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Chris Sununu
Governor of New Hampshire
From: January 5, 2017 – present
Predecessor Maggie Hassan
Successor Incumbent (no successor)
Former Member of the New Hampshire Executive Council from the 3rd District
From: January 3, 2011 – January 3, 2017
Predecessor Beverly Hollingworth
Successor Russell Prescott
Party Republican
Spouse(s) Valerie Sununu
Religion Roman Catholic

Christopher Thomas “Chris” Sununu (born November 5, 1974, age 49) is an engineer and businessman currently serving as the governor of New Hampshire, having previously been a member of the New Hampshire Executive Council. He is the younger brother of one-term Sen. John E. Sununu (2003 to 2009) and son of former New Hampshire Gov. John H. Sununu who served as President George H.W. Bush chief-of-staff.

Sununu has sided with advocates for abortion, having voted as a member of the New Hampshire Executive Council to approve funding for Planned Parenthood.[1] He describes himself as "pro-choice" despite pretending to be Republican.[2]

Governor of New Hampshire

2016 election

Sununu announced in September 2015 his run for the 2016 New Hampshire gubernatorial election.[3] He later won the election by 2.3% of the vote,[4] although the coinciding presidential and Senate races for Donald Trump and Kelly Ayotte respectively proved to be narrow Republican losses.

2018 election

Having high approval ratings,[5] Sununu easily won re-election in 2018 with over 50% of the vote.[6]


Governor Sununu signed a bill that would authorize charges of murder on anyone who causes the death of unborn children.[7]

Gov. Sununu signed a bill in July 2017 that reduced penalties for possessions of minor quantities of marijuana.[8]

Having caved into the homosexual agenda, Sununu signed a bipartisan-led bill in June 2018 that would prohibit the provision of conversion therapy for minors.[9] He also signed another bill to give special treatment for "transgender" individuals.[10]

Sununu has been praised by Planned Parenthood for signing a bill into law to mandate "free" insurance-covered birth control.[11]

Gov. Sununu vetoed a bill that would repeal the statewide use of the death penalty in New Hampshire.[12]

Being largely pro-business, Sununu vetoed a bill in August 2019 that would raise the minimum wage.[13] He also vetoed a bill around this time passed by the Democrat-controlled legislature that would have expanded gun control measures.[14]

Sununu vetoed a bill that would increase access to absentee voting.[15]

Gov. Sununu has caved into the globalist agenda on immigration,[16] eliciting criticism from pro-economic nationalist conservatives.[17]

Sununu opposed the gas tax-increasing Transportation Climate Initiative, calling it “scammy”.[18]

In August 2020 amidst the CCP pandemic, Sununu signed a statewide mask mandate into law.[19]

On October 13, 2021, during a public executive council meeting headed by Sununu, which was attended by approximately 150 people and which was policed by about 80 New Hampshire state troopers brought in by Sununu in an excessive show of force, nine people were illegally arrested without warning by the state troopers at Sununu's behest in collusion with the troopers[20] on false charges of "disorderly conduct" (even though, in reality, those nine people were quietly praying in protest of Sununu's RINO policies and had been respectful throughout); one of the protesters, A.J. Todd, was falsely arrested for questioning the troopers' illegal actions. Sununu was publicly criticized soon after the meeting, along with a call for investigation of his actions,[21] for abusing his power and vindictively retaliating against those opposed to his policies by frivolously using law enforcement to illegally arrest vocal opponents, with some critics pointing out that Sununu's actions were akin to those of Nazi Germany and Communist China, who took similar actions against political opponents who questioned and criticized those countries' policies. In June 2023, all of the false charges against the nine protesters were dismissed due to lack of a case against them following public scrutiny and criticism of Sununu's weaponization of law enforcement for his purposes (including illegal violation of the protesters' First Amendment rights).[22]

Political positions

Overall a moderate Republican until recently (see above), Sununu holds conservative views on fiscal matters and gun rights, mixed views on abortion,[23] and liberal-leaning stances on immigration,[24] the homosexual agenda[9][10] and pandemic mask mandates.[19]

A supporter of Donald Trump, Sununu opposed the impeachment coup that was brought out against the President.[25] He also incorrectly predicted in February 2020 that Trump would win his state of New Hampshire in the 2020 U.S. presidential election due to the latter's accomplishments.[26]


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