ukraine who betrayed her country and undermined the President of the United States, should be the following question: 'Madam Ambassador, how many CIA officers did you have to assign to follow Hunter Biden when he was in the country so he didn't get killed in a brothel or a drug den? How many CIA officers were assigned in your country, and other countries, that he went to?' Let's see how she answers that question.
  • Interviewer: Well, in other words then , the American taxpayer was underwriting Hunter Biden's business interests by attaching security forces to him.
  • diGenova: I guess it was a special program. It was called 'Bodyguards for Biden'.
  • Interviewer: Speaking of Hunter Biden, one of the eight witnesses that Republicans would like to call who you already have Adam Schiff saying 'These are sham witnesses they asking for'. So here's what I want to know, Why are Republicans even playing the game where Adam Schiff gets to dictate these things? Why isn't Mitch McConnell, first of all, treating Adam Schiff as a fact witness, and referring to him that way?And additionally, why aren't Republicans in the Senate using one of the many committees that they already control to call any of the people they'd like forward to begin public testimony today? Why isn't that happening?
  • diGenova: You raise a very interesting question. When asked about this yesterday by Maria Bartiromo on her Sunday show, Lindsey Graham said that he was going to wait until Michael Horowitz did his investigation and call him as the first witness. Here's the answer to your question. The Republicans made a terrible mistake at the beginning of this session of the Senate. They did not amend the Senate rules to allow them to issue subpoenas on the say-so of the chairman [as Pelosi did in the House].[253] In order to issue subpoenas in the Senate, the Senate chairman - the Republicans - need the consent of the ranking minority member. This is what you call 'institutional stupid.' Just ask yourself this question: How many subpoenas have been issued since this crisis started by Senate committees? Answer: Zero. Why do you think you read about all these very strongly worded letters going from Charlie Grassley and Ron Johnson and Lindsey Graham to agencies, and people and witnesses? Why do you think they're doing that? Because they need the consent of Democrats to issue a frigging subpoena.
  • Interviewer: Wow. I had no idea. Was that the rule, the way it always was? Was it always that way, and they needed to change it?
  • diGenova: It doesn't matter. It's the way it is now. And how in the name of God would Republicans allow it to continue? The answer to your questions is, they can't do stuff because they're so freaking dumb that they left their institutional rules in such a shape that the Democrats run the GD Senate [with veto power over subpeaonas].
  • Deep State (noun): The permanent, professional bureaucracy of the U.S. government, specifically those who believe their judgment and continual service makes them better suited to run the country than elected officials or political appointees.
  • politicians come and go, but the bureaucracy chugs along protecting and advancing its own interests.
  • The Trump-Russia witch hunt is an egregious example of the power of the state being abused for partisan political purposes. That failed to deliver the goal of deposing the president, and may even backfire as the investigations into it complete and there is a possibility of indictments for some of the conspirators. Having come at the president and missed, they decided to redouble their efforts, so we come to the impeachment inquiry currently operating in full kangaroo court fashion.
  • Vindman gave the game away with his prepared testimony. He believes the permanent bureaucracy should reign supreme, and if some elected politician gets crosswise with the solons of the state, then they must act. So he did, as he detailed in his prepared statement and testimony to Congress. From the statement: “In the Spring of 2019, I became aware of outside influencers promoting a false narrative of Ukraine inconsistent with the consensus views of the interagency. This narrative was harmful to U.S. government policy.”
  • The interagency he mentions is a collection of staff from the major agencies like the State Department, Department of Defense, and intelligence agencies, who meet to coordinate and plan implementation of policy. They most certainly are not supposed to decide what policy the United States will follow. That is 100 percent the purview of the president.
  • As for “outside influencers,” Vindman is primarily speaking of Rudy Giuliani.
  • Vindman was asked who else he meant as “outside,” and he named U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sonland and U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations Kurt Volker. vindman called them “outsiders,” saying Volker as special representative for Ukraine was fine when he “was working in concert with the interagency,” but when in contact with Giuliani “that was not the case”; and that Sonland was “a bit of an outside influencer.”
  • His standard for an outsider was anyone not in concert with the unelected mid-level bureaucrats of the interagency. Wrong answer, but indicative of his belief that they are the ones whose opinions matter and anyone acting outside of that is acting against U.S. interests. Even if that conflicted with the policy of his superiors all the way up to the president, Vindman and the Deep State would decide what “advanced U.S. policy interests.”
