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True the Vote

True the Vote is an anti-voter fraud organization founded by Catherine Engelbrecht.

2008 Presidential election

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When ACORN was questioned regarding their tactics, they replied with a classic Alinsky attack of their own, flipping the narrative. Teresa James, an attorney for ACORN affiliate Project Vote says, "they don't have the resources," to catch all fraud. However, ACORN has the money to air commercials nationwide. In it, blaming racism and voter suppression, not ACORN.[1]


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During Barack Obama's IRS scandal, Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings, a supporter of vote fraud, attacked the Texas True the Vote organization in a letter. He wrote that "some have suggested that your true goal is not voter integrity, but voter suppression against thousands of legitimate voters who traditionally vote for Democratic candidates." He added that: "If these efforts are intentional, politically motivated, and widespread across multiple states, they could amount to a criminal conspiracy to deny legitimate voters their constitutional rights." He also decried True the Vote on MSNBC and CNN.

True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht said she believes that because she worked against voter fraud, she was targeted. The Engelbrechts continued receiving harassment by the Obama administration and after three years their non-profit status remained unapproved.[2]

True the Vote won its lengthy court battle against the IRS.[3][4] Catherine Engelbrecht and her organization True the Vote's case is connected to the political surveillance operation used illegally against presidential candidate Donald Trump. The 2010 program to weaponize the IRS (Obama IRS scandal) was the precursor to the 2012 program to weaponize and abuse the NSA's FISA database. The Secret Research Project originated as a term in the Obama team. It involved the U.S. Department of Justice under Eric Holder and the FBI under Robert Mueller. Eric Holder requested over 1 million tax records via CD-ROM: The IRS sent the FBI “21 disks constituting a 1.1 million page database of information from 501(c)(4) tax exempt organizations, to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” The transaction occurred in October 2010. The evidence within this sketchy operation came directly to the surface in early spring 2012.[5]

The enforcement mechanism used for targeting included the DOJ and various other government agencies (ATF, OSHA, EEOC, EPA Banking/Finance). Cause of Action (CoA) made a FOIA request to the IRS for documents shared between the IRS and the White House. The request was to gain documents illegally shared between the White House and the IRS. Obama Treasury Secretary Jack Lew blocked the FOIA request from being released, an apparent conflict of interest. Lew was White House Chief of Staff in 2012 when the Secret Research Project was conceived. FISA chief judge Rosemary Collyer determined illegal Obama FISA abuse of the NSA database by the FBI, and Fourth Amendment violations began in 2012, and were the result of "deliberate decision making."

Biden junta

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On October 31, 2022, eight days before the 2022 Midterms, the Biden regime illegally arrested and jailed Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, the founders of the election watch and election integrity project True the Vote.[6][7]

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