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Anti-Trump protest in February 2017 – "Not My Presidents' Day"
Anarchists protesting Trump on Inauguration Day 2017
Aftermath of anti-Trump protests in Washington D.C. on Inauguration Day 2017

Trump Derangement Syndrome is the term used to describe the irrational despair, hysteria, and hatred liberals, establishment token conservatives, and the mainstream media[1] have for U.S. President Donald Trump and anything related to him.[2] It is a form of mental illness and mental declination.


  • Democrats were traumatized by Trump's 2016 election victory.[3][4]
  • The many hysterical, over-the-top predictions of what a Trump presidency would bring about,[5] including predictions that people would die because of Trump's policies.[6]
  • According to Pew Research Center in July 2018, Facebook rants by Democrats expressing opposition, such as to Trump, increased by 450% after the 2016 election.[7][8]
  • The Pew Research Center found in 2017 that 47% of Democrats thought that their friendships would be in danger if that friend voted for Trump, while only 13% of Republicans thinking the same thing about a friend who supported Clinton,[9][10] something confirmed by Harvard Law Professor Adrian Vermeule.[11] Additionally, a 2019 study by Nathan P. Kalmoe of Louisiana State University and Lilliana Mason of the University of Maryland found that Democrats are more likely to support political violence than Republicans.[12] In one notable instance in 2019, a left-wing writer ended a decades-long friendship because his conservative friend refused to stop wearing his MAGA hat.[13]
  • On the one-year anniversary of President Trump being elected president, liberal protestors literally chose to scream helplessly at the sky.[14]
  • It was announced in 2017 that "The Eaton Workshop hotel" – an explicitly anti-Trump hotel labeled "the world’s first politically motivated hotel" – would be built in Washington D.C.[15][16]
  • Even when President Trump makes decisions liberal and establishment Republicans like, such as declaring Jerusalem to be the capital city of Israel, anti-Trumpers oftentimes fail to admit so.[17] In fact, many liberals changed positions and opposed positions they formerly supported after President Trump also spoke in favor of those positions.[18]
  • When President Trump allegedly called certain poor, unstable, corrupt, and underdeveloped countries "s***holes", liberals and establishment Republicans reacted hysterically at the comments[19][20] and took them far out of context.[21] This is despite the fact that liberals and establishment Republicans regularly disparage entire segments of the population with little controversy,[20] such as Lindsey Graham referring to Mexico and other Latin American countries "hellholes" in 2013[22][23] and Dick Durbin calling for ending chain migration in 2010 despite claiming the very term was "racist" eight years later.[24]
  • As an example of the irrational and reflexive hatred the Left had for President Trump, students at George Washington University voiced support for Trump's tax plan in 2017 when told it was Bernie Sanders's plan.[25] As another example in January 2018, students at John Jay College reacted very negatively to State of the Union Address by Obama when told they were made by Trump (although he had not delivered his first SOTU address at the time of the interviews).[26]
  • Left-wingers labeled themselves as the "resistance" against Trump.[27] Even before being inaugurated, Democrats spoke about impeaching and removing Trump from the presidency.[28] Even some local communities passed resolutions calling for the impeachment of President Trump.[29] All of this was unprecedented or done at an unprecedented level.
  • In 2017, it was reported that as part of Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections, a "Not My President" protest march that was held in New York City, in November 2016, following the election, was actually organized by a "troll farm", dedicated to fomenting discord in the U.S.[30] Thousands of duped Facebook users indicated they planned to attend an anti-Trump protest on November 12, 2016, that was organized on a Facebook page for BlackMattersUS, a Russian-linked group, with ties to the Kremlin. The organized rally took advantage of outrage among groups on the left wing following President Trump's victory. An estimated 5,000 to 10,000 protesters actually did convene at Manhattan's Union Square and then marched to Trump Tower on 5th Avenue.[31] CNN actually supported and provided coverage of the event.
  • The far Left called for President Trump's impeachment despite not having committed any impeachable offenses.[32]
  • In July 2018, police responded to a report of a man vandalizing Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a pickax that was hidden in a guitar case.[33] Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was left as rubble with the pickax left behind where the monument to the host of The Apprentice television program had been placed in 2007. The local KNBC news affiliate found a witness who said he'd asked the vandal, “What did Donald Trump do to you?” without getting a response.[33] The star was replaced the next day.[34] Later a brawl broke out on the Hollywood Walk of Fame between a group of protesters and a group of President Trump supporters — who were holding a Make America Great Again rally in support of Trump around his new replacement star.[35]