  • Vindman also took action warning Ukrainian officials he spoke to: “I would tell them to not interfere — not get involved in U.S. domestic politics.” Vindman says he had determined the calls for an investigation into election interference and anything related to Burisma corruption and the Bidens equaled President Trump trying to get Ukraine to interfere in U.S. politics. He was actively undermining what he believes is the president’s chosen policy—not because it is illegal, but because he disagrees with it and doesn’t think it is important. That is far beyond Vindman’s duties or authority, and in applying his opinion and actions to counter the president’s goals he was violating the oath he swore to obey the orders of “officers appointed above me.” This is insubordination and malfeasance, and likely punishable under several sections of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Vindman argued that he didn’t believe these allegations were credible, but it’s not his position to decide that. It’s his job to give his advice saying he doesn’t agree they are credible but then execute the president’s foreign policy decisions once they are made. Instead, he sabotaged them.
  • Vindman had previously shown he did not know his place in the hierarchy of our government. During a trip to celebrate the inauguration of the new president of Ukraine, Volodomyr Zelensky, he actually lectured the new president on staying out of U.S. domestic politics. This was another glaring example of Vindman attempting to undermine President Trump’s efforts to get investigations moving. It would be hard to explain how stunningly inappropriate it was for someone this junior to address a world leader in this fashion, especially in front of senior U.S. and Ukrainian officials. Vindman serves the interests of the partisan witch hunt round two happening in the House. The first one failed, as former special counsel Robert Mueller found zero collusion. Now the Dems and the Deep State have elevated more policy disagreements to what amounts to an attempted coup.
GoFundMe page created by Mark Zaid for Eric Ciaramella. Zaid previously claimed to be working pro bono.
  • CTH: ICIG Atkinson Receives Ethics Complaint Against CIA ‘Whistleblower’, Goes to Schiff Basement for Talks.[255][256]
  • Atkinson is the link that connects Spygate to the Schiff Impeachment Effort
  • Kiddie porn lawyer Mark Zaid set up a GoFundMe account to finance the ongoing efforts of CIA operative Eric Ciaramella. Zaid has claimed to be working pro-bono for his CIA client.
  • what exactly is this current $228,000 for? (goal $300k) And who is this group “Values United” who is organizing it? That’s where the letter to ICIG Atkinson comes in:
  • “Values United” appears to be a laundry operation, established in coordination with lawyer Mark Zaid, to fund the coup against President Trump.  ::*Within the ongoing OIG FISA investigation by Michael Horowitz and John Durham, Atkinson has a conflict of interest that has not yet been disclosed.
  • Ciaramella had no first-hand knowledge; the CIA operative never informed the ICIG about prior contact and coordination with the House Intelligence Committee (Adam Schiff). The CIA operative never disclosed congressional contact on the complaint form; and the complaint forms were changed specifically to accommodate this CIA operative.
  • Atkinson never reviewed the Trump-Zelenskyy call transcript and facilitated the complaint processing despite numerous flaws. Additionally Atkinson ignored legal guidance from both the director of national intelligence (DNI) and the Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel that highlighted Atkinson’s poor decision-making. This makes the activity of ICIG Atkinson very questionable.
  • Atkinson was previously the Senior Counsel to John Carlin and Mary McCord (DOJ) who were the former heads of the DOJ-NSD in 2016 when the stop Trump operation was underway. Atkinson was the lawyer for the same DOJ-NSD players who: (1) lied to the FISA court (Judge Rosemary Collyer) about the 80% non compliant NSA database abuse using FBI contractors; (2) filed the FISA application against Carter Page; and (3) used FARA violations as tools for political surveillance and political targeting. If the DOJ-NSD exploitation of the NSA database, and/or DOJ-NSD FISA abuse, and/or DOJ-NSD FARA corruption were ever to reach sunlight, current ICIG Atkinson -as the lawyer for the process- would be under a lot of scrutiny for his involvement.
  • - that gives current ICIG Michael Atkinson a strong and corrupt motive to participate with the Pelosi-Schiff/Lawfare impeachment objective.
  • Sen. Chuck Grassley: If FISA Inspector General Horowitz report doesn’t come out next week when they said it would then I will be very disappointed & left to wonder WHAT THE GAME IS?? Is someone at FBI or DOJ tying IGs hands??[257]
  • CTH: Senator Burr: “Senate Impeachment Trial Will Last 6 to 8 weeks”.[258]
  • It looks like the House impeachment is now a foregone conclusion. To wit the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) Chairman Richard Burr has announced the schedule outline for the upcoming Senate Impeachment Trial. The trial of President Trump will run from 12:30pm to 6:30pm Monday through Saturday and will last approximately six to eight weeks:
  • it appears the SSCI is positioning for a conclusion of a guilty verdict where President Trump will be removed from office and President Mike Pence will select Nikki Haley as his vice-presidential candidate for 2020.
  • Burr’s forward-lean into the impeachment process takes us back to something previously outlined when it seemed like this was the preferred direction for the professional political class.
NYPost impeach.jpg
  • In 1917, the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk ceded Ukraine to Russia. The treaty was abrogated at Versailles when allied powers ceded Ukraine to the communists.
  • In 1943, Adolf Hitler articulated a policy of converting the Crimea into the "German Riviera" as part of his Lebensraum program. [4]
  • The Democrats' impeachment inquiry is predicated on the notion that Vladimir Putin and Russia will sit still as the EU achieves the dreams of Adolf Hitler and the Kaiser after two world wars and 100 years.
  • Sevastopol in the Crimea, Russia's only warm water port, will never become a NATO naval base.[260][261]
  • Democrat "experts" and Trump haters were summoned to testify in public hearings to convince Americans to (1) cede Constitutional rights of due process, and (2) impeach a president.
