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Michael K. Atkinson (b. May 6, 1964) is the Inspector General for the Intelligence Community. Atkinson was previously the Senior Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General of the National Security Division of the Department of Justice (DOJ-NSD).[1] Atkinson was the senior legal counsel to John Carlin and Mary McCord (DOJ) who were former heads of the DOJ-NSD in 2016 when the Trump-Russia collusion hoax was underway.

Atkinson was the lawyer for the same DOJ-NSD authorities who: (1) lied to the FISA court (Judge Rosemary Collyer) about the 80% non compliant NSA database abuse using FBI contractors;[2] (2) filed the FISA application against Carter Page; and (3) used FARA violations as tools for political surveillance and political targeting. Atkinson was Senior Counsel for the DOJ-NSD, at the epicenter of the political weaponization and FISA abuse.

In the summer of 2019 Atkinson accepted a premise of a hearsaywhistleblower‘ complaint from Deep State informant Eric Ciaramella, who was “blowing-the-whistle” based on second hand information of a phone call without any direct personal knowledge. Atkinson referred to Ciaramella as one who has

“some indicia of an arguable political bias … in favor of a rival political candidate"

Atkinson was severely criticized by the DOJ Office of Legal Counsel for changing the rules at the last minute and accepting a third-party hearsay "whistleblower" complaint.

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