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The Gang of Eight (Go8) is the civilian oversight board of elected officials who oversee the U.S. intelligence community. The Gang of Eight consists of: 1. The Speaker of the House, 2. The Minority Leader of the House, 3. the Majority Leader of the Senate, 4. the Minority Leader of the Senate, 5. the Chairperson of the House Permanent Committee on Intelligence, 6. the minority leader from the same committee; 7. The Chairperson of the Senate Intelligence Committee and 8. the minority leader of the same committee.

They are briefed on every covert operation that our various intelligence agencies carry out. They are directly responsible for oversight of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).

The Go8 are responsible for overseeing all executive office policy as it relates to intelligence gathering and corresponding activity. Everything the White House, CIA, NSA, and U.S State Department does is approved by these eight members who are accountable to the U.S. electorate. These eight representatives are the intelligence oversight “check” within the constitutionally established check and balance inside our federal government. In short these eight elected representatives are in charge of all oversight of all U.S. intelligence operations, open and covert.

The current structure and laws governing the Go8 came about after changes made based on recommendations of 9/11 Commission.

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