  • John Solomon: The real Ukraine controversy: an activist U.S. embassy and its adherence to the Geneva Convention.[262]
  • Schiff’s Star Witness Just Admitted Burisma Should Be Investigated For Corruption.[263]
  • Ryan Saavedra: New Remarks From Top Ukrainian Official Damages Democrats’ Impeachment Narrative.[265]
  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko said U.S. Ambassador Gordon Sondland did not link financial military assistance to a request for Ukraine to open up an investigation into former vice president and current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.
“Ambassador Sondland did not tell us, and certainly did not tell me, about a connection between the assistance and the investigations,” Prystaiko said, according to Reuters. "You should ask him. I have never seen a direct relationship between investigations and security assistance."
15 November. Epoch Times: Nuland Hatched Plan for Biden to Force Firing of Top Ukrainian Prosecutor.[266]
  • Victoria Nuland, who was involved in events connected to the surveillance of the Trump 2016 presidential campaign was directly involved in concocting a plan to have Vice President Joe Biden force the firing of the top prosecutor in Ukraine, by threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, according to the impeachment inquiry testimony of George Kent, a senior State Department official.
  • Nuland worked with U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt in late 2015 to create a plan to force the firing of Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, according to George Kent.
  • Nuland was also among a network of Obama administration officials involved in the distribution and recirculation of the infamous Steele dossier, the document used by the FBI to secure a maximally intrusive spy warrant to surveil a Trump-campaign associate.
“My understanding is that the conversations that were near-daily between Ambassador Pyatt and Toria Nuland regarding what to do on the way forward then included pitching the office of the Vice President to push President Poroshenko to remove Shokin,”
  • Kent told lawmakers on October 15, 2019. Biden carried out Nuland’s plan during a visit to Ukraine in December 2015 and has since bragged, on at least two occasions, about forcing Shokin’s firing by threatening to cut off the loan guarantees. At the time Biden exerted pressure on Ukraine, Shokin was investigating Burisma, the Ukrainian gas giant that was paying Biden’s son Hunter Biden to serve on its board of directors. Poroshenko asked for Shokin’s resignation two months after Biden’s overture.[267]
  • Nuland told CBS that she received a copy of the Steele dossier in July 2016 and forwarded it to the FBI. She has argued that she did right to forward the dossier to the bureau, but in doing so she helped launder Steele’s allegations by adding credibility to the unverified document in acting as a highly-placed conduit. Between Sept. 26, 2016, and Dec. 10, 2016, Nuland received Russia-related information from Steele via State Department official Jonathan Winer. During these three months, the FBI obtained the secret court warrant to surveil Trump campaign associate Carter Page. In December 2016, Nuland received a briefing about the Steele dossier from David Kramer, a longtime associate of late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). McCain specifically directed Kramer to brief Nuland about the dossier. The extent of Kramer’s outreach lay bare a coordinated plan to widely disseminate the dossier among highly placed officials, lawmakers, and the media. In addition to briefing Nuland, Kramer briefed 17 members of the media, Senior Director for Russian Affairs at the National Security Council Celeste Wallander, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), and House Speaker Paul Ryan’s chief of staff, Jonathan Burks.
  • Nuland’s ties to Steele aren’t limited to 2016. Starting as early as June 2014, she received, via Winer, dozens of Steele’s reports on Russia and Ukraine. Notably, she forwarded three of Steele’s reports to Pyatt in November 2015, around the time the pair were planning to force Shokin’s firing.
  • According to his testimony, George Kent was already aware that Hunter Biden was on Burisma’s board at the time Nuland and Pyatt planned to oust Shokin. Kent learned of Biden’s involvement in the company in early 2015 and became concerned about the appearance of a conflict of interest. In February 2015, Kent raised the issue with Joe Biden’s office. “The message that I recall hearing back was that the vice president’s son Beau was dying of cancer and that there was no further bandwidth to deal with family related issues at that time,” Kent told lawmakers on Oct. 15, 2019.
  • George Kent learned of Hunter Biden’s position with Burisma shortly after Kent pressed an official at the Ukrainian prosecutor general’s office about the sudden closing in late December 2014 of an investigation of Burisma owner Mykola Zlochevsky. Kent learned that an official at the office received a $7 million bribe in May 2014 to shutter the Hunter Biden probe. Kent said in his public testimony in the impeachment inquiry on November 14, 2019,
I and other U.S. officials consistently advocated re-instituting a scuttled investigation of Zlochevsky, Burisma’s founder, as well as holding the corrupt prosecutors who closed the case to account.”
  • Epoch Times: Yovanovitch Urged Firing of Top Prosecutor Amid Ukraine’s Presidential Election.[268]
  • e CDC published a notice to hire dozens of Public Advisor Quarantine Experts.[269]
  • Washington Examiner: White House: Vindman wrote summary of April Trump-Zelensky call that conflicts with rough transcript.[271]
  • Byron York: Democrats don't want public to know origins of Ukraine investigation like they didn't want public to know origins of Russia investigation.[274]
