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Fernando Cerimedo

Fernando Cerimedo.

Fernando Cerimedo (born in Mar del Plata, Argentina) is a consultant and the director of homeschooling academy "Academia Numen" and the newspaper "Diario La Derecha". He is an open supporter of the Bolsonaro family, he says he helped the president's campaign in 2018 and met with Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL-SP) shortly before the 2022 runoff.

With an office in Puerto Madero area of Buenos Aires, Cerimedo is a strategist and consultant specialized in digital and political marketing and owner of several channels linked to the Argentine right. Called by local portals as a "Latin American Steve Bannon", in reference to the former advisor to former U.S. President Donald Trump, he says in interviews that he wants to strengthen the right throughout the continent. In a conversation with the portal "Noticias", from Argentina, he tells that, besides his home country, he has already expanded business to Brazil and Chile. Next year, he said he intends to enter the United States, collaborating precisely with Trump, who is flirting with a return to the White House in 2024.

In the interview, released on October 27, three days before the second round of the election, the consultant does not talk about the 2022 elections, but tells that he received Eduardo Bolsonaro, the president's third son, for a visit in October. He says he met Eduardo in 2010, during a course in the United States. In mid-October, he said he coordinated the congressman's trip to the Argentine capital. According to him, Eduardo had dinner with "several politicians" from direct at his home. "I made the invitation on a personal level and no one knew who else was going," he recounted. The meeting was not registered on the deputy's networks, but photos of the two can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

He also worked in the Chilean National Plebiscite of 2022 in favor of the "Reject" (Rechazo) Option.[1] He supports the Libertarian Argentine Deputy Javier Milei.

Audit of the Brazilian 2022 Election

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The most important private audit made is called Brazil Was Stolen and was made by Cerimedo.

On November 4, a video made by the Cerimedo[2][3] about a private audit started circulating on internet, the video is called #BrazilWasStolen and can only be found in Alt Tech such as Odysee and Rumble. The main argument is that in all machines from to 2020 (audited) had more votes for Bolsonaro, while the machines made prior to the 2020 (non-audited, 2015 or prior) model have significantly less votes, the machines were compared in the same voting locations, explaining that neighbors that tend to vote similarly change the pattern in the base of the machines, something very unusual and that suggests human manipulation of electronic ballot machines. The audit used public and official datasets taken from the Tribunal Superior Eleitoral (TSE).[4]

Cerimedo says he received the documents that would prove a fraud from Brazil, but that there was no relation to the Bolsonaro family. On social media, he shows himself to be a staunch supporter of the clan, engaged throughout the election process in favor of the president. There are no public mentions by Bolsonaro about the consultant, but on the social networks there are also photos of both the president and Eduardo holding flags with the logo of Cerimedo's newspaper "La Derecha Diario". In a video recorded at Alvorada and played on the channel, Bolsonaro greets the vehicle holding the flag.[5]