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Gavin Newsom
Governor of California
From: January 7, 2019 – present
Lieutenant Eleni Kounalakis
Predecessor Jerry Brown
Successor Incumbent (no successor)
Former Lieutenant Governor of California
From: January 10, 2011 – January 7, 2019
Governor Jerry Brown
Predecessor Abel Maldonado
Successor Eleni Kounalakis
Former Mayor of San Francisco
From: January 8, 2004 – January 10, 2011
Predecessor Willie Brown
Successor Ed Lee
Party Democrat
Spouse(s) Kimberly Guilfoyle (div.)
Jennifer Siebel

Gavin Christopher Newsom (born October 10, 1967, age 55) colloquially referred to as Gruesome Newsom is the Democrat Governor of California, occupying the position since January 2019. According to the family tree, he is the nephew of Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Newsom is an example of liberal hypocrisy, as his self-centered Leftist tyranny shut down nearly the entire state throughout 2020 until January 25, 2021, when petitions neared the 1.5M signature threshold to force his recall election. Newsom survived recall in yet another election administered by Democrats with questionable results. Newsom and his family have been repeatedly seen violating his own shutdown orders and masking demands. At the national level Newsom is viewed as a lightweight and has little support among Dem power-brokers.

Newsom is an ardent liberal who promotes the homosexual agenda as "normal" and homosexuals as in need of "civil liberties."

  • In 2004, he circumvented California state law so that homosexuals could "marry".
  • In 2005, he had an affair with his campaign manager's wife, Ruby Rippey-Tourk.[1] Even with the public admission of guilt, he was not removed from office.
  • Newsom ignored federal law by allowing those people who are not legally in the U.S. to stay in San Francisco. Refusing to uphold existing laws, he said in 2007, "I will not allow any of my department heads or anyone associated with this city to cooperate in any way shape or form with these raids, we are a sanctuary city, make no mistake about it." [2] Some feel the tragedy of Danielle Bologna's family, in which her husband and two sons were allegedly shot by an illegal immigrant, is a result of Newsom's policy.[3]
  • Newsom organizes the Folsom Street Fair every year. This fair is notorious for public acts of perversion, sex acts, sex toys and public nudity for all residents to observe, including children. The fair has a blasphemous anti-Christian display mocking the "Last Supper" with gays in leather as Christ and his Disciples. In the event's program guide, Newsom says "have a great day and enjoy this wonderful and exciting event."[4]
  • In June 2008, under Newsom's leadership, it was discovered that the city had flown illegal immigrant juveniles out of the country, violating federal law.[5] In addition, Newsom was responsible for a policy that housed law-breaking illegal immigrants at other district group homes, unlocked, from which they quickly escaped into new communities.

In addition, as Governor he has invited women who are living in states that have imposed tighter restrictions on the practice of abortion, to come to California to have their abortions done ("abortion tourism").

San Francisco mayor

See also: San Francisco values

Newsom was the mayor of San Francisco, elected in 2003, and holding that office until 2011. He attracted national attention in February, 2004, when he ordered San Francisco's city clerk to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples,[6] despite the fact that this violated state law. Over 4,000 marriage licenses were issued in this manner until the California Supreme Court ordered a halt to this on March 11. All of these marriage licenses were voided by the California Supreme Court on August 12, 2004. Newsom was the Lieutenant Governor of California from 2011 to 2019.

California governor

Newsom briefly was a candidate for Governor of California in 2009 before dropping out after poor poll numbers.[7] He was elected governor in the 2018 gubernatorial election, but after just a few months in office, is now being targeted for recall by a petition campaign calling for his removal from office for declaring California a "sanctuary state" against the public will, his mishandling of the homeless crisis in the state, interference with federal troops at the US-Mexico border, importation of illegal immigrants and tipping them off, in violation of federal law, on how to avoid ICE agents, among other illegal acts and displays of blatant corruption.[8][9]

In mid-November 2020, Newsom was caught violating his own totalitarian coronavirus orders, attending a party that was prohibited under his restrictions.[10]

With the date of the recall election approaching, national Democrats Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, big tech companies, and teachers unions are trying to save Governor Newsom by branding it as a "Republican Recall".[11]

Newsom survived the 2021 California gubernatorial recall election, which was held on September 14.

In 2021, as a result of Newsom's disastrous policies, LA County, all 9 San Francisco Bay Area counties lost residents in same year for 1st time.[12]

On July 2022, Newsom released a political ad targeting Ron DeSantis as part of his re-election campaign, but it airs in Florida, not his home state of California. The ad is intended to bring residents out of the Sunshine State and into California, even though the opposite has happened in recent years.

In Sep/2022, Newsom said, people are fleeing California "because of visa policies in the Trump administration."[13]

In 2023, California Bill to prohibit employers from requiring employees to confront shoplifters went to State Assembly.

SAN FRANCISCO—The California Senate passed a controversial bill on May 31 that would prohibit employers from requiring staff to intervene in active shoplifting. The bill is pending further review by state Assembly committees.

SB 553, authored by state Sen. Dave Cortese (D-San Jose), requires employers, who could potentially be victims of shoplifting and robberies, to Prohibitdo more to “keep employees safe at work.” Employers are asked to maintain a violent incident log, provide active shooter training and shoplifter training, and stop maintaining policies that require workers to confront suspected active shoplifters. The bill allows companies to apply for workplace violence restraining orders.[14]

A June 2023 poll showed, 40% of Californians are thinking about leaving the state."[15]

Presidential aspirations

In Nov 2022, Newsom insisted he will not challenge Biden in 2024 despite speculation.[16]

Personal life

Gavin and Jennifer Siebel Newsom (left), convicted serial rapist, Hollywood mogul and Democrat mega-donor Harvey Weinstein (right).[17]

Newsome is currently married to actress Jennifer Siebel.[18] Seibel testified in a 2022 sexual assault trial of Democrat mega-donor Harvey Weinstein. Siebel described Weinstein’s “distorted” and “fish-like” genitals during a meeting with Weinstein allegedly to discuss a film project, and because “he could make or ruin your career.”[19]

Jennifer Siebel Newsom runs an alleged nonprofit organization called the . While nonprofits are exempt from paying federal taxes, they must comply with state and federal reporting requirements to protect taxpayers’ interest. In a report from Open the Books,[20] it appears Newsom’s nonprofit seems to have failed to do this, yet continues to collect donations “from individuals and large corporations that have supported her husband and conducted business with the state of California.”

According to The Representation Project's website, “The mission of The Representation Project is to fight sexism through films, education, research, and activism to build a world where everyone can achieve their full potential.” The Gatewaypundit[21] reported Open the Books uncovered additional information in a comprehensive and disturbing report regarding funding provided by The Representation Project for films and curricula advocating for "gender justice" that are leased to schools.

The Representation Project’s Impact Report (2011-2021) reveals that the organization’s film curricula is being used in over 5,000 schools across the United States generating $1,483,001 in film screening revenue. The content of the films, and the accompanying curricula, features strong language and women dressed provocatively. Newsom’s films feature the web addresses of porn sites. Newsom included images of women being abused. The pictures are graphic even when blurred. These images are displayed with their corresponding porn web addresses – providing a roadmap to students for future exploration.


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