  • The Steele dossier, the use of spies and informants to target the Trump campaign, the Carter Page wiretap, the murky start to the Crossfire Hurricane investigation — Democrats resisted GOP attempts to reveal them all. But in 2017 and 2018, Republicans controlled the House. Then-Chairman Devin Nunes used the power of the House Intelligence Committee to unearth key parts of the story. Nunes’ efforts eventually led to a Justice Department inspector general investigation whose results, expected in the coming weeks, could further damage the Democratic Trump-Russia storyline. And then there is the ongoing criminal investigation led by U.S. Attorney John Durham.
  • CTH: Jim Jordan -vs- Margaret Brennan – Important Note: Media Given Leaked Sealed Transcripts from Friday Depositions.[275]
  • Breitbart: Democrats Omit Exculpatory Information from Summary of Tim Morrison Transcript.[276]
  • Chuck Ross: Steve Bannon Says He Pushed For Alleged Whistleblower To Be Removed From National Security Council.[277]
  • Bannon Wanted Eric Ciaramella Kicked Off National Security Council Amid Concerns Over Leaks - Zerohedge.[278]
  • Relates to the early 2017 leaks of President Trump's phone calls with the Austrialian Prime Minister and Mexican President.
  • Washington Examiner: Democrat against impeachment calls out party for ‘fracturing the nation’ with investigation.[279]
  • it has become clear the first confidential human source for the CIA Ukraine dossier, written by CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella and also known as the “Whistleblower report”, is Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman a Ukraine expert inside the National Security Council on assignment from the Dept of Defense intelligence unit.
  • the ideology of Lt. Col Vindman is clear. Vindman’s mission focus was/is to shape U.S. policy toward Ukraine (and by extension NATO) regardless of the actual policy view of President Trump. Within his deposition Vindman admitted to giving countermanding instructions to his Ukraine counterpart two weeks after understanding opposite policy objectives from his commander-in-chief. Vindman admitted that he was intentionally usurping the chain of command in an effort to follow his own ideological agenda; and perhaps that of his DoD leadership.
  • By itself that level of admitted and direct insubordination should be alarming for many reasons; not the least of which is his lineage within the U.S. Military. Indeed Vindman’s intent and purpose explains why he appeared for his deposition in full military uniform.
  • Vindman was carrying out what he believed to be his role; and when you overlay his military purpose; and when we accept Vindman was assisting CIA agent Eric Ciaramella in constructing his dossier to remove President Trump; and when we stand back and look at the aggregate interests involved, including Vindman’s divided loyalties toward a foreign power; and when we consider there was ZERO push-back from the ranks of military leadership, specifically the Joint Chiefs of Staff; and when you accept Vindman was simply allowed to return to his post inside the White House – where he remains today; the alarming aspect increases in direct proportion to the definition of the word: “coup”.
  • Ciaramella never delivered his dossier briefing to the upward chain-of-command within the CIA. Instead Ciaramella subverted the formal process and transmitted his hearsay complaint, derived from material provided by Vindman, directly to principal officials who could assist in the removal of the President.
  • There is a code within the military whereby you never put your leadership into a position of compromise; ie. “never compromise your leadership”.
  • In this example, President Trump cannot remove Vindman from the White House NSC advisory group due to political ramifications and appearances… The Joint Chiefs certainly recognize this issue; it is the very type of compromise they are trained to remove. Yet they do nothing to remove the compromise. They do nothing to assist.
  • Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was the majority (#1) source for the material CIA operative Eric Ciaramella used in a collaborative effort to remove President Trump from office. Let me make this implication crystal clear:
  • The United States Military appears to be collaborating with the CIA to remove a U.S. President from office.
  • The Pentagon has done nothing, absolutely nothing, to countermand this implication. The Secretary of Defense has done nothing to remove the conflict that Vindman represents within the National Security Council. The Joint Chiefs of Staff have done nothing, absolutely nothing, to diminish the appearance of an agenda toward the removal of President Trump.
  • No-one in the foreign policy group is going to take any advice or opinion from Vindman. No-one is going to allow him to engage in material of a sensitive or confidential nature. Lt. Col. Vindman has compromised himself; and therefore eliminated any usefulness to his prior assignment. Yet his command does nothing?
  • Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Monday that an Army officer has no reason to fear retribution for testifying before Congress in the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump. Esper was asked about potential retribution for Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. The defense secretary said the Pentagon “has protections for whistleblowers” who report waste, fraud or abuse. He said Vindman or any other whistleblower “shouldn’t have any fear of retaliation.”
  • John Ratcliffe questioned Vindman from the perspective of an Article 92 violation, coupled with an Article 88 violation. President Trump, is Lt. Col Vindman’s superior. President Trump sets the foreign policy.
Any commissioned officer who uses contemptuous words against the President, the Vice President, Congress, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of a military department, the Secretary of Homeland Security, or the Governor or legislature of any State, Commonwealth, or possession in which he is on duty or present shall be punished as a court-martial may direct. [Article 88, UCMJ]
  • Two weeks after President Trump has established an agreement with Ukraine President Zelenskyy, and established the policy direction therein, Lt. Col. Vindman is now giving contrary instructions to the Ukranian government.
