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This article is a non-exhaustive list of achievements by U.S. President Donald Trump, his administration, and Congress related to economic and labor policy.

This article has been split, by year, into sub-articles to better manage the long list of achievements.


See: Donald Trump achievements: Economic policy and labor (2017)

The U.S. economy rebounded during President Trump's first year in office under his MAGAnomics policies.[1] As an illustration of that economic growth in 2017, the Spectrem Group estimated that it caused the country to gain 700,000 new millionaires that year.[2]

Among President Trump's 2017 economic and labor policy achievements:

  • Signing several Congressional Review bills repealing Obama Administration regulations.
  • Signing a major $1.5 trillion tax cut bill into law that lowered both income and corporate taxes in addition to repealing significantly reduced the ObamaCare individual mandate, among other changes.
  • Repealing numerous Obama-era economic regulations.
  • Overseeing a rapidly-growing economy.


See: Donald Trump achievements: Economic policy and labor (2018)

By May 2018, the Trump Administration had taken numerous steps to reduce banking regulations, both through legislation and through executive actions.[3] It also continued advancing economic nationalist policies.[4] It took steps to roll back the Obama Administration's labor policy.[5]

The U.S. economy, under MAGAnomics, continued growing and beating expectations,[6] and it performed better than the economies of many European and Asian countries.[7] Even many Democrats recognized that the economy was performing well under President Trump.[8] The economic growth helped President Trump in his trade actions, and it despite the fears of anti-tariff economists.[9] Between the beginning of Trump's presidency and the end of 2018, 4.8 million Americans joined the workforce.[10]

Among President Trump's 2018 economic and labor policy achievements:

  • Signing a bill repealing some financial regulations put into place under the Dodd–Frank law, the largest change to U.S. banking regulations since Dodd–Frank.[11]
  • Taking actions to reform federal workforce rules and to empower workers over labor unions.
  • Continuing to repeal numerous Obama Administration economic regulations.
  • Continuing to oversee strong economic growth.


See: Donald Trump achievements: Economic policy and labor (2019)

By 2019, President Trump had created a strong bond between him and blue-collar workers, enough to make labor union leaders worried.[12] The National Labor Relations Board made several pro-worker and pro-employer rulings at the expense of labor unions.[13] President Trump's policies began to "to shift the model of inflation" to one more aligned with economic nationalism.[14]

The U.S. economy, under President Trump's MAGAnomics, continued its strong growth in 2019.[15] Between November 2016 and the end of January 2019, over 5.3 million new jobs were created.[16] The Council of Economic Advisers reported in March 2019 that 71% of newly-employed people under the Trump Administration came from outside the labor force,[17] and the labor force continued expanding despite predictions that the opposite would happen.[18] By March 2019, the economy under President Trump averaged lower unemployment than any other president at that point in their respective presidencies.[19] In July 2019, the economic boom broke the record for the longest period of economic expansion in United States history.[20] U.S. companies outperformed companies in other countries in their market value,[21] and economists labeled the overall U.S. economy as a "bright spot" in the world.[22] American stocks also outperformed stock markets of other countries.[23] The strong economic growth also benefited veterans,[24] and blue-collar employment reached the best level in fifty years.[25]

By the end of 2019, the average unemployment rate under President Trump reached the lowest level ever recorded.[26]

Among President Trump's 2019 economic and labor policy achievements:

  • Advancing policies to reduce economic regulations and empower workers over labor unions.
  • Overseeing a rapidly-growing economic that saw new records in stock market growth, employment levels, consumer and business confidence, and job openings, among other positive data.


See: Donald Trump achievements: Economic policy and labor (2020)

Under MAGAnomics, the American economy continued growing and performing strongly.[27]


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