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Donald Trump achievements

Official presidential photo of President Donald Trump
President Trump speaking to Congress, February 28, 2017.

This article is a non-exhaustive list of political achievements of United States President Donald Trump, his administration, and Congress, specifically between January 20, 2017, and January 14, 2020, in passing conservative legislation, advancing conservative ideals, and "Making America Great Again".

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2016 election and transition

See: Donald Trump achievements: 2016 election and transition

In a historic victory, Trump won the 2016 presidential election despite massive opposition from the establishment. He began promoting conservative policies even before his inauguration.

Donald Trump's achievements as U.S. president

Trump being sworn in, January 20, 2017.
President Trump giving a speech, August 13, 2018
President Trump sitting at his desk in the Oval Office, December 21, 2018
See: Donald Trump's major achievements

Trump was inaugurated on January 20, 2017, giving one of the strongest inauguration addresses in American history.[1] His first bill signed as president was to allow retired general and Defense Secretary nominee James Mattis to be confirmed.[2] Trump had a very busy and productive first week, undoing Obama's legacy and instituting conservative executive orders.[3] He had already made a reasonably large impact by his 50th day in office.[4] President Trump accomplished many of his campaign promises by his 100th day in office, and he had already made significant progress by then, most notably by reducing regulations, enforcing American immigration laws, and appointing and having the Senate confirm his Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.[5] In his first 100 days as president, Trump signed the most pieces of legislation of any president since Harry Truman and more executive orders than any previous president.[6] By his 100th day, it was clear that Trump had disrupted the liberal political establishment consensus.[7] The Trump Administration was able to achieve numerous accomplishments by its first year in office,[8] and it kept many of its promises.[9]

According to Reuters in late September 2017, President Trump had "begun to reshape American life in ways big and small."[10] He undid many of Barack Obama's executive orders and worked to undo his entire political legacy.[11] Not only did President Trump act as a disruptor, but he "set in motion an administration arguably more conservative than Ronald Reagan’s."[12] In 2018, President Trump continued advancing a conservative agenda, this time focusing on the more nationalistic portions of it,[13] and he continued undoing Obama Administration policies.[14] He received some help from Congress to advance his agenda.[15]

By the beginning of 2019, President Trump had either kept or made progress on many of his campaign promises,[16] and he continued advancing conservative policies.[17] His policies led to much progress for blacks, homosexuals, Jews,[18] and Hispanics.[19] President Trump had made much progress by his 1,000th day in office,[20] and he continued making conservative reforms in 2020.[21]

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Religious liberty and LGBT

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Criminal justice, law enforcement, and other DOJ matters

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Healthcare, welfare, and other social issues

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Gun rights

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Immigration and border security

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Energy and environmental policy

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Economic policy and labor

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Trade policy

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Foreign policy

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Deregulation and government size

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Military, national security, and anti-terrorism

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Miscellaneous achievements

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Donald Trump's achievements: The courts

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Donald Trump vs. the media and champions of political correctness

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Opposition to Donald Trump's achievements

Main article: Opposition to Donald Trump

Because of his promotion and support of conservative, America First[22] policies, President Trump faced unprecedented opposition from the Left and the establishment,[23] including from within the government bureaucracy.[24] Even some White House officials worked against the president's agenda.[25] The Trump Administration was the victim of numerous leaks of information, many of which threatened U.S. national security – it was reported in July 2017 that leaks occurred once a day on average,[26] and Trump faced seven times more leaks than Obama or Bush II did.[27] The Russia probe headed by Independent Counsel and former FBI Director Robert Mueller was found to have hired investigators extremely biased against President Trump,[28] and leftists went out of their way searching for evidence of crimes by President Trump.[29] Left-wing federal courts also blocked many Trump Administration actions, including President Trump's executive orders regarding sanctuary cities and immigration,[30] and Democrat attorneys general were extremely active against the Trump Administration,[31] suing it nearly 50 times in 2017 alone.[32]

After his election, left-wingers labeled themselves as the "resistance" against Trump[33] and even changed their political views in reaction to President Trump's.[34] As a testament to the deep opposition and hatred towards him by the left-wing, at least 217 violent protestors were arrested in Washington D.C. on Inauguration Day.[35] Left-wingers committed or advocated for many other acts of violence against President Trump and his supporters.[36] It was reported in early February 2017 that 12,000 tweets already had called for Trump's assassination.[37] The mainstream media helped promote such violence,[38] along with Democrat leaders.[39] In addition to domestic opposition, President Trump, and by extension, the United States, was strongly opposed by non-Americans compared to the Obama Administration, despite a majority of non-Americans believing Trump to be a strong leader.[40] The mainstream media took an overwhelmingly negative stance toward President Trump according to multiple studies,[41] frequently attacking him and his supporters,[42] even to the point of promoting violence against them.[43] The media also refused to credit Trump for the economic growth under his presidency,[44] among his numerous other achievements,[45] and it even attributed some of his achievements to Obama.[46]

Hatred against President Trump by Democrats became so bad that on September 24, 2019, with weak evidence, House Democrats announced an impeachment inquiry into him,[47] and it formalized the inquiry on October 31, 2019.[48] On December 18, 2019, the House voted to impeach President Trump on a party-line vote.[49]

In addition to the above, Senate Democrats unduly delayed President Trump's nominees at historic and unprecedented proportions[50] – by February 8, 2017, only George Washington had fewer cabinet nominees confirmed by this length of time into his presidency.[51] Trump's last cabinet secretary was confirmed on April 27, 2017,[52] and his last cabinet-level member assumed office on May 15, 2017.[53] The GOP establishment also blocked President Trump's conservative agenda.[54] By November 2019, President Trump had not made a single recess appointment, an unprecedented situation for a president, even when the Republican Party controlled both houses of Congress.[55]

President Trump was still able to implement new policies and roll back Obama's policies despite the opposition against him,[56] which served as a distraction from the changes being made.[57] Additionally, numerous polls found that he had higher approval ratings than several globalist world leaders.[58]

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