  • Sen. Ron Johnson has first hand information about Democrat/Deep State impeachment coup plot.[281]
  • Johnson letter to Nunes.[282]
  • Howard Kurtz: White House official sues Politico, targets Schiff’s role in impeachment.[283]
  • Kash Patel, the National Security Council’s senior counterterrorism director, is seeking more than $25 million in damages in the suit against politico and one of its reporters over stories and tweets that Patel says falsely accuse him of “lying, deceit and unethical conduct.” The lawsuit names Natasha Bertrand, a Politico reporter and MSNBC contributor, as well as Politico owner Robert Allbritton.
  • The suit says the defendants “acted in concert” with Adam Schiff or his staff to further the impeachment probe. The alleged purpose was to “destroy Kash’s reputation” as a lawyer and presidential aide to further “Schiff’s baseless Ukrainian quid pro quo hoax.”
  • The backdrop for the lawsuit is the leaks by Schiff committee staff of the closed-door testimony of Fiona Hill,[284] who had been the NSC’s top Russia expert, and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, another NSC official.
  • 6 BIG PROBLEMS with David Holmes’ written statement so very damning for Adam Schiff.[285]
  • Elizabeth Vaughn: FOIA Emails: Eric Ciaramella, Victoria Nuland Received Regular Updates From Top Official at Soros’ Open Society Foundations.[286]
  • Breitbart: Emails: Open Society Kept Alleged ‘Whistleblower’ Eric Ciaramella Updated on George Soros’s Personal Ukraine Activities.[287]
  • CTH: The Supreme Court Halts Lower Court Ruling for President Trump Tax Returns.[288]
  • Supreme Court has halted a lower court ruling that granted the Committee on Oversight and Reform access to President Trump’s tax returns. The House issued a subpoena in February 2019 for eight years of the president’s tax returns, which the Committee then later argued was part of the September House impeachment investigation.
  • Douglas Letter, general counsel for the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, had sent a letter to the court, agreeing to a brief 10-day stay while the parties filed their court papers debating the need for an injunction while the case is being considered.
  • a SCOTUS ruling against the House endeavor could severely damage the legal and constitutional framework of the entire impeachment enterprise. The Supreme Court has not ruled on any case that touches the impeachment “inquiry”.
  • there is another case from the HJC where they are attempting to use the framework of a constitutional impeachment process as the underlying authority for their endeavors. That case surrounds the Grand Jury (6e) material from the Mueller investigation.
  • If the House loses the Tax case in SCOTUS or the HJC case in the DC Appellate Court, or SCOTUS, it means there is no constitutional foundation recognized to the “impeachment inquiry.”
  • Without the constitutional recognition of the judicial branch then: (a) Pelosi/Lawfare have to restart the process with a genuine House vote; or (b) the ongoing impeachment process will have no recognized constitutional standing; and (c) the Senate could ignore any House impeachment vote, cast without recognized constitutional standing.
  • Food tester gravely ill, says source.
  • CTH: Key Dates Highlight Pre-planning of Impeachment Agenda – Pelosi, Schiff, and The Hand-off To Nadler.[290]
  • Schiff ends public hearing part of the impeachment inquiry on November 21; everything is transferred toJerry Nadler on the House Judiciary Committee for “official impeachment proceedings”.
  • Eric Ciaramella was close friends at the White House with an official who is now a key aide to Adam Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee chairman leading the Democratic push to impeach President Trump.
  • Sean Misko, 37, an Atlantic Council Millenium Fellow,[292] was the director for the Gulf States at the National Security Council from 2015 until the first half of 2018. Ciaramella, 33, a career CIA analyst, was Ukraine director on the NSC from at least 2016 until the summer of 2017. Both officials arrived during the Obama administration and left during the Trump administration.
  • In September 2019, Ciaramella accused Trump of abusing the presidency by asking Ukrainian President Zelensky to launch an investigation into Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, who sat on the board of Burisma.
  • Adam Schiff first claimed, “We have not spoken directly with the whistleblower. We would like to.” However, it was later discovered that “a member of his staff had spoken to the whistleblower before the complaint was filed on Aug. 12.” The whistleblower and @AdamSchiff's aide were described as workplace friends who had similarly antagonistic attitudes toward the Trump administration and were witnessed by a former National Security Council official, to frequently be around one another.
  • Vindman Outs Himself as Source for CIA Whistleblower Complaint.[293][294]
  • Vindman Exaggerated His Resume In Prepared Congressional Statement.[295]
  • Vindman Was Asked Three Times To Be Defense Minister Of Ukraine.[296]
  • Byron York: Why Democrats Don't Want Public to Know Origins of Ukraine Probe.[297]
  • Zlochevsky embezzled more than $7 Billion ($7,000 million) as Ukraine ecology minister and founder of Burisma;
  • $16.7 million made its way to the Biden family;
  • After the Maidan coup Zlochevsky hired Hunter Biden and fled into hiding with Yanukovych. The Yanukovych regime looted the country of some $40 Billion.
  • Manafort was fired as Ukraine and the Yanukovych regime's chief Washington lobbyists, and Hunter Biden was hired to take his place during the Poroshenko regime.
  • The Poroshenko regime colluded with the DNC, Alexandra Chalupa, and the FBI to dig up dirt on Manafort through the Black Ledger files to meddle in U.S. elections.
  • A Ukrainian court has established the government of Ukraine meddled in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