  • Also unprecedented, some Democrats used profane language against Trump, such as the f-word[36] and s-word.[37] Notably, in 2018, far-left Democrat congresswoman Rashida Tlaib stated that "we’re gonna impeach the mother****er," referring to Trump,[38] and many Democrats defended her vulgar comments.[39]
  • As a testament to the deep opposition and hatred towards him by the left-wing, at least 217 violent protestors were arrested in Washington D.C. on Inauguration Day.[40][41] Left-wingers committed or advocated for many other acts of violence against President Trump or his supporters.[42][43][44][45] It was reported in early February 2017 that 12,000 tweets already had called for Trump's assassination.[46] Some leftists harassed and attacked Trump supporters simply for wearing a MAGA hat.[47] Some leftists fanticized about violence against the president.[48]
  • In February 2018, a dating site for NeverTrumpers, called "NeverTrump.Dating," was set up.[49][50]
  • A group of anti-Trump artists have created modern art specifically devoted to their dislike of President Trump.[51][52]
  • During Trump's 2016 campaign and his presidency, liberal Americans participated in protests significantly more than previously, to the point where about 20% of Americans in 2018 has attended a protest in the previous two years, with 70% of them opposing Trump.[53]
  • A new Advanced Placement textbook on U.S. history published in 2018 took a very biased stance against President Trump and his supporters, reading as if it were written by Clinton campaign members.[54][55]
  • Senate minority leader Charles Schumer criticized the way Trump welcomed back former American detainees from North Korea despite the fact he was able to secure their release in the first place.[56]
  • Despite clearly calling only MS-13 gang members "animals", liberals and the mainstream media, oftentimes knowingly, still claimed President Trump was a "racist" for criticizing non-native born violent criminals.[57][58]
  • Therapists in the U.S. have reported a rise in anxiety under Trump's presidency, because of his presidency or other politically-related reasons.[59][60]
  • A Massachusetts woman intentionally rammed into the car in front of her because it had a Trump bumper sticker.[61][62] In October 2018, someone's truck was set on fire reportedly because of the pro-Trump stickers on the back.[63]
  • A California woman explicitly refused to sell her house to Trump supporters, even though it resulted in her having to lower her house's price by over $125,000.[64][65]
  • The Roald Dahl Museum in the UK built an anti-Trump statue – it conducted a survey of what statue to build, and 42% of respondents wanted a Trump statue.[66]
  • Some liberals blamed President Trump for their becoming overweight.[67]
  • President Trump's strong opposition to endless wars caused Democrats, who claimed to oppose such conflicts, to grow supportive of them.[68][69]
  • A Kentucky woman's obituary from 2019 stated that her death "was hastened" by her "frustration" with President Trump.[70][71]
  • Leftists hoaxed a large number of supposed "hate crimes" to villanize and smear President Trump and his supporters.[72][73]
  • Left-wing figures such as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid disliked President Trump so much they wished George W. Bush was president again.[74]
  • Mainstream media outlets, such as The New York Times, experienced a decline in their journalistic standards because of President Trump, so they could cover him and not treat him like previous politicians.[75]
  • In April 2019, a Starbucks employee was fired after doxxing and verbally attacking a Jewish Trump supporter because he wore a MAGA hat to Starbucks.[76]
  • Neocon globalist Ian Bremmer shared a fake quote by President Trump on Twitter and briefly defended making it up after shown to be fabricated.[77]
  • In June 2019, a woman in Florida stabbed herself because she was "tired of living in Trump’s country."[78]
  • The media attempted to rationalize discriminating against Trump supporters.[79]
  • In 2019, Stephen Colbert created an "Impeachment Advent Calendar" for the Christmas season.[80]
  • In February 2020, following President Trump's acquittal of two articles of impeachment, an Arizona State University student was caught on video screaming "slash his throat!" and yelling "slash Republican throats, slash fascist throats!" while walking past a table of students promoting Donald Trump on the ASU Tempe campus.[81][82]
  • Jennifer Rubin's May 18, 2020 article for the Washington Post and other liberal news sources outright blames Trump for the economic effects of the worldwide Covid-19 crisis, calling the virus situation "the Trump calamity" and "the Great Depression 2.0" while speaking in glowing terms about the (comparably economically disastrous) Obama regime.[83]

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