December 2019

  • Viktor Shokin: Biden outraged we seized Burisma assets.[304]
  • Hunter Biden laptop turned over to the FBI.[305]
  • Health officials issued a document (pdf) forbidding all medical institutes or individuals from disclosing any information regarding the new disease.[308]


See also: Biden Putsch and 2020 Democrat election fraud

January 2020

WHO-CCP Wuhan virus.PNG
  • Secret Service and DC Metropolitan Police are investigating the theft which occurred in a high security area across from the Eisenhower Executive Office Building just outside the White House perimeter. The location had no security cameras, and there is no known video surveillance footage that can be reviewed. Authorities described it as one of the few “dark spots” in the area.
  • No windows were broken, and there were no other signs of forced entry. Authorities suspect the thief or thieves used an electronic jamming device to open the car door lock. The break-in appears to be a professional job.
  • House impeachment manager Adam Schiff cited Solomon no fewer than 35 times in his impeachment report. He added Solomon’s phone call history in a spreadsheet he compiled in the footnotes section of the report, which claimed Solomon reported “conspiracy theories” in The Hill to help President Trump “push false narratives” about Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election in favor of Hillary Clinton, as well as Biden’s attempts as vice president beginning late 2015 to fire a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating a gas industry oligarch whose company paid his son millions of dollars.
  • Solomon is reported to say that Schiff was singling him out as part of a smear campaign.
  • DOJ formally admitted to the FISC that, with respect to at least the last two warrant applications, "if not earlier, there was insufficient predication to establish probable cause to believe that [Carter] Page was acting as an agent of a foreign power."
  • Sen. Kelly Loeffler receives briefing on Wuhan coronavirus; sells between $1 and $3 million worth of stock.[314]
  • Chuck Schumer demanded that more time be wasted with new impeachment witnesses.[315]
  • The Lawfare network constructed the ‘whistle-blower’ complaint aka a Schiff Dossier, and handed it to allied CIA operative Eric Ciaramella to file as a formal IC complaint. This process is almost identical to the Fusion-GPS/Lawfare network handing the Steele Dossier to the FBI to use as the evidence for the 2016/2017 Russia conspiracy.
  • NSC resistance member Alexander Vindman constructs a false story about the Trump-Zelenskyy phone call; he shares the false story with CIA operative Eric Ciaramella (a John Brennan resistance associate and former NSC member). Ciaramella then makes contact with resistance allies Sean Misko & Mary McCord (DOJ) working within the HPSCI.
  • Mary McCord (former DOJ-NSD and current Lawfare) then helps Eric Ciaramella create a fraudulent intelligence community whistle-blower complaint to submit to her former DOJ-NSD lawyer, now Intel Inspector General, ICIG Michael Atkinson.
  • Ciaramella had contact with Sean Misko and/or Mary McCord; and then ICIG Michael Atkinson modified the whistle-blower rules to facilitate the outcome.
  • Coordination between Misko-McCord, the Whistle-blower (Ciaramella) and Michael Atkinson is why HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff will not release the transcript from Atkinson’s testimony.
  • President Trump initiates travel restrictions from China, saving lives. Experts praise the travel ban as a critical decision to slow the spread of coronavirus;[318]
  • WaPo: Trump administration “drastically escalates its response” to the coronavirus epidemic, requiring quarantines and health screenings.[319]
  • Democrat leaders call Trump “xenophobic” and “racist.”[320][321]

February 2020

Democrat hero Mitt Romney depicted as Adolf Romney.[322]
  • Chinese Government Encourages Italians to Fight Coronavirus Racism by Hugging Strangers.[325]
  • In his State of the Union speech, President Trump addresses the COVID-19 outbreak; Nancy Pelosi rips up her copy of the State of the Union speech.

March 2020

April 2020

"The day Trump got the closest to axing Wray, Barr arrived at the White House for a meeting with Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and was put in the Roosevelt Room.

Barr found it odd, as the room was empty when he entered.

He was then joined by John McEntee, head of the presidential personnel office – who had been tasked to ensure those in government were Trump loyalists – as well as Evanina, Politico said.

‘What’s this all about?’ Barr asked McEntee, according to a source. McEntee didn’t give Barr a direct answer and checked his phone, waiting for others to arrive.

At that point a fuming Barr left the Roosevelt Room and headed to Meadows’ West Wing office instead.

‘What the f*** is going on?’ Barr asked Trump’s chief of staff.

Meadows replied to the attorney general that he didn’t know they were going to put him in the Roosevelt Room and told him not to worry about it, Politico said.

Later in the day, however, in a meeting with Meadows and White House Counsel Pat Cipollone, Barr demanded to know what was happening.

The attorney general then learned of Trump’s plans to replace Wray with Evanina and Patel.

At that, Barr told Meadows and Cipollone he would have to quit if the plan was enacted.

Politico also noted that Cipollone agreed with Barr, only having learned of the scheme earlier that day.

With that, the White House ultimately kept Wray in place, where he remains today.

June 2020

September 2020

  • Neustar is at the center of Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe. According to Durham, Neustar’s chief technology officer, Rodney Joffe, accessed sensitive web traffic data that the company maintained on behalf of the White House executive office in order to collect "derogatory" information about Donald Trump. Joffe allegedly provided the information to Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, who in turn gave it to the CIA during a meeting in February 2017.[337]


See also: Deep State coup 3.0

January 2021

  • USAToday Op-Ed: Congress should impeach Trump again and bar him from holding any future public office.[338]
  • 7:40 PM EST. Pipe bomb planted at DNC headquarters.[340]
  • 7:52 PM EST. Pipe bomb planted at RNC headquarters.[341]
  • Everything Wrong With the Capitol Shooting In 21 Minutes Or Less.[342]
  • No one else has been prosecuted for Obamagate crimes.

February 2021

March 2021

  • List of 2020 Election Fraud Cases Shows 83 Cases Total, 18 Still Active – President Trump/GOP Prevailed in 14 Out of 21 Cases Decided on Merits.[354]

April 2021

  • Mary McCord took over from former DOJ-NSD head John Carlin (October 2016); and it was McCord who guided the Carter Page FISA application through the court and across the finish-line (October 2016 and January 2017). That FISA application was built upon fraud and Mary McCord was at the center of it. Mary McCord was also the DOJ-NSD official who went with Sally Yates to confront the White House Counsel, Don McGhan, about the Michael Flynn interview with the FBI.
  • It was also Mary McCord who had Michael Atkinson as her chief-legal-counsel for the DOJ-NSD when the Carter Page FISA application was submitted to the FISA Court in October 2016, and renewed in January 2017. Michael Atkinson went from DOJ-NSD counsel to become the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG). In that new role Atkinson changed the rules to allow an anonymous CIA whistleblower (Eric Ciaramella on behalf of Alexander Vindman) to file the complaint that led to Impeachment 1.0. McCord was the lead lawyer in the Jerry Nadler led House Judiciary Committee impeachment effort.[361][362]
  • FISA compliance review for the year 2020 was written by Judge James Boasberg in November 2020 declassified (with lots of redactions)
  • April 2019 – July 2019: An FBI technical information specialist was involved in “Compliance incidents” by conducting 124 queries of Section 702-acquired information on (1) Volunteers who had requested to participate in the FBI’s “Citizens Academy”; (2) Persons who needed to enter the field office to perform repairs; and (3) Persons who reported they were victims of a crime.
  • the FBI is using FISA acquired information to investigate domestic crimes – not matters of foreign intelligence. These included investigations of “health-care fraud, transnational organized crime, violent gangs, domestic terrorism involving racially motivated violent extremists, as well as investigations relating to public corruption and bribery.”
  • “Public corruption and bribery.” The FBI continued to improperly use FISA-acquired information to spy on government officials.
  • seven FBI field offices were implicated in “these and a number of similar violations.” In other words, institutionally the FBI continues to perform warrantless searches of the NSA database that collects electronic information on every single American. The FBI is exploiting a backdoor into this database using search queries that violate the fourth amendment. The FBI is extracting this information for their own personal use; likely political use including surveillance and black files on politicians; and for routine criminal investigations that are supposed to require warrants.
  • CTH: Lawfare Groups Ask For Federal Intervention in Arizona Ballot Audit – Send Letter to DOJ Asking for Immediate Involvement.[369]

May 2021

  • The 2020 FISA review and opinion by presiding Judge James Boasberg was declassified. The review is for year 2019 (written October 2020, declassified April 2021). Notice the FISC review is for FBI conduct in 2019. Within the outline Boasberg notes ongoing abuses by FBI officers of the NSA database. Boasberg specifically called attention to the FBI use of that database for warrantless searches of public and private officials.
  • Boasberg hires former DOJ National Security Head Mary McCord as an Amicus Curiae for the court. McCord is a known corrupt actor within the DOJ with political motives and intentions. Including her work and efforts with the intelligence community inspector general (ICIG Atkinson) during the first impeachment effort against President Trump. Notice, Boasberg hired McCord for the role at the same time the 2020 opinion is declassified.
  • The FBI raids the home of Rudy Giuliani with a search warrant for his electronic devices. Notice the reports of the search warrant highlight the FBI must have something of substance -or at least the appearance of something of substance- in order to get a judge to sign-off on a search warrant.
  • Giuliani reveals during an interview that the search warrant included a reference to supportive evidence obtained by the FBI in 2019. Giuliani then explains that when his lawyer questioned the FBI they said they searched his iCloud account in 2019 WITHOUT a warrant.
  • the warrantless 2019 FBI search of Giuliani’s iCloud account is likely one of the 2019 violations noted by Judge Boasberg in his review
  • McCord’s expertise is in defending the DOJ-National Security Division from exposure of wrongdoing in their use of FISA authorities to investigate their political opposition.
The Maricopa County Election Management Systems databases were deleted after they were subpoenaed by the Arizona Senate.[371]
  • Karen Fann, Arizona Senate President: Election Management System (EMS) main database in Maricopa County was illegally deleted.[373]
  • CTH: Antrim County Audit Attorney Finds Audit Trail Logs Intentionally Scrubbed to Eliminate Evidence of Fraudulent Electronic Manipulation of Election Outcome.[374]
  • CTH: Windham, New Hampshire, Ballot Audit Forensics Finds CCTV Cameras of Ballot Counting Machines in Audit Room Mysteriously Disabled for 90 Minutes.[376]
  • an initial hand count (recount requested by a Democrat who narrowly lost) discovered that votes from a ballot counting machine specifically undercounted votes for republicans and mysteriously transferred those same votes to the Democrats (the Democrat candidate lost by a much wider margin).
  • The four machines being audited are AccuVote optical scanning systems, which were manufactured by Global Elections Systems Inc., which was ultimately acquired in 2010 by Dominion Voting systems.
  • JustTheNews: Election audit in small New Hampshire town could have implications for 2020 results statewide.[377]
  • The live stream cameras that had been broadcasting the audit room around the clock went offline for close to 90 minutes, potentially obscuring any problematic intervention.
  • The team decided Thursday morning to reinspect the ballot machines on camera in an attempt to maintain observers’ faith in their process. They needed to determine whether the machines had been tampered with over night when the cameras mysteriously went down.

August 2021


"Impeachment Hurt Somebody. It Wasn’t Trump. In the end, the president succeeded in doing precisely what he wanted in the first place: tarring a leading Democratic rival." - Peter Beinart, Professor of journalism at the City University of New York, The Atlantic, February 6, 2